From This Moment

What happens after David Haden resigns as EADA? Is he Liv's "mystery man" or is it Brian Cassidy? All will be revealed! Story better than synopsis, I hope! First FanFic. I own nothing! Dick Wolf and NBC own all characters. Read and Review please!

Starts in Season 13 and continues on into Season 14.

Olivia Benson. Career cop, married to the job and with Manhattan Special Victims Unit for 14 years. It's not that she doesn't want to fall in love, get married, have kids, and the whole 9 yards. It's just, that is a little hard to do when you spent 12 years dedicated to your partner and thought you would spend the rest of your life as his partner and that it would be you and him against the world. However, things change. They changed when Elliot killed Jenna. They changed when he put his papers in and didn't say goodbye. They changed when 2 new detectives come on the scene with new ideas and new ways of finding the truth and helping the victim. Olivia Benson did not like change. But she was learning to accept that sometimes it happened, and sometimes it is for the better. She has a new partner now. He is younger than she is and can be just as hotheaded as Elliot, but it is better hidden with a thin layer of charm. He looks at her like she is the boss, she has earned that. Sometimes though, she just wishes she had someone who didn't expect her to know the answer, someone who didn't want her to take complete charge, and someone who she could be partners with in life and not simply at work.

14 years ago she had a fling with another detective in the unit. Brian Cassidy. He was young, full of life, and fairly naïve. It was a one night stand that she regretted, not because of the night, but because of how it ended. She had hurt him. He transferred out before the year was done because Special Victims isn't for everyone. She heard him joke with Munch that he was still embarrassed to buy condoms in the store. He was a sweet young man. Would she have done things differently? Maybe, but then again, probably not. She doesn't know what happened to Brian. She hoped he was happy and that he had finally found his niche in the NYPD. Someday she would like to see if he became the cop she knew he could be 14 years ago. Oh well, no use dwelling on the past.

It's early morning and she was just getting her first cup of coffee. Soon she would head in and most likely be the first one in. She could stay at home longer, but why? There was no one there and it was lonely to sit in an empty apartment. It had briefly been filled with a child's laughter when Calvin had stayed with her, but he had been taken away. She sighs and grabs another cup of coffee before getting ready for work. There were people at the squad room, people who were her friends and people who needed her to defend them. Bayard Ellis had told her recently that she was a True Believer, and he was right. She would always defend those who couldn't defend themselves. If not her, who else would? She puts on her badge and her gun, locks her door, and goes to work. Just another day in her life as a New York Detective.

As she walks into the squad room she sees David Haden waiting in the Captain's office. They must have an early meeting. She hasn't seen him since that night they shared a kiss after the Military cover up. They had talked on the phone and she really thought for the first time in 12 years she had an opportunity to have a legitimate relationship with someone outside the squad. She smiles, makes note to call him later, and goes to get her coffee.

Rollins looks up in time to see Liv smile in David's direction and shakes her head. She had seen that one coming from a mile away; the sparks were almost visible when the two were in the same room together. She hopes that her idol can find happiness because it isn't easy to come by in this squad.

"Hey Liv, have a nice weekend?"

"Eh, you know. Errands. Mainly just sitting in my apartment waiting for Monday. You?"

"Same. You know why David Haden is here?"

"Nope. I'm sure the Captain will tell us if we need to know."

Liv returns to her desk with her coffee and sees that a message has popped up on her phone.

From: David

Morning Liv. You look nice today

Liv chuckles under her breath. She hadn't noticed that he had seen her come in. Sometimes this man made her feel like a teenager again. She glances up, smiles, and then sends a message back.

To: David

Thanks! You look good too. Any reason you're up and here before me today?

She doubts he will answer because as soon as he picks up his phone the Captain walks in. Well that's the signal to start in on her day. However before she can store her phone a new message beeps in. The only thing she can thing, is wow. He must be very fast at texting.

From: David

Lots of reasons. I'll explain them later. Dinner? Movie?

She doesn't respond because her partner walks in and the man has an uncanny 6th sense when it comes to who she is talking to. He doesn't even get the chance because as he starts in a call comes in. There is a victim at Mercy. This was going to be a long day.

Later that same day

Liv walks into the squad room after spending the entire day tying up the case for the ADA. It was pretty open and shut. The victim knew her attacker and the perp left DNA. If only all cases were that easy. Easy or not though, it took the better part of the entire day and she dropped Amarro off at home while she came back to finish up some paperwork before heading home. She glances up to see her Captain and David talking again.

"Benson! Good job today. If only they were all that easy, right?"

"Yeah. But if they were, you and I would be out of a job"

He chuckles and sees his detective set her stuff down. Probably to get started on the mountain of paperwork that all cases bring in.

"Hey Liv. Why don't you get out of here for the night? That paperwork will still be there when you get here in the morning. You can finish it then."

"Captain. It's fine, I'll do it now."

"How about this. Liv. Go home. Watch TV. Relax."



She huffs out a breath and grabs her stuff up again. He smiles and knows he has won. Sometimes she won't listen to him, but other times he gets lucky. He turns to David and shakes his hand, nods his head and heads back into his office. He can tell his detectives to go home, but that doesn't mean he has to.

David grabs his jacket and looks at Olivia.

"How about some dinner and a movie? You never answered me earlier"

"I'm so sorry David. I.."

"Got a case. I understand that. So..?"

"Well I heard about this movie that's airing downtown. Want to watch that?"

"Works for me. Let's get out of here before your Captain gets suspicious about us talking"

She smiles and they head out together. Maybe this is the start of something new and exciting. As they step out of sight of the precinct he tucks her arm in his and smiles. Whether or not this is the start of something new or not, she is glad to have him.

That's where I am going to stop it for now. Reviews please! I promise there will be more Benson/Haden moments as well as Benson/Cassidy!