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"The best gift god give me, life taught me to fight for what it's mine"(Charlie Brown Jr - Lutar pelo que é meu - Fight for what it's mine)

Catherine had a tough day, not only she kept her mind thinking about Vincent, but the case she had worked today had got the best of her. The only things she wanted that night was a shower and a bed, but at she got into her apartment and heard the noises, those weren't something she would get that night. As she picked her keys to open the door, she recognized the voices, Heather and…

"Vincent?" she asked as she walked through the door; confused…worried. What the hell was he doing there?

"Hi, Cat!" Heather greeted her "Why don't you go take a shower, food will be ready in twenty minutes.

Catherine alternated her gaze to Heather to Vincent; He was sitting on her sofa, with a bouquet of flowers. He was trying to get the courage to say something; anything, but he couldn't find his voice. 'Come, on Keller, you are a killing machine and you cannot say hi to a girl?' he thought. But that wasn't just a girl, it was the girl he loved and been ass, he had hurt.

"These are for you" he said giving her the flowers "Heather invited me for dinner!"

"He told me everything, Cat. I'm so sorry I was pushing you to talk about it." Heather said stopping in front of her sister, who was still in the same position since she arrived, standing in the middle of the room.

"You and me… outside, now!" Catherine said to Vincent, dropping the flowers in her kitchen counter.

Heather looked at him worried and Vincent said "Give us just a second, ok?"

Vincent followed her to the roof top, "What the hell were you thinking? This is bad, really bad. I told how worried I was about her safety and then you decide just show up for dinner? How did she get your number anyway?"

Vincent put his hand on his pockets; well he thought right, she was pissed.

"Actually I was the one that called her!" he said with a guilty face "Let me tell you everything."

Catherine thought that nothing Vincent could do would surprise her anymore, but man, she was wrong. She crossed her arms on his chest "I'm waiting!"

"Ok, yesterday before I came here to talk to you, I…I was at the warehouse and I was hoping you would call me, invite me for dinner…I waited all morning and when I realized you wouldn't call I decided that I had to do something to earn your trust back."

"You are going behind my back, bringing my sister for all this mess. You have a great way to try to earn my trust back, Vincent."

Vincent gave step forward "Please, let me explain."

Catherine was furious, trying to control her anger, so she just nodded.

"I had your sister's number, so I decided to call."


"Hello!" a girl answered.

Vincent cleared his throat "Hello, Heather? It's Vincent Zalanski."

Vincent heard a noise, Heather had just fallen? "Heather? He asked worried "Are you all right?"

"Sorry…" she replied "I just…you really caught me off guard, my sister said…"

"I know what Catherine said, that I didn't exist or that I was some random guy she met at a bar…Am I right?"

"You are Mr. Complicated guy, the ass that went back to his ex?"

Vincent stopped; his image to Catherine's sister wasn't any good. "Yeah, that's me."

Heather turned into her protective sister mode "What do you want? You hurt my sister, so you better have a great explanation for your call or I will be hang up now."

"Wait!" he almost screamed "Please give me a chance to explain everything to you, I know I don't deserve, but…" he took a deep breath "I love your sister, I always have…since I first time saw her."

"So, why did you go back to your ex?" Heather asked a little touched by his confession.

Vincent took a deep breath "Because I'm a complete idiot who was afraid of the incredibly intense feelings he has for your sister."

"Uou!" Heather exclaimed "I really don't know what to say."

"Listen, what I felt for your sister, it never went away, not even when I was with my ex. Your sister is the most amazing woman I've ever met and to tell the truth, I don't deserve her, she can do so much better than me, but for some reason, she still has feelings for me and I want her in my life… More than that, I need her in my life."

"So, why did you call me, why aren't you saying those things to her?"

"She doesn't believe it. She doesn't trust me, anymore."

Heather laughed "Catherine always been stubborn, but this time can you blame her?

"No, of course not, I just… I just need a little help. I heard that you wanted to meet me and I want to ask if that dinner you suggested is still up."

"Why a dinner with me would make things easier for you?"

"Can we talk about this in personal?"

"Ok, let's do this. Tomorrow night, I will make a dinner for the three of us. Catherine probably won't be home before eight, so you can come over at seven, is that ok?"

"Perfect!" he smiled "But can you make this our secret, if you tell Tess or Catherine herself, she won't be coming home, period."

"Things are that bad?"

Vincent sighed "You have no idea"

"Ok, tomorrow at seven, don't be late, ok?"

"I won't. And Heather, Thank you!"

"Thank me after I decide if I should shoot you or not"

Vincent laughed and hung up

Vincent told Catherine almost everything; he kept the part he told Heather about how intense his feelings were. He wanted to tell her so badly, but he needed the right time.

Catherine looked at him impatiently "What the hell you told her about yourself?"

Vincent looked at her in the eyes "I told her I'm a witness of something really bad and that's why I can't be seen in public. Oh and by the way, your sister has some photos of the two of us dancing in the wedding."

"What?" Catherine was shocked

"Don't worry, she is not posting that on Facebook, I explained that to her.

"What are you doing here, Vincent?" she asked really tired, not just her body, but her soul was tired…tired to fight her feelings for Vincent, tired to feel like a second choice…tired to be miserable.

"I know how much your sister means to you. For one night you wouldn't have to keep so many secrets, we would've had that months ago if I hadn't start to black out...I just wanted to give that you."

Catherine took a deep breath remembering that night. "Its not fair to you be Vincent Zalaski forever"

Vincent smiled she still was concerned about him, it was a good thing, right? "I told you i can handle be Vincent Zalaski, forever. Look, if you want me to go, I'll go. If you can't stand look at me anymore, if you can't find in your heart a way to forgive me, then I promise that I'll go and I will never bother you again. No matter how miserable I will be. Especially because I know I brought this hell for us and I will have to live with the consequences."

Catherine was going to say something, but he stopped her, holding her hands "But if think you can, if there is the slightest possibility that someday you can forgive me, that someday you can trust me again, please…I'm begging you, please, lets go to your apartment, have dinner with your sister and enjoy a moment to just… be."

Vincent had tears in his eyes; she had never seen him like that. What she was supposed to do? She loved him? Of course she does. She can forgive him…that's was the one million dollar question. The truth is… she missed him.

Catherine didn't say anything at first, just made her way toward the stairs, when she was about to leave the roof top she called him "Are you coming or not?"

Vincent went to hell to heaven in seconds, she didn't need to call him a second time, because as fast as he could he was at her side.

They walked side by side to her apartment, Vincent couldn't hold his smile, his hopes had come back and he saw a light that maybe tonight Catherine and him would give a step forward together.

"I'm going to take a shower, you and Heather can continue your talking behind my back" Vincent was about to defend himself, when he saw Catherine smiling...she passed through her sister and messed in her hair.

"Hey, it took an half an hour to let them like this."

"You deserved!" Catherine screamed from her bedroom.

When Heather heard Catherine turning the shower on she sat beside him "So, how it was?"

"Actually better than I expected, she accepted have dinner with us, and she smiled at you. So, it's a good sign, isn't it? Vincent asked almost desperately, he needed to know he wasn't misinterpreting everything.

"Relax!" Heather smiled "It's a great sign"

Vincent let it out the breath he didn't even know he was holding "Thank god!"

They stood in silence for a few seconds, Vincent struggling whether or not ask Heather something."

"Spill it out, Vincent. What do you want to know?" Heather said with a smile.

"It's just…who is Jason?"

Heather was shocked "Did…did Catherine told you about him?"

"Sort of…" he shrugged "I only know he was her boyfriend."

"Are you…Are you jealous?"

Vincent laughed "Yeah, I am."

Heather laughed "Good, now you know how she felt!"

"I can guarantee she didn't feel half what I'm feeling. Believe I have a lot of competition…especially at her job."

"Oh, you mean, Evan? He really likes her, right? I could see the day he saved her at the road."

"I can't say I blame the guy, your sister is amazing. Any guy would be luck to have her in his life."

"Apparently you are that guy."

"I really hope so"

"So, this dinner is ready or not?" Catherine said making her appearance on the kitchen.

"Actually, you too will have to have dinner without me Darius just called and I totally forgot we were going to the movies so…if you excuse me…I have to go"

Heather went to her room and minutes later she came with her purse. "You guys have fun, and I'm so sorry Vincent we can talk later ok?" And when Catherine turned to face Vincent he saw Heather murmuring to him "Good luck!"

"That's Heather Chandler for you!" Catherine made a sign with her hands "I don't know what you did, she just become your new fan"

"I was just honest" he said coming closer to her "Look if this makes you uncomfortable I can…"

"No!" she said "I can guarantee the place Heather asked for food is a good one"

When he was about to ask how she knew, she continued "Detective, remember? Oh and she is my sister, Heather doesn't know how to boil water.

They laughed and for the first time in weeks Vincent felt her walls going down.

They were talking about everything but themselves, movies, foods, Heather…But Vincent wasn't complaining he could spend the rest of his like this, just watching her…listen to her.

"Can I ask you something?" Catherine said when they were sit on the living room.

"Anything!" he said with a smiled staring her beautiful eyes.

"Why did you risk so much? Heather could be talking about you for Darius and for everyone."

"First of all, it's not a risk. I kind of explain things to Heather; she won't be talking about me to everyone. Second, I would do anything for the woman I love.

Catherine looked at him in shock did he…did he just said he loved her.

"I love you Catherine Chandler I always have, I was just too scary about this feeling. Since that night I saved you in the woods. I kept saying to me that the reason I continued to look out for you was just because it felt good know that my beast part had saved someone, that I was useful. But the truth is since that night my heart belongs to you and I know you don't believe it now…I will spend the rest of my life making up to you, because I love you…

Catherine stared at him, looking for any signs of doubts, any sign of lies but all she could find was a reflection of her own, a reflection of all the feelings she had for him.

He came a little closer to her in the couch taking her hands "I will wait for you…I will wait for your forgiveness, I just want you to know that as longs as you let me I will be here with you and for you"

"Vincent I…"she didn't finish that sentence because Vincent silenced her with a kiss. It fely too soon for the both of then when Vincent pulled a part, he stared at her eyes, looking for something... anything that would still give him hope.

Catherine caressed his cheek and Vincent closed his eyes just seconds after he heard "I love you too, Vincent"

He opened his eyes immediately tears falling for on his cheeks "I'm so in love you" he said kissing her again.

They stayed like for a while just enjoying each other's company, it felt good not having to sneak around anymore. At least not into her apartment… IT wasn't easy open herself again, like Nathan Scott said in One Tree Hill 'It's hard to get back into the ring, especially with the one who knocked you out in the first place." But Catherine was willing to try. She could see Vincent was wanted to ask something, but wasn't sure about what she was going to say.

"So, what's on your mind?"

"Are you sure you and your sister don't have super powers or something?" he laughed and continued "It's…I just want to know about that Jason guy. Why you never mentioned him?"

"You are not letting that go, are you?"

"No" he said and smiled kissing her lips.

Catherine took a deep breath "Jason was a nice guy, you know. I really believed back then he was the one for me. We've met at our junior year and it was so natural, like we could finish each other lines, although we were very opposites, we get along pretty easy. He was my first one, you know."

That's for sure was something Vincent didn't expect, and if he didn't hate the guy before, now for sure. "We actually would live together at Princeton, my father of course almost had a heart attack, but we didn't care…we were so happy to be together. Anyway, I was working at that bar on my vacation to save some money to my books, although my father could've paid everything, I wanted to do that myself, but you know what happened."

"Your mother died and you dropped law school to police academy" Vincent said the obvious.

"He was in love for a different Catherine Chandler, I was a wreck at that time, I pushed everyone away…I don't know I guess I hoped back then, that he wasn't give up on me... If I tell you the truth I can't blame him. It must not be easy to love someone and just see that person disappear in front of your eyes."

"Have you…have you seen him after you two broke up?"

"Once or twice, last time I heard he was at Africa, helping people with political asylum" Catherine shrugged "He was a good person."

"Thank you for telling me all of this…I guess I was just worried that you still loved him. Especially since, I haven't been so clear about my feelings for you."

"I guess we both have to get better on that, right?" Catherine asked putting her head on his shoulder.

"We will make this work, as long as we are together, we can come over anything."

"Do you really believe that?" she looked at him.

"If you can forgive me for being an ass, I promise you, I won't ever let you down again."

"You know, I can see now, how you won my sister."

He stared at her "And how's that?"

"You fought for me" she smiled and kissed him.

"Sometimes people play hard-to-get because they need to know the other person's feelings are real." (One Tree Hill)

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