Shizuo sighed as he stood outside the apartment of his greatest enemy, Izaya Orihara. "This is stupid..."

The ex-bartender gently set the ootoro plushie on the ground outside Izaya's apartment. He reluctantly rang the doorbell and accidentally pressed it too hard, causing it to break. Shizuo quick ran to the stairs and disappeared.

Inside the apartment, Izaya heard the doorbell ring and slowly sulked his way over to the front door.

Izaya opened the door and sighed, "Who is it? Huh?" The informant was surprised when no one was at the door. "Ugh! Stupid brats!" He assumed it was just some neighborhood kids pulling a prank.

Izaya was about to close the door when he noticed something on the ground. He almost started crying at what he saw. The ootoro plushie was right there on his doorstep! "This... This is..."

The informant's eyes filled with tears as he picked the plushie up and held it to his chest. "Yes!" He shouted in excitement as he jumped up and down.

Then a thought came to him. Who got him this? A stalker? Or perhaps a secret admirer of sorts? Izaya looked around for some kind of note saying who it was from and checked the plushie for some kind of explosives just in case it was a trick. He came up with nothing. No explosives, no poison, and no note.

Then he saw something that disturbed him quite a bit: his doorbell was broken. "Ah no, it couldn't be. That's just not possible... Right?"

The information broker tried to deny the truth but the evidence was too compelling. Izaya looked at the ootoro plushie in his hands and a pink tint formed on his cheeks.

"Thanks Shizu-chan."