"Are you sure we're doing the right thing?"

I heard my mother whisper to my father as I put the last of my bags onto the conveyor belt to be checked in. With all the doubt she was having, you'd think she'd say something louder, and be more consistent; everyone knew she was stubborn enough. I got that from her.

My Dad just nodded, never taking his eyes off me as the lady behind the desk handed me my boarding cards. His arm was wrapped around Mom and they both looked like they had tears in their eyes.

I didn't get it. This was all their idea. It was my 'bad behavior', 'atrocious grades' and 'inexplicable attitude' that made them ship me off. They should be glad it was finally happening after all their threats. I knew I was.

I turned around and walked out of the queue and over to where they stood, waiting for me. We stared awkwardly for a few minutes, when I finally had to break the silence.

"Well, I guess I better get going. Florida a waits…"

My mother sighed, "Bella, you know we're only doing this for you. I just- we just want you to mature, and become an adult; to find yourself-"

"You need to grow up, and sort yourself out." My Dad interrupted, bluntly.

My mom turned to glare at him, but I knew it was what she was thinking too. I just stood, and said nothing. I'd heard this lecture a thousand times before. My bad grades were one thing, but missing my curfew and never making dinner on time had taken its toll on my parents.

They believed that I was out partying and drinking on the streets of London, making a nuisance and fool of myself. They had no idea. I hardly had any friends that would mind being seen with me outside school, let alone go partying with me. I spent my nights in the abandoned community gardens in Kensington. I didn't drink. I just sat and watched the stars.

Seeing that I had nothing to say for myself, my father shifted uncomfortably, "Alright, Bells. You better get onto your flight before it leaves without you."

My mom pulled me close into a hug, "Call us as soon as you get settled, okay sweetie?"

I pulled away and just nodded. My Dad gave me a one armed hug, and saluted me, "Safe flight, Champ."

I'd had this nickname for as long as I could remember. My father, Charlie Swan was originally from America, although he'd never once taken me to visit his home town. After he met and fell in love with my mother, Renee Dwyer; the daughter of a Lord in Kensington, she took him overseas to London and married there. God knows my Grandfather wasn't happy with this arrangement. My mother had only gone to Michigan for volunteer work, and after a month she'd come back with more than a souvenir. 'Good for nothing Yankee' my Granddad had called him. It took Charlie 3 years to finally win over Henry Dwyer.

I waved them goodbye and trudged my way along to Gate 27. There was still 40 minutes until the gate open to board passengers, and so I had to entertain myself until then. I had my iPod, and a few books with me, but I doubted that would keep me going. I had down in the only seat available; between an extremely overweight middle aged man snoring louder than my Uncle Will, and a punk teenager who sounded like he was giving himself permanent hearing damage, his music was that loud.

Reluctantly I sat down in the middle of them and pulled out my first book. I was all set to get lost in the fields of Wuthering Heights with Kathy and Heathcliff when my eye caught someone looking back at me across the gate. He was tanned and athletic looking, with dark wavy hair falling into his brown eyes while it was shorter at the back. His smile grew more pronounced the minute he saw me looking at him and he gave me a sympathetic look, glancing at the people I sat next to. I smiled back and dropped my eyes down to my book.

Half an hour later, the snoring man dropped his hand from the arm rest and woke himself up. After some loud grunting and sniffling, he stood up and shuffled along over to the male restrooms. I was glad; I could finally breathe again. I leaned my head in the palm of my hand and returned to Heathcliff and the grange.

'Bet you're glad he's gone, eh?'

I jumped at the sound of the husky voice that now sat next to me. I looked up to see the same tanned boy from before. I glance back to where he sat originally and, sure enough, his old seat was empty. I looked back towards him. He was smiling, searching my face for some sort of reaction. His grin was big and goofy, with his lips parted and his white teeth showing. It was infectious; I smiled back.

'Yes, I am actually. I was about to punch him to wake him up myself.'

He raised his eyebrows at my accent and chuckled, 'I would have liked to see that. I'm Jacob, by the way. Jacob Black.' He extended his arm to me.

I took it shyly, 'I'm Bella Swan.'

'So you going to Florida for a visit? Alone..?'

It was my turn to chuckle, 'No. I'm… moving.' I sighed, 'I'm starting Everglades Academy. Know of it?'

'Know of it? My sister teaches there! I'm always dragged to all the formals and dances, charity events and proms. Jesus, there's a lot of 'em.' He leaned back in the chair, getting comfortable.

I felt my face turn into a grimace. Dances were not my thing.

'Great,' I said, sarcastically.

The middle aged snorer came shuffling back just then, and looked shock when he saw his seat had been taken. Jacob made no effort of moving however, and so with an 'hmph!', my Uncle Will look-a-like grumbled to another seat.

'Do you live in Florida?' I asked.

'Yep, Biscayne Bay. I was here for a family wedding. The rest of them are staying another week, but I can't take it anymore. England is miserable! Where's the sun?' He lifted his hands to indicate the sun was definitely absent.

I gave him a fake solemn look, 'It was reported missing about 70 years ago, and no matter the efforts of the police, and also FBI, it still hasn't been found. It's devastating really.'

He laughed at my joke, 'You're right there! Trust me; you'll love the Florida sunshine.'

Just then, the airport announcer's voice roared across the gate, declaring it was now open and passenger must begin to board. Jacob jumped and flung his back pack across his back. I reached down to grab my travel case, but his hand flashed before mine and took before I could.

He grinned cheekily, 'Allow me.'

I blushed, and smiled back. It was odd, but in the 15 minutes I had been talking to Jacob, I really liked him. He was easy to get on with; he had a warm personality. Now that I stood next to him as we walked to the gate, I could see that he was incredibly tall. I was an average 5' 4", but he was at least 6' 2", if not more, easily towering heads above me. We both passed through the desk and had our boarding cards torn. Climbing through airplane door, we were greeted by the friendly air hostess as she wished us a good flight.

It turned out Jacob was sitting across the aisle from me. He lifted my travel case into the compartments above easily, along with his own bag and sat down in his seat, immediately adjusting the back to fit his long legs. He grinned over at me and offered some mints.

The flight was long. Very long. I read my book, and chatting some more to Jacob. I even slept for a few hours, and woke to find the Jacob had covered me with a blanket. I turned to thank him, and saw he was sleeping himself. His head lolled to the side and he had a peaceful look on his face.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, we landed. The captain's voice sounded golden as he announced the temperature and weather, thanking us for flying with American Airlines.

Jacob once again grabbed my bag and refused to let me carry it. He even loaded my other suitcases onto an airport trolley and rolled it to the arrivals along with his own luggage.

'So, Bella; I know this may sound… weird. But can I get your number? I'd like to meet up sometime, especially since you're gonna be living a half hour away from me'

We stood outside the airport, waiting for a taxi. I smiled as I considered giving this stranger my number. I was usually so conserved and shy; I never met cute guys, let alone am asked for my number.

I laughed, I did that a lot with Jacob, 'Sure, why not?'

He grin became even bigger, and he held out his arm and a pen. His skin was burning as I held his arm and inked my name and number into his skin. He was really hot.

'Thanks, I'll call you,' he smiled and lifted his arm to hail the taxi about to pass. He opened the door and fitted my case into the back seat, along with my bigger cases into the trunk. He held the door open and waded his arm to let me in, 'Ladies first.'

'Thank you, Jacob. It was really nice to meet you. You made the flight a lot more bearable. I hope to see you again soon.'

'Sure thing, Bella. I told you, I'll call you,' he winked.

I climbed in the cab and the address of the Academy to the driver. It was finally real, it was happening. I was beginning a new life in Florida, away from my parents, and away from the pressure of trying to keep my secret. The sunshine of Florida felt so different to the confined, dreary blanket of London that trapped you in its depressing streets and climate. It was free and open, I felt like I could breathe.

I pulled up to the gates of the Academy in no time. The cab driver kindly helped me with my bags and pulled them up with me right to the reception. I paid and thanked him, turning to the lady sat behind the glass reception.

'Hi, sweetie; how can I help?' She wore a black knee length office dress and had a professional ponytail and thick stylish glasses.

'Hi, my name is Isabella Swan. I'm a new student here, I'm transferring from London.' I felt my cheeks redden.

'Oh, of course! Welcome! Well, honey all your paper have been signed and dealt with, so I just need to show you your room. Follow me!'

We walked along the grand looking lobby of the building, and passed a sign which indicated the Dormitories. After getting off the elevator at the 7th floor, we walked along the hallway until we came to room 0413.

The reception turned to me, 'This is your room; you'll be sharing with another girl, Miss. Hale. Here's your key, and also your ID card, you'll need this to get into the buildings across campus.' She smiled warmly as she gave me the items and turned to knock on the door.

A beautiful blonde girl who was 3 inches taller than me and had the body of a swimsuit model opened the door. She looked at the receptionist, and then at me.

'Delivery for Miss. Hale! Let me introduce your new roommate, Isabella Swan!' the receptionist cheerily smiled.

The girl smiled at me and offered her hand, and I took it, 'Hi, I've been expecting you. I'm Rosalie – Rose for short.'

'Hello, I'm Bella,' I smiled back.

The receptionist left us to get acquainted and Rose told me about herself as she helped me unpack. She was a friendly girl. I found out she was in the year above me, and that she was majoring in Engineering.

After helping me unpack, she excused herself and said she was meeting her boyfriend for dinner. She invited me along, but I could tell she was reluctant so I declined. I wanted some time alone anyway. I organized my shelves and hung my clothes, trying to get settled into my new home. The dorms were lovely. The front door opened into a small living room with a couch small TV and a mini fridge. There were two door leading out of the room, one was my bedroom and the other obviously Rosalie's. The bedroom's were simple too, just a small desk, bed and wardrobe. The view from the windows was incredible, however. It was a city view of Florida from the 7th floor, and far off into the distance, you could make out the ocean. After everything was unpacked and organized, I didn't feel much like eating. I curled up onto a chair in my room instead and looked out onto the stunning night lights of Florida.

It was then, as I sat alone in my new dorm, my new home, finally away from London; that I shed my first few tears as my life was slowly crumbling around me.

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