SUMMARY: Ritsuka finds the school for fighters, and Ritsu is waiting for him.

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Chapter 1: "Read it"




Ritsuka had finally found the school; the place where fighters were taught, the place where Soubi learned to be a slave.

Curiously, it was not difficult to enter the premises. Unimpeded, he walked through the halls in his fur color coat searching. He did not know that he was caught immediately by the security camera, and everyone was told by their sensei to leave him alone.

Ritsu himself stopped the young Aoyagi when he reached the third floor. Gutsy Ritsuka didn't mind, because this was who he came to see.

It was alarming how familiar this man's features were, as if Soubi was the replica of his sensei. The similarity filled Ritsuka with apprehension though he tried to will it away.

He intended to barge in demanding Ritsu leave Soubi and him alone. When they reached the sensei's office he tried to do as planned, but Ritsu shut him up in moments. Before long Ritsuka found himself nude and chained, body pressed against the cold wall.

"You want to learn to endure for your fighter?" Ritsu taunted, slashing across the pale skin of his back already decorated with bleeding marks of the whip, and Ritsuka cried out at the blast of focused pain.

Ritsu chuckled, then bore a whisper into his ear "Oh you innocent little boy", and in an instant was against him.

"Hmm I wish Soubi-kun could watch this", acidic breath gusted against pale shivering skin. "I'll make him pay for defying his sensei… Realize you're just another of my pawns, pathetic unlearned weakling!"

With that, he forced his way inside.

Ritsuka shrieked in agony, "Ahh! Soubi!"

"You think he'll hear you? Fool, he's not your fighter, you are not connected and never will be. As my prize student he is devoted to his teachings and could never go against the rules. As for you, Soubi uses you as a souvenir to remember his true sacrifice, your dear older brother Semei."

Inducing further cruelty, he pounded deeper, tearing skin. Grinning he added "Purr for me little kitten".

The agony was unimaginable and caused waves of tears to pour down Ritsuka's cheeks. The cool paint was of no comfort as the sinister man tore through his insides, and scraped his face across the wall igniting burning pain.

After what felt like years of torture, Ritsu clicked his tongue in annoyance. With repulsion he withdrew.

Unlocking the binding metal, he shot a powerful kick into the boy's right knee. Legs giving out, Ritsuka fell into the puddle on the floor which splashed crimson across his skin.

Shaking his head Ritsu stated "So troublesome", and he stepped over the broken form to leave the room. After washing soiled hands, he returned.

"Shall we invite Soubi-kun to play?" he whispered maliciously, removing the cell phone from his pocket.



As dimness from the start of evening crept into his room, Soubi sat on his bed feeling incomplete, and concerned. He texted and called Ritsuka numerous times, even checked his house, and searched the town, but he was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly Ritsuka's sacrifice call came faintly to his ears, and he knew his fears were justified. When his phone vibrated, he hoped.

Seeing the name "Ritsu" on the small digital screen, he whispered "It can't be". He had a very bad feeling.

"What now Ritsu?" he asked with loathing in his tone. He expected to hear the usual response from his sensei, but instead there was the crackle of harsh breathing on the phone line.

From the background he heard Ritsu's voice command harshly "Read it".

There was shuffling, heavy breathing, and then a pained voice spoke slowly, reading from his script. "Sensei is teaching me… how to be… a true sacrifice." Soubi's eyes widened, distressed he asked "Ritsuka what happened?"

Following was the sound of pained crying then Ritsuka breathed, "I'm sorry Soubi".

Hastily Soubi asked "Ritsuka? What did he do to you?" The only response was sobbing then crackling filled the line. "Ritsuka!"

Ritsu grabbed the phone from weightless hands, and sent venom through the line "Oh Soubi-kun you'll just have to come see. Until then, Ritsuka and I will play some more."

The final sound Soubi heard was the piercing cry of his sacrifice, and then the line went dead.




End of chapter 1




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