Veggie Tales: Bambi

Cast list:

Larry as Bambi

Mr. Lunt as Thumper

Pa Grape as Flower

Esther as Bambi's mother

The King (Pirates Who Don't Do Anything) as The Great Prince of the Forrest

Archibald's Wife, Abby, Laura, Madame Blueberry, and Hope as Thumper's sisters

Bob as Friend Owl

Petunia Rhubarb as Faline

Ellen Gourd (Pirates Who Don't Do Anything) as Miss Bunny

Ma Grape as Bluebelle

Gustav as Ronno

Various veggies as other deer

Tom Grape as Bambi the young skunk

French Peas as Possums

Jean- Claude as the Mole

Libby Asparagus as Mrs. Quail

Mrs. Gourd (Debut) as Mrs. Hare

Miss Achmetha as Pheasant

Veggie Twins as Geno and Gurri

Barking Steve, Nezzer, Phil Winkelstein, TuTu (Wonderful Wizard of HA's) as Man's Dogs