The claw lowered slowly into the pile of sushi plushies. There were all different types of sushi. However, the claw landed perfectly on the ootoro plush. It closed around the stuffed sushi as the person playing began chanting, "Come on, come on, come on!"

Slip. The Ootoro didn't even move as the claw easily slipped off of it and shakily went back to the top."No!" Screamed the young, black haired man. "I was so close!"

The crane moved to the opening where plushies were dropped through for the winners. The claw opened to release a nonexistent prize.

"Fuck! I almost had it that time!" Izaya yelled as he banged his fists against the game. He pulled his wallet out and opened it to find he was again out of money. "Aargh!"

The informant grumbled as he left his precious game and walked over to the ATM to retrieve more money so he could continue playing. He walked to the front of the arcade where there were ATMs on both sides of the entrance. There were loud noises coming from all around. Laughing and yelling could be heard throughout the entire arcade. It was a Saturday afternoon, so naturally, quite a few kids and teens were there. However, the information broker heard none of the noise, he was completely focused on winning that sushi plush.

It all began when Izaya walked into the arcade to do his favorite activity: watch his beloved humans. Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly noticed something that grabbed his attention. It was a game with a big, lit up sign that read 'SUSHI CRANE'. Out of curiosity he walked up to the game to see exactly what it was and what he saw almost made his jaw drop. Right there in front of his very eyes was an ootoro plushie and in that moment he knew it had to be his. Thus, the obsession began.

Three hours and 5,000 yen later, he had only won a sushi roll which he threw on the ground and ended up being picked up earlier by a little boy. Even his work didn't stop him from playing. Shiki called him earlier and after he didn't answer called again and again, each time the calls becoming closer together. The informant became extremely annoyed and threw his phone on the ground and smashed it with hist foot while laughing, which truthfully, served to relieve quite a bit of pent up stress and frustration at the game.

The ATM dispensed Izaya's cash and he grabbed it before proceeding through the arcade back to his game. What he saw upon returning though, completely horrified him. The ootoro plushie was gone.

"NO! How could it be gone!? It-it can't be! I was hardly gone a minute!" Izaya yelled as he was on the brink of tears. After all, he worked so hard for that and he deserved it.

Izaya sighed in defeat and put his head down in disappointment as he walked away and left the arcade. He walked slowly back to his apartment in Shinjuku. Unbeknownst to him however, someone had been watching him the entire time.

Shizuo stood outside the arcade with his sunglasses on. In his mouth he had a cigarette and in his left hand he held a plushie. To be exact, an ootoro plushie. He took the cancer stick out of his mouth and dropped it on the ground before smashing it under his foot.