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The spoon had lifted into his hand and helping himself to devour the flavors and its sweetness. He seems to be okay so far, but I petrified to lose him. With all my fiber being to not lie to him, to give him the answers he need, and doing things to change for the best. When he told me the memory last time, it was like a trigger to prove him that I refused to abandon him no matter what.

He did not seem to have another incoming memory return. Nothing had changed and it broke my heart to see him unaware. I had helped myself with his ice cream, yet, he observed me during our silence moment. I knew the students would be released within an hour and Danielle would be ready to come home. I saved her for the last because she did not live with Madeline until seven months after our truce.

There was one thing Daniel still capable of and that is knowing my face's expression. He could tell I would have something in my hidden hands and wait until the moment comes. My lover is clever than anyone could credit him. Unfortunately, only his family and team members are highly aware of this. The rest of the world drowned themselves in blindness.

"You know, your mother had a fit when she first met Danielle." I commented, helping myself some ice cream – which shouldn't kill me.

He blinked, "She actually met Dani? What kind of a fit did she have? With you?" His head tilted, holding out his spoon, not consider eating at the moment.

I swallowed my dessert, "Oh, about how a young child could not have a home. How selfish of me not to give her anything she needed? Why did I not accept her as my own? Why I even clone her own son illegally?"

He chuckled, "So, what did mom make you do?" His brow rose.

I sighed and set my spoon down. He would probably laugh at his own interests, seeing how he still has difficulty trusting me.

"She requested a legal adoption sheet made so she and your bumbling father can adopt her from 'me'. She had gained the custodies to have child support and among other things from me. I even paid for add in construction of your home so she could have a bedroom provided for Danielle." I shrugged, "It wasn't a big deal, I suppose, for me. However, your mother adored her as she adored all of you."

My badger nodded, "So, I take it that I almost freaked out for Dani to be found out by my parents?"

"Yes," I had to agree on his question, "That and they would take you away from me. Instead, your mother trusted you because she knew she could not help much from the past since it had already happened."

Daniel nodded and returned to eating his sugary ice cream. He knew he was craving for this, yet, I could not pull him away from this. Somehow, I was rather disappointed to see no memory triggered. I thought this might work and I'm afraid it had failed on me.

Suddenly, the ringing went off and I recognized the ringing format. It was like a metal rock band and from what I knew, it had to be Madeline calling him. Unfortunately, Daniel stopped and looked around to locate the sound. Right, he had brought his phone no more than two months ago. My index finger kindly pointed to his pocket and it dawned on him. He quickly pulled out his phone with his intangibility and noticed it was high technological device. His befuddled expression has amused me, but that's Madeline calling him. I knew better not to waste time with her and helped him to show him out to accept call.

Daniel nodded and placed the phone nearby his ear, knowing that his hearing is different from others, and hear it freely, even if he had it on the other side of the room, he'd still hear it.

"Hello mom," He almost questioned his mother in his voice, but luckily he held it back.

I listened in to her voice, "Hello Danny sweetie, I wanted to make sure you hadn't forgotten about the sonogram that is happening within ten minutes."

Ah, yes, she did not want him to forget or distracted. She noticed how he was able to deal with ghosts and he'd be distracted half the time.

"Ah, yeah, we'll be there, mom." Daniel told her.

"Are you fighting a ghost, sweetie?" Her voice sounded too worried, I wouldn't blame her.

Daniel gave me a shock look at me and I knew why. My mouth worded out for him, 'You fight ghosts and found no effects on the baby or any harm.'

After that, he nodded along before he could answer.

"No ghosts today, mom. Stop worrying." He smiled, figuring it would be the truthful thing to say to the woman.

"Alright, be careful when you're coming home. You're carrying my grandchild in there."

"I know, mom. See you soon."

"I will be in the lab."

Daniel handed his phone over to me and I ended the phone conversation for him. He nodded and noticed that's how to deal with his phone. He doesn't realize it was easier for him to use, considering that his friend Tucker had made the material anti-ghosts, to prevent any vital hits.

"So, I still fight ghosts during my pregnancy?" He frowned.

This was a first. He hadn't known that he could still fight ghosts because the ghost core protects the baby's womb through all sense of danger, aside from dying and that is the only way to endanger the child. My hand rested on his shoulder with ensuring smile for him.


"-get your disgusting hands off me!" His voice was in a different tone.

I frowned. That wasn't good. At least the workers here were in the back to gather supplies to make ice cream. However, I hadn't grasps any concept of his behavior. All of a sudden, his left arm turned into defense as he pushed my hand away from him. He leapt backward to distance from me within a few feet. His eyes were not showing the missing memory Daniel and I had to focus. This meant…some ghost tried to lay their hand on him.

He was in an episode from the way I assumed. His hands emitted the ghost energy, not minding the fact that is a weak form of energy to attack with. I wasn't certain if he could recall his ability to use the red energy. However, I was proven wrong. He was altering it to one of the stronger form energies.


"-don't claim me!" He whipped the attack against me.

Don't claim him? What had happen that day? I barely had a single clue what day he was thinking himself to be in. My power kicked in to avoid his strikes against me and I refused to harm him, even if it does not harm our baby.

His eyes blasted the Cryokinesis and frozen the table we sat by. I was rather lucky he missed me by his hit. I hurried over by the side of this ice cream shop, knowingly anyone could come in, and somehow, I doubt that.

"Where are you little bugger?" Daniel commented.

I knew he has a habit of nicknaming his enemies and much as I knew, this had to be the ghost who attacked him at least last night.

"Just because I can't see doesn't mean I can't hear!" He hissed.

So this ghost went invisible? His growling had set me off and had me startled. My heart raced to understand what had happened.

"Let me see again you bugger! You're the one who blinded me!" He hissed again.

What the snicker doodles? Someone had blinded him last night? I wanted to give this ghost a piece of my mind.

"Gotcha!" He blasted at the cashier's register with the icicle power of his and suddenly, he floated backward in greater disappointment, "NO!"

He screeched and then blinked. He dropped to the ground, caught himself, and gasped. His hands covered his mouth and shook his head too much. The puzzle expression has formed and now, I took this into my consideration that this episode was over.


He spun around and gulped away his fear as if he could. I rushed over to him and wrapped him in my arms to give him something to feel. He didn't move, yet, he did not bother.

"Daniel, what happened?" I whispered to him, assuming he would need gentleness out of his episode he had recently.

He stammered, "I couldn't see him, but I felt him last night and he…" His head shook, "Wanted me to be his submissive mate." His voice croaked, "He…he wanted to remove my baby and I-I-I couldn't let him." Daniel buried his head and cried onto my chest.

I clenched him closer to me and couldn't believe it. Something had happen last night and this ghost was tempting to achieve more than having him. For now, my dear badger needed me more than anything and I kissed softly on his head.

"Let's get your mind off and focus on one thing. We need to get you home before your mother calls again." I thought distraction maybe the best solution to follow up by.

He nodded and wiped those tears off. I helped him and before I was finished, he hugged me. However, I had to take care of a couple of things…that table and cashier's register.

"Why don't you head to the car and I will meet you there in a minute," I hummed curiously.

The raven hair nodded and his crystal blue eyes refused to look up at anything. He was too traumatic to witness the damage he created. Well, not supposedly damage in a sense. I pulled out my communicator device I held contact with Skulker.

"Skulker, if this helps your case. This ghost was pursuing my Daniel, threatened to remove and kill the baby, and claim him as his submissive mate. He has some sort of power to make you blind." I commented.

The short static noise alerts me that he's replying, "That will narrow it down to five hundred, sir. Is there a voice recognition or hint of accent at least?" Skulker was specific when it came to hunting, especially someone has blocked the memory.

"I will talk to him about that tonight. For now, continue your search and if you do find this ghost, torture this one until you bring him to me." I snarled.

"Yes, sir."


I hung up and removed the Cryokinesis against my core of Pyrokinesis. It was easier to do it outside of the crystalized power, yet, if I were inside of these…Daniel would have to remove me. I was grateful he has some morals to keep me alive from such trap of his. However, I would do it what it takes to avoid angering him or I'd be trap once more.

Daniel was waiting patiently and his eyes were focused on his home sign. I used to recall how easy it was to locate the bumbling fool. Now, it helps me to know where to go in a sense of a direction. Madeline had supported the buffoon's idea when Jasmine was about two years old because they were constantly lost heading to their home no matter where they had gone. They moved here from their apartment since their daughter was a year old.

I joined in the driver's seat and made sure both of us wearing our seatbelt. Whether we were hybrid or not, we could not afford to expose our secret or even process some thoughts to could occur to us any moment.

Supposedly, this was turning out quite successful to gain his memory back to the scene of last night. Why did this fool use blindness power against my dear badger? This had meant more than to claim him that night alone. Was this ghost enemy was planning something? My breath felt choked from a thought of letting Daniel out of my sight. To lose our child…when we could have both fail because someone could manipulate our memories. I hadn't grasps the danger up until now.

"Whose cars are that, Vlad? I know Jazz is in college, even from what you told me." Daniel asked.

His question had made me realize he was the first person to be focusing on and I must protect him at all cost. After all, he is my lover and I shall not allow myself fall into distraction like this.

"I believe your friends kept their promise to be there for your sonograms, Daniel." I smiled, "You only wanted the whole Phantom team to be there. Of course, your sister will watch this on the Fenton-Cam."

His brow rose, "Fenton-Cam?"

The bell chimed, "Ah, right. Their latest invention was created after your first sonogram. Your father was proud to make a video chat more private and no fee to worry about." I explained.

He needed and understood how his father tends to be. One thing I knew is that Jack tends to lean towards computer skills quite naturally, but not as well as successful towards one of Daniel's best friends. The sonogram might help trigger something from him and I was hoping to see some improvement by tonight. If not-

"Daniel, if nothing changes or helps, you would have to stay at our mansion until your memories are returned. I promise to provide you a room of your own and given open access to anything you need." I sheepishly smiled at him.

How I felt the need to be desperate. How I could do anything in my power to restore his memory. Yet, I could not do such power and I had felt such of a failure as a man. The crystal blue eyes bored onto me and he did not phrase from my suggestion. At least I knew how he was to react and how I should react to his behavior.

"I guess I don't see why not." He shrugged.

I nodded and parked in front of the Fenton House, "Excellent. If not, a hotel can be arranged."

His head shook, "No. People will be wondering why a fat looking pregnant man is doing with a rich mayor."

I chortled, "I'm sure the ice cream shop dates we had had convinced these…interested people enough."

He snorted, "So, I'm guessing I have ice cream every day, huh?"

"More or less, your job at our restaurant as well. You tend to help yourself to make something, so others tend to see you haven't burned enough calories or work out enough after work." I had removed the car key from its ignition.

Daniel began to understand how people were being fooled or believed into lies of our daily routines. He doesn't know that they had stopped following for the past three months because some rich girl had been forced to give birth to nine newborns and something of cats' intelligent to nearly match as humans' intelligence.

Despite of the lack of memories, I was willing to be with him every step of the way. I knew I had already gained his trust now and wondered if he'd appreciated how far I went or he would be upset on how I am helping him. If I only knew what had happened with the last ghost fight, it would have certainly helps me the most out of everything.

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