Konichiwa my readers! I absolutely love the pairing Morby! (Mordecai x Rigby) So, these are a series of OneShots based on words! There going to be all fluff, no sexual scenes or ANYTHING. So, don't get your hopes up.
Italics - flashbacks or to put emphasis on words.
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Lots of love and Morby,

First word: Forgiveness

Rigby's hands tremble up to touch the taller male's porcelain skin, their eyes meet, sending fireworks down each of their spines. Once Rigby's hand is rested itself on Mordecai's cheek, both men move in and share a sweet kiss.

That was before.
This is now.

Hot tears streaming down Rigby's face as raindrops hit him like icicles.
He couldn't go back to the house, not after what he had done.

Mordecai came in, with quite a big grin on his face.
"Hey dude wanna watch a movie together?" Mordecai suggested as he sat on the sofa next to Rigby. Rigby had his arms crossed and quite a stern look on his face.
"No, I'm fine, why don't you just go back to talking to Maaargaret." Rigby sneered, emphasising Margaret's name.
"What is your problem!?" Rigby turned and unfolded his arms.
"You! Always talking to Margaret and you never pay attention to me when your on the phone with her!"
"Well, I used to have a big crush on her, dude!" Mordecai said and Rigby scoffed.
"I thought I was your boyfriend!"
Hesitation. That just about did it for Rigby.
You'll never guessed what he did, Rigby brought his hand up and punched him. In the face.
"Ah! Dude! What the hell was that for!?" The taller male yelled, his hand over his eye. Rigby was stunned, he looked down at his hands, they weren't his hands. He would never hurt Mordecai, ever. He felt guilty, pained, selfish weak..
"...I'm sorry..." Rigby whispered quickly and he ran out.

He ran until he could run no further, which wasn't very far as the park was quite big. He sat on a bench, uncaring of how soaked he was, how much his teeth were chattering. His bangs were flat, sticking to his face and he was shaking violently. He couldn't let himself go back, in fear he might hurt his lover again.

"Rigby! Rigby!" Mordecai shouted, umbrella saving him from being pelted by raindrops. He had already forgave his boyfriend about his violent action earlier, but, he just needed to tell him.
Mordecai was also wearing a huge dark blue overcoat.
"Rigby! Rig-" he stopped when he saw a figure sitting on a bench, looking really innocent. As he got closer, he could see more and more of the person's clothes and facial features.
He recognised that striped jumper anywhere.
"...Rigby." he said softly and he put his hand on Rigby's shoulder, the smaller male, being unaware of his presence, jumped slighty, looking up at the taller man.
"M-M-Mordecai?" The soaked man said through chattering teeth. Mordecai cupped his cheek, wiping away his tears as they uncontrollably fell down.
"I forgive you..." Mordecai whispered. He took his coat off and wrapped it around Rigby's shoulders. Mordecai sat on the bench next to Rigby and pulled him in for an embrace, the umbrella above them, protecting the duo from the rain.
The smaller male whimpered and Mordecai shushed him gently, his embrace only getting tighter.
"Let's get you out of this rain...your freezing." Mordecai said softly and before Rigby could protest, the taller male was already carrying him, bridal style.
Rigby clutched Mordecai's shirt and let out a few sobs but Mordecai held him closer and shushed him.
"Hush love, it's okay.." he soothed. He knew Rigby felt awful about punching him earlier, but, he hoped they could sort this little ordeal out.

Two hot showers and a pair of dry clothes later, they both were sitting on their bed, heads against the headboard. The two hadn't really spoke since they got home. Mordecai sighed and decided to be the one to break the unbearable silence.
"Rigby..." he put his hand over Rigbys. The smaller male was unmoving, his head down, not daring to look up.
"I'm so-"
"Mordecai! You don't have to apologize...I was the one who gave you that black eye..." Rigby's voice drifted off, tears pricking his eyes.
"But, I was the one who was talking to Margaret...I really regret it too." Mordecai confessed and Rigby looked up, confusion was obvious in his eyes.
"Rigby, I now realise, after...you know, all this. I..." He gently put his hands on either side of Rigby's face.
"...I love you..." the taller male whispered and a single glittering tear rolled down Rigby's face.
"...Mordecai.. y-you...finally said it..."
"I mean it though, I love you...so much." They both smiled at eachother and thin arms snaked around the taller man's waist.
Mordecai gasped when he felt something wet move down his cheek. He gulped and his eyes went wide.
Rigby was shocked, he'd never seen Mordecai cry before, only when he was drunk, which was very rare.
"Mordecai..you're..." he wiped Mordecai's tear away with his fingertips and hugged him.
The taller male also blushed, he blushed.
"I love you too!"

Forgiveness, a easy word, yet sometimes so hard to express.

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