Chapter Three

Peter woke up the same way he normally does. He woke up thinking that he was in his house, until he noticed the unfamiliar ceiling. He then remembered that he was at his grandfather's house, where his family had came to the day before and were planning to stay for a week. Peter learned of the story about what happened to his grandfather's brother, William, and how William killed himself out of guilt for apparently being responsible for the fire that burned down the nearby park in 1955 that killed a lot of families. He was surprised that something like that would happen in his family and that he was never told about it before. The morning at Grandfather's house was average. Peter got up, said good morning to everybody, sat down by Grandfather and exchanged stories about where they lived. Not much had happened. The maid, Edith, had walked over to the kitchen, "I'll make some coffee." Peter stood up, "No, I can do it." Edith shook her head, "No, you don't have to." Peter turned on the coffee maker, "I want to." Edith looked at Peter with her blue eyes and smiled, "Okay." She went to go sit down. Peter had wondered how old she was. She seems to be in her early twenties. He admired the way she works so he figured she needed to rest. Peter's father, James, sipped a cup of coffee, "Hey, Peter, I'm going down into the neighborhood, there's a park nearby." Peter looked over at his father, "The one that burned down?" His father;s smile faded, "Grandfather told you about his brother." Peter nodded. His father continued to talk, "No, its the other park over by the mall. A lot of people hang out over there. Since we're gonna be here for a week, you might as well make some friends." Peter stood up, "Okay, let's go." Peter's father followed him, "Wait I need to finish my coffee.

It was sort of a long drive to the park over by the mall. It wasn't one of those parks with the play structures and everything. It was just a simple field with trees and people hanging out. There were a few people walking their dogs and some dogs were running around. Peter's father rested his hand on his son's shoulder, "If you need me, I'll be in the entrance court at the mall. You can go walk around for a while." His father began to walk away. Peter stopped him, "I can be here by myself?" His father nodded, "Oh yeah, there's enough cops here to catch anything that happens. You'll be fine." Peter walked over by a tree with three people standing by it. Peter waved at them, "Hello." The three boys were very different in looks. The one on the left had glasses and brown curly hair, the one in the middle had green eyes and brown straight hair, and the one on the right was hefty and had blonde shaved hair. The one on the left nodded his head up, "Hey."" Peter stood over by the three with them. The straight hair kid looked over at Peter, "I haven't seen you around here before." Peter shook his head, "No, I just moved here. But only for a week." The hefty kid was confused, "Who moves in for a week?" Peter elaborated, "Well, we're just visiting family members." The hefty kid nodded to assure that he understood. Peter thought it would be polite to introduce himself, "My name is Peter. Peter Johnson." The geeky kid with the glasses nodded, "I'm Todd." The straight hair slim kid waved, "I'm Tom." The hefty kid nodded, "My name's Chuck." The four of them were silent for a bit until Chuck came to a realization, "Hey guys, there were only three of us. He have this guy now. We have enough people to go through the forest." The kid in the middle (Tom, who seemed to be the leader) pondered, "I don't know. I'm not sure if he's up for it." Peter looked down, then back up, "I'm sure I can try and join in with you guys on whatever you're doing." Tom nodded, "Good. Join with us at this same place at 9:00 PM sharp." Peter agreed, "Uh, ok." Peter decided to go back to his father since it was almost time to get home."

A few hours later, it was 9:12 PM. Peter was late to go meet Todd, Tom, and Chuck. Peter needed to find a way to sneak out without anyone noticing. When everybody was in the front room, he saw it as his chance. Peter snuck out the back door and carefully made his way down the steep hill that the house was on. He was hoping they'd still be there. He hoped they would be patient for twelve minutes. Peter walked in the burned down park that was now a gaping hole of soil. He climbed out of the hole and walked over by the forest that sat next to the park. He felt a cold hand stop him, "Hey!" Peter turned around to see that it was Tom.

Tom was confused, "How the hell did you follow us without us noticing?" Peter tried to speak, "The house my family is visiting is near here. I was headed toward the mall park, you're telling me this is the forest you were going to?" Tom nodded, "Yeah, where else." Chuck and Todd were behind him. Chuck was out of breath due to his weight after running for a long time, "He's here. Good, let's go." The four boys turned around and faced the forest. Peter tapped Tom on the shoulder, "What are we here for?" Tom sighed, "Apparently, this forest is cursed, and that anybody who goes inside never comes back. We're going to explore it to prove that it's a bunch of bullshit." Peter understood, "Alright, let's not waste anytime." The four entered the forest.