I put on (4x)

I put on for my country, on on for my country (4x)

Verse 1-Jeezy (Maxon):

When they see me on the TV they say Maxon yeah I'm feelin' ya

Tell them one day soon I will be called the king of Illea

Me, you know I'm real, yeah, that's right I'm working politics

For today I hear the shots tomorrow I'll be calling it

And speaking of me calling it? You know I've got all of this

Women in my palace right, I visit them every night

Started off with thirty-five, now we're down to six Elite

If they want me, they can show me

No more time to be discreet

Caught up with the one like whom I'd never thought I'd meet

I can't seem to help myself, visiting her in her suite

Who knows what will happen, if she will start to compete

Never thought a Five would be the one who made me feel complete


I put on for my country, on on for my country

I put on for my country, on on for my country

Put on (north side)

Put on (south side)

Put on (this mine)

Verse 2-Jeezy (Maxon):

Got that, my back, ain't nothing but a young love

I will meet her secretly for all the things we speak of

Who's who, what's new, tell me what I gotta know

Meet me in the garden, tell me 'fore I gotta go

Inside all guards, outside not as safe

Palace full of luxury, imagine what the rebels see

What is going on out there, the realest world I ever set

She's the one who filled me in, the realest girl I ever met

I know they're out to get me, so I keep defense on me

Time for the Selection, cause you know where I'm from

Call me Prince of Illea, I'm all done with sharing her

All dressed up, on my way to America


Verse 3-Kanye (Aspen):

I feel like there's still business that owes me checks

I feel like there's no one else who wants this Six

I feel like I can't tell them about this stress

I lost the only girl in the world that knows me best

No money to my name, and I don't mean shit

She's got the money and the fame, and she don't need shit

Cause I tried, and I tried, I swallowed my pride

What I need is she, girl by my side

I put on…this shouldn't be that hard

I put on, the uniform of a palace guard

I knew girls, said they want me and they knew I was broke

They say damn, that Aspen all he cares for is her

She'll get that crown soon, on me and she just changed on me

You can ask Prince homie if the top so lonely

Let me see what we have real quick

Just tell me who she'll pick

Cause I will fight for this

I'll put on