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Chapter One

Bella was driving towards La Push, on her way to visit her childhood friend Jacob and his father Billy Black. Her father and Billy had been the best of friends since long before she was even born. Bella had arrived in forks the evening prior and would be spending the summer with her father before returning to Phoenix to complete her senior year of high school.

Pulling up in front of the little red house, she couldn't help feeling excited. She loved Jacob and Billy like family and it had been a year since she had seen them. Sliding out of the cab of her truck, she saw the front door open and a large hunk of a man step out.

"Bells" he called walking towards her.

She couldn't help the wide smile that spread across her face when she recognized that it was Jake.

"Jacob…Look at you. You look great!" She said throwing her arms around his neck as his wrapped around her waist hugging her.

He lifted her against him and his face buried in her hair as he breathed in her scent.

"It's good to have you back Bells. I've missed you." And he meant it.

He spent every year between summers counting down days until her return. She had owned his heart since they were kids and he hoped with everything inside him that one day she would feel the same.

"You've gotten so…big." She said awkwardly with a soft giggle.

He grinned pulling back from the hug and taking a good look at her. Damn, she's beautiful he thought. She always had been and seemed to only grow more beautiful every year. Jacob's eyes met hers and he couldn't help the disappointment he felt when nothing happened. It had been his prayer that he would imprint on her. Bella was still smiling her beautiful smile at him when a throat cleared from behind them.

Paul had been at the Black's house along with Sam and Embry discussing pack business when they heard the sound of Billy's old pickup truck. He knew Bella would be visiting for the summer. It was all Jacob had talked about for the past few weeks. Paul had never met her, but felt like he knew her from listening to other pack members talk about her. Jacob, Quil and Embry had known her since she was a little girl. She and Chief Swan made a regular appearance to the reservation during the summer so the others had at least met her. He knew that everybody thought very highly of her and you couldn't convince Charlie that there was anybody better than his little girl. Paul would dare anybody to try. Chief Swan was a man of few words, but if you ever wanted to get him to talking, all you had to do was mention his Bells.

Paul, Sam, Embry and Billy had followed Jacob out to greet Bella. Paul couldn't deny that he was slightly curious about the girl that had won over most of the pack and members of the rez. As soon as she stepped out of the truck, he instantly understood the constant hard-ons half of his pack brothers had for her. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. When she recognized Jake, the smile that graced her face would send a lesser man to his knees. Paul took the time to really look at her while she was wrapped in Jake's arms. Pale pink sundress, flip flops, pink toenails and lots of pale, smooth skin showing in a completely innocent way. Her long, dark hair was loosely braided on the side of one shoulder. Paul's breathing became slightly labored as her continued studying her. Billy cleared his throat beside him trying to get Paul's attention. His eyes immediately shot to Billy's and he saw the questioning look in them. Paul shrugged unwilling to share and not really sure what was causing him to react this way. Billy slowly turned his head back towards Jake and Bella as they separated and turned towards them.

"Hey Billy. How've you been?" She called to him while making her way over with Jacob trailing behind.

"I'm good." Billy answered.

She made her way to him and bent over to give him a tight hug. Billy was like a second father to her and it felt so good to see him.

"It's good to see you sweetie. Maybe this summer we can finally convince you to pack your bags and move in with the old man." He said as he returned her embrace.

"I don't know Billy. I think I cramp his style." She laughed thinking about how this morning she had almost fallen in the toilet.

Charlie never could remember to put the toilet seat down. He had been a bachelor far too long, she thought. The truth was that Charlie would give his right arm to have her come live with him. And Bella knew it.

Next, her eyes landed on Embry. "Hey Bella." It took her a minute to recognize him.

"Embry? What are they feeding you guys?" She smiled. "It's good to see you, Em." She said.

"You too, Bella." He said giving her a one arm hug.

If Embry was being honest, he had always had a little bit of a crush on Bella. Quil too, but both of them knew that Jacob loved her and neither of them would ever act on it. However, that didn't stop them from placing her in a starring role of more than one of their dirty fantasies. Jacob had taken a chunk out of both of them on more than one occasion because of it.

Meanwhile, Paul was feeling jittery and he had no clue as to why. His heart was racing and his palms were sweating. He felt the urge to run away, but at the same time something was keeping him where he was. And the closer she got to him, the worse it was.

Billy kept glancing at him out of the corner of his eye wondering what was causing his strange behavior. Billy knew that Paul was the most unstable wolf, but he had never seen him act like THIS. He was more than a little concerned. Bella could never know about the wolves unless she was an imprint since she wasn't part of the tribe. He was scared that Paul was on the verge of phasing. Billy snapped out of his thoughts just as Bella had finished greeting Sam.

"Bella? Have you met Paul?" Billy asked.

"No or at least I don't think I have, but I've heard a lot about him." She answered turning towards him.

Paul was looking towards the ground as Bella held her hand out towards him.

"I feel like I already know you. Jake talks about you all the time." Bella said with an excited tone.

Sam nudged him with his elbow when he didn't respond. He slowly raised his eyes and then paused when they reached her breathtaking smile. Her smile faltered slightly thinking he wasn't going to respond. Slowly, Paul raised his hand to grasp hers. He gasped when his hand made contact with hers and his body jerked forward. His eyes shot to hers AND….His world stopped. He felt like he had been punched in the gut. His breathing was ragged and he knew he still hadn't said anything. He knew he needed to say something, but his brain wasn't working and it was taking everything he had to stay standing.

"Are you okay?" He heard her ask.

He finally managed a small nod. Bella started to withdraw her hand, but she didn't miss that he gripped her hand a little tighter before letting go. They were both standing there looking at each other when Paul finally managed to speak.

"It was good meeting you, Bella. I…"He stopped and took a deep breath, then started again. "I need to get going." He stated as he turned toward the others.

Judging by the looks on their face and the sad look Jacob wore, they all knew what had just happened. Sam gave him a small nod and with that he turned and walked towards his house.

Every step he took away from that house felt like it was tearing him down the middle. The pull to go back was just so strong, but Paul needed time to time to think. He needed to get himself together. The last thing he wanted to do was to make an idiot of himself or even worse would be him making her feel uncomfortable or scaring her. "Fuck", he thought. "What am I going to do now?"

Paul had been on his own for most of his life. His father had beaten the shit out of him and his mother until he was ten years old and then finally walked out on them. He chuckled thinking about his father trying that shit now. His mother had stuck around until he was fifteen. Then one day, just never came home. It didn't really matter. Paul had taken care of himself up until then anyway. The only difference was that he didn't have to make sure his mother didn't choke on her vomit or drink herself into a coma every night. He was actually quite relieved when she left. He had been worried at first, unsure if something had happened to her, but one look in her room proved that she had packed her things and left. He wasn't even worth a proper goodbye from his own mother. She had left him without so much as a "fuck you." Her only son was left behind and forgotten. He hadn't seen or heard from her in 5 years.

Billy had always watched out for him since he was a little boy. Making sure he had eaten and had clothes to wear. Paul had never told anyone about the beatings from his father or his mother's drinking problem. People weren't blind or stupid. Of course they suspected things, but without any proof, there wasn't much they could do. Billy had tried to convince him to move in with him and Jacob after his mother had left, but Paul refused. He didn't want to be a burden to anyone and he knew that money was tight for the two of them. Hell, money was tight for most of the people in La Push. Paul started doing odd jobs for people after school and on weekends. He made enough money to pay for food and electricity.

Once he turned 17, he dropped out of school and got a full time job working at a garage. Paul had not wanted to quit school. He had actually hoped to graduate and go to college, but he knew he could never afford the tuition. That was also the year he phased for the first time. Of course, once he phased, all of them found out about his fucked up childhood.

When he was twenty, he received word that his mother had finally lost the battle with her alcohol addiction. She had died in her sleep just like he had always worried about as a kid. She had listed him as the beneficiary of her life insurance. It was the only thing she had ever done for him. He used the money to buy his truck and to pay for some much needed work done on his house. He put what was left in the bank. It wasn't an extravagant amount, but at least he wasn't completely broke anymore.

His thoughts went back to Billy and Jacob and the sad look on both of their faces. He knew how much Bella meant to both of them and how they had both hoped Jacob would imprint on her. A low growl came from his throat before he could stop it at the thought of Jacob imprinting on her. "Calm the fuck down" Paul said to his wolf. Would they resent him now? He sure hoped not. Billy and Jacob, and now the rest of the pack, were the only family he had ever had. Even if he was a loner and spent most of his time, when he wasn't working or patrolling, by himself. He didn't want to sound like a pussy, but he loved them and didn't want to lose them. He knew they were probably also concerned about how he would treat Bella. If he was being honest, he was worried about that too.

Paul had never been in a relationship. Sure, he enjoyed the company of women occasionally when he had a little extra time. He couldn't deny that he enjoyed sex. He was a man and a wolf with a very healthy sexual appetite after all. The problem was that, that was all it had been…sex. He didn't date nor did he have girlfriends. He didn't take them out for dinner or buy them flowers or gifts. He simply found someone who needed some relief like he did and that was it. He didn't know the first thing about being in a relationship.

Paul had made it home while he was lost in his thoughts. He took a quick shower and pulled on a pair of jeans when he finished. After making a couple of sandwiches and grabbing a beer from the fridge, he made himself comfortable on the couch. He turned on the TV while devouring his sandwiches. He realized he hadn't eaten anything since lunch and he was starving. Just as he swallowed the last bite, there was a soft knock on the door. After sitting his empty plate on the coffee table, he stood and made his way to the door. He opened the door and there stood Bella, looking extremely nervous and holding a plate of food in her hand.

"Bella? What are you doing here?" He asked completely surprised to see her standing outside of his house.

"Billy said you were supposed to have eaten dinner with us, but something must have come up. I always cook too much and I didn't want to throw it away so I asked Billy if he thought it would be ok to bring you a plate. I hope it is…I mean…I hope it was ok for me…A complete stranger...to stop by your house….completely unannounced. I'm sorry…I…um….I'll just go." She was stammering and Paul couldn't help thinking she was the cutest thing he had ever seen. He realized he needed to say something.

"No…come in." He finally found his voice.

She looked hesitant and he was scared that she was going to leave. "Please?" He asked while holding his breath.

She looked at him for a moment, eyes darting back and forth between his. He assumed she was trying to decide whether to stay or if she should leave. She probably thought he was some kind of fucking idiot with the way he kept staring at her and not saying anything.

Bella made her decision. "Okay". She said and with that she stepped inside.

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