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Chapter 5: "Soubi's revenge"




In school that day, Natsuo and Youji told Shinonomi-sensei Ritsuka would be absent because he was so ill that he fell down the stairs, and was being treated in the hospital. They made sure to add that he was not to be disturbed so no one should visit.

Trying to hide her sadness for the sake of her class Shinonomi-sensei clapped her hands and suggested, "Let's all make get well cards."

Yuiko then interrogated the boys "How do you know Ritsuka-kun is in the hospital? Did he call you? Did you visit him? You never even seemed like close friends." Cutting off her rambling, Youji said "We went with Soubi to the hospital".


"Silly girl you should shut your big mouth." Natsuo said.

"Sagan-kun, please don't talk to your classmate that way."

Ignoring the childish teacher Natsuo concluded "We went with Soubi because he's our older brother".

"You can deliver our letters to him then?" Shinonomi-sensei asked.

"Yeah sure."

Yuiko asked over and over about them being suddenly related to Soubi. They explained that they used to go to a private school, but were expelled and came to live with Soubi. It wasn't so far from the truth, not that they cared about being truthful to anyone in their class.

After class ended Yuiko ran to them. "I'll follow you to Agatsuma-san's house and tell him I hope Ritsuka-kun is better soon."


"Waaa why not?"

"We don't like you, you're annoying, and Soubi wouldn't want to be bothered by some dumb whiny little girl anyway." Youji explained, and they walked away while she cried childishly.



They returned that afternoon, and told Soubi they gave the class the story.

Ritsuka was on the couch, leaning against a pillow.

Natsuo handed a bag to Soubi, "We bought what you asked for." The older fighter nodded.

Soubi then went to the couch and held out is hand, which Ritsuka grasped weakly. They walked to Soubi's bedroom and he closed the door.

"Ritsuka these are fake ears, for when you return to school, and… to wear at home." He regretted that Ritsuka would go back, but it was the only option.

He didn't want to go home, or anywhere. "Nowhere seems safe, nowhere but here with you."

Those words tore at Soubi. He did not want to send Ritsuka back to that house. He could take care of him here, watch over him, and keep him safe.

Bending his knees, Soubi gazed into glossy violet eyes and running fingers through dark hair whispered "I love you". Ritsuka could see a dampness coming to the deep blue eyes before him. He raised a scraped hand and caressed his fighter's cheek, Soubi turned and kissed it.

"I am going to hurt the beast that hurt you. I will take him from the world and help you feel safe again." He promised, then stood and left the room.

Zero was in the kitchen. "Boys, keep an eye on Ritsuka and help him. I won't be gone long."

"Are you sure you won't need our help?" Natsuo asked, seeing the dark intent in his eyes.

"I'll be fine on my own. Look after Ritsuka."

He left the apartment and took the train then walked to the school entrance.

Soubi did not require the spells he learned by Ritsu's teachings. He didn't need even a blade or gun. All he needed was just enough time and his two hands.

He knew Ritsu would be in his office, the sensei would not listen to Nagisa's demands that he remain in the hospital ward.

Coming again to the door marked "Minami-sensei" he would only use spells twice.

The door slammed against the wall raining paint chips to the floor, and he walked in. With a bandage around his neck, and a roughness to his voice Ritsu asked "Soubi-kun back so soon?"

With ferocious hatred in his eyes "What's the matter sensei, sore throat?" He closed the door then locked it with a spell. No one would interfere.

He walked to the other side of the desk and Ritsu turned his chair. "What could you possibly do to me?"

Soubi then punched him in the exact spot he sliced.

"You targeted Ritsuka to get to me?" He said pushing the chair against the wall with such force that books fell from the case on the wall beside it. He threw another punch, at his chest this time. "You got to me." He punched Ritsu's shoulder and stated "Now I'm getting you."

Ritsu jumped up and growled "You know students who misbehave are punished." He threw an equally heavy punch to Soubi's gut.

Unflinching, Soubi punched his sensei's glasses then rammed him into the wall. As the lenses broke into segments and fell to the floor, Ritsu kneed him in the ribs. "I'm not as old as you think Soubi-kun. You cannot win a fight against me."

Soubi grabbed his leg and flipped him over. Ritsu quickly caught his ankles between his feet and with a turn, knocked him to the floor.

As Ritsu rose to rest on the balls of his feet, Soubi came to his hands and knees.

"On your knees as usual" Ritsu jested.

Soubi threw a punch, but Ritsu blocked it and Soubi cracked him in the ribs with his elbow.

Ritsu shook his head "Pathetic. I thought I taught you better than this."

Bringing up his left hand, Soubi grabbed Ritsu's right hand then twisted his wrist quick and harshly until it snapped. "Good work", Ritsu said then punched him in the side with his other hand.

Soubi rapidly brought a hand up and drove his fingers through the bandage and into the slice in Ritsu's neck.

Ripping away his bloody hand, he tightly grabbed both sides of Ritsu's head. His sensei kneed him in the groin but he did not budge, he grabbed his wrists and pulled, but Soubi did not let go.

He rapidly jerked the skull between his hands until hearing a final sickening crack. When Ritsu's hands fell limply to his sides, Soubi harshly tossed his corpse to the floor.

He knew Nagisa and the Seven Moons would send teams after him, but a few short battles would be no difficulty.

All that mattered was the sweet feeling of revenge.

He removed the spell from the office door then exited the school for the last time. In the woods, he put the hood of his sweatshirt over his head and made his way to the train.


Walking down the path he looked at his watch: 7:00pm, he was home later than planned. Walking in Soubi threw blood filled gloves into the garbage pail in the kitchen. He wet a paper towel then wiped sweat and blood from his face.

Washing red hands he heard Ritsuka's timid voice, "Soubi".

For once he did not want to face his sacrifice. He could not allow this sweet boy to see the murder in his eyes. "Hello Ritsuka, did you sleep well?" He asked, tying the garbage bag.

Standing only a few feet away Ritsuka pleaded "Look at me Soubi".

With messy hair falling out of the band, and splashes of blood on his usually white neck wrapping, Soubi turned.

Confusion and panic among a plethora of other thoughts and emotions filled Ritsuka. He moved as fast as he could with his injuries and wrapped his arms around his fighter.

"No Ritsuka I'm filthy, tainted." He hurriedly warned, but Ritsuka did not let go. "Are you hurt?" He tenderly asked. "Not badly" Soubi admitted.

"Did you…?" he began but could not complete the sentence. Soubi knew his question and answered "Yes".

Ritsuka held his fighter tighter. Among his quivering and confusion all he knew for sure was that with Soubi he was safe, with Soubi there was love.

Defiled and tainted, they were quite a pair.




The end




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