Chapter 2

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Serenity's POV

I was in the royal dance studio practicing while I waited for Rocky and Ty to come so we could practice together. I played Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown practicing the moves Ty though us. Ty got there first so he joined me. We waited for another twenty minutes before Rocky showed up. She had a big smile own her face. I gotta find out what she's so happy about but that can wait. As we got ready to practice I put my phone on shuffle and clique came on. Ty showed us some moves for the song and we practiced. We was in the dance studio for about a hour. When we finished I went to my room to take a shower. I changed into my areo jeans on with a red areo shirt with my addias crazy eights. I put on a fingerless glove that went on my right hand then a black snapback to match it. I went to Rocky's room where she was writing in her dairy. I walked up slowly so she wouldn't hear me.

"Yo cuz wassup?" I asked. She jumped up and fell on her ass. I was dieing becauae of her reaction. She got up and looked at me.

"Don't do that and it wasn't funny." She said. I so couldn't take her serious because her face was full with embrassment. I stopped laughing and got serious.

"What's got you so happy?" I asked she looked at the floor. I guess it just became interesting. She zoned out.

"Raquel." I said. She hates being called that. She cringed at her name. She then looked into my eyes. I moved closer to her.

"So tell me who got you hooked?" I said. She blushed so someone did. I thought about everybody she was with last night and I know it wasn't Gunther for damn sure. Then my mind went to the red head she was with. I smiled looking at her.

"Was it the red headed chick?" I asked looking her straight in the eyes. A blush creeped up on her face.

"It was her." I said kind of loud. She looked at me then shhed me. She smiled then nodded her head.

"She's a keeper." I said. She was like a cherry red tomato now.

"You should invite her to the palace or go see her or find out what she does." I said. She nodded. I left her room and went to mine. I laid on my bed and turned on the tv. I changed the channel to the local teen dance show we have here in Scottland. It's called shake it up. I watched as they danced then my eyes popped out of my head. It was the girl Raquel was with. She was one of the stars of the show. She was amazing. I got up and ran to Raquel's room.

"Rocky look at this you'll be very happy." I stated. I turned on her tv and what for the red headed chick to come back on the screen. She looked at the screen with an excited face. When she seen her face she went pale.

"And this is shake it up Scotland. And don't forget in a couple of weeks our best dancers well be moving to Chicago, Illinois to dance on Sake it up Chicago." Said the host. Then teens in the back started to cheer. I turned the TV off then looked at Rocky who looked so heart broken. I could see the tears coming down her tan cheeks.

"Rocky don't be so sad you still a couple of weeks to get her to be your girlfriend aren't you both bisexuals." I said. She was truly sobbing now. I went to her and comforted her.

"Bet tomorrow we'll go out and find her." I said. She seemed to stop crying and nodded. I left her room unaware that my uncle was there.


I was walking down the hall were the kids slept when I heard the most disturbing thing.

"Rocky don't be so sad you still have a couple of weeks to get her to be your girlfriend." Serenity said. I stopped then put my ear to the door. It was silent then Serenity spoke.

"Bet tomorrow we'll go out and find her." She said. Then I heard footsteps so I went by a pillar and hid. Serenity walked out of Raquel's room and went somewhere else. I pretended to walk past again. I turned and found Raquel's door open.

"Hey baby girl is there anything you want to tell me before I get angry." I said. She shook her head. So she is not going to tell me. I left her room and went to mine. I sat on my bed and grabbed my bible. Raquel knows it is immorally wrong to like girls but I guess I'm going to have to remind her. I got on my knees and prayed that she would see that she was sinning and change her mind and go back out with Gunther. At the dinner table I stayed quiet and boldly stared all three of them down. She probably told Ty as well but nobody will tell me anything. So since I can't know the truth I'll take matters into my own hand. Tapped my glass to get everybody then stood up.

"No of you can leave the castle." I said nonchalantly. Everything was quiet as they took in what I was saying.

"But Curtis why they did nothing wrong." Marcie said. I silenced her turning my attention to Raquel.

"Yeah but she did Marcie honey." I said looking her straight in the eyes.

"And what exactly did she do Curtis?" Marcie asked. I gave Raquel and the others a smirk that said I'm on to you. I sat down and cleared my throat.

"Now Raquel do you want to tell her or should I or maybe Tyler or Serenity can say it." I said. Their eyes widen in realization when I said that. Marcie seem to catch on to how serious the situation was if they all do the same thing.

"Ok what's going on? Someone tell me something." She said. Everybody attention turns to Raquel as she stands up.

"Mom I think he is trying to tell something that he should know about but if you really want to know Dad you can say it." Raquel said with a determined voice and a smirk to match it. This made me very upset. In the corner of my eyes I could see Tyler and Serenity laughing.

"And what's so funny?" I asked them. They stopped laughing and sat up straight.

"Nothing dad." Tyler said. We turned back to Raquel.

"Stop this foolishness and tell your mother that your Bisexual and hat you like girls." I said angrily. She gasped.

"Dad why would you think I was Bisexual didn't you tell me that was a sin and that God would punish people who were. Dad I would never disobey you and besides if I were you do not have any proof of that coming out of my mouth." She said. I know she was lying. Marcie looked at me with angry eyes.

"Curtis why would you assume that your own daughter would be bisexual have you know trust. Dammit I can't believe you right now." She said getting up and leaving the dining room.

"You three win this round but I will get you and I will get my proof Raquel don't worry." I said following Marcie. When I got walked out the dining room everything was silent. I looked back in there and the three sinners were gone. I went to my room knowing I would not rest until that girl left is back on track.

Rocky's POV

"Oh my gosh that was a close one but know that he knows he will not stop until he gets what he wants." I said to the Ty and Re. They looked at me with pitiful eyes.

"How did he find out?" Ty asked. Serenity and I shrugged our shoulders.

"But wait if he can't get Rocky to change then things will get really ugly. So I say we take some money save it up and when we can all get out this castle we head to Chicago where Rocky's dream girl is headed to dance." Serenity said. We agreed then went back to the house.

"Wait tomorrow we're going into town you coming Ty." I asked. She shrugged.

"Ok meet us by the gates. Ok." I said. He nodded. We each went to our rooms. I couldn't sleep do to the fact that my father is close on my tail and the girl on my dreams is moving in a couple of weeks. All I wanted was the best of both worlds but I guess in life you can't get everything you want. I sat on my bed and turned the TV on. Nothing god was playing so I just turned my light out and laid there until I drifted off to sleep.

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