Dear Agony (songfic)

Seventh Word: Change

Rigby sat, almost lifeless, on the bed, his back against the wall, looking out the window. Slowly inhaling and exhaling, tears rolling down cheeks and making their way into his mouth, thickly swallowing every now and again.
Why did life have to be like this?
Why did people hate him?
Why did he have to act different just to fit in?
He would ask himself these questions everyday, no answers were received.
It wasn't his relationship, God no, it was everything besides that. People would treat him with no respect most of the time because his skin was a tone darker than everyone else's or because of his height.
He was getting sick of it. He had heard every insult in the book. He even tried to listen to music to help drown out his negative thoughts.
He told Mordecai, and he was understanding, holding him when he wept, keeping him safe and secure in his arms. Mordecai was out for the time being, leaving Rigby alone, leaving him to slowly die inside.
He gulped and started to sing to wash his troubles away.
"Dear agony... Just let go of me... Suffer slowly... Is this the way it's gotta be?..." his voice was dry and choked on tears making his voice thick and unrecognizable.
"Dear agony..." he closed his eyes, letting the tears slowly drip of his eyelashes and onto the bed sheets. What was he missing? He made some strangle noises, before he started softly sobbing.
"Don't bury me... Faceless enemy..." he continued to sing through his tears.
"I'm so sorry... Is the way it's gotta be? Dear Agony..." sobbing, he brought his knees to his chest.
"I feel nothing anymore..." Those lyrics described exactly how he felt.
Mordecai came into the room silently, instantly noticing Rigby. He walked over to Rigby, sitting down and lifting him into his lap. Soft sobs escaping from the small male's mouth, Mordecai held him tight against his chest and hushed him gently.
Mordecai felt sorry for his boyfriend, he did anything he could to make everything better.
"Shh.. we'll get through this dude, no matter what it takes..." Mordecai whispered, stroking his brown hair.
"Mordecai...why do people have to be so mean?" Rigby whispered.
"I don't know Rigby, I don't know..." he responded weakly.
The unpleasant sound of Rigby wailing made Mordecai realize:
Nothing will change.
It never will.

Change doesn't always happen in the world.

..that was dramatic...
Sorry if this wasn't very good. It is a AU-kinda fanfic.