- Hanataro POV -

I'm on my way to visit Tatsuki at the squad 11 barracks. Normally, I would keep at least a ten-mile radius separating me from squad 11's barracks, but upon his return to the soul society, that was no longer an issue. I'm actually considered an unofficial member of squad 11. I really needed to thank Tatsuki...

- 3 days ago -

"Hey, look! It's the squad 4 runt! I've craved some weakling to fight!" I panicked as I saw three members from the notorious squad 11 heading towards me.

"Shit, I really don't want to deal with this on my first day back..." I brace myself, expecting a hard blow. What I felt was more like a sharp poke. "What? Is that all? They must be holding back."

"Hey! We're not holding back! I'm gonna teach you a lesson for that smart remark you runt!" He unsheathed his zanpacto and charged at me. The others blocked any exits, determined to see me sliced into bits. I sigh, knowing I have to fight back now.

His attack is so obvious and I easily dodge and counter with a strike to the guy's chest. He flew back six feet and hit the wall with a sickening crack.

"W-what the hell man? How... When... We thought you were weak! Let's get out of here before he kills us all! The two ran away, while the other remained unconscious. I guess I underestimated my strength.

"Did I really do that? ... Looks like things are going to be different from now on!" Now to go see the once fearsome squad 11!

- Present -

As I neared the entrance to the squad 11 barracks, Ikkaku grabbed me in a headlock.

"Hey runt! Good to see ya! I'm guessing your here to see our warrior princess?"I grinned and flipped Ikaku on his back.

"Of course! Did you straighten out those three from a few days ago?" Ikkaku sneered.

"Those damn noobs... Tarnishing the squad 11 name! Tatsuki, myself, and a few others roughed 'em up. You shouldn't have any other issues." He stood up and pat my head. "You're getting better. That's the first time your counter was somewhat effective!"

"Hey!" I turned around and see Tatsuki running towards him. "Ikkaku! I told you already! Hanataro is not your pet!"

He grinned and pushed me over to her. " Don't stay out too late, lovebirds." He laughed and went to find someone to fight.

I smile at her and grab her hand. I love her so much, but don't know how to tell her...

- Kururu POV -

I think I am adjusting well to his new squad. After finally making amends with Hitsuguya, my captain and I have became pretty close. Hitsuguya admired my loyalty and determination. I respected my captain's power. I also learned not to underestimate anyone.

"Ku, I have our next assignment!" The orange haired, and very developed, female vice-captain Matsumotto and I have become partners in crime. Ever since we set up Hitsuguya and Momo, we have played match-maker.

"Who is it this time?" She grinned knowingly. I have a feeling this project is going to be a fun one.

"You know these two quite well. Hanataro and Tatsuki, the Romeo and Juliet of the Soul Society!" I grinned. They are called Romeo and Juliet because squads 4 and 11 despise each other. Forbidden love is the best kind!

"Let's move." We creep out, ready to make some sparks fly! I spot the two walking on the outskirts of the Soul Society. I signal to Matsumotto and we put our plan into action. We leap down and Matsumotto starts running towards them. I follow behind yelling for her to stop. Everything is moving smoothly.

- Tatsuki POV -

The first thing I did when I came to my new squad was show them their places. Almost all of them were convinced I couldn't possibly be stronger than them because I was just a girl. I cleared that misconception up in a matter of minutes. When Zaraki arrived, he found the barracks looking like a nuclear war zone with half the members bowing down to me. "sorry, I felt the need to show them how I run."

"Yay! She beat them all!" Yachiru clung to me, proclaiming me as her new big sister. Zaraki just flashed the creepy smile he gets after a particularly bloody battle. I took it as a sign of approval.

The others gave me the title "warrior princess" claiming that no one else "had such beauty and grace in the way she brutally slaughters her unfortunate victims." Meh, I guess it works. We also have adopted Hanataro as an unofficial member. Ikkaku considers him a pet of some sort, or a little brother in a way. I think it's funny seeing him become so attached to Hanataro.

The best thing is being able to see Hanataro when I want. Our squads have some... hostility to one another, but we pay them no mind. I heard a rumor that we are considered Romeo and Juliet. The person I heard say that is still in the hospital muttering about "the demonic warrior princess."

"Hanataro, it's so good to see you again." I look up at him, realizing that he is finally taller than I am. I blush slightly and grip his hand.

"I always long to see you." He smiles at me. I stop, my heart pounding. I know I love him, but I am too nervous to make a move. Imagine, me the fearless "warrior princess" afraid of telling the guy she loves how she feels.

I notice shouts and turn around. Matsumotto from squad 10 runs by with Kururu right behind her. As Kururu runs by, he "accidentally" bumped into from behind pushing me into Hanataro...

...Right into his face. My lips meet his and we share a kiss. My eyes widen in surprise and I pull away. "I'm sorry... I didn't... I mean he... Ku... I don't know."

"I know what to do." He smiles and pulls me in again. As our lips touch again, all awkwardness is gone. The passion and feelings I have I express in this electric moment. I feel the sparks fly as I bring him closer. I feel a connection that that makes my heart soar. If this is love, then I love him! We finally break our embrace and we both smile, red blushed donning our cheeks. I feel like a bird, ready to fly away at any moment. My soul feels feather-light. My thoughts are interrupted by a few very familiar voices.

"Well, it's about time! We were placing bets on when you two lovebirds would finally hook-up!" Ikkaku turns to Yumichica. "Ha! You owe me $20!"

Yumichica sighs and hands over the money. "Love truly is a beautiful thing."

"Kenny! Are they gonna get married and make babies now?" Of course Yachiru would ask that. Zaraki just laughed in his creepy way.

"What the- When did this happen?!" Ichigo, ever oblivious is here. Oh sure, invite the block why don't you.

"Shiro-chan! I told you this would happen!" Momo smiled as Hitsuguya nodded to her.

"Rukia! how did you know?" Rukia just gave a confidant smile and collected money from Renji.

"Even Pineapple is here! What do you say we do now 'Tsuki?" I grin and pull him close.

"They came for a show, so let's give them one." We embrace once again and the world around us fades away. It's just Hanataro and me together. It's all that matters to me now. We separate again and smile .I choose to ignore Kururu and Matsumotto slapping a high-five and the various cat-calls from the others.

I'll let it go, just this once.

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