Chapter 7: A Sliver of Hope

Herobrine gained consciousness, feeling the soft wool beneath him. He lay there for a couple seconds remembering what had happened. He had been mining when, he found out about his X-Ray! Then he had mined countless diamonds, he couldn't remember how many. Then he had heard that ominous hiss behind him, like a snake. He dimly wondered if there were snakes in the overworld. He gave a grunt opening his eyes and was immediately blinded by the light of a glowstone lamp shining into his eyes. He quickly snapped his eyes shut and looked to the side before opening them again. His eyes adjusted gradually to the intensity of the light and he realized that he was in Contego's house. He propped himself up on his elbows and thats when someone shouted,

"Hes awake!" the cry came from right next to Herobrine the sound piercing his eardrums. Herobrine winced and turned to see Gigti bouncing excitedly up and down next to him. Herobrine groaned.

"How long was I out?" He asked. Gigti turned somber.

"Five days" he said in a resigned voice as if he was reluctant to tell Herobrine. Herobrine groaned. He had been unconscious for five whole days! What about the Withers!? At that point Notch raced into the room.

"Herobrine!" he called delighted.

"I'm so sorry, I should've listened I-" Herobrine began,

"Dude! We got all those diamonds you collected! How did you ever get so many!?" Notch exclaimed. Herobrine felt relief wash over him. They had the diamonds! He began to tell Notch excitedly about his power when Contego and Rectorum strode in.

"Lets leave the chitchat for later" Rectorum said, "now that Herobrine is awake, we can begin our council." Herobrine frowned,

"What council?" Herobrine asked, confused.

"We are holding a war council as since we have found a way to fight the withers. Although, it will be very dangerous."

"I like the fighting Withers part. The dangerous part, not so much" Herobrine said.

"Well, its the only way to fight them" Contego said.

"Well, lets get on with it then" Herobrine said with a sigh, glancing at Notch who looked as uncomfortable as he did.

Rectorum cleared his throat and began to talk, "It will be a long journey, first we shall need to collect diamonds, which we already have done. We also need to mine obsidian to create an enchantment table and we must create a four beacons, although that comes later. We need to brew two potions of healing, to do this we need nether wart, glistening melon, and glowstone dust. We also need two Wither heads. Finally, we need to find the four tallest points in Minecraftia and create beacons on top of pyramids made of diamond blocks, gold blocks, iron blocks and emerald blocks." After saying this, Rectorum was visibly breathing hard, as if he had run several miles.

"And...what will this all achieve?" Herobrine asked his mind brimming with questions.

"We will put the potions of healing in the diamond block beacon and the iron beacon. The two wither heads will go into the iron and emerald beacons." Rectorum said as if that cleared everything up, "We will need to split into groups to accomplish the tasks in a shorter amount of time."

"Wait, but how will this defeat the wither?" Notch asked, voicing out loud the question Herobrine had been thinking. Rectorum smiled,

"The splash potions of healing damage the undead, the wither skulls so that the withers will be targeted. The beacons spread the potion all over minecraftia, combined with the other beacons power it will eliminate the withers. The beacons must be at the tallest points of minecraftia so that the signal does not get disrupted by higher places. Fortunately, I know where the tallest points in minecraftia are, they're quite famous actually."

"Great, so we'll have to deal with tourists" Herobrine said.

"I'm sure we'll find a solution" Contego said, "however, we must now split into groups to complete all the objectives as fast as possible. The withers will not wait, they are currently destroying towns all over minecraftia and we need to stop them as soon as possible."

Rectorum nodded, "Herobrine and I shall collect the obsidian, create the potions and collect the wither heads. Notch and Contego shall create the pyramids and the beacons and we shall meet at the diamond pyramid located." They all agreed and and started to prepare themselves for the journey. They collected food, and crafted armor and finally the joined up at Contego's dining table for one last discussion before making themselves on their journey.

"The four tallest points are, a tree in the Somatotropic Jungle, a desert temple in the Dototow Desert, the peak of the Altaque mountain, and at the snow covered peaks in the Ayalamih Mountains" Recotrum said pointing at different parts on a map.

"Whats with all the weird names?" Notch asked.

"Since the places are a popular tourist attraction, they want the places to sound exotic" Rectorum said.

After a couple of last words, the two groups said farewell, wondering wether they would ever see each other again, hoping desperately that everything would turn out well in the end. As Rectorum and Herobrine descended into the cave to find Obsidian, the prophecy's words echoed in his head, one of them shall die. Herobrine shivered, got out his pick, and started looking for obsidian.