Harry Potter and the Unraveling Plan Ch2


They'd stayed in the orchard talking over what they'd heard and looking for a way to get their hands on the contracts so they could find a way out of them or around them. Not knowing Molly Weasley very well they couldn't figure where she might hide the contracts or put them for safe keeping and both being naïve and trusting figure that they'd most likely be in Gringotts in her Vault. They made it back to the Burrow just in time to help set the tables for supper. Chores were not something either of them really minded doing, after all it was just helping your elders out as they did for the family. Ron and Ginny on the other hand whined and moaned about having to do anything and could easily be heard constantly wishing for house elves to make their life easier.

Bill came in late from his job at Gringotts Bank. He'd moved back from Egypt taking a promotion to work inside the bank doing warding and curse breaking, he had to admit to himself he really wished he hadn't done it. Field work might be hard and dirty but it was a lot more fulfilling to him than sitting in an office. But his Mom had begged him to come home when the war heated up so he talked to his superiors. They offered him this opportunity which was really rare and he should be honored, well he was but he missed field work. He was ready to beg to go back into the field when Voldemort found a ritual that got him a body. That was a ritual he was interested in hearing about because any ritual can be undone if you work hard enough at understanding it. His hours had lengthened a lot in the last year it didn't really matter if they denigrated Harry or not some people were worried others could read the signs and that meant new and updated wards to protect family homes. So here he is coming in from work at midnight after a full day of warding to a dark house to sleep in the same room he grew up in.

George had been waiting for Bill to get home, he knew he'd have the answers if he only knew about the situation so he'd waited up long after everyone else in the house went to bed. He'd made a point to drug Ginny so she wouldn't attempt to bed hop again something she'd taken to trying over and over ever since Harry had come to stay with them.

Bill saw him as soon as he turned away from the stove with the plate his mother had left warming for him, "George, what are you still doing up at this hour?"

George looked at his big brother, "I, Fred and I overheard something today Bill, something awful… I waited up to talk to you about it. I hope you can fix it if not … if not I don't know if I can remain a Weasley."

Nearly dropping his plate from the serious tone his jokester brother was using and his total seriousness, "Not be a Weasley… George start talking now!"

"Put up silencing charms and wards Bill," looks over his shoulder to the darkened hall, "you never know who could be listening."

After putting up some serious silence charms, wards and even proximity alarms Bill looks back at George, steps over to his Dad's cupboard and pulls out the bottle marked bleach, getting two glasses he pours a good measure into each glass hands one to George, "Ok start talking!"

Shaking his head in wonder at his brother, "I always wondered why Dad kept a bottle of cleaner up there just never got curious enough to check it out." He takes a large gulp of the whiskey then starts, "Fred and I were trying out a pair of our new inventions, which work really well by the way when we overheard Ron and Hermione talking and what we heard was awful Bill just awful. Did you know that Mom has two contracts set up well her and Dumbledore do anyhow; One for Ron, to bond with Maeve which would be ok if he was interested in her at all but he's not and it's not a balanced contract either! Ron was telling Hermione that once he was bonded he only had to be true to it for two weeks then they could be together in a legal consortia bond and poor Maeve would lose everything if she tried to find happiness anywhere else but even worse than that is she's supposed to die fighting HIM with Harry so they don't even have to worry about it for long. The bond is just to get her money and titles to hell with her and her feelings and Mom is behind it Bill, she and Dumbledore planned it all out. It's pretty much the same for Harry too except instead he's bonded to Ginny who is doing nothing lately but dressing and acting like a total whore. Theirs is just as unbalanced, Ron even said that if Harry was to touch someone else after bonding he'd lose his magic and his life while Ginny can slut around with anyone after the two week period. I think their contract must say something about her being pregnant because she's been brewing love potions and rubbing all up on Harry every chance she gets. Fred even caught her trying to slip into Harry's bed the other morning. You've got to help us Bill."

Shaking his head and wanting to disbelieve everything George had said but knowing it actually gave answers to a few things he'd only caught bits and pieces of. He looked seriously at his brother, "We need to actually see the contracts George without knowing exactly what they say there is nothing we can do to break them. Does Harry or Maeve know about them?"

"We think from what we heard right after their momentous discussion that Harry might have overheard them too because he was cold as ice and told Hermione off for her constantly harping on homework and grades. He was pissed, his voice was rock hard when he told her that if his grades were only because of her he didn't want them anyhow and spent the rest of the day reading out in the orchard. Maeve didn't talk all night, about anything not even in response to direct questions and when I looked in the room where she's sleeping everything is packed up I don't know if she intends to make a break for it or not. I really couldn't blame her if she does though, she doesn't know that she's still got friends here, friends that will try to stop this from happening if possible." When Bill gave him that look that clearly asked why you didn't try to talk to her he added, "We knew we had to talk to you before anything. Charlie is due back tonight too and I'm going to let you tell him about this. Fred and I spent the afternoon checking the attic for the contract in all the places that Mom usually keeps important papers and didn't find anything."

"That means it's more than likely in the vault at Gringotts then. I'll go in early and take a good long look through the family vault to see if I can find it. Use your new toys subtly and try to hear any conversations she may have with Dumbledore but be really careful I know he's not above oblivating information out of people's heads even allies." Checking his watch and seeing that it's a little after 2am, "Go ahead to bed George I'll wait up for Charlie and fill him in. I'm sure between the four of us we'll fix this mess one way or another.

George finished up the whiskey washed the glass out then went on upstairs to join his twin in their room all the while trying to think of any other places his mom could have hidden that contract and feel asleep to be chased through his dreams by large pieces of parchment that sold others into virtual slavery for their wealth and position in society.

Charlie Weasley second oldest of the Weasley children just in from the Dragon Reserve in Romania was dead dog tired. He'd worked a long day with a very angry dragon settling him just in time to start the apparations home it took three, two of them very long ones and one short. He was ready to just fall into bed after arriving at the Burrow so wasn't expecting to find anyone waiting up for him. After hearing the full tale from Bill he was ready to grab the two victims and just make a run for it. The contracts hadn't been put into play yet they could pre-empt them and make them invalid that way just by taking and bonding the two themselves.

Shaking his head at his brother's impetuous and very Gryffindorish plan, "We can't do that Charlie what if it just changes the Who of the contract, but nothing else about the contract. So it's not Ron she's bonded to, but you, me, Fred or even George but everything else stays the same. She'll still come out the loser and Harry - let's not even go there. No, we need to see the entire contract so we can rewrite it to something that's fair and makes all parties involved happy."