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Chapter One:

The Opera Dancer

Laila held the end pose as the music ended. She panted slightly from the excursion from preforming the dance. She curtsied then stood with her hands clasped behind her, waiting for the managers' decision. 'Please let me be the lead,' she pleaded silently. She had sung for them and now she had danced and she hoped she had done well enough to be hired.

Her thoughts were interrupted when one of the managers spoke, drawing her attention back to the seats facing the stage. "Mademoiselle Laila Marseille, is it?" he continued without waiting for her answer, "We are happy to say you have great skill, but are afraid we can not give you the lead."

Laila bit her lip before asking, "May I ask why, Monsieur?"

"We are afraid the audience will not accept your... unique beauty."

Laila blushed, her face turning a light, pretty pink which showed the imperfection of her shin more clearly. She had vitiligo which caused depigmentation to sections of her skin.

"I understand," she said softly, curtsying once more and walking to the side of the stage. She stopped in her tracks when he spoke up again.

"Wait, Mademoiselle. We would like to offer a smaller part as one of the dancers. Do you want to be a dancer for the Opera Populaire?"

"Yes, I do," she answered, barely containing her excitement.

"Congratulations and welcome to the our opera."

Laila curtsied and practically skipped off the stage and once off, was abruptly pulled into a tight hug.

"Congratulations!" Meg exclaimed. She pulled back a little and Laila saw a fierce expression come onto her face. "You should have gotten the lead. You were fabulous!" she exclaimed, causing Laila to smile. She had liked Meg the moment she met her when she came to the Opera Populaire and they had soon become great friends.

"Thank you, Meg. They have a point though. While I have learned to accept my skin, it makes others uncomfortable. I wouldn't want the opera to lose business because of me."

"I still don't think it's fair." Meg let her go to fold her arms dramatically across her chest and pouting.

Laila giggled at her friend's silliness. "At least now I will get to dance with you and the other dancers."

Meg's mouth turned up in a grin and she clasped forearms with Laila before spinning madly in a circle. "I'm so excited!"

"Girls!" Mme Giry scolded when they nearly knocked over some props. Coming to a stop, Meg rolled her eyes. Laila giggled. She couldn't wait to begin life at the opera.