Alenko, Kaidan.

I quit, Shepard. I know that's the last thing you would have wanted me to do, but...

We did it, you know. We won. I thought that I should... what? Let you know?

In case you didn't know, didn't... weren't able to see that we'd won – before you...

I don't know... why I'm even doing this. Why I'm here. I don't believe this stuff, that was always Ash's department. I don't believe in anything.

I believed in you.

If you can hear me... which of course you can't... but if you can, say hi, y'know. To Ash, for me.

I mean come on, so what I quit. We won; you're gone. There's no reason why I should keep on with the Alliance. Less so the Spectres.

I'm getting headaches again. From the damn chip. I ran through battlefields – usually trying to keep up with you – and they stayed away. Now everything is done, and they come right on back.

I blame you. Yeah, I'm serious, totally. So come back Commander, come back so I can tell you in person.