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Tsukino Usagi's mornings were rarely ever good, as the definition of a good morning was the beginning of the afternoon. This particular day in early November was no exception, but it would be the end of an era. Or perhaps, the beginning.

"Usagi, WAKE UP!" called her mother, knocking on the door loudly. Usagi's alarm had been ringing for two minutes, which usually would have gotten her up, but today she seemed even more immune than usual. Finally Ikuko lost her patience and opened the door to drag her daughter out of bed, just as Usagi bolted upright.

"I'm awake, I'm awa—I'm gonna be late!" she cried, seeing the time, and bolting past her mother to the bathroom. Four minutes later (it would have been three, but she put her shoes on the wrong feet and grabbed the wrong backpack) she was rushing out the door with her brother's bento and the fading sound of her usual cry, "I'm gonna be laaate!"

Luckily Usagi was a prodigious runner, and had served on her middle school track team the year before. Unluckily, she hadn't had time to tie up her two odango-pigtails as tightly as she pleased, and her slipstream threw a stray strand of hair in her eyes. Her day was not about to get any better.

"-ere you're going!?" she heard an angry male voice shout at her as the world stopped spinning. Then she realized she was sprawled on top of the older boy, and had apparently run him over.

"Aah! OhmygoshI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!" she babbled wildly, rolling off of him and franticly scrambling to pick up her scattered books. She whirled around when a hand landed on her shoulder.

"Here," said the dark-haired young man (with gorgeous blue eyes) rather tersely, handing her two books, "Nothing's broken, so no harm, no foul. Just watch where you're going next time, alright?" Usagi mutely nodded as the man turned and walked away, her stomach fluttering oddly. She slipped the last book into her bag and spied her bento at the corner of a parking lot. Just as she picked it up, she heard a yowl, and the laughter of little children. Three of them, three boys young enough to still be shorter than her, had cornered a black cat and looked like trouble.

"What do you think you're doing to that poor thing?" Usagi snapped irately, storming up to them. Upon seeing a bigger girl approach, they scattered. "Poor baby," she crooned to the cat, which was pawing at a Band-Aid on its forehead, clearly distressed. "Come here and let mommy help you with that," she said, putting out her hands. When it didn't scratch her, she picked it up one-armed and wormed the Band-Aid off with her other hand, revealing a crescent-shaped spot.

"You seem pretty tame, but you don't have a collar." Usagi wondered aloud as she set the black cat back down. Just then, she heard a faint ringing on the edge of her hearing, that set off much louder alarms inside her own head.

"I'm LAAAATTtee-," she wailed as she bolted off, leaving a confused black cat behind. Said cat tilted her head and narrowed her eyes in consideration, before giving a brisk nod and padding off, following the blonde's trail.

"Now, Usagi," said Ms. Haruna, her homeroom and English teacher, "there are several things I'd like to talk to you about." The petite blonde wilted under her teacher's steady gaze. There was a difference between serving the detention and being asked to stay after school. Usagi, no stranger to the former, was suffering terribly at the implications of the latter. "The first thing I want to discuss," said the imposing woman "is your last English test, which is why I held off on returning everyone else's until tomorrow." She pulled out a piece of paper as Usagi's eyes went wide at the implications.

"Wait! Ms. Haruna, you can't honestly think I'd cheat!" Usagi blurted out. Her teacher paused for a moment and let out a tinkling laugh.

"Usagi, if you did cheat then I could only wish all cheaters were like you. No," she said, more somber, "far from being suspiciously good, Usagi, yesterday's test earned you the lowest test grade I've seen in three years," she explained, and flipped the paper over to reveal a large, red—

"Thirty!" Usagi screeched and snatched the offending paper, pouring over it hysterically. "But I— I didn't— I knew— what was I—". Her mother was going to kill her.

"Yes," cut in Ms. Haruna, reclaiming the sheet. "You've never been more than a low B student, Usagi, but I know you can do so much better than this. What's more, most of your mistakes weren't on new material, but on things you did passably on in previous tests. In light of this, I'm willing to let you take a re-test."

"Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Usagi squealed, having been given a stay of execution.

"However," continued the redhead, "I will only give you a re-test if your parents sign that paper and you return it to me tomorrow." Usagi froze, once again feeling the cold of the executioner's blade on her neck. Then she slumped over and sighed, putting the test in her bag.

"Yes Ms. Haruna." Usagi turned to go.

"We're not done, Usagi," said her teacher, and the girl froze. The woman pulled out a binder. "You've been late to class before Usagi, but today really took the cake. I'm starting to notice a pattern."

"Please Ms. Haruna, today was an accident, honest! I had the worst morning ever! First I woke up late 'cause my alarm wasn't loud enough, then I put my shoes on wrong, then I ran into this hot guy while I was-"

"That's enough," cut in Ms. Haruna, and the blonde's mouth snapped shut. It was a miracle the loud teacher hadn't yelled at her yet, and she'd heard a hint of warning in her voice. "Now, I was looking through my attendance records, and I noticed a pattern, so I'd like to ask you a rather personal question." She fiddled with her glasses uncomfortably before looking her student in the eye. "Are you on your period at the moment?"

"What! No! Not for another two weeks," blurted out a bright red Usagi. Then she flushed even more red and buried her face in her hands, mortified.

"Dammit," said Ms. Haruna with a sigh. "There goes that idea." There were a few moments of awkward silence before Usagi finally peeked out from behind her hands, still flushing red.

"Um, what, why, I mean," she stuttered, before Ms. Haruna waved her closer.

"I saw what looked like a monthly pattern in your tardiness and thought that might be the case. Take a look. You have one week where you're late once, maybe, and often you're completely on time. Then there's a week where you arrive on time Monday and Tuesday, but will be late two of the other days, give or take. Following that is a week like this, where you are late anywhere from three days at best, to everyday at worst. Then there's a week where you'll be late two or three times in the first few days but not at the end. Then the pattern repeats."


"Tonaka ran a statistics test on it over lunch and came up with an 87% probability that it wasn't just random. I thought for certain—" she trailed off, no longer certain why they were having this conversation at all, and resolving to pretend it never happened. Then Ms. Haruna just shook her head and waved Usagi away in a clear dismissal. She zipped out the door, down the stairs, and outside to find—

"Naru-chan! Umino-kun!" she called out to her oldest friends who were standing by the gates. "You guys are the best friends ever to wait for me," she cried, pulling the orangette into a tight hug, which was happily returned. Umino just pouted that he didn't get the same treatment, and fidgeted with his coke-bottle glasses. "I think I've just had the worst day ever," said Usagi, "and I really need a milkshake to fix it."

"Let me just stop by the store for money, and we'll head to the Crown," said Naru, and the three of them headed off. What they found at the Osaka P Jewelry store wasn't money, however, but madness.

"Sales and Bargains, everything eighty percent off or more!" called Mrs. Osaka, standing on top of a display case. The floor was covered in women scrambling over one another to snap up the discount jewelry. It looked very much like feeding piranhas they had once seen in a movie.

"What is she thinking?" Naru wondered, slightly horrified. Images of bankruptcy were flowing through her head and churning in her gut. Something was wrong. "Usagi, I've got to talk to her," said Naru, and she dove into the crowd, the blonde loyally following. Umino, however, hung back, weighing the dangers of the estrogen frenzy against the company of his crush.

Usagi vs. losing limbs?

Usagi vs. getting mauled?

Usagi vs. risking castration?

Not even for Usagi, he decided, and waved a goodbye when she turned around to look back at him, before walking away faster than usual.

"Eighty percent off on regular merchandise, and special deals on our special stock. Discounts for everyone!" cried Naru's mother over the roar of the crowd. She jumped from one display case to another, putting her further away from the two girls she hadn't yet seen. Then, as Usagi was beginning to get distracted by all the jewels she had ever admired and couldn't afford, the last straw fell.

Mrs. Osaka plucked off her wedding ring and waved it over the crowd. "Forty karat diamond in pure gold. Who wants it?" she called. Naru blanched, and whirled around to grab Usagi by the shoulders, tearing her away from an alluring display of necklaces.

"Usagi. My mother has officially gone mad. She's auctioning her own wedding ring and I need to slap some sense into her." Usagi saw that her friend looked near tears and opened her mouth, but the redhead cut her off. "No, I need to handle this myself. Just go to the Crown without me and I'll tell you all the details tomorrow, if I haven't had a nervous breakdown."


"Don't try to help, just go." Naru shoved her friend out the door, something in her gut not wanting the blonde anywhere near this madness. Nothing good could come of it. The simple fact that she didn't see that many people holding jewelry, just people scrambling around, set off alarm bells.

"I—," Usagi began before she found herself talking to the store door, not having realized that Naru had been dragging her to the exit. She'd been preoccupied both by her friend and by all the pieces on display. She felt a tug of longing as her friend disappeared back into the crowd, and she felt her eyes pulled towards a cluster of bracelets in the window, but then her stomach growled and the moment was gone. She turned reluctantly away and headed toward the Crown arcade & malt shop several blocks away.

As she was about to turn the last corner, a horrible thought struck her. With as bad as today had been, had she forgotten her money too? She patted herself down and then began puling things out of her backpack hastily. Pencil, book, binder, pencil, folder, but not even a piece of spare change.

"Ouch! Watch where you throw things, I'm not a trashcan!" snapped an irate and familiar voice. She spun around to find the same guy from that morning. He appeared significantly more irate (wow, maybe she was learning something in school) and was rubbing his arm where her thrown folder had impacted it before spewing her papers on the ground. She rushed over to recollect her things and was about to start babbling apologies—again—when he picked up a particular paper and smirked.

"Oh, wow, a thirty? I guess if you're that stupid you really can't tell the difference between a person and a trash can. Here's a hint, one of them moves around and isn't made of metal," he quipped at her. That rather large and heavy straw proved to be the last, as Usagi's fraying temper snapped.

"Well you smell the same to me, JERK!" she shrieked as she snatched the paper out of his hand, only for a piece to tear off. They both just looked at it for a moment for Usagi grabbed her backpack and with a mighty "GYAAAAAHH!" swung it at him. He ducked, a strap broke, and it landed in the trashcan.

"Slam dunk, Odango Atama," he chuckled and walked away. Usagi just stood looking at the scene blankly, before a single thought passed through her head. And mom hasn't even seen my test yet. Then she broke into tears and let out an ear-splitting wail.

"WAAAAAAAAHHH! Today is the worst day EVVVVVEEERR!"

Far away, in a cave that was only a few months ago a magically sealed and concealed prison, the darkness was gathering. In the largest cavern rose a mountain of inhuman skeletons, atop which squatted a stone throne, in which perched a witch.

"What news?" asked Beryl, her voice echoing around the cavern and spawning whispers among the monsters crouched around the edges. Five human figures broke from the ranks of the inhuman and stood before the throne in a line. The red-haired witch's red eyes fell upon the one on her left. "Kunzite, how stand our forces?"

"Things are not well, your majesty. Danubrite's failure left us with less than one-hundred youma, and collapsed the gate to England." The white-haired warrior paused, awaiting her opinion, and continued when she did not react. "Following Nephrite's advice I succeeded in opening a new gate to a place called Tokyo, Japan, late yesterday."

"Where is this place?"

"It is near where Jadeite's family once held court, my queen. I have spent the time since then resting and amassing our remaining forces. However, our reserves of energy may be dangerously low, my queen." He bowed to signal the end of his report.


"My queen," began the effeminate blond next to Kunzite, "When the gate was opened I sent through a single youma, Felza, to scout out the terrain. And," he said with a slight leer, "to search out the location of the Ginzuisho you so desperately seek, your majesty."

"Your foresight is wise, Zoicite, but are your actions?" Queen Beryl narrowed her eyes. "If we are as weak as Kunzite claims, then we may be vulnerable to what spells Earth has in its armory. We know from that blasted bitch Sailor M that there is some magic in the world, since one senshi at least is active, and we do not know that these 'firearms' are not ineffective against our soldiers. I would rather not find out. How do I know you do not bring the world's armies down upon our heads?"

"I chose quite carefully, my queen," Zoicite said hastily, dropping into a panicked bow. "Felza has almost no skill in combat, but weaves compulsions to cloud the mind and blind good judgment. Furthermore, I used my own power to disguise her as a human, and disguises are my specialty. I received her report three hours past and she said that all was well, though there was yet no sign of the crystal."

"Good. Do you have anything worth reporting?" Beryl turned to the tall figure in the middle only to receive a mute shake of the head, signifying that there was nothing to report. She held her gaze on the former member of the Silver Millennium for a another moment before turning to the brunette on the center-right.

"Nephrite. What have you seen, and why did you advise the gate be move to this…Toko?" The man bowed.

"My queen, as soon our prison first unraveled mere months ago, I proceeded to the surface to confer with the stars. As per your orders I sought out the Ginzuisho, but my results were scattered, and uncertain. I do not know where the Ginzuisho is now, but I know that sometime within the next year it will be in Tokyo."

"Excellent," she purred. "Jadeite, I imagine you were busy building the gate. Have you anything else to report?" she inquired of the blond on the far right.

"No, my queen," he said quietly with a simple bow. "I simply opened the gate, and then shielded on the other side that we would not be discovered. I await only your orders to take action."

"I see," Beryl said neutrally. There was a moment of silence and the hum of her power rose to a buzz. "We need human life force to both awaken our great leader, Metaria, and to maintain our operations to conquer the planet. Until we become more powerful we cannot draw overt attention to ourselves. Understood?"

"Of course, your majesty," they all answered.

"Also, we need to seek out the Ginzuisho, which will make us invincible when it is in our grasp. I have come to a decision." She gestured, and a dark cloud flowed and entered Kunzite. He flinched, only to relax, surprised that he was unharmed.

"Kunzite, as we are low on energy, I shall grant you some of my own. Be honored. Go into the world and seek out the Ginzuisho. Gather energy and return it to me, but be cautious in doing so. We no longer have the overwhelming advantage from when we fought the white witch, and even I do not know how much power we will need to reawaken our great leader."

"Yes, my queen."

"Nephrite, return to the above and seek answers from the stars. And to gather energy from the humans, Jadeite…" She paused seeing that Zoicite had stepped forward, interrupting her.

"My queen, I apologize for my impertinence," he began, feeling her energy tighten in the atmosphere, "but I have already anticipated your request," he finished smugly, feeling the danger lessen. Jadeite scowled. "When Felza reported to me three hours ago, she had found a place where precious gems are sold, though the Ginzuisho was not among them. I gave her permission to drain energy from those who gathered there, and she should finish within the hour." Beryl smiled, showing far too many teeth.

As odd as it may seem, Usagi's fight and breakdown may have been the first good thing to happen to her. When she arrived home smelling of garbage with tear tracks on her face and a broken backpack, her mother was so shocked at the resulting tale of woe that she barely looked at Usagi's test before signing it and bundling her upstairs to bathe. Now she sat on her bed with the window open, reading her manga of the week and sipping a cup of cocoa.

Setting it down in the saucer, she turned her head toward a noise outside, and found a black cat perched on the sill. It had the same crescent as before, though it seemed to almost glow in the light from the fingernail shaped crescent-moon.

"Hey there, how'd you get up there?" Usagi said gently. "You know what, little kitty, I think you're the only good thing that's happened to me all day." She poured a little cocoa in the saucer and set it down. "Want some? It's milk, so you'll like it." She scratched the cat behind the ears as it lapped up the treat and smiled. The cat raised its head.

"Delicious," it said in a woman's voice, "and I could say the same about you. Only good thing that's happened this week." Usagi froze. Moving very slowly, she pinched herself on the arm. Then she drew in a deep breath. Oh no, thought the cat, and focused, her crescent glowing brighter.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! A cat talked! I'm going crazy!" Usagi tried to wail. She found, however that she wasn't making a sound. Finally running out of breath, she just stared at the cat, her blue eyes wide and afraid.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm a friend. My name is Luna," she said soothingly. "If I let you talk, will you promise not to scream?" Usagi mutely nodded. "Good," Luna said briskly, and her crescent stopped glowing. Usagi did what her mother did when upset, and took several deep breaths. It did not make her feel much better. Finally, the silence became too unbearable.

"You," said Usagi cautiously, "are a talking cat. A magical talking cat."

"Yes, I suppose. Actually, I'm a Mau."

"A mao?"

"A Mau. An alien species that greatly resembles the housecat, but smart. And some of us, like me, are magical."

"An alien magical cat? Alien. Magical. Cat. Are you an android like Nuku-Nuku, too?"


"Nothing... Man, I really am crazy," Usagi groaned forlornly.

"No you most certainly are not," said Luna, and then scoffed at Usagi's unchanged expression. "Do you truly believe you could think this up in your wildest dreams?" Luna asked archly.

"Okay," was the hesitant response. "If I'm not crazy then why are you here?"

"Tell me, Usagi, do you believe in magic? Or reincarnation, for that matter?"

"I…guess. I always thought it would be cool if magic were real. Lina Inverse is pretty cool, after all. I'm not sure about soul wheels or whatever it is, though."

"Here's the story," began Luna. "More than ten millennia ago, there was life on all of the planets, not just Earth."

"So Martians are real?" cut in Usagi.

"Yes, and so were Venusians, Jovians, Mercutians, all the way out to Plutons," snapped Luna. Then she recollected herself and preened a little taking great pleasure in dropping this next tidbit. "And so were Lunarians, who lived on the moon."

"The man on the moon is real?"

"Not like that!"

"Oh." Usagi motioned for her to continue.

"In fact, the Lunarians ruled almost all of the other planets, with only Earth having refused to enter the alliance."

"But they're not there now. What happened?" asked Usagi, now completely drawn in.

"Beryl happened," spat Luna. "She was a sorceress from earth who turned her fellow citizens into monsters and led an army against the Silver Millennium, wiping it out in a matter of days, before they were sealed away by Queen Serenity as she lay dying."

"Wait. If she could seal these guys away, why didn't she do that to start with? Instead of, you know, letting them run wild for a few days."

"Queen Serenity was the total ruler of the whole Silver Millennium, except Earth. The center of her power was the Ginzuisho, or the Imperial-"

"Silver crystal. I'm not a total idiot."

"Yes. Well, it was a powerful talisman that could accomplish almost anything. However, using it drained the life of the user, which is what killed her Majesty. She only did so when it became clear there could be no recovery; Metaria had smothered entire planets, the youma had covered almost everywhere and the senshi, as well as her daughter, had all died already." Luna saw that Usagi looked confused.

"If she died anyway, then why didn't she use it and die before anyone else did?"

"Because we were attacked by surprise! The Ginzuisho is a powerful artifact; she did not carry it around in her pocket to every ball or banquet! It took time for her to get to the crystal, and even longer to cast the extremely complicated and delicate spell that killed her, sealed the Dark Kingdom, and sent the Sailor Senshi, including you, to be reborn!"

"Oh. Sorry," she said meekly. There was a pause. "Um, who were the senshi again?"

"The Sailor Senshi were planetary warriors and champions of the realm: there was one for each planet. Queen Serenity knew that she couldn't completely kill Beryl's army, so she sealed them away, and magically sent the senshi's souls forward to be reincarnated at around the time the seal would break. I believe you to be one of the senshi."

"Okay... So, wouldn't I remember if I was re-icarated?" Usagi asked.

"Not immediately. Sailor M didn't remember when she was found, she's only been getting small flashes of memory back, and very sporadically." At Usagi's look she added, "That means every now and then."

"Ooooohh… Okay. Wait. Sailor M's a senshi? You know Sailor M! I'm like her biggest fan can youpleaseintroduceus?" she babbled quickly, only for Luna to hush her violently and stare at the door for a few moments.

"I don't think we've been heard, but don't be so loud."

"You were just yelling at me!"

"Hush! I'm sorry I yelled; you're right, I shouldn't have. And yes, I believe that you are a senshi like Sailor M, destined to fight the forces of darkness."

"Alright!" Usagi shouted, only to be violently hushed again, but still no one else in the house reacted. "How do I start?" Usagi asked.

"Touch my forehead." Usagi placed a finger on the crescent. Luna hummed for a moment, and then sprang into the air and did a flip, producing a brooch that fell into a surprised Usagi's hand. "That should be your transformation amulet. You use it to access your powers." Though I don't know why it's a brooch. Aren't they usually wands of some sort? Perhaps she was someone else: a member of the guard, or some form of nobility.


"Simply say whatever pops into your head, and you'll transform and be able to use your power. It should involve the word moon, or Lunaris, maybe." Usagi stared at it for long moments, standing up and pacing a little, before something occurred to her.

"Moon… Moon Power…" she rolled the words around in her mouth, and the something clicked. "Moon Power: Make Up!" she stated with certainty, and transformed.

The brooch burst into shining light as ribbons of power wove around the suddenly naked blonde. Then the ribbons coalesced into a uniform similar to the sailor-fuku that schoolgirls wore, with the brooch at the center of a bow on her chest. Some ribbons still flowed around her, though. Then two curled into round red gems on her hair, while another wrapped around her forehead, leaving behind a tiara. The others faded into nothingness, and Sailor Moon stood before a smiling Mau. I guess she was a senshi after all. Not one of the regular senshi, though.

"Wonderful," Luna purred, "I never imagined I would be this lucky. Sailor Moon right off the bat." Usagi however, simply stared at herself in the mirror. She swallowed.

"This…this is real, isn't it? I sort of thought I was dreaming, but…it's real."

"Yes it's real. I believe you are Sailor Moon, leader of the senshi. I never thought I'd find someone so powerful first. Now turn back so no one walks in on us." Usagi opened her mouth to ask how, but her gems buzzed for a moment, and she heard a gravelly voice.

"But I'm not your mother, dearie. She's taking a nap in the basement. Now be a good little insect and give up your energy for Queen Beryl." The response, however, chilled Usagi to the bone.

"What—Who—How—Somebody help me!"

"That's Naru!" she shrieked. "She's in trouble! They were talking about that queen berry person." Luna arched her back.

"Beryl! I never imagined they'd be moving this fast. Quick, follow that feeling and stop that youma!" Usagi raced out the window toward the Osaka-P with Luna taking only a moment to be-spell the door before following.

Naru was backed into a corner, shaking with terror. Everyone in the shop had collapsed and her mother had only laughed. Only it wasn't her mother, it was something else, and when she'd thrown a chair at it the twisted thing had batted it out of the air like a beach ball.

Oh god oh god oh god I'm going to die. Please let this be a dream, please please please let me wake up! She was too terrified to move, or even to speak, and she was preparing for the end, cringing away from the advancing figure, when the door burst open with a crash.

"Leave her alone! I'm Sailor Moon, and for hurting all these people, in the name of the moon, I'm going to punish you!" Exclaimed the figure loudly striking a dramatic pose. Wow. Where did I come up with that? Usagi wondered for a moment. The mother-monster laughed.

"Little girl," it purred, "don't play at being a senshi. If you run away now you might live a little longer. Otherwise you'll die at the hands of Felza." It turned back to the cornered redhead, only to whirl around at the sound of footsteps in time to catch a punch to the jaw. Felza flew back several feet, flipped over a counter, and crashed into the wall. That hurt, the youma realized, frightened. I can't rip her apart like a normal human; she could actually kill me! But…

"Sailor slut," it purred, standing on top of the counter, "You have earned yourself a slow and painful death. Let's see how well you fight them." It dropped the glamour completely and called on its powers… and roared. Usagi cringed back, unnerved by its twisted form: Felza still resembled a human, but its skin was a mottled purple and hung in wrinkly folds wherever there weren't pustules oozing green slime. Suddenly, she wasn't feeling so strong.

"I mustn't run away. I mustn't runaway. I mustn't run away," she repeated desperately, feeling no braver than one of her favorite characters.

Then the first person began to move. Then the second. Suddenly all the bodies in the store were stumbling towards her, clutching and pawing. Felza smiled, dripping yellow drool as it stalked slowly forwards.

"I mustn't run away! No! Stop it! Get off! Let go! Stop it stop itstopit! AAAAAAHHH!" Usagi shrieked and her hair-gems buzzed, sending out waves of power that dropped the bodies back to the ground and had Felza clutching its ears. Usagi stumbled back, panting heavily. "Luna, what do I do?" she shouted.

"Use your magic! You should have memories of some attack you can fight with! Just trust your feelings!"

"Right," Usagi muttered, steeling herself. Attack, attack, how do I stop that thing? Do I just punch it? Shouldn't I have a wand or something? Sailor M has her tags that she throws, do I… Unconsciously, she found herself touching her tiara, which seemed almost to hum. "Moon…Tiara…Magic!" she shouted, and cast the disk of energy that was once an adornment at Felza, still doubled over from the scream. Only luck and reflexes saved the youma's life, as raised its head just in time to see the toss, and rolled off the counter to dodge.

"I can't fight like this," Felza hissed." It knew that the attack could have killed it and there was no way to win this fight. It had already tapped into the gathered life force to animate the humans—no boost would be enough to fight what was apparently a real senshi. If she didn't want to hurt them before, then… Seeing the disc return to the senshi's hand, Felza whirled around and scrambled towards Naru, still huddled in the corner, aiming to take a human shield. The youma collapsed screaming halfway, however, as it seemingly sprouted roses from its knee, arm, and neck.

"True heroes shield others; to do the opposite is the height of cowardice. Such monsters deserve no mercy. Sailor Moon, attack it now!" called a previously unseen man from near the door. He wore a tuxedo and a top hat, with a party-style mask on his face.

"Moon Tiara Magic!" This time, the disk struck true, and the Youma burst into a pile of dust. "Thanks," Usagi said. "Who are you?" But the man had already vanished into the night. Usagi sighed and turned around to survey the store. "Well this is a mess," she said, and idly began picking up pieces of jewelry and returning them to the displays.

"No one died, and you won. That's good for your first time, even if that man is slightly worrying." Luna padded over to the blonde and with a slight glow, repaired the broken glass.

"U-Usagi? Is that you?" asked Naru in the corner, finally coming out of shock. The blonde froze, having thought her unconscious, and Luna's hair stood on end. The cat hissed at her charge to run.

"I-but-um-stay safe!" Usagi shouted before she bolted out the door. Her panicked run didn't end until she was across several streets, deep into the park, resting against a tree.

"She recognized me. Oh no, this is bad isn't it?"

"In the Silver Millennium the Senshi were respected members of the court; they had no need for secret identities. But now…we have no clue what Beryl is capable of, but clearly it's more than I thought. We should have had at least a week before Beryl's first attack. If the public discovers your identity, then she could as well, and could attack your family."

"But how do I hide who I am? This thing doesn't come with a mask like Sailor M's, does it?"

"I…I think I remember. It can. De-transform. Just touch the brooch on the bow." Usagi did so, and with a faint shimmer found herself back in her nightgown, holding her amulet."

"Aah! I'm half naked! Luna, how am I going to get home like this? My parents are going to flip!"

"One thing at a time. Now transform again, and focus on your need for a disguise. The magic should provide." Usagi did so, and as the ribbons of power re-formed her fuku, one twirled down around her face to form a silver party mask.

"Hey, this is like what Sailor M wears."

"Yes," agreed Luna, "after all, you both are senshi. The magic in that mask will disguise you unless you purposefully reveal your identity."

"Alright! Now how do I get home?" Luna sweat-dropped.

"You got to the attack by jumping out the windows and across the roofs. Just go back and climb back in. I glamoured the door so no one would think to check on you.

"Alright then! That's what I'll do!" Usagi began walking toward the park exit. Luna padded after.

"Excuse me, I find this is somewhat embarrassing, but I have to ask," said Luna. "What is your name? You never mentioned."

"Oops. Usagi. Tsukino Usagi."

"And I am Luna, survivor of the silver Millennium, and among the last of the Mau." And together they walked into the future.