Alright, I have a new story to share and to write! I hope this strikes out some of your interests since this will a different turn for once.

Warning: Grammar, cuss, mpreg, slashes (or yaoi), slight violence

I may add on more warning, but I think I covered it.


Winter was turning brutal and storms kept getting worse. The temperature reached below ten degrees and people were still going to places. There was not much out of place other than ghosts lurking around to strengthen their obsession and powers. They were simply lucky that they were not caught by the town hero or they would have had been kicked back into the ghost zone.

At Fenton home, that's where the ghost portal held and no one other than the hero knew how to use the portal. The Fenton parents went out to go shopping for food and the older sister is at work until late night. The portal is still open freely, but only a few ghosts would test to see if they're capable of sneaking into the 'real' world.

The raven hair boy was waking up from his deep sleep and he stretched in bed. He could not tell the air was freezing and he doesn't care. He slipped out of bed, yawned his head off, and checked for his hair intact. He faced the mirror and saw himself as a sleepy morning person. He grabbed a toothbrush and began to take care of himself. He was about to bend down and could not move more than a few inches like he normally does.

The blue eyes blinked and glanced down…when or where did he get a fat stomach?

He spit into the sink and finished brushing his teeth. He kept staring at his stomach…he knew it wasn't there yesterday. He took off his shirt and noted that it wasn't unshaped stomach fat. It was slightly round and smooth. His hands traced the stomach and strange feeling what revealing.

"Wh…wher-huh?" He poked his stomach and noticed the hardened of his stomach.

The young halfa knew that fat stomach wasn't thick and stretched or hard. He could not understand what was going on. He walked out to his bedroom and in the corner of his eyes, seeing something white. He jerked his head and walked up to the window. He saw the whole town being snowed and he stammered to the weather.

"What happened to fall?" Danny scratched his head, trying to recall the weather news' prediction.

He knew they weren't that terrible to predict the weather, so he kept pondering a few ideas of the weather. He knew this couldn't be a dream since he can feel everything. It couldn't be Vortex attacking or he would have been awakened sooner than this. Then again, it wouldn't have explained this unusual stomach.

He decided to change clothes and checked his stomach…He pulled out a pair of pants and noticed it.

"Since when do I have stretch band pants?" He tried to see if he has any normal ones, but none of them has non-stretchable ones.

He sighed and gave up. He grabbed a pair of pants and placed them onto him. He headed downstairs and noted no one was home. He swore today everyone was off for the holiday of Labor Day. He walked up to the refrigerator and saw the calendar completely different since it wasn't the typical September's fall tree pictures. His eye squinted at the calendars and suddenly enlarged his eyes!

He snatched the calendar off the refrigerator, "What the hell?" His head shook, "Since when is it December second, two thousands-nine? Why isn't it September fifth, two-thousands-eight?" His blue eyes kept rereading the calendar and found himself rather confused.

He does not even remember what happened…or understand what was going on. Did Clockwork skipped time or he accidentally stepped into the time portal? However, he does not recalled the whole weird stomach part.

"What's going on here? Is this a joke?" Danny dropped it on the counter and looked for others, but no one was home.

He was turning hungrier than usual and decided to help himself to eat something. He never felt this hungry before, though.

He grabbed a box of cereal – wait, didn't he have Fruit Loops just yesterday? Why does he have Cheerios? He shrugged and decided to have something to eat. He gathered the bowl-

Ding Dong Dong!

Danny sighed and figured his friends were visiting him or someone wants to sell their girl scout cookies. He headed to the door and answered it. He immediately found himself disturbed at the visitor. This man came in happily, wrapped his arms around Danny, and kissed him quickly on the lips.

-Vlad's Point Of View-

Christmas is just around the corner and my plans for my lover will be the upmost lovely holiday for the first time. I was rather pleased to see how far things has changed over time and definitely could not wait for the special day to come. I knew I promised Daniel for a breakfast date he has been wanting for the past two weeks and I told him I was going to pick him up in the morning as of today.

I arrived with red roses and ready to see my beautiful man. I rang the doorbell, like he would want me to do, and he answered. I came in, hugged him, and gave him a morning kiss. Daniel suddenly pulled away with a strange look, yet, he quickly put on a smile. His crystal blue eyes drifted to the roses I bought and I grinned.

"Your red roses, Daniel." I handed it to him.

He accepted them slowly, which was odd, and he put them in the kitchen with a vase. He hasn't spoken a word and was taking slow. I frowned, this could not be good at all.

"Daniel? Did I do something to upset you, badger dear?" He's the type to never come forward unless I ask him to open up.

His head shook, "N-no."

He lied to me. I took it as a hint that there was something wrong. I blinked and thought it may have been his discomfort to his back.

"Daniel, there is no shame with being in back pain. After all, you are carrying our baby." I said happily, hoping he would say something honestly.

He stopped putting water into the vase and allowed the water running. Something has startled his attention and stared at something below him. This wasn't usually like him and it was obvious that something had happened. What could I do to get him to be open up again?

There's a plan to attempt and I came up to him behind him. My hands on his shoulders and slowly massaging-

He grabbed my hands and jerked me away with his unlimited strength. My body was slammed onto the wall, but the pain ached horrendously. I shook my head and glanced up at Daniel. He never has done this before…well, not in a long time that was. He bored at me with those frightful eyes and has not once he sees that in me before.

"Daniel!" I struggled to get back onto my feet, "Did I upset you? What did I do wrong?" I frowned, clearly…this wasn't normal.

He had his guards up, "Get out, you fruitloop!" His hands formed the energy bolt at his commands.

Unfortunately, there was something wrong and I might have done something to truly mess up this time. It was beyond me on why he acted strangely. My hands held up to show him my surrender, despite of the fact he does not seem to believe me, and did not attempt to move from my location.

"Let's talk. Is it too late to take you out to our breakfast date?" I thought that might remind him.

Perhaps this was one of the reasons why he did not wish to move in with me, he may get aggressive in the morning and I doubt he would risk harming our child. His crystal blue eyes read me slowly and treated me as if I was his enemy again.

"Get out, fruitloop, or I'll make you." His ecto ray brightened up to precede his warnings.

My head shook, "I'm afraid you know we should talk. Come on, badger dear, you can trust me with everything."

He scowled at me as if he doubts me. I knew I had spoken to him before he had dinner with his family last night, he was the first one to hang up on the phone, and he wasn't upset towards our conversation. There wasn't anything going on with my latest companies or my political business. Therefore, something happened during the night that might have gotten himself upset. Madeline and Jack were aware of Daniel's hybrid being since he was seventeen years old and he is nineteen years old now.

"You're sick, Vlad. Get the hell out now!" He demanded.

Sick? He hasn't called me that since-

This isn't the Daniel I have known for almost a year. I suspected this wasn't my Daniel and possibly a ghost imitating him, may not be aware of our social status, and it can be possible. However, I could not help it and sensed that this was Daniel.

"Daniel, we are not enemies anymore. We made the truce fourteen months ago, you do remember that, right? How we did our truce?"

His ectoblast slowly faded away and he frowned, "I-I…don't remember anything." He admitted, truthfully for once.

I blinked and stared at him. He does not remember anything? I surely hoped he did not lose all those memories and mentally biting my tongue to find out a little more.

"What do you remember?" My brow rose.

He looked up at me, even though he's six foot, I am a few inches taller than him, "September fourth, two thousands-eight."

"A month before we made a truce." This could not possibly be good, "Oh, Daniel," I covered my mouth and rushed over to him to hug him, "I should have said something sooner, but I thought I have messed up again."

He pouted at him, "Messed up again?" He wasn't hugging me back, "What the hell is going on here? Why are you acting so…lovey dovey around me? I thought we hate each other's gut the last time I checked? Why is it snowing? Is Vortex on the loose again? Did you bring him back here again?"

My badger was unaware that he lost his memories for a year and three months. He only remembers before we began to take parts of each other's lives. If he does not recall, I was afraid that I would have to bring my Daniel back.

"You are my boyfriend, Daniel. We have been dating for nearly ten months now and about four months ago, we found out you're pregnant within three weeks. After we made the truce, we worked on good terms with each other and found it to be happy for each other. It is December second, Daniel, it's winter. Vortex is in good hands with Clockwork, as you have told me and as well threatened me you'd have me locked up with the others." I tried to answer him well.

The stress could not be well for the baby, nor for my lover, and decided to lure him to the living room. He needed to eat and he followed along with lost in his thoughts. There were no reasons to blame him for confusion or questionings since it was natural. My power provided a coat onto him, although, he does not feel much of temperature and his mother would have a fit he doesn't follow the same society behavior. Although, I am quite surprised Jack placed the puzzles pieces together that I am the first hybrid. Daniel did not have to say much when he told them and they came on their own.

For now, I drove Daniel and me to the restaurant. He stared at his stomach and I realized this might have shocked him the most. I was afraid I have lost the one I feel in love with. Someone who was happy, stubborn, caring, loving, and full of surprises was the person I knew. Typically, he would be talking about the baby and be quite optimistic of his pregnancy.

"…if you are lying about any of this you tell me when I get my memories back, you will not ever see me again." He whispered to me.

Well…at least he is the boy I knew for so long and I hated to be out of his life. Actually, to lose him permanently and I had to be honest at the upmost of myself.

"I wouldn't do that to you, Daniel. I care about you too much and I will be honest. Hopefully, you will be able to restore your memories back soon." I smiled, being considerate of my faith being tested.

He nodded and kept quiet during the entire ride. His hands struggled to restrain himself from feeling the baby bump. Perhaps I should tell him the good things that have come across and figure out what made him lose his memories. If he was out fighting ghosts and damaged his head, he would have stayed awake and come to me to heal him…even if we're fast healers.

If it was not that, then what could it possibly be this time? Would it be one of those mysterious memory losses? For now, I had to see if I could help him recall and possibly slow down. A kiss or a hug might be too startling for someone who's seeing me as an archenemy, not a boyfriend.

I will be writing in Vlad's POV through out the story for a change, but I will change it from time to time if I feel it's best for the story's flow.

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