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Chapter 5


Ok school is a fishily boring, I've been studying my ass off for about a week now and I still don't get the history of Italy. I'm taking three classes online, my first class is history; and then it's Italian and last but not less Italian art. Maybe I should just major in something else. All week my mind has been on Caius, that's all I think about after I met him a week ago.

"Luna come on lets go for a walk," I said no longer able to study.

She came running from my room and stopped in front of me. I got her ready and headed for the door. Before going out the door I grabbed my rain coat because the weather man said it may rain today. Stepping out of the apartment, I go to turn around but bump in to someone.

"Oh I'm sorry ma'am,'' the person said.

"No I'm sorry sir,'' I said.

"My name is James Hunter I just moved here from America,'' he said.

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Hunter, I'm Bella,'' I said holding out my hand.

"The pleasure is all mine Bella,'' he said taking my hand and brought it up I felt him kiss the back of my hand. But held my hand a little too long for my liking.

"Well I must get going Mr. Hunter,'' I said taking my hand a way. He did sit right with me, he had this dark vibe about him. He was so cold even his lips were cold, I need to watch out for him.

"Oh ok,'' he said a little unhappy. I think I even heard him growl under his breathe.

I walked down the stairs with Luna all the while feeling his eyes on the back of my head. It sent a frightening chill right down my spine.

James POV.

That little bitch she will be mine. Her blood smiles like the finest wine, but the damn wolf-dog next to her needs to go first. I do not need that thing biting me. I walked into the apartment across the hall from her and got settled.

"Might as well follow my snack,'' I said out loud.

I jumped out my window and climbed the wall to the roof tops. I followed her sent to the square and stopped in my tracks. What I saw pissed me the fuck off, the she was walking that white thing and Caius of the Volturi. She was laughing at what he said, I looked to Caius to see that he stiffened for a second, turned his head and looked straight at me. He bared his teeth at me with a warning hiss. I gave him a smirk and took off to the east, oh this is going to be fun.

Caius POV

Damn it all to hell, I didn't science another vampire around and plus no other is allowed here without permission. The look in his eyes did not look promising, he looked at my mate with hungry eyes. I need to get ride of him very soon. I looked to my mate she was busy petting her wolf, such a vile creature.

"My love I must make a phone call I will be right back,'' I said kiss the side of her head.

"Ok, hurry back I'm almost done with my book,'' she said with a smile.

I walk about twenty feet away, pulling my cell out I pressed one then send. I turned to look at my mate with the phone in my ear he answered on the second ring.

"Hello my dear brother how is your mate,'' Aro said.

"She is fine Aro, but we have a big problem that need to be dealt with now,'' I growled.

"To what maybe the problem that has you growling at me,'' he said.

"There is a vampire here that was not invited at all, he maybe after my mate,'' I said.

"I will have Felix and Demetri go after him now, Caius don't let your mate out of your sight we don't know who we are dealing with,'' he said.

"You don't think I know these Aro,'' I hissed.

"Oh dear brother I know you do just humor me,'' he said and hung up.

I put my phone away and walked back to Bella. I sat down putting my arm around her waist, she smiled and lend into my touch. Even thou I am cold hearted, but every time I look at my beauty I just melt. God what is she doing to me.

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