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Chapter 1: Suspicions

"Aren't Ichigo and Rukia acting weird again?" Tatsuki asked.

"When aren't they? I mean, Ichigo will be his normal self, and then suddenly start acting like a womanizer, and Rukia will just be drawing bunnies and singing to herself. It happens quite frequently." Asano replied.

"I am starting to think something is up. What do you think Orihime?"

"Oh... I uh..." The girl, caught off guard, struggled to come up with an explanation, "They must not be getting enough sleep."

"I'm not so sure about that..."

What do I do? Tatsuki is my best friend! I can't keep this from her forever! Luckily Orihime was saved from her worries by the school bell. The teacher walked to the front of the room to make an announcement. "Class this is our new transfer student from America. He will be in class 2, but we wanted him to meet everyone first since he has not lived in Japan before." The class shifted its gaze to the new American student. " Go ahead and introduce yourself."

The boy was tall and skinny. His uniform jacket was slung across his shoulder and he brushed his hand through his shaggy brown hair. He took one look at the students with his piercing blue eyes and simply said "Kururu."

"What kind of idiotic name is THAT?"Kon said laughing. "That has got to be the worst name on the planet. Man, I feel sorry for you being stuck with a ridiculous name like that."

Kururu narrowed his eyes and said, " You got a problem with my name buddy?" He shot Kon a glare that shut him up. Those are the eyes of a crazy person. Man, I sure am glad he is in class two.

"Well, why don't you move on to the next class," the teacher said nervously. The tension vanished as quickly as it came. "Of course, see ya' later," he said. Something isn't right about that guy and that girl drawing acts like a little kid. Man, I need to get more information about those two.

"Ichigo, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT!?" Tatsuki yelled punching him in the stomach.

"Ow...What the hell is your problem woman!? You don't go hitting people for no reason!"

"You better stop acting like this or I will kick your ass so hard you'll have a second pair of shoulders!"

Man, if looks could kill, I would be a pile of ashes.

"I like bunnies," Rukia said cheerfuly.


"Is it me, or are the hollows getting even easier to kill. I didn't even break a sweat," the orange-haired substitute shinigami said.

"Well, you are at a captain level. These small fry could even be taken down by an academy student," his partner replied. "We should probably return to class now."

The two merged with there bodies and slipped the soul candies in their pockets. Ichigo was suprised to be met by an extremely pissed Tatsuki. " ICHIGO DO YOU GET IT!?"

"... Oi, get ahold of yourself. I won't do it again" Whatever it is. Tatsuki blinked in shock at her friend's shift into his usual personality. Something is wrong, and I will find out what.

After getting the rundown of the morning's events from Asano, Ichigo decided he needed to check out this "Kururu" for himself.
He walked to class two during lunch and spotted him. Kururu walked over and sneered "What do you want? Coming back to insult me more?"

"... I didn't mean it so just let it go already." Kururu noted Ichigo's change in personality. This is too weird, he is definitely not normal. At that moment a strange alarm went off and Ichigo left in a rush saying something about having "business to take care of." Kururu, not buying his pathetic attempt to escape trailed Ichigo, just in time to see him swallow a small green pill and... leave his body. What the hell is going on!? That guy... is he dead? Ichigo's body slumped to the groung. Kururu approached, and then Ichigo stood up. "Man, twice in one day! Ichigo is really pushing it"

"Who are you?"

"... You talking to me , I'm Ichigo Kurosa- hey wait a minute, you're that guy from before."

"Yes, and I saw everything" Kon gulped as Kururu said, "Looks like you have some explaining to do."

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