Chapter 1

I just thought up this idea while listen to that barbie song with my little sister. Trust me that song is so fuckin annoying. Anyway here's the story. Femslash... Well enjoy. My oc name is Serenity.

Rocky's POV

I sat in my room on my waterbed stressing on my birtday bash tonight. Being the princess of Scottland is a lot of work. My mom had been planning for some weeks now and tonight is the night of the party. I already had my outfit picked out. It was a black graphic tee with the words princess which were colored in cheeta print,a dark pink tutu with black tights under them and some dark pink ankle boots. I love it it's like I was born to do fashion. I didn't have to get ready till 6 because the party started at 8. I was hoping to meet someone nice and that had the same interest as me but is the complete opposite of me. Right now my father is forcing me to date Guther Hessenhefer the prince of Germany. My brother prince Tyler is dating Tinka Hessenhefer. That's Gunther twin sister and unlike them I'm miserable. Gunther is terrible and he does like to hit but when he does Tyler helps me. Neither of us told my father simply because Tinka. My father would force Tyler into breaking it off with her. They're very much in love and I wouldn't want them to end. Me on the other hand I would want anybody but Gunther. I'm bi so I would take a girl if I could. I brought my attention to my bedroom door opening revealing Tyler and my cousin Serenity.

"Hey lil sis and hey cuz." They say smoothly. That's what I love about them they shows me how to get the ladies. They knows but will not tell father/uncle simply because they knows how our father/uncle would react.

"Hey Tyler and Serenity." I said stressfully. They looked at me with concern in their dark brown orbs.

"What's wrong sis/cuz?" They asked making thejr way to my bed. I shook my head.

"I'm fine Tyler and Rere I'm just nervous about tonight." I said. Both pulled me into a hug.

"It will be ok as long as you enjoy your party forget Gunther tonight and find someone new." Tyler reassured me. I nodded then they left. I turned to the clock on the wall which now read 6:10. I got off my bed then srarted getting ready I hope everything goes right. As I finished getting dress I looked at my clock. 40 minutes pass 8. I made my way to the ballroom which was already packed with people. Mother says that common people were aloud to come but I don't like calling them common. They're just people to me. I don't think they're any lower than want my mother and father believe. They also said I couldn't fall in love with a commoner mostly my father says this. My mother doesn't care. I waited by the door so they could introduce me. I hear the horns sound and to servants open the door. I see my brother and Tinka and ReRe with her boyfriend. They smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Now introducing princess Raquel the first." Said the announcer. I walked into the ballroom which was filled with a lot of teens. People cheered and clapped as I walked pass. The music was slamming and the dance floor was crowded. I went into the kitchen to one of the cooks that befriended me. Georgia Jones. She was a very nice women and she told me all about her family. Her daughter which is the same age as me and her eleven year old son. Her daugther name is Cecilia and her son name is Flynnson. Her daugther sounded very fun the way she describes her. I told her that her kids were invited.

"Hey Hey Hey Miss. Jones." I said. She turned to me with a big smile and walked toward me to get a hug.

"Hey Raquel you enjoying your party?" She asked. I nodded.

"My son and daugther are here to wish you a happy birthday." She added.

"They are out there somewhere. Now go finish enjoying your party." She concluded. I nodded then left the kitchen. I walked into the crowd that was on the dance floor and started dancing to different songs. Then a servant told me that I had to go sit on my throne for a while. I did what I was told and sat on my throne. Tyler came and sat beside me. I looked until the crowded until I saw a little boy that was about 11. He was dancing with an older boy and girl. Then another girl came by them. She had red firey hair and chocolate brown eyes. I sat on my throne staring at her until she met my gaze. She quickly turned away then left the room. When I was released from my throne I went by the little boy. I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around.

"Princess Raquel it is so nice to finally meet you." He said bowwing. I curtsied.

"Who am I speaking to." I asked. The little boy had a smile on his face.

"I'm Flynnson Jones and this here Deuce Martinez and his girlfriend Dina Garcia." He said. I smiled so that was Cecilia then.

"By any chance did your sister Cecilia just leave?" I asked he nodded. "Which way did she go?" I asked. He pointed to a door.

"Thanks Flynnson." I said. I ran to the door that was leading outside to the garden. There she stood facing the moon. I stood there silently and listen to what sound like soft sobs. I finally decide to say something.

"Cecilia Jones." I said. She freezes she slowly turns around. Her eyes widen at the sight of me. She finally came to her sense and curtsy.

"Princess Raquel I'm honored." She said nerveously. "But can you please call me CeCe." She asked. I nodded.

"Well CeCe can you come back and dance with me then." I asked. She looked totally shocked. Then she pionted to herself.

"Me." She said. I nodded my head and grabbed her hand. I led her back toward the throne room. She loosened up and followed my steps. Soon we were in the middle of the dance floor and a slow song came on. I thought it was the perfect moment. I grabbed her and pulled her closely. I was breathing on her neck. I felt her shudder beneath me and a small smirk began to form.

"Having fun yet?" I asked. She smiled.

"Why yes yes I am." She said. Then everthing was ruined when Guther walked into the ballroom. I still had CeCe close to me. He spotted us in the gaint crowd and made his way toward us. He looked pretty pissed. He also knew I was bi but never told my father because he loves his sister. He finally got to us.

"You're cheating on me with a peasant." He said with anger in his voice. I looked at him then at CeCe who was about to pee in her pants.

"First off im not cheating on you becuase I don't love you and second she's not a peasant. She is no lowwer than anybody in here." I screamed. They stopped the music and all eyes were on us. I was pretty pissed.

"And we're not dating just dancing got that sparkles." I yelled. He looked pretty upset. He raised his hand to hit me.

"I wouldn't do that." Came a voice. Out of no where Serenity came by CeCe and I. She was a couple days older then me but she was a tough girl. People never messed with her. She was the princess of Spain but a few weeks ago her life was threated so her parents sent her to live with us for awhile.

"Please leave or I will have guards remove you." She said looking at Gunther. He looked shocked at what she said.

"I'm the prince of Germany you will not talk to me that way." He said with bitterness. She laughed at his statement and then said something.

"Well I'm the princess of Spain and so what you're in my family castle so please leave." She said nicely. He smacked her acrossed the face and that was a big mistake because now she's angry. She kneed him in the crotch then called guards to come and get him. He left the building in pain.

"I'm so sorry CeCe I didn't mean for you to be put in that situation." I say apologetically. She had tears in her eyes. She ran away. I would have followed her but ReRe held me back.

"Give her some time." She said. I nodded. I went back to my throne until people started leaving. I was so pissed Guther did that. He messed up my only chance at happiness. She was amaing like a red headed devil. I wish she would come back but he scared her away no I would never get her number or address. Soon after everyone left I went in the kitchen but stopped dead in my tracks when I heard an angelic voice on the other side.

"Mom it was the worst he called me a peasant and she defended me." The angelic voice said. Then I heard Ms. Jones.

"Sweety seems to me that she likes you and you like her other wise you wouldn't be smiling at her liking you now come on so we can go home." She said. Soon I heard footsteps coming my way. I hid behind a plant until the two left the ballroom completely. I went back to my room with a big grin. So she likes me. I went to bed completely satisfied.

So here is chapter one all imma say is that I tried it might not be as good as other ones but I put alot of affort into this. Peace.