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If only I had some sort of ability to restore memories, this would be useful for us currently. However, we were on a stroke of luck to survive this thoroughly without others suspecting a thing. I knew too well, how Daniel does not want attention over on him for too long and especially when he has the baby to deal with. Oddly, the last memory has disturbed him greatly and I could not blame him at all.

At least he's familiar with most of everything and everyone, so it wasn't too handful. Mainly for him, that is. We helped ourselves into the house and this first floor had felt like abandon home. Of course, we knew too well that others were downstairs for the hospital lab to prepare for sonogram.

My badger dear wasn't walking faster and his expression held so…lovely. How nervous he was to find out our baby's gender. I knew for weeks, he was excited to find out immediately and that he had wish to sort out the nursery room for the proper gender aspect of everything. I had nearly thought it was cute.

My hands touched his shoulders softly, not minding the risk from earlier this morning he had done or the recent one. I kissed his cheek and smiled at him happily. He met my eyes with his lovely ones and he struggled to read something from me.

"This baby has done nothing wrong. Why does this guy…Bugger I called, wants to remove this one?" He frowned.

I sighed and held him closely to me, "He will not get a hold of you at all because he will suffer by me if he dares to do such thing to either of my lovely family, including you." My lips pressed against his forehead, "I promise you this much. I had Skulker searching for this ghost of ours. He is not easily fooled by others' lies, so he will know it is our suspect."

He chuckled, "Dude, you sound like a lawyer trying to put him into jail. You do know that I don't keep my ghosts trap in thermos for more than two days, right?"

I smirked, "I know. I have Skulker for the best, do I not?"

Daniel shrugged and uncertain believes it in his way, but he was used to fighting Skulker for so long. He hardly sees a threat with the rival of his. If he were a full ghost, Skulker would have claimed him so easily unless he was the king of ghost zone. I never did find out who is the king of the ghost zone, but I had no needs to rule the ghost zone. Right now, our child matters first and getting Daniel to the lab is the first thing to accomplish.

"So…should I just be me and react happy no matter what, right?" Daniel assumed.

I sighed, "You should feel emotional about everything, but you are correct, Daniel."

He accepted my responses and went along with walking by my side. Whomever this ghost suspects is causing me scabrous greatly. Once I get this one to restore my lover's memories, he will suffer under my powers I will muster up around him and obliterate him. This way, Daniel will never have to worry about a thing. We directed ourselves to the kitchen-

An escaped of condensation passed his soft lips and he was not satisfied on the timing. I had not blamed him for seeing the vapor mist in the moment where we should be focusing on his sonogram results. Unfortunately, he groaned and chose to get this out of the way. He transformed – jolted slightly at the new style. It had changed before he got pregnant. Instead of the DP symbol at his chest, it is now located on his white belt in black. His upper uniform curved more white in a diamond shape where his neck is the top of the diamond shape. His gloves and pants formed two strips, one on the arm and one on the back of his hands. From his shoulders to the top of his gloves developed the same pattern Danielle has for her ghost uniform's pants. His hazmat boots are diagonally leveled at the top rather than straight up to his knees. The colors have remained the same and nothing else. It suits him well and he does have a six-pack abs with baby bump appearing. His hair has grown longer at the back of his neck with a hint of curls to it – which I love deeply.

"Whoa, when did I get this new look?" He looked up at me, trying to hurry things up before going.

"Before you were pregnant." I answered, without wasting his time.

He nodded and floated up to locate the particular ghost. Perhaps I should join him, to prevent another repeat. It wasn't easy to determine on my behalf, especially he did not ask me to join him. However, he does not trust me as easily as of now. If I had joined him, he would find some confliction among himself when he does not recall some new powers he recently developed during his pregnancy a few times. It was often best to take one thing at a time and make a smooth process until he gains his memories.

Madeline would be wondering what was taking so long, yet, she knew her son is always fighting ghosts no matter what the circumstances were. She thought to close the portal, then Daniel explained to her that the ghosts would always be around due to the fact there are natural portals in Amity Park, and that closing the main portal source wouldn't do much or stop them. She began to understand why her son took this role seriously, even as a teenager. Jack, despite of him, had taken on new views of ghosts and decided to study their powers to substitute his desire of ripping them molecule to molecule as he used to dream of doing.

"Looks like it was a friend of mine. He's going back to the ghost zone now." His voice appeared.

I nodded, "That is good to know. I was quite rather worried about you, Daniel. Thankfully, your friends are more loyal than your enemies." I hummed.

Daniel went along to what I had said and floated back down. He morphed to his human side, regained by my side, and we headed over to the kitchen. I held his hand and he squeezed. He was nervous by the looks of his habits like hand squeezing, biting his lip, and looking around for some sort of clues to keep him clued in.

A curled to my lips ensured him that I would be with him every step of the way and we marched ourselves into the kitchen. He's natural at covering his emotions and among other things. He was mostly worried about anyone finding out that his memories are blocked. Poor badge dear, I dared myself to have such power and free him immediately. A man who is trapped in his mind like an animal forced to live in a cage life. There is absolute no freedom and nowhere else to go. For now, I have to keep trying to restore all of them back as quickly as I could. I refused to fail him for our love, especially for our child that will be born into our world.

Daniel stayed behind me as we went down the stairs, uncertain of what to expect, and who would be there. All I told was his family members and his best friends. There should not be any others involved – especially young Valerie. Daniel and her hadn't made that out well in friendship, which he had attempt to continue in order to gain her into the team. Ms. Grey ruled out that she feared for his life at risk and denied all contacts towards her. My lover hasn't had it easy lately, despite of a loss friendship he was seeking for. He only sees her when she comes out to hunt ghosts and when he's fighting them. It hurts him, but I had not rather told him that or it would cause nothing but trouble for him.

We finally arrived to the last step into the lab and headed over to the hospital lab side. He smiled at the sight of his family and friend being here. Madeline was eager to find out our baby's gender, Jack was uncertain of the entire normalcy – yet, carried along with this. Danielle smiled to show her support by his side and understanding the big deal of the discovery today. Tucker stood by the young girl due to a reminder for himself that nothing could be expected for anyone. It was obvious why everyone's here and Daniel was comfortable with his familiar group he recognizes. He knew Samantha would not be here until tomorrow, so there was no worried. As for Jasmine, she would not be able to be here due to being at school and taking her finals currently while finishing up the rest of her courses.

"Danny, help yourself onto the bed and we will get this started. First thing first is making sure the baby is following the proper agenda, health, heartbeat, and lastly, the secret." Madeline smiled.

Daniel tightly squeezed my hand for a signal to help him. I smiled at him and helped him walked over to the bed. His being four months pregnant made me feel fruitful. I remained by his' side when he helped himself get onto the bed and leaned back comfortably. He lifted his shirt, pulled down a bit of his pants, and waited for his mother to begin. I held up his hand and kissed the back of his hand to show him that I am here for him. I can truly recall the day when we found out his pregnancy and how surprising it was for the both of us.

My lover took a deep breath and nodded for Madeline to start. She picked up the gel to place on his small bump and picked up the transducer to soothe on his stomach. Everyone looked over to the screen and held our breath. My dear badger was still squeezing my hand and my other hand patted him to ensure him he's doing wonderful. He smiled to see the sight of our baby and I watched along as well.

"The baby's head is growing in good shape, the arms and legs are at the right inches, and all healthy so far." She smiled and turned something on the machine as the train sound came on, "A healthy heart beating is good."

Daniel gasped and cried happily about everything. Tucker smiled – knowing this was not normal, yet, he remained supportive. Danielle was relating to his emotions, despite of the fact she isn't pregnant. She did not like it when Jack tried to explain about pregnancy and Madeline put in it to a better term. That still did not help. She turned to Daniel and felt much better with him. As of now, I felt my hands sweating at the result and anxious at the same time. My breathing felt tight against my chest and I was no certain how else Daniel felt about this.

His mother glanced up at her son with a caring smile – but her violet eyes showed excitement to be a grandmother says otherwise. When she found out, she accepted it immediately and insisted to be the doctor for him. It was the only solution we had and to avoid hiring a doctor on strict confidentiality. However, Daniel was rather comfortable with her instead of some doctors he barely knows or trusts.

"Would you like to find out the baby's gender?" She was following the basic procedures as all doctors should.

He nodded, "P-please." He insisted.

It almost felt like he's back, but he barely held a single clue how to be himself. Madeline accepted his answer and did her reading on the screen. She smiled to the revelation and everyone was on the edge to find out immediately. It was difficult for me to read the screen – whereas I have little time to study and Daniel has my hands full as always.

His mother nodded and looked directly at the screen to be certain with a smile, "The baby is a girl."

Daniel gasped and his other hand held onto mine. Something cold and wet came down on my cheeks has made me realized I was crying happily about the baby. A girl! My arms immediately wrapped around his shoulders and hugged him.

"Oh, Daniel, thank you! Thank you so much!" I had given him hundreds of butterfly kisses on his forehead and cheeks.

It was something I had never felt before. A source of an extreme happiness that had seem difficult to describe otherwise. All I knew that I was very much happy and alive to be here. We are having a little girl!

"Vlad," He whispered, I could tell he was happy as well and matching exactly how I am feeling currently.

Not only that, his voice was informing me he recalled a memory. It was something and better than at the ice cream shop incident. This had me peacefully relieved and hoping he gained himself back to normal. Daniel relaxed in my arms, tears trickling down on his cheeks to find out what this baby would be, and we are having a baby girl. There are some plans I always wish to attempt to give my little girl. My little princess with all the love to give and Daniel will do something similar as well. For what this pregnancy is, it would be wondrous gift for both of us. In his crystal blue eyes, it shined lovelier when he cries in a positive mood.

"I love you so much, Daniel." I whispered to him.

Madeline cleaned up quickly and the others left us alone to celebrate our joyous news. It had only seems like this morning I was more than eager to find out, only felt dragged on due to Daniel's issue, and finally arriving here after lunch hour. There's still several hours of the day left and found the need to carry on. Yet, there was no need to be rushing this unique moment.

"Vlad," He whispered so lovely, "I remember all the kitchen work I do as a chef." He smiled, "I made your favorite when I first felt the baby bump at the same time."

My ears clued in such fantastic news from him and knowing that we were gaining closer to the rest of his memories. My lips curled uncontrollably to the point my words could not speak for itself. Daniel saw it in my face and he was becoming more of himself every hour of the day. This pleased me and it was turning out much better than I had participated.

"Good, at least we can prevent suspicious for a month and others know you will not be much available for half a year. You already had your-"

"-my second chef trained. I know, I mean…I remember." He smiled, "It's not entire memory. There are still some I don't recall during the job, but the food, drinks, and desserts are there and how to make them."

I was impressed, "When did that occur?"

"When I was watching mom, thinking how horrible of a cook she is. Then, that memory came while she was checking on our daughter's development growth." He had have seemed to grow confident now and begins to trust me often now.

It helped me greatly to continue a stable relationship among us. I was rather eager to kiss him, however, I knew that was pushing it. Daniel is not himself entirely and I feared he would not love me anymore.

"Interesting. Now, let's tell your parents that you want to stay at my place for a week or so to arrange our daughter's nursery room." I suggested.

He nodded, "Yeah, that sounds good. Plus, we know the baby's gender and it's a girl. I don't know why, but I kind of like being pregnant." He shrugged.

I chuckled at his expressing towards his pregnancy. He would often change his mind about the pregnancy on and off, depending on the circumstances were. I patted his arm gently and agreed with him nonetheless.

"Whatever you say, my badger dear." I told him.

He went intangible to remove the gel, back to tangible, and fixed up his clothes, "Whatever, fruitloop." He briefly waited a second, "What do I call you in a relationship? I doubt it's fruitloop."

My brow rose, "You often called me Cheesehead when you feel like it."

He did not believe me, "Cheesehead? That's not romantic, what was I thinking?" He frowned.

I laughed lightly, "You had your reason, but it is a rather long story and how you call me cheesehead."

He accepted that for now, but I supposed he would have to wait until his memories returned. I was rather hoping everything would have returned by now and I knew Skulker would have contacted me immediately once he finds the ghost who is held responsible for their course of action. That insufferable brat will pay and will wish me to obliterate him instead.

"Should I call my sister? Sam?" His head tilted.

I smiled, "Of course, you promised them they would know immediately." My hand retrieved his phone from his pocket and turned them on for him, "Jasmine is number one, and Samantha is three."

He frowned, "Who's two?"

"Me, of course." I smiled.

He blinked and chuckled it off, "Right, boyfriend will always be the second on the list. Jazz will always be the first one…because she's my big sister and family comes first above all." He shrugged.

I hummed lightly, "Exactly, my badger dear. Now," I handed his phone to him, "Do you think you know how to arrange a call?"

Daniel turned determine and stared at his phone for a few seconds. His thumb slid up and pressed the caller button. His thumb pressured down lightly for one and his phone calling directly to his sister. The ringing did not last too long and her voice perked up for us to recognize her.

"Hey little brother," She was waiting from the tone.

"Hey Jazz, want to know the baby's gender?"

She gasped, "You found out today! Is it a boy or a girl? Oh, man, I can't believe I'm going to be a young aunt!"

My head shook at her excitement, but she was much accepting about the baby in the way. Daniel can see she's eager to discover.

"It's a girl, Jazz," He smiled.

"Oh, my! A niece! Now I can prepare your baby shower!" She declared.

Daniel groaned – perfectly the way he should react – and luckily for him, this was not a video chat.

"Somehow I wonder." He muttered.

"Jasmine, I'm pleased for your excitement. We need to arrange one more call, so he will talk to you later when he gets the chance." I told her.

"Oh, perfect! Vlad, I need to ask if you are attending to the baby shower in the future?"

Daniel snorted, "If I'm going, so will he." He argued.

"I believe Daniel's answer is obvious, Jasmine." I stated.

"Excellent! I will be planning and preparing all this now. Please take it easy, little brother." She told him.

He nodded and told her that he will. Jasmine was thrilled when we announced the pregnancy and given all insights towards his pregnancy to make it smooth as possible. If Daniel had known why vitamins were a big issue for him, he would not be napping at early noon. I could not place it into his food and he was strictly against it for some reasons.

He repeated the same with his phone and contacted Samantha. There was not much for a waiting towards a phone to be answer after the third ringing.

"He-" A yawned slipped, "-y Danny, what's up?" I assumed we had wakened her up and that she's sleeping on her flight.

"Did I wake you up?" Daniel has always been guilty of robbing their sleep, especially when he fights ghosts.

She chuckled faintly, "Danny, you know I'm always going to be the creature of the night. Besides, I'll fall back to sleep anyway. So, what's up?"

My badger dear shook his head, "Anyway, today, I did a sonogram and I'm having a baby girl."

"Congratulations, Danny! I had a feeling it would be a girl." I knew that girl would be smirking.

She knew I'd be so much happier if we're having a boy, yet, she feels the universe would be 'against' me. The girl tends to be insufferable woman from time to time, however, I was able to be tolerant for my lover.

"Thanks, Sam. So what time are you going to be arriving tomorrow?" He played it simple – avoiding to being caught by anyone.

"I should be there by eight or nine in the morning. Don't worry, I'll be seeing you before my parents. I want to feel that baby bump I missed out on for three weeks!"

Daniel chuckled, "Well, the baby girl isn't going anywhere…literally."

"Just stay relaxed, Danny. You know stress isn't good for the baby."

I had to end this conversation soon because she irks me too much, "Do not worry, Sam," I could not call her Samantha personally or she would have a claw for that, "I am on my toes at all time for lovely badger here."

She muttered and restored her voice, "Still. I'm going back to-" She yawned her head off, "-back to sleep now. I'll see you tomorrow, Danny."

"Okay, Sam. I'll be at Vlad's mansion for the week to get the nursery setting up."

"Wow, that soon already? Then again, you are with a rich boyfriend." She hummed.

There was one thing Samantha does not mind and that I have money in my pockets – or in the house. She stated that some rich people could be the best people to support their partners for anything. I found that I had agreed and told her that when I was younger, I held expectation to support my future family. I supposed it depends on how others become rich and what they would do with their lives.

"So, see you tomorrow, Sam." Daniel told her.

She hummed and yawned as she hung up. Despite of our situation, we made it through half way the day without obvious noticed towards his old behavior. His memories were returning bits of bits to show him what had happened over almost two years now. I longed for him to be himself and this has complicated to demonstrate my love. It had burned me alive to see him like this to struggle to get back to the top of the stairs that seems forever to reach. His crystal blue eyes had met mine and in those eyes were dying to be free.

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