Harry Potter and the Unraveling Plan

Pairings to include: Harry/Bill – Ginny/Blaise Zabini – Ron/Hermione - George/Angelina -Neville/Luna - Maeve/Charlie

Molly Weasley and Dumbledore make plans. Molly is tired of having to struggle so knowing when the boy-who-lived was supposed to start school she meets with Dumbledore. They make plans and arrangements that will better things for her family and it doesn't hurt that it keeps him under Dumbledore's thumb at the same time. Molly is arrogant and power hungry – since their first year she's plotted and planned out her youngest children's lives.


Hermione Granger, a 6th year student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was leaning back against the headboard of her boyfriend Ronald Weasley's bed a large book laid across her abdomen whining, "I don't see why you have to bond with that, that… girl!" Her face was screwed up into a grimace of disgust.

Ron looked over at the girl he loved a sneer making his somewhat handsome face rather ugly, "We've been over this Mione. Mom has the contract all arranged and it won't affect us at all. I bond with her and for a couple weeks I can only be with her but after that you and I can do whatever we want. That's how she had the contract written. The bitches money and titles will be mine and I still get to be with you in a legal and recognized consortia bond while she can't have anyone else. That way if she does happen to get pregnant we'll know right away that it's mine. It's the same way with Ginny and Harry you know. The contract bonds them together and for two weeks she has to only make out with him but after that she can do who ever she wants while Harry can't touch anyone else or he'll lose his magic and everything."

Her face flushing a deep unbecoming shade of red she grabs his worn shirt and pulls his face down towards hers, "I don't share Ron. I've never been good at it and I don't plan to start now. You're mine! How did you Mom manage to plan all this out anyhow? Didn't their guardians have a say in the how the contracts were written especially with them so biased in your favor?"

Ron crowed, "That's the brilliance! Both of them are orphans and Dumbledore managed to get control of them somehow or another through the Wizengamot. I doubt it was very legal at the time but he did it and he and Mom drew up the contracts. They aren't important people Mione not to him. They have their parts to play but when it's all over the important people who'll rebuild this world to what it should be are people like us Weasley's so he arranged for their riches to be ours no matter how they end up. I mean if it all goes according to his plan both of them will die in the end anyhow and since we'll be bonded it'll all be ours.

Unbeknownst to the two in the room the two in the hallway listening finally figured out how their so called friends really felt about them. Harry putting his mouth against her ear whispered furtively "Orchard! Ten minutes!"

When she nodded he separated from her, moved further back down the hall then tromped on the floor heavily heading towards the room, he schooled his face blank as he stepped through the door, "Ah… my eyes my eyes… can you two not do that in the room we're sharing! Come on already." He stomped over to his trunk which he'd already had to spell to open at his touch only because they kept rifling through it and taking his things; digging through his books he pulls out one on Ancient Civilizations before closing his trunk and locking it.

When Harry had turned his back to them Hermione decided they'd better find out what he was planning on doing, after all that's what Dumbledore paid them to do. Keep track of Harry Potter, his thoughts and actions and report them back. In her I know better than you voice she demands, "Where are you going Harry? Have you finished your summer homework? You know grades are important and you shouldn't just wait to the last minute to get those things done."

Sneering at her bossy attitude, "Hermione instead of haranguing me about something I told you I finished a week ago why not work with Ron who hasn't cracked a book since the last school bell rang. OR better yet how about minding your own business. I know what my grades are likely to be and I know what I need to get for the career I'm interested in. Now, I'm going to read in the orchard where it's quiet and peaceful in case anyone goes looking for me."

An offended looking crossing her face, "Well! See if I offer to help you again Harry Potter. When you're grades plummet from the sorry work you do you'll regret pissing me of!"

None of them saw the flesh covered string hanging near the top of the window or saw it move up and out of sight as they just stared at Harry open mouthed and stunned because he never ever stood up for himself before like he did now. He turned back looking at them lying on the bed in disdain, "If I need your halfhearted attempts at helping me to get good grades then I don't want nor would I deserve them. Do us all a favor Hermione get over yourself. You aren't perfect and your help isn't always helpful. Now if you'll excuse me I've some reading to do." He turns and stomps out the door before moving quietly down the stairs and out the door making sure Mrs. Weasley didn't see him leave.

Maeve still shaking from their discovery. She wondered sometimes why she became friends with them, the only one even half way likable was Harry. The only good thing she could think of that had happened besides being Harry's friend was her friendship with the older Weasley boys. She'd started writing with them after the original correspondence about Hagrid's dragon and it just grew from there. They'd continued writing even exchanging gifts and thoughts and ideas ever since. But Molly's attitude had swung from motherly to domineering bitch like crazy. You just never knew how she was going to act from moment to moment and this revelation well it explained so many things about the inconsistencies of their treatment here, but left her feeling hallow all the same. Stepping into what use to be Percy's room she moved over to her trunk, using her magic and blood to open it she pulled out a muggle notebook and pen as well as a book on Ancient and Lost Species then she slipped out of the house unseen to the orchard where she was supposed to meet Harry.

The two young men wrapped the string from their latest invention extendible ears up slipping them into a hidden pocket in their jeans.

Fred looked at his twin his eyes showing shock but little surprise at their unwitting discovery, "Where does Mom keep important papers and contracts? Would it be here in the house you think or in the family vault?

George thought for a minute, "There's a couple places here in the house where she keeps important papers we can check there first but considering how bad these contracts are she may have them in the vault at Gringotts and the only one besides her and Dad that have access to it is Bill so we're going to have to tell him and probably Charlie what we heard. Well we should tell them anyhow they might be able to help and I know they wouldn't have anything to do with her schemes."

"Agreed then we'll get them alone when they get home and explain everything we heard and hopefully they can do something to stop them."

(notes: Alternate Universe, some OOC to be expected as the story is set up)