Word Count: 488

Challenge/Competition: The Hunger Games: Fanfic Style Competition

Prompts: Tragedy, Grief, 'run away, and never come back', malfoy manor, sugar.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don't claim to own Harry Potter, it's all JKR's.

The world to Narcissa was once a magnificent thing. It held so many things – opportunity, hope, culture, freedom and most important of all: a strong foundation for her life to balance on top of.

Gradually, she was backed into a corner she could not get out of. So the world is not large anymore – to her, it barely reaches the edges of Malfoy Manor's grounds. There is no hope, as hope was crushed when her feet first found themselves against that black marble floor. There is no culture except the stiff pureblood philosophy that's haunted her throughout her life. There is no freedom larger than the grounds, and there is no foundation under her feet, so she can no longer balance.

She was subject to such manipulation as she grew each day that she thought this place could be the key to all of her hopes and dreams. That this was the place that would release her airtight bindings, strapped around her since birth, just about giving her room to breathe and morph into the Black mould.

Her chest is a constant heaviness on her being – life has poured its cement into her and left it to dry. She wants to cry and she needs to cry because she just plays wife and housekeeper in the dark shell of herself, but no tears ever come. Once upon a time, Narcissa Black had ambitions to fall in love, to travel, to learn all kinds of amazing magic, and to do whatever her heart desires. She didn't have the ambition of becoming a wife at eighteen, and she didn't have the ambition of being coaxed into having children after just six months of loveless marriage.

The grief of losing herself is almost overwhelming. She perches on the bed, staring blankly at the equally blank walls in the room that holds absolutely no personality, with the mirrors covered by bed-sheets and the black-out blinds pulled over the windows. Run away and never come back just flashes through her mind again and again, and she grips her wand so tightly in her hands as she waits that her knuckles are paper white.

As the wand warms in her hand, she clenches her jaw and mentally counts to three. The pink light flashes, and there it is. But this news doesn't fill her with the desolation and the dread that she thought it would, because she actually almost feels that little bit lighter. Even if she has lost her hopes and her dreams in between the cracks, the floorboards and the spider webs of Malfoy Manor, it doesn't have to be like that for this child. They can be whatever they want, and she won't hold them back. She won't chain them up in stereotypes the second that they are born.

And now, it's like she has a new meaning in life in the strangest way possible, and something that seemed so sour becomes so sugar-sweet.

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