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Based on a youtube video. I got permission from oOMathiildeOo to publish this. Her video, "Eleven&Rose (AU) / Fake Trailer", is fantastic! I seriously recommend watching it, but of course you don't have to if you are anti-youtube or something.

This is AU, obviously, and features Eleven/Rose, Eleven/River, and Amy/Rory. There will be language (nothing you wouldn't see on network television), violence, and possible sexual suggestions (though brief and still rated T).

Most importantly, the Doctor is married to River, and all of season 5 has happened, but not season 6. More on that later.

Disclaimer (for all chapters after this as well): I do not own Doctor Who or anything related. I am not the BBC.

An Enemy's Hope


The only way to describe this sensation was like drowning. It was as if the floodgates had been torn down and now the waters of the sea were crashing over her. Darkness covered her, smothering her, asphyxiating her. Heading pounding, ears ringing-surely this was the most painful way to go.

Even sound seemed muffled and movement slow and restrained. Time dragged heavy and slow as the darkness pulled her down deeper into the blackness. Her throat grew sore, like she was screaming, even though she didn't know if she actually was. Wispy tendrils of weight grasped at her feet, keeping her from rising to the surface where clean and clear air waited for her. What she wouldn't give for her lungs to be filled with air right now and not this choking sensation.

The light shining in her eyes was so bright that it seemed to shroud her in darkness. Her mind kept telling her to close her eyes, but her body didn't agree. Neither did her captors. The light filled her body, and the darkness grew deeper and thicker. It grew harder to breathe, harder to think. Even if she could control her situation, she wasn't sure what she would do to stop this.

Where was she again? The suffocation kept her mind from organizing her thoughts and memories. How did she get here? Who was she? Even her own identity fled from her like the so-called friends she had. (But was that possible? Could friends really abandon her? Did she even have friends? She couldn't remember.)

She lost all feeling in her body and felt like she was floating in the heavy darkness, but at the same time was drowning in the deepest trench in the darkest sea. If this was Purgatory, she wished she had paid more attention to what Heaven would be like.

The waters became too much, and she lost consciousness, falling into the dark with no chance of escape.