Cosette had slept in the armchair. She was small and pale; Valjean would have had no issues with her sharing their own bed, but Javert had been immensely uncomfortable with the idea – Silently, of course, because Valjean still had trouble getting his omega to express things too personal if he thought Valjean might not like them.

He had not slept well though; Curled around his omega, all he could think about was what they were going to do with the child. She was certainly very fond of him, and she had taken a shine to Javert as well, but the inspector did not seem to return the sentiment.

Was he still upset about them being unable to conceive? This did rather solve the problem. She could so easily be their own... She'd already burrowed her way into his heart, especially when she called him Papa. It did appear Javert had known better than him in this matter, he did rather long for children now he had one in his grasp.

Cosette was innocent; she was thin with large eyes and ratty hair, but her appearance would improve with time and good feeding. Would she cause Javert distress though? His desire for children was not larger than his desire for his mate. Would he put a rift between them? Hopefully not. Hopefully, this would help Javert relax his concerns about being barren.

He wanted his mate back, the man who had a quiet yet sharp wit and an eye that caught everything; a man not afraid to call Valjean out when he did something that was not approved of. He missed their discussions of 'does the town really need another school teacher' and 'should money really be put into that area' ... He missed the heats of their early relationship, he missed having intercourse with an intensity that implied trouble if it did not occur, the days where they smothered each other in their love, he missed being inside Javert for good lengths of time, not just waiting for his knot to deflate, but using it to making the man moan.

If Javert could only accept the child as his own, they could move on. Thoughts surrounding every topic seemed to plague him, but he did eventually drop off.

In the morning, Javert was sat beside the girl at their table when Valjean made his way to the kitchen.

She was happily munching on bread, their own ray of sunlight brightening the kitchen. Javert sat next to her, staring at the wall, lost in his own thoughts.

The alpha moved over to them and dropped a kiss onto his head before turning to the child.

"Good morning, Cosette."

"Good morning, Papa." She smiled beautifully at him, but Javert jerked in his seat, and turned a blank face towards Valjean. He could not quite bring himself to correct her, especially now that her mother was dead and they had to find out what to do with her.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Oh, yes! It was lovely. I had a blanket and something soft to sleep on." She seemed to shine the more she spoke.

"I am pleased then, child."

He turned to Javert as Cosette went back to her meal. The man looked slightly pained again. He tugged him out of the chair and out of the little kitchen.

"Javert," he whispered, "how are you?"

"She... is to stay with us?"

"Yes." It would be good for his mate, he had decided. Javert might not like it at first, but Valjean would just have to endeavour to keep them both happy until she was fully settled in.

"I... I knew you would want children." Javert's arms were firmly by his side, almost as though he was standing before the mayor, rather than his lover.

"You knew before I did, my love." He pulled Javert into his arms. Endearments were not something he purposefully put into his conversations, but sometimes Javert needed the reminder that he was loved. He was cynical at heart.

Javert simply huffed and returned the embrace. Valjean enjoyed the long moment, holding his omega while keeping an eye on the child in the kitchen. His home felt more complete than he had thought possible.

The alpha lifted his mate's head to press a kiss to his mouth. Javert automatically opened his mouth to deepen it. Upon seeing the child was still eating bread, Valjean happily obliged. He licked into the man's mouth, his arms tightening around his body. Javert raised one hand to his hair and tilted his head. It was good.

He pushed his omega out the doorway of the kitchen, over to the wall and pressed him into it, hands now moving across his body. Javert parted his legs enough for him to stand between them; he took full advantage of this.

"Can't..." gasped his mate at him.

"What?" It seemed wrong to take his mouth off the delicious neck before him.

"Child, she-" Whatever he had been about to say was cut off by a quiet moan. He was beautiful, head flung back to reveal that neck which now had a darkened patch where had been attached.

Unfortunately, his point was made, and Valjean pulled himself back. There was a young child in the next room, and while she had undoubtedly seen more than she should at her age in that pit that was called an inn, Valjean did not want her to witness this private moment.

He had to smile though. His mate had managed to keep his senses enough to remember her. Javert have become more attached already than the man realised. Maybe he would not need to find her somewhere else to go. He hoped so.

"I have to leave. I am on duty soon." Face still flushed, Javert pushed him gently back to move out of his grasp. Valjean smiled, as he watched the man fix his collar, unaware that the mark peaked above it.

As Javert pulled on his greatcoat, Cosette came out of the kitchen.

"Are you leaving, Father?"

"What? I am not your father." Valjean frowned at this. Had the other already forgotten she was staying?

"You are now, Javert, do not forget that. He is going to work, child." Javert frowned and said nothing, but the girl smiled and stepped closer to him.

"What is your work?"

"I am an inspector in the police." His love looked over at him, but Valjean was not going to interrupt. Javert needed to learn how to interact with her.

"Truly? Wow... Monsieur Thénardier does not like policemen. He says they put people in jail for no reason!"

"Well," Javert's eyes flickered to Valjean, who suppressed a grin, he was not bitter about his sentence any longer. His past visit to a kindly Bishop helped relieve many of his grudges. "Some may receive a... harsh sentence. However, it is necessary that everyone be tried and punished according to the same law. Also, I do not think Monsieur Thénardier would be imprisoned for no reason."

She smiled, and gave a sharp nod, before going back into the kitchen to play with her doll. Valjean smiled as well, and gave his mate a soft kiss.

"I shall see if I can find someone to look after her during the day. I do not need to work today, but I will have to go back soon."

Javert nodded silently, finished fastening his coat and left.

Valjean was pleased. The child was staying, now they needed to get things sorted out.