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In my dreams I see these strange girls. One of them even looks a bit like me!

My heart beats fast. I'm running. Trying to find Dead Master. Where is she? I've been travelling for miles. Where's Strength? Or Black Gold Saw? Chariot? I feel alone. Is there really no one I can fight? No one I can bring my pain onto? I feel hated. Alone. Like no body cares. I guess that's always how we feel in this world.

"Huh" Who is this girl?" I thought to myself. She has been in every I've had since I met Yomi. Is this connected in some way? I try to forget about it but my mind seems to just keep coming back to it.

I see Yuu at the school gates. We are in the same class this year so I decide to walk with her to the classroom. Me and Yuu have been friends since kindergarden and will remain friends forever. At least I think we will.

I tell Yuu about my strange dream and she tells that "pain is endured by someone else. Maybe this girl is enduring yours for you." She also told me to go and talk to Saya Irino in the dawn consultation room.

When I got to the dawn consultation room I bumped into Kargari. She leaves too quick for me to say hi though. "Konnichiwa Kuroi-san" said Saya as I am sliding the door back closed. I tell her about my dream while having coffee in my favorite blue stared mug. "Very strange" Saya told me "you know dreams of friends are connected to some extent very deeply. Maybe Takanishi is trying to tell you some thing that can't be expressed through words." I had to pause and think about this. I was confused and I finally blurted out a sigh and left.

Who is this girl? Who is taking my pain for me? How are dreams connected? I thought all these things wishing I could get answers. But yet I could not. There was no one to ask. This is just too weird. Nothing can be explained. No one will know what I am going on about.

I find Dead Master standing there with her sleek black dress and her slim, shiny black heels. She also held her She also held her weapon. Her strong black scythe firmly in her hand. I knew she was ready to fight. I burst out my bright blue flame on my eye. She smiled. I saw her and she saw me. Then ran straight for me. I set up my cannon and stood there waiting to shoot. I miss. Dead master holds her scythe up to my neck as I crashed to the floor. I quickly jump up ready to fight back.

I meet Yomi again the next morning. She smiles. Just like the other girl in my dream! She looks like her too! I try to forget about it again but these dreams are confusing me and are hard to forget. As me and Yomi walk up to school I decided I wasn't going to tell my weird dreams to anyone else.

As I leave school I wait for Yomi at the bench like normal. I seem to be waiting there for about 20 minutes. I then decide to leave and for the train station by myself. This is strange. I thought to myself. Yomi is never late. When I get onto the train I check my phone. No messages from Yomi. This is all too strange for me. Why would Yomi not tell me why she was late? Why wouldn't she tell me that she was going to be late?

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