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The long emerald curve sofa was comfortable to sit down and easier to face each other. The fireplace lit up when it senses me within the room. This room is a perfect place to relax for anything, even if my familiar Daniel hasn't gotten into the room before other than our first date. It represent a home like, similar to the cabin's living room and the only thing lacking is the animal pelts and the Green Bay symbolic around here. In fact, this held more of books and beautiful jewelries. This room is one of the many rooms I had forbidden guests. They do not know the values I possessed here and I worked hard to obtain most of them here. As in the past, Daniel is the only person who comes here the most and allowed in here. There were one time I had tried to get him to read a book, but he was too much in the alert to fight ghosts whenever his core went off.

This Daniel was fascinated to the fact how comfortable the room is and much relaxed in his state. It was a rare sight to see him calm, even during his pregnancy. There were times I worried for him and the baby.

"So, where would you like to begin, Daniel?" I figured my start would not comfort him much.

His blue eyes observed the room a little closely, yet, this should have had be easily recognized since he had the memory back of our first date. It had progress well, I may gather everything back by tomorrow if this keeps up.

"Let's start with my parents. What improvements have I made with them? The lab, training, and inventions. Last time I checked, we were working on this device to separate us Halfa to ghosts." He said, still not finished checking the living room.

Does he admire this room to his liking? Daniel rarely confesses openly unless he felt it was necessary. It is such a big deal to him, especially this requires his trust and others' as well. I remember I had to get him to trust me and it was not a pleasant moment, I would have to admit. However, I learned little by little about him that he would open up to me. His friends and his family hardly fathom his hindering past. All I gathered was something about never to cheat or face the consequences. He truly hasn't explained to me before, but I doubt he'd let in due to his memory blocked and once they returned, he might forgive me.

Therefore, I feared to lose him over something I should not take pride in to know. This is Daniel and his mind is trapped behind him. Here I am, trying to solve the riddle case.

I nodded, "They managed to succeed that after inventing a Hybrid shield, where only yours and my ghost half can come through without power suppressing. The ghosts wouldn't be able to escape or break in lightly. Your father had figured out the solution and gotten their specialized radar to work now." I smiled, "Your mother and your friend, Samantha, had worked together on your training. They have succeeded to keep you on your guards no matter when, managed to increase your listening and sight power, and you were about to develop telekinesis ability." I sheepishly smiled, "We had to stop since it would drain the baby and you out so easily, so you are on hold with training. The lab hasn't changed other the mess. Your mother advised you to avoid any blue glowing."

His attention turned to me finally when I began to mention the Hybrid shield. He was impressed from the looks of it. I would not blame him otherwise, his parents have put in so much effort for him, and it took a long time for him to adapt. Apparently, Maddie tends to be overbearing for a mother, especially when her own son can heal within a matter of seconds. There were times she had called me to come over to help her son and heal him this instantly. I would have to ask her where the damage is, how bad it is, and how long ago had happened. If it were a deep cut wounds, I would come over immediately and help him. Other than that, if it is a scratch cut or bruises, I knew he would be fine.

Sometimes, Daniel would go invisible and waits until he is heal. His mother took it as a sign of, 'I wish to be alone right now, don't bother me until I am visible' sort of a thing. She would accept that, unless she had heard what happened. She would snap at her son and he wouldn't be able to avoid it too long. Maddie is able to pick up little ideas of how invisible works. She can feel him and somehow becomes invisible to see it personally for herself. I must solve how her human ability allowed her to become invisible without a ghost's doing.

"Okay, so it took them a long time to get those two inventions going?" I nodded, "Alright. So, I'm not too clueless. What about Sam and Tucker? Who're they dating? Any plans they have going on? Did something happen that seems important to know?"

My, my. He was full of questions today and personally, I did not blame him. He would be too curious for his own good. Despite of his questions, I was not sure how this might turn out for him for one of his friends.

"Ah, Samantha has been…quite involved, I should say. She has been organizing your training and she adjusts your schedule lately as well as her own. She is taking over her grandfather's business of the deli toothpick company and took it by the time she's eighteen." I knew he wouldn't remember because she's a few months younger than him. He's August baby and she's January baby.

He nodded, "I kind of expected that. What happened that day…if I ever mentioned at all to you."

I chuckled, "My badger dear, you had enough with her being angry at her parents and spoke your mind once and for all. You told her that they were not going to change her and she has already done that for herself, not them. They simply wish to see her doing something normal in a routine other than 'dark' stuff she has petrified them into thinking she wishes to be a witch. It took her a week to grasp what you have told her and finally, she accepted her inheritance and began her relationship with her parents peacefully."

My badger's eyes widened with a hint of ghostly glow. It doesn't usually comes out neon green glow, but a blue glow. It depends on his mood and like right now, he's displaying shock-ness and his Cryokinesis would follow by that. His emotions were full of it today.

"So, is she seeing anybody? I swear, she's a lesbian or she's secretly dating Tucker behind my back." He shrugged.

Here I was dealing with a boy is freshly thinking of eighteen years and a month old. He should be nineteen years and four months old by now, the one I have known! Why couldn't that blasted ghost erase his memory of within an hour? Then again, my lover might have attempted to stop him and may have disrupted the powers at work.

"No, she hasn't found anyone who struck her interests and rather busier with her own schedule. She should be back from London tomorrow morning." I shrugged, "I might have missed the update from last night, you would normally call if you had found out."

Daniel nodded, "So…she isn't dating Tucker?"

My brow rose, "No, she isn't. Your friend is dating someone else."

His jaw dropped, "Who? How long? Have I met her? Does she know my secret? Does she accept his technology obsession?" He was far too eager for his best friend to know everything.

Some things do not change and that is his personality. This moment has caused me to giggle inwardly, wishing to hug him, and seeing him so…wild up. My head shook and reminded myself that he would not be comfortable if I had attempted to do anything with him. To regain his trust would be slow, but less troublesome.

"About the same amount of time as us. Yes, you have already met her and she does know your secret. I don't see her having an issue with his unusual obsession." His blue eyes widened bigger than I could have ever seen. Was he this excited to find out someone who is serious for his best friend?

He hummed curiously, "Well? What's her name? I take it she has met the fruitloop, she does know your secret too…right?" His raven head peered closer to check my behavior.

This has frightened me a bit for his reaction and somehow, I wasn't too sure how to respond appropriately without overly protective brother mode with him. There was no way I could tell him straightforward to the answer he desperately seek. I had to solve this naturally without causing problems. For the plans to come up in the matter of my mind was not simple as one thinks.

"Yes, she has met me and she is completely aware of my secret very much." I mentally gulped and prepared to answer him, especially his glares intensified as it burns on me, "The lovely young lady is-" How it felt like moronic game show, "-Jasmine."

He was rather stricken with the thoughts of his sister. He hasn't spoken a word and sat right there. His eyes no longer stared at me or glared at me. It had turned softly emptied, how I could wish to romance him out of that world, and I knew better that this would bit me in the return. The fear had riled up inside me, too worried for him and myself, and regretted almost to speak of his sister. He adores his sister and he goes to the far length to protect her at his best effort. His protection is more than phenomenal I could have imagined and there were times could be most unexplainable action to witness.

Slowly, his eyes dripped down quickly once and he fought to stay awake. Poor little badger, he does not realize his need for nap was need right now to preserved energy he needs for the day. He was fighting this, but unaware of why his body is ready to collapse to dreamland. After the third times his eyelids dropped, his body leaned down towards the couch, and he was allowing his body to win. I snatched the blanket from behind me and settled it down onto him. I grabbed the couch's pillow and placed it under his beautiful dark hair. My fingers brushed his hair out of his face and he would not stir at all in his sleep. I found that he is a deep sleeper and only his core can wake him up. That and his sister would be able to wake him up as she served justified her duty for her little brother. The bond between the two was something else.

Daniel had never told me what his last thoughts were in the portal, before he became a halfa, and had wondered if his powers and ability live was for his sister. However, that is based on my theories. Daniel simply refused to tell me the big secrets. I was willing to share mine, but he chose not to hear them right now. He said when he felt he is ready, we would be able to open up. His sister came up to me after this argument and he went to his bedroom, she told me to give him time and that he would come around eventually. It has been five months ago when she told me that. A month before his confession to his undying love…a month before the baby came into our lives.

For now, I trusted her words and followed by that reason alone. I sat down on the floor and placed my hand on his baby bump. The baby kicked softly and I whispered my love for all of us. The baby's core represents emotions and others' emotions. We assumed this little one is an empathic hybrid.

"Your mother has lost his memory, baby dear. Your father here will help him. I love him to death and I am dealing your mother before we came this far," I whispered, "He hates me practically. I do not blame him at all. This is he used to be…before we fell in love." I felt miserable. I was used to have Daniel sleep in my arms, "The truce changed us both to speak of the truth. Those glares…I am afraid to lose him, but you as well, little one."

Perhaps I should brush those silly thoughts away before I have a half of my mind to go insane. My Daniel would have none of this and focused on the positives between us. What were those again? We help each other's live to be happier. We are not alone.

My hand removed off Daniel and folded my hands together worriedly.

"We are not alone, Vlad. For your twenty years of being alone and the first halfa, you thought you were the only one like this. Until I came into your life and you found out, you were not alone anymore, Vlad." He smiled at me, "You made me feel I do not have to be alone either. Doesn't it feel amazing to have someone to complete you and just like you? The same race, the same species, same connection to both worlds?" He snuggles into my arms, "Always remember this, Vlad. We are not alone. We never will be."

That's what he told me nearly two months after we dated. It was amazing how much his words had impact upon me. No one has managed to describe the main reason why we are not alone. Even humans, my workers, and my loyalty ghosts would cry out to tell me quit being lonely or act as if I am. They never understood what it were like to be half ghost and half human. Daniel was the only person who knew me well because he is a hybrid like myself.

For now, I had to let the little badger sleep before his sonogram schedule appears. Luckily, I was grateful Maddie has these skills as a nurse. To think this woman would figure out her son has a natural healing ability, but she hasn't exactly grasp the concept of its power from the core. She still had a long way to go and two years does not always complete it for her.

I headed into the kitchen and helped myself a light of calming tea. If I ever felt out of place or the need to calm down, I would come here for the matter of the situation and let my mind drift elsewhere. Daniel would find me in here and he would not speak of a word. He would join and help himself a tea. He stares at his tea rather than me, but it was peaceful during those moments. My hands curled around the tea cup and soothed the soft texture beneath my fingers. Despite of the fact I cannot tell the temperature of its heat, my core draws me to this no matter what. I knew Daniel is always drawn to ice cream whenever he is stressed.

I merely chuckled at the time he actually dragged my 'ass' there, as he partly state there. He would order a large banana sundae ice cream with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream flavors, on the sides would have whipped cream, chocolate chips, and peanut chips. Of course, the banana would always be included to the hint of its name. He would hand me a second spoon and smiled away with a child's excitement expression. His voice was completely cheery and say eat up.

We would sit down and enjoy every single bite of it. Sometimes, we would feed each other ice cream for mere romantic gesture. He would blush if I missed his mouth and I'd kiss those ice creams off him. He would demand me to stop embarrassing him in public, but I could not care less of the lesser people in the community. To me, he is my whole world. I did what I wanted and let the people either to be jealous or awed in their favors. To kiss him so bravely in public was the best thing to do.

Chuckling has escaped my lips and could not believe how happy memories seem to be relieving me. It had given me an idea and which was to take Daniel to places he loves to go; even if it had meant to sacrifice my healthy diet. It was for his sake's! It would not kill me anyway and this was between him and me about his complicated situation. If others learned of his absence memories, then they could take advantage of him. It would not be right and I would lose everything.

I slurped down the tea and set the cup down on the table. That was the plan…until I find that ghost, it would be back to normal. The chances were not detestable at the moment and it was nerve wrecking. Who is this fool? Could this ghost not trust my Daniel? Or, was there a purpose to the plan?

I gulped. Has the words gotten out that he is carrying my baby? Were they planning something? My head shook. No, no. I am being ridiculous here. Daniel knows how I lie, he picked it up since he was fourteen, and he would recognize my lies anywhere and anytime. I would have been dead by now. He should know that I would be in trouble.

Perhaps, this calming tea was not enough and a second it might be a wise idea. I helped myself a second and tried to think of his sleepy face I recently saw. How innocent he is in his sleep and he is very much beautiful for my lover. I can see a bit of his mother in him and he has some of his father features as well, minus the eyes. Their eyes were nothing alike. Jack, the bumbling fool, has sky blue eyes. My Daniel has the Crystal blue eyes, mixed in with baby blue and robin blue egg. The way he looks at me made me feel triples the times alive and fallen down for him.

However, his fiery hate of those eyes has petrified me and I was willing to do anything to make him forgive me. For now, I had to win his side completely or his memories to return might be complicated. I missed him too much as it is. It's hardly been five hours and he is sleeping already. One thing for sure, I knew he hates it when his body wishes to sleep. That right there made my lips curled.

A penny for your thoughts, please?