Hey everyone! This is my first Fanfic so it's a bit bad but still i hope you enjoy it :) I have put the Black Rock Shooter bits in Italic and the Mato bits in normal text to make it less confusing and easier to follow. I have also mixed up the OVA and the Anime Series together as there are parts i like of both of them. For example i used the uniform from the OVA but Yomi has her glasses from the Anime Series.

Some of the japanese maybe spelt wrong so please correct me if i did as japanese is not my first language but I am trying to learn so correcting me would help me learn and it will also help the story to be more realistic.

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My heart is frail. My blue flame burning more than ever. My long black hair blowing in the wind. I start to think. Wondering where time will lead me next.

"Mato time to get up for school!" my mother called. I jumped out of bed and put on my uniform. A bright blue and white scarf with a white top and a flowing blue skirt with my white trainer socks and my white and blue high tops. I tie my short black hair into bunches and give myself a in good look in the mirror. I then leave to meet my friend Takanshi Yomi.

First I had to go somewhere. To my favourite spot on the hill that overlooks the entire neighbourhood. I get a phone call. It's from Yomi. "Konnichiwa Karoi-san" she said "where are you?" I replied "I'm on the hill by the station." "Meet me at the station then instead!" Yomi said. "Ok" then I hung up. I was so happy to hear Yomi's voice. She was like a little ray of sunshine. The day felt perfect when she was there. I clutched my blue star phone charm then dashed off to meet her.

I see Yomi smiling at me when I arrive.

Takanashi Yomi or just Yomi I call her by has long dark brown hair and has bright green eyes with her small, square black glasses. She also has stick like legs on which she wears knee-high socks and a pair of black dolly shoes.

Me and Yomi both get onto the train just in time before it left. It was a long carriage filled with other girls from our school despite the fact that it was a public train.

When we arrive at the school we get straight to class 1B to register and then I go straight to basketball. Yomi also did Volleyball in the sports hall to which was really nice we would regularly watch each other while trying not to get caught. The only reason I didn't like basketball was because we had a really strict coach called Arata Kohata or everyone in the basketball club just called her Kohata for short.

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