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enough of the chit-chat soldier get back in position!

the "home planet" as he used to call it back in the other dimension where the alien empire had nearly destroyed all the human race under their false deities It was also a different dimension that this "earth" was in it was also the earth that held the key to man kinds captain james stared at the view port of his flag ship the purge and thought about how he'd he get the subjects if the lab staff wouldn't give up the location of the last known area they had seen the subjects hopefully they would give up the location with out a hitch but it always some how went into a blood bath once talking went to screaming then guns being pulled out and waved around in front of some faces. james thought was interrupted by a short man that had a regular (Military hair cut usually almost shaved is the best I can describe it) almost eager eyes that seemed to try and pierce into the him for more information on their assignment."Yes crew man what have you got on the board about our objectives " asked captain james as he watched the young looking intelligence officer squirm under his gaze "Sir we found out that the names of the objectives we seek are Blu and Jewel both being a mated pair to each other and have 3 children what their genders are we have no idea yet sir here is the sum of everything we found out since our last check point worthy of reporting to you" said the intelligence officer still squirming under the intense gaze of the captain while giving him the data pad with all their current findings on the subject for the cross breed/training bio field experiment that was supposedly proven to work on the spartan 2 project that created the legendary Spartans that where killed on reach defending the planet to the best of their abilities to make a safe travel for the pillar autumn that went missing years ago but apparently survived to a point due to the fact that onboard the ship right then was the legendary spartan 117 or master chief as most people called with that done he briskly walked out of the captains presence and back to his station on the bridge.

AS captain james stood there observing all the info he had on the data pad he stopped and stared at one thing in particular,children they had children the subjects as the captain stared at the fact he had a vision of a planet a /distant planet burning as he watched humans and covanent alike fighting for their survival in a bloody battle with saws going off along with the constant patter of bullet casings bouncing on the ground with more loud blast going off as a close by tank takes a shot at a rather large group of covenant troops with it in a big burst of flame as the recently shooter got shot down and blew all the troops around it to smitherins along with a covenant elite that strayed way to close for comfort. Captain james saw himself a young naval man whos ship had gotten shot down over 49 minutes ago was trying to survive and was hopeing that a pelican would drop out of the sky and pick him up but was at a loss as he saw a dead family a young boy and his mother on the ground reaching for what looked like the father of the family.

Sorry if I scared you guys back there but it'll problaly be the worst part of this story jsut to let you know I warn you next time but war is not a glorius battle is the moral here

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