Author's Note: Hello, and welcome to my newest story. I am currently working on Love Must Come: Re-birth, but I felt it necessary to explore my abilities to write darkfics. Also, I wanted to write a vampire story that doesn't involve sparkling of any kind, and is much darker than the light that shines through Twilight. Do not fret, I will be continuing LMC, I just like to have multiple works going to help with writer's block at times. I'm sure there are some typos here and there, but meh; oh well.

WARNINGS: This story is dark. It will contain sexual themes, violence, sensitive subject matter, blood, and all things of that nature. Be forewarned~ This chapter has sexual content right off the bat, so have funnnnn!

NOTES: This story takes place in an alternate universe from both the KH universe and our own. I can't be held responsible for the nightmares that lurk in this world: the world of Rydin.


Lips as pink as petals—darkness, nightmares, devils

Skin as pale as ivory, a whisper in a melody of a soul so fiery

Hair as red as wine; she's still waiting for the sun to shine

Periwinkle eyes turn up to the moon, fangs flash in the night, and another soul is lost. Screams, tearing flesh, searing pain, and then . . . Silence. The coppery scent of blood wafts on the breeze, a macabre harmony. When will it end, the suffering? Fingers grasp at the grass for purchase, an anchor against the raging storm as life force is greedily siphoned. Lungs constrict, breathing quickens, moans escape cherry-red lips.

Blessed darkness: the sweet reprieve from waking dreams.

The monster lifts his head from creamy pearl skin, torn asunder, and smiles.

"For all of eternity, you belong to me . . ."

A frail body, petite and compact, shudders and goes limp. Those periwinkle eyes, catching the silvery light from above, glaze over with the promise of the future. The kiss of Death feathers across a sunken face; the cloak of Demise renders all into nonexistence. And all the while, the blood steadily drip, drip, drips. . . Dry.

". . . Kairi."


Kairi gazed over at what lie atop her mattress, fear coloring her eyes a darker shade of cobalt. She hugged her knees to her chest tightly, digging her teeth into her lower lip as she racked her brain for a solution to her impending issue. She was a smart girl, but no amount of schooling had prepared her for this sort of thing. Her crimson hair, thick and luscious, fell in pin-straight strands to the small of her back, and it fell forward over her shoulders as she turned to glance thoughtfully behind her.

Her milky-white Pomeranian, Destati, lifted its small head and peered curiously at her, as if to say, "What are you looking at me for? I'm just a dog." It's incredibly fluffy body shifted and curled back up, returning to its slumber.

Exasperated, the petite redhead pursed her lips and returned her attentions to what was resting seemingly innocently upon her baby pink comforter. She leaned forward until she was on her hands and knees and crawled slowly toward the item in her line of sight, never once taking her eyes off of it. Her heart began to pound, but she pressed onward, knowing that one wrong move could put both her and Destati in danger. Tentatively, she placed first her left hand on the edge of the mattress, followed by her right, and then cautiously peered at what was resting against her silk pillows.

He appeared to be harmless—just a slumbering boy dreaming peacefully, his unruly spiky chestnut hair falling into his eyes and casting shadows across his face. However, Kairi's training had taught her differently. She knew specifically what to look for in this situation: the telltale black cross tattoos on the fronts of the shoulders; the sunken eyes in hollow sockets; the pale, gaunt flesh stretched firmly over bones; the pair of open, gaping wounds in-between the shoulder blades . . . This boy had all of these indicators, the most significant of which being the twin fangs peeking out from his slightly-parted lips. Now, this normally would be something that Kairi could handle . . . If this were a typical bloodsucker.

The difference between the typical vampire and this boy was the fact that he was asleep. It was nearly midnight—he should have been awake, especially if he truly was what his tattoos indicated. Instead, he was snoring softly. And on her bed, no less! This just wouldn't do. Not in the house of the two most notorious vampire hunters, and not in the bedroom of their equally prestigious daughter. Her parents had left on a mission in another country, leaving her alone with Destati to fend for herself. She had been taught how to protect herself, and she wasn't planning on failing them simply because she didn't know what the boy was.

He stirred in his sleep so suddenly that Kairi sucked in her breath, her chest heaving as she struggled to regain control of herself. She forced herself to focus. This situation was what her parents had spent years training her for. He was visibly taller than her, lean and with defined muscular features. He was shirtless, clad only in a pair of loose-fitting black slacks, and Kairi could clearly see a scar that bisected the center of his chest. It was bright pink, like new flesh, and quite long. She briefly wondered where he'd received it, but then shook the thought from her head. She needed to stop daydreaming and start thinking. A vampire was asleep in her bed.

Er . . . Well, if he even was a vampire . . .

The longer she looked at him, the more bewildered she became. He certainly had the appearance of a bloodsucker, there was no doubt about it. What really confused her, though, was him being in such a deep slumber. How could a vampire be asleep? And when the light of the moon was shining so brilliantly through the bedroom window, no less! This was unnerving.

Destati whined a little bit, low in his throat, and Kairi backed away from the bed rather quickly. The Pomeranian got up and crawled into her lap, forcing her to have to sit cross-legged to accommodate his tiny, furry body. She chewed her lip again, absentmindedly petting the dog's head while she stared over at the snoozing boy. Odd that he looked so familiar, yet she couldn't figure out why.

Suddenly, Destati went completely rigid and hopped out of Kairi's embrace. He faced the window, fur standing completely on end, and growled viciously up at the glass. Panicked that the vampire-boy-thing might wake up, she scrambled to grab the puppy and shush him. She couldn't have him coming out of his slumber just yet—not when she hadn't had the chance to grab any of the weaponry that she had hidden in the chest beneath her bed.

Before she could do any of the aforementioned things, there was a loud crashing sound as the glass of the window exploded. Razor sharp shards rained throughout the area below the sill, showering both Destati and Kairi. She threw her body protectively over the shivering dog, shielding him from the remnants of whatever had happened to the bedroom window. Destati continued to bark and growl, huddling close to Kairi's stomach and glaring at the now-open hole in the wall.

Kairi suddenly felt cold, and she glanced up. Standing in the window, blocking the light of the moon, was another boy. This one looked exactly like the boy that was already in her room; the only difference was that this boy had spikes that were ink-black and a set of amber eyes so piercing that it chilled her blood. Terror gripped her and she grabbed hold of Destati, finding herself unable to move.

The mattress of her bed shifted, and then the sleeping boy was no longer asleep. He was now crouched on the floor in front of her, knees bent and hands scraping the carpeted floor. He hissed menacingly up at whoever it was that was perched upon the windowsill, and even though Kairi could only view his back, she could imagine how threatening his fangs must have looked. Her eyes were glued to the wounds on his back: it looked as though someone had stuck a corkscrew deep into his flesh next to his shoulder blades, twisting it and digging deep. Dried blood and gore caked the set of gashes, and had Kairi not seen a vampire die before, it would have disgusted her.

"Get out of the way," the raven-haired beast in the window snarled. He, too, bent low and bared his fangs. They were frighteningly sharp and almost too long to belong to a normal vampire. Kairi clutched Destati, who was growling something fierce; what was happening?

"No," the brunette counterpart spat. A shudder visibly ripped through his body and his flesh rippled. Kairi's periwinkle eyes went wide as she saw the wounded area between his shoulder blades start to shift. The wounds moved and wriggled around, fresh blood as black as night starting to seep out. She cowered against her closed bedroom door, wishing that she could remember her training in a time such as this.

"Sora," the amber-eyed vampire growled dangerously. He lowered his chin and fixed Sora with a murderous glint in those unsettling fiery irises. "Move."

"No," Sora ground out through clenched teeth. He groaned as the wounds began to wriggle again, and Kairi's eyes dropped down to the tearing sound that was coming from the carpet. The creature had extended claws from the tips of his slender fingers and was digging them into the bedroom floor, as if trying to hold onto something solid.

Kairi wanted to speak. She wanted to say something; to demand to know why they were in her room, seemingly arguing over her. She didn't know these two—not that she was allowed to fraternize with the bloodsuckers. Her eyes slid to the right, to the weapons chest. If she let go of Destati for just one moment . . .

In the next split second, all thoughts and plans were forcibly blown out of her mind.

"The throne is mine, brother!" the raven-haired man screamed, the darkness in Kairi's room growing even darker. The creature seemed to rear up, massive black wings unfurling from his back and menacing claws tearing the wood of the house. The window gaped wider and wider, the entire wall of the house being destroyed. Kairi couldn't help it: she screamed in horror. A great howling had begun, a forceful gale whipping her long hair about her head and nearly sending her toppling forward into the air and directly into the arms of the raven-haired beast. She hugged Destati's fur closer with one arm and grabbed hold of whatever else she could with her other hand, fighting against the vacuum.

Sora was there, grabbing hold of her wrist in an iron, painful grip and dragging her against his chest. He was unbearably hot—too hot—and Kairi shrieked, trying to escape his scorching hold. Destati whimpered and clambered up closer to her neck, the heat of Sora's vampire flesh overwhelming his canine form. And all the while, unearthly cries and moans filled her ears, jarring her soul and filling her with terror such as no other.

"Vanitas!" Sora bellowed, and Kairi felt it reverberate through her skin. There was another rush of wind, and when she looked up, she saw that an identical set of raven-feather wings had spurted out of the wounds in Sora's back. Inky blood spattered the walls from the force as he flapped powerfully once, lifting them into the air. He was holding her bridal-style, and she could feel her skin blistering where it touched his bare torso. The pain was unbearable—the fear eclipsed her with icy, vehement greed.

Vanitas threw his head back and roared, his eyes glowing sulfuric and the sound echoing through the night. He leapt toward Sora, but the brunette pushed his wings foward and propelled himself over the top of Vanitas's head. Out the open window he flew, and Kairi found herself swiftly losing consciousness. Her parents had told her that vampires were the undead, cold creatures with no hearts or heat. So why was this vampire the opposite? He was so hot that she could feel the side of her arm and thigh cracking and bleeding—she could hear his heart pounding in his chest.

Who was this creature?

And who was it that was chasing them so desperately?

Sora's feet hit the shingled rooftop of the next house over and the scenery flew by at breakneck speed. In spite of her burning flesh, Kairi threw the arm that wasn't holding the howling, barking Destati around Sora's neck. She had also been taught of vampire's speed. She knew that it excelled the speed of a normal human's body . . . But this? This was beyond that. They had to be going at least one hundred miles per hour, and that was on foot.

There were loud crashing noises, pieces of houses flying haphazardly throughout the air as Vanitas pursued the boy, the girl, and the Pomeranian dog, his claws tearing through wood and stone in his attempt to catch up. Kairi could hear his snarls as if they were right beside her ear, could taste his bloodlust even as they seemingly flew through the air.

And then they were flying, directly over Hume Lake, the moonlight dancing over the still waters as Sora's wings beat against the air effortlessly. When Kairi glanced up at his face, she was startled to see how haunting a blue his eyes were. It was like gazing into the depths of the sea, the waves crashing against the deep and the call of the wild singing through your soul. She tore her gaze away from his exotic beauty and looked over his shoulder.

Her heart nearly stopped at the frightening sight.

The beast was coming, and he had left carnage in his wake. She could see her home burning in the distance, along with the homes of many other people she knew. Vanitas was not just any vampiric beast, she realized with sickening clarity. As she watched him transform in the air, his legs molding together and lengthening, scales of ruby spreading over his flesh, face elongating into a fearsome snout, she put two-and-two together.

The Dragon Prince was hot on their heels, flames burning in his eyes.

Suddenly, Sora had set her on her feet on a grassy cliff that overlooked the burning city and whirled around. His transformation rocked him so quickly that Kairi had to blink twice to register that a scaly blue serpent was slithering through the air to meet Vanitas. She had to let go of Destati to be able to clap her hands over her ears when their claws scraped their metallic scales, the screeching sound piercing her eardrums. She watched on in horror as they battled, swirling through the air in a dance of despair.

What was this? What was going on? Two Dragon Princes? How could this be?

Vanitas wrapped his clawed paws around Sora's serpentine dragon body, his snout gaping to reveal multiple rows of fearful teeth, jagged and made just for tearing flesh from bone. He roared, and with the expelling of air came the flames. They engulfed Sora's scales, making them glow and causing the cobalt dragon to howl in pain, but not before he managed to rip a chunk out of the ruby dragon's corded, sinewy shoulder. They spun downward and landed in the lake, the resounding splash shaking the cliff that Kairi sat upon.

Destati cried out and scrambled away, down the edge of the lake shore and back toward the home that was destroyed. Panicking, Kairi hopped to her feet and dashed off after him, calling after her poor little white puppy. Destati hadn't been trained like the other, much larger dogs that her other hunter friends had been given. Destati was much too small. She glanced over her shoulder once, but Sora and Vanitas were thrashing about in the water, sending showers of sparkling droplets upward toward the moon. Her heart set with resolve and her eyes narrowed.

Whoever they were, they had destroyed her town, and they would pay.

She wandered through the town, her eyes widening at the sight of the carnage that Vanitas had left behind. There were people lying in the streets, not a soul moving, and blood pooling in great amounts beneath their prone forms. She stumbled over something solid and when she looked down, she stifled a scream. A child no more than the age of four, arm outstretched toward something unseen and eyes unblinking in Death's cold embrace . . . And as she stood there, tears filling her eyes at the sight of her dying village, she was lost.

Without taking another glance at the horrors, she made a mad dash for her home, where she was sure to find Destati. Her hair flew out behind her like a sheet of ruby silk and her short white nightgown, soft as satin, rode up to her thighs as her feet splashed in the puddles of blood. Destati awaited her on the front step to the smoldering ruins of her home, staring up at her with soot staining his fur and innocent black eyes. Kairi knelt down and picked him up, feeling the soft fur beneath her fingers and gazing up at the remnants of her childhood, floating through the air, reduced to embers. She felt her heart break and she took a step forward, placing her palm flat against the wood for as long as she possibly could before a sudden blast of hot air blew the flames forward and set them licking the structure completely away. A single tear slipped down her cheek, and then the next thing she knew, she was flat on the ground with a vermilion dragon's paw the size of her entire torso impaling her and pinning her down—one massive claw had sunk deep into the front of her left shoulder, and it was showing no signs of removing itself anytime soon.

As the agony, white-hot and unforgiving, rippled through her tiny body, the redhead's scream tore out of her throat and left her hoarse. She kicked her legs and placed her hands on Vanitas's paw, pushing against it in a desperate attempt to get it out of her. Her blood bubbled forth, dark maroon in color, and spilled over her arm and into the ground where the Earth greedily sucked it up. Kairi moaned, for she had never felt a pain so deep and so true as this.

"There, there, Princess," a voice echoed through her head, low and threatening. It hurt her mind, burrowed into it with zeal, gleeful as it ripped her thoughts in two. "Don't worry . . . You will soon be mine, and it will all . . . Be . . . Over . . ." His snout loomed close, warm air feathering across her face. She turned her face away in fear, and her eyes alighted upon a most gruesome, traumatizing sight.

Destati's shorn body lay in two pieces in the grass, his black eyes seeing nothing beyond that of the otherworld. His blood glinted by the light of the fire and Kairi let out a sob of anguish. She tried again to drag the heavy, painful claw out of her shoulder in her desire to go to her beloved pet, but it was no use. Her life force was now coating her fingers, making them too slick to grab hold of anything but the grass beneath her. She dissolved into tears, now afraid for her life and mourning the loss of her friend.

"Vanitas!" Sora's voice roared out in the surroundings, the only other sound besides that of Death's call and the crackling dragon flame. Kairi saw a flash of sapphire, and then the claw came tearing out of her body, bringing with it a large amount of her meaty flesh and a spray of blood that hissed at it flew into the flames that had devoured her house. Another howl of pain was let loose, and she rolled onto her side, her left hand clutching at the gaping hole in her body. Her right arm was useless at the moment, but she still managed to limp over to where her poor, poor dog's body lay in twixt.

"Destati . . ." she whined, her fingers smearing blood on his fur as she pet his head one last time. "Destati . . ."

There was a loud snarling noise, and when Kairi whirled around, it was just in time to see the cobalt serpentine dragon that Sora had become slip in-between her trembling body and Vanitas's feral lunge toward her. His claws wrapped around the cylindrical red body and slammed it into the ground. He reared his head back, razor sharp teeth flashing in the night, and sunk them deep into the side of Vanitas's throat. His long, tapered tail thrashed in the air as he howled in rage and pain, then finally went limp. There was a flash of light, and then Sora was huddled over Vanitas, both of them in their bodily forms. Vanitas clearly had large teeth-shaped wounds in his ribcage, and his eyes were closed. Sora was clutching him close, hanging his head. His chestnut brown hair, spiky and unruly, was matted with blood and hung low against his head. He slowly lowered Vanitas to the ground and then whirled around, his wings spraying loose black feathers all about, and Kairi gasped.

His eyes glowed an intense ultramarine and his chin-length bangs cast shadows over his face as he turned his attentions to her. Kairi could see his fangs shining with Vanitas's black blood, and she scrambled backward as fast as she could with her crippling wound. Though Sora had saved her, she couldn't shake the feeling that he had every intention of harming her at this point. Terror gripped her in its icy arms and held her down when Sora suddenly disappeared and materialized behind her, his finger tangled in her long tresses and dragging her head back so far that she could hardly get a good breath in. She whimpered when she felt his nose brushing her throat almost intimately, and she clutched her wound with her left hand even tighter.

"P-Please," she managed to gasp out when she felt his hot tongue lapping the pulse that pounded at her throat. His answer was to pull her hair so hard that it hurt, causing more tears to spill out of her pretty cerulean eyes. Her neck bones popped as he tilted her head to the side and exposed her throat to the moon. Her knees buckled beneath her, both from the terror she was experiencing and the excruciating pain in her pierced shoulder, and he wrapped his free arm around her waist. The high heat of his flesh sizzled against her skin even through the silk of her short nightgown and she shrieked as she began to burn. She struggled against him, but he only held her tighter, eliciting a cry from her rosebud lips.

Her training hadn't prepared her for this. It hadn't prepared her at all.

She heard him groan in her ear with want, and then Kairi closed her eyes when she felt the first breaking of the skin. His fangs sank deep into her throat and his lips enclosed around the puncture wounds. He began to suck, drinking greedily. Her body hurt in all directions, but for some reason, the strokes of his tongue against her neck as he fed were igniting yet another fire that night: a fire that rested deep within her loins and had never before been stoked. She gasped and all the pain in her body—the pain from her shoulder wound, the burns on her thigh and upper arm, and the blistered skin on the front of her belly—it disappeared. She felt nothing but his tongue, and the way he was pulling her hair and clutching her close. Her mind toppled over into a coulee of some unknown substance; a Darkness that swirled and boiled and undulated over her skin with every intention of consuming her soul in its entirety. She arched her back and shuddered as wave after wave of the shadows caressed her, panting as though she had been underwater for hours. Her hands left her wounds, reached up, and threaded through his brown hair, tugging him closer. Even as she felt weaker and started to see black at the edges of her vision, she moaned his name and pleaded for more.

Finally, he pulled away with one last suck and then she heard his voice in her ear, calm as the Spring breeze:

"I'm sorry . . ."

And then all she knew was darkness.


Kairi woke with a start and sat up. Her hair was a ragged mess about her arms and many different places on her body were throbbing. For a moment, she had no recollection of what had happened before she'd passed out, but then it all came rushing back with such clarity that she fell back into the pillows that she had been propped up against. She placed her hand against her forehead and then immediately winced when the claw wound in her shoulder stretched and screamed in protest. Gasping, she immediately relaxed her arm by her side and glanced down. Her entire torso was wrapped tightly with white gauze bandages in the form of a shirt, covering her from shoulders to chest to hips. She could see bloodstains at her shoulder, and she tried not to re-imagine the agony that she had felt when Vanitas's claw had pierced her body.


He had torn apart her bedroom, her house, her village, his amber eyes glowing with hunger for her. He had morphed into a mighty serpent with scales the color of rubies and wings that spanned the skies. His teeth had been fearsome, rows upon rows of meat cleavers, and he had burned everything in his path. Everyone in her village had been destroyed, that much she was sure of, including her precious pet, Destati.

She whimpered as a wave of emotion overtook her at the thought of her Pomeranian. That dog had been gifted to her when she was just turning thirteen and he had been with her for five years. While all the other hunters had been given large dogs to train with, Kairi had cherished her much smaller friend with all of her heart. And now not only was her home gone, but he was, too. She cried out when the image of his tiny form lying in bloody pieces on the ground assailed her and she allowed her tears to break free once more.

How had this all happened? How had they caught her by the wayside? Why hadn't she remembered her training and used it to fight back? Perhaps if she had, then maybe she would have been able to escape with many of the villagers. This was the type of thing they had hall be trained for. Granted, they'd been trained in battle against low-level vampires—not the Dragon Princes, overlords of all bloodsuckers in the land of Rydin. Still . . . Her parents had left on their mission with every bit of their trust put into her that she would protect the village with all of her might. She was the daughter of Cloud and Tifa Strife, the most infamous vampire hunters of all; she had a name to live up to, and she had failed. Miserably. She had allowed herself to be blindsided by her own curiosity and hesitant nature, and now she was captured in . . .

Kairi lifted her head and looked around. She seemed to be in some sort of windowless cell made of white marble, the only thing of importance being the large bed that she was lying upon. It was almost comical in that it was covered with finery such as silken bed sheets and pillow covers, and a heavy fleece comforter. Whoever had locked her in her had wanted her to be comfortable, but judging by the metal bars that made up the door out, not too comfortable. Fear filled her as she realized that she'd likely been captured by one vampire or the other, or possibly both. They had seemed to be fighting as enemies at first, but after Sora had bitten Vanitas, he had laid him down gentle as could be. Then, he had come for Kairi and fed from her blood. In any case, she was bewildered and scared and wanted to go home, but knowing that there was no longer any home to go to was enough to make her want to cry again.

Feeling a twinge of pain in the side of her throat, she reached up with her only unhurt hand to press her fingers to the offending area. Her heart skipped a beat—twin puncture holes where the fangs of the vampire had sunken in. Sora . . . Her skin flushed red hot when she remembered how shockingly good it had felt for him to feed off of her. How was that possible? How was she still alive? Vampires fed off of you until they drank you dry, and it was anything but pleasurable. Kairi had never felt anything close to pleasure of that sort, so the entire situation was new and frightening. That a vampire—a Dragon Prince, no less—could make her feel such stimulation was mortifying and horrifying altogether.

There was a loud clanking sound and then the metal bars swung outward. Sora, wingless and in his humanoid form, stepped in and Kairi panicked, scrambling back into the corner of the bed in a fleeting attempt to stay out of his reach. He remained in the entrance, though, looking darkly handsome in a pair of black pants that clung to his legs like a second skin and tucked into brown boots that laced up to his knees, a loose-fitting crème-colored top with three-quarter puff sleeves, and a brown leather belt with a rather plainly-decorated rapier thrust through the side. His russet-colored hair seemed to defy gravity in every way possible, sticking up in all angles, the lower layers of which fell to the base of his neck. His bangs caressed his jawline, falling into his eyes in such a way as to darken his features. The front of his shirt had a plunging neckline that opened all the way to his sternum, revealing very defined muscular pectorals and the scar that Kairi had seen bisecting his chest when he'd been sleeping on her bed. However, it was his eyes that drew her in, so deep and unsettling an azure that they seemed to glow from within and when he looked down at her, she felt as though he could see directly into the depths of her heart.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, and she could see his fangs slightly as he talked.

She didn't answer him, finding herself either too scared or too defiant. Vampires weren't supposed to be alive, and it was supposed to be her job to eradicate their existence. Yet here she was, locked up in the cell of their royalty. She didn't know what to do, but for now, she would remain silent while she racked her brain for a solution.

Sora averted his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck in a gesture that was so human-like that Kairi nearly snorted. He said, "I'm . . . I'm sorry about your dog. He was sweet."

That caught her attention.

"How would you know how my dog is?" she blurted, then corrected herself bitterly, "Was. How he was."

Sora blanched, if it were at all possible for a vampire to get paler, and he said quietly, "Last night wasn't the first night that I've visited you. It was just the first night that you caught me."

Kairi felt her heart skip a beat and stones sank to the pit of her stomach. A vampire had been visiting her at night? Sleeping in her bed? When Kairi had discovered him, it had been because she was having a rather unbecoming dream and had woken up feeling very hot and bothered. When she'd rolled over to go back to sleep, she'd been appalled to see a vampire snoozing peacefully next to her. He'd been nearly snuggling her, their legs tangled together and his knee pressed against her nether regions—hence the reason why her dream had been more on the raunchy side. Fast forward to the present, and Kairi was wishing she hadn't wasted so much time being captivated by his handsome looks and had spent more time running him through with one of her father's blades.

She touched the wounds that his fangs had created another time and regarded him warily.

Sora sighed. "Look, I . . . I can't explain everything to you. I just . . ."

"Where am I?" she demanded, unable to keep quiet for long. "Where have you taken me?"

Sora crossed his arms over his chest and leaned nonchalantly against the wall. When Kairi glanced to his right, she saw that he'd mistakenly left the cell door wide open. She gulped.

"This is Castle Oblivion," he informed her. "You're in the West Wing, which is under my jurisdiction."

"Jurisdiction? Castle Oblivion?" Her voice rose in pitch and she briefly rubbed her wounded shoulder with a grimace. "I don't know what you speak of."

"I rule over this wing of the castle; my brother rules over the East Wing. Our father ruled over the Center up until his recent passing," he said, running his teeth along his fangs absently. "I'm sorry about biting you, but I needed to take you to my side of the castle, otherwise Vanitas would have captured you. I suppose I got a little carried away and you . . . Er, felt the full effects of my abilities."

Kairi's baby blues blazed. "I'm already captured! You have me in a cell!"

"Yes, well . . ." He looked uncomfortable, which was alarming to Kairi because her parents had taught her that vampires had no other emotions or feelings aside from that of hunger or bloodlust. ". . . It was either a cell in my wing, or a cell in his, and Vanitas isn't exactly . . . Friendly. Take your shoulder wound, for example. If he had gotten to you first, he'd be doing much worse to you right now."

Kairi narrowed her eyes. "So why did you sleep in my room? And just how long have you been visiting me?"

"Ever since my father passed on," he responded without missing a beat, as if he didn't find it absurd and invasive to watch young eighteen-year-old girls while they slept. "And because I didn't want to feed off of you. Sleep calms my hunger." His eyes flashed, and Kairi tensed up.

"Lot of good that did you," she muttered. "You still bit me in the end."

"I know," he said sadly, "and I apologize for that. I'm also sorry about how it . . . How it was . . ."

Kairi blushed and then when Sora's cheeks turned red as well, shock took hold. So this was a vampire that had the ability to not only sleep and feel emotions, but also blushed just like any other human. She was simultaneously fascinated and scared, and she mentally cursed her parents for not telling her that these sorts of vampires existed.

"Wait," she said. "How are there two of you? Isn't there only supposed to be one Dragon Prince?"

Sora licked his lips. "There are two because there can only be one," he answered cryptically, and his eyes were trained upon her throat the entire time.

"What does that mean?" she asked, confused and feeling scrutinized under those piercing sapphire orbs. She was consciously aware of the fact that the blankets she had been covered with were slipping dangerously low, and she only had her panties on underneath them. Kairi didn't know if vampires felt sexual lust, but she didn't want to have to find out.

"It means that we need you," was all he said, still leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He looked attractive in his outfit of choice, with his hair shrouding his eyes like that, but Kairi carefully looked away. She knew what she had learned: all vampires were unnaturally attractive as a method of distraction. they used their looks to ensnare prey just as some birds fluff their plumage to gain a mate. Vampires were dark and dangerous and needed to be avoided or killed at all costs.

"For what?" she asked, still bemused.

Sora arched one perfectly sculpted brow and smiled a lopsided grin—a quirk of the lips, really. Kairi caught a glimpse of pearly white, straight teeth aside from the fearsome fangs, and she inhaled sharply in her struggle to not be swayed by his incredibly favorable appearance.

"You . . . You don't know who you are, do you?" he asked incredulously. "What you are?"

She shook her head slightly, and when Sora started to move toward her, she swiped at her opportunity for escape. Her hunter training kicked in and she used the bounciness of the mattress to propel herself upward and over Sora's head. In an flawless acrobatic move, she performed a fantastic front flip in the air and landed in an effortless crouch on the marble floor behind him. He looked startled and when he whirled around to stare at her in shock, she grinned and winked at him.

"Love to stay and find out, but . . . I'm getting the Hell out of here, Dragon Prince," she said, tossing her impossibly long hair over her shoulder, and then she bolted.

Kairi made it a fair ways down the eerily blank white hall before there was a vicious snarl behind her and she found herself slammed against the wall with her arms pinned above her head. She cried out as the back of her head smacked forcefully against the wall and her shoulder wound stretched painfully wide, the cold of the stone seeping into her bones on one side and the scalding heat of Sora's vampire flesh pressing against her from the front. Pain exploded in her cerulean eyes and she gazed up into the much taller, much stronger face of a predator.

"Don't run," he spat angrily. "If you do, I'll just catch you."

"Let me go," she said, lifting her chin in defiance and looking him dead in the eye. "Now."

"I can't do that."

"Then go to Hell," Kairi cried before she lifted her knee and rammed it directly into his crotch. He stumbled backward, momentarily stunned and Kairi took the chance to run again. She used her training to the full extent, her slender, lithe body leaping from wall to wall in an attempt to maintain distance between her and her captor. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest and she tried to focus ahead. The hallway was ridiculous lengthy, but she could clearly see a rather intricately-carved silver door at the end of it. She didn't know if it would lead her to freedom, but the hope was what carried her forward through the air.

Sora's hands grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head and slammed her down in the ground. With lightning speed, he was straddling her hips and had one hand around her throat. His cobalt blue eyes blazed with unbridled rage and Kairi's resolve faltered. She could feel him pressing downward against her trachea, blocking her lungs from receiving oxygen. She writhed beneath him, clawing at his hand and scraping her bare feet against the freezing marble floor. Her shoulder throbbed and her lungs shrieked, and for a moment, Kairi thought she truly would die.

The Dragon Prince leaned close to her face and she felt him nuzzling her hair, his lips tickling the shell of her ear.

"I told you not to fucking run," he growled vehemently, releasing the pressure on her throat enough to let her cough and gasp for the small amount of air that she was able to. "Apologize."

Kairi's eyes rolled wildly in her head and she reached up to weakly grab the front of his shirt. She silently pleaded with him to let her breathe, but he was relentless in his violence. She could feel her stomach twisting with terror at the promise of death that loomed high above her head. She didn't want to apologize; she just wanted to have air.

"Apologize," he hissed.

"I-I'm sorry," she managed to whine, and suddenly she could breathe again. She gasped and inhaled deeply, her eyes filling with tears at the amount of trauma that had been inflicted upon her body. She had never before been in such pain; had never before thought that something like this could happen to her. Throat bruised and aching, she let out a dry sob and gazed up into the glimmering azure eyes of her assailant.

"If you run from me again, I will punish you," he told her, sounding almost apologetic.

"Wh-Why?" she whispered, massaging her pained throat tenderly.

"Because I don't have a choice," he murmured before he rose off of her. His fingers seared her elbows as he dragged her to her feet, and she whimpered in pain. Her knees felt weak, but she remained upright, knowing that if he touched her again, she couldn't bear the burning sensation.

"My parents will come for me," Kairi said in a fierce voice. "You'll see."

A sad look entered his eyes and Kairi shivered when he ran his fingers through her hair. He didn't answer her question, instead choosing to say, "The only way you'll stay safe is if you stay in the West Wing. I can't protect you from Vanitas if you run."

Kairi's lower lip trembled. "I just want to go home."

Sora wordlessly turned and set off, back toward her cell. She debated trying to run again, but something in the way that Sora had whispered into her ear had told her that he wasn't kidding. He would kill her in a heartbeat if he had to, and even if she was trapped in the castle of a vampire prince, it was better than being dead. So she begrudgingly followed him, suddenly aware of her scantily-clad form and wishing that she could sink into a hole and hide.

Because she didn't know if her parents would come for her. She didn't know if they would even think her alive if they came back to see nothing but a hollow, burned-out shell of what their village home had once been.

"Let me heal your wounds," Sora suggested once Kairi had timidly re-entered her cell.

"How?" she asked cautiously, hugging her arms around her small body. He was standing in front of her, much more than six feet tall and making her feel unbearably miniscule. Kairi was only five-foot-seven, and him being so tall just made him seem more formidable.

"Come here," he murmured, and his voice had changed. It was soothing and it rolled down the planes of her flesh with calming ease. Goosebumps rose up from her skin and it was incredibly difficult for her to shake her head no. She knew what would happen if she stepped into his embrace—she knew what he would do to her, and she didn't want it. She just wanted him to leave her alone. If she couldn't kill him or escape , then she just wanted to be left. Alone.

"N-No," she stammered, holding herself even tighter.

Sora tilted his head to the side in a most coy sort of way and he took a step forward. Kairi started backing up, her pulse pounding with terror as he stalked toward her with a strange glint in his sapphire eyes. Her back hit the marble, and suddenly he went from five feet away to one foot, and she was trapped. He placed first one palm on the wall beside her head and then the other, effectively boxing her in and leaving her submissive to whatever he had in store for her. Her chest heaved with dread and she kept her arms clutched close to her body in the naïve hope that he might change his mind and leave her be.

No such luck.

"Do you hurt?" he asked innocently, and Kairi could feel his voice compelling her to nod.

"Y-Yes," she squeaked out.

"I can make you feel better," he cooed, dipping his head down close to her ear. He blew lightly into it, and Kairi gasped. Her knees knocked together and her thighs quivered, and she quickly reached out to grab the front of the vampire's cotton shirt

"No," she panted. "Don't . . . Don't touch me."

"Mmm," he hummed against the curve of her throat, "but don't you want to feel better, Kai-ri?"

She furrowed her brow in alarm. Why was he saying her name like that? Like the letters just rolled off his tongue in a lackadaisical way; like he was viewing her as some sort of plaything for him to have fun with. What little inner strength she had left all but dissipated and she was completely engulfed in nightmarish horror. He was going to hurt her, and possibly kill her in the end. He'd said they needed her, but for what? And for how long?

"Please," she pleaded. "Please don't kill me."

Then, he chuckled darkly and one hand left the wall to grip the topmost edge of the makeshift shirt her gauze provided. She barely had time to register what was going on before he'd ripped it away from her upper body completely, leaving her exposed and vulnerable before his azure gaze. She whimpered and lowered her head in shame, hiding her breasts from view with her hands—she was scared of dying, but somehow, she felt that there were worse ways to be violated. Her skin tingled as his eyes roved over what flesh she wasn't covering, and then she cried out as his tongue delved deep into her shoulder wound. Immediately, she felt the magical abilities of his vampire saliva going to work, knitting her skin back together from within. But beneath the soothing healing powers, she felt what she had felt when he'd first bitten her: that strange heat that was pooling in her lower body like a coil waiting to spring. Keeping one arm over her small breasts, she tangled her fingers in the hair at the back of his head and pressed his mouth closer to her shoulder.

"Stop," she choked out when the feelings became too much for her to handle. She didn't know what they were, nor why she was feeling them. She couldn't tell if they felt good or bad, and she just wanted them to stop.

He brought his face close to hers one more time, one hand still on the wall and the other reached down to grip her bony hip. She gasped in pain when his vampire flesh burned her own, but he merely laughed.

"Stop?" he said. "But you're enjoying it so much . . ."

He slowly sank to his knees in front of her, hands searing her sides on his way down, and her entire body began to shake violently with wintry fear. She covered her breasts with her hands again and bit her lip to stifle a cry when his lips dusted across the burns on her abdomen. When the tip of his tongue touched the skin for the first time, she thought she might completely lose her mind. She was petrified of what he was doing to her already, and whatever it was that was burning in her lower body was completely aflame now. She could feel each and every stroke of his tongue against her stomach, and electric chills were heading straight for the place where no one had even been before.

"Ah~" she moaned in spite of herself and her predicament. "Stop it!"

"No," he sniffed haughtily, continuing his actions. He playfully (or was it wickedly . . . ?) dipped his tongue into her belly button, and her eyes rolled up into her head. What was this trickery? Vampires were supposed to be horrific creatures of blood, pain, and death. Why was this the complete opposite? She didn't know what she was feeling, but it sure wasn't pain. Something deep within her throbbed and she rested her head back against the wall, hoping that he would stop in the next few moments.

He did, but it was only so he could briefly grab her waist and turn her so that her backside faced him. Still knelt before her, she felt his eyes on her burned thigh and her bottom, covered only by her panties, and she whimpered. She felt so exposed; it was agonizing waiting for this whole ordeal to be over with. Kairi felt the ends of her hair brushing her lower back, her breasts pressing against the marble wall, and she placed her palms and left cheek flat against it, squeezing her eyes shut as she waited apprehensively for what was inevitable. His fingers ghosted over the swell of her bottom and she felt his lips upon her thigh and without being able to stop herself, she started to cry.

"Don't, Sora," she begged, using his name in the hopes that he might heed her.

"Why not?" he asked. "You're hurt, and this will make you better."

"I . . . I'm scared," she said honestly, her fingernails scraping the wall. "You told me you'd protect me . . . Th-That Vanitas would be doing much worse to me!"

He surprised her with a light kiss to the center of the wound on her thigh, and she tensed up.

"The thing is, Kai-ri, he would be."

And with that, he trailed the very tip of his tongue from the lowermost part of the burn all the way to top. Kairi knew that he was healing her and making it so that she was no longer in pain, but . . . This was overwhelming. Her entire body was shuddering with whatever she was feeling, and small moans that she had never heard herself make before were singing out of her lips. The more attention Sora lavished her wounded thigh with, the hotter the room seemed to become. Every lash of his tongue made her nether regions throb and she rose up on her tip-toes in a last ditch effort to escape him.

"S-Sora," she gasped. "Please . . . S-Stop, ah! Stop!"

He ignored her, and she felt him place a hand on her rear, outside her panties. She squirmed and pressed her body closer to the wall, both trying to escape his scorching hot skin and also the fact that he was violating her body. Sweat beaded on her brow—her wound was long healed, and now she could feel him scraping his fangs rather heavily against her thigh flesh.

"No!" she cried. "Please, don't hurt me!"

Sora paused, and in one fluid motion, his body was tight against hers from behind, his fingers tickling her sides with a light, fiery touch. His lips brushed her ear and she held in a moan.

"Don't be frightened," he said. "I won't hurt you."

"No," she insisted. "Just . . . Not there.

"Where, then?" he breathed, his wandering hands moving every which way and focusing Kairi's mind in a million different scattered places. "Here?"

He touched the sides of her breast and she made a high-pitched keening noise, shaking her head wildly. He chuckled and moved his hands down to her rear, his fingertips ghosting by.


"No," she pleaded.

And then, her heart stopped when he suddenly moved his hand around in-between the wall and her pelvis and touched her on the center of her panties. The feeling sent a thrill through her body—one that she had never experienced before—and she cried out in shock. Her head lolled back against the vampire's shoulder and tears filled her eyes.

"No," she sobbed. "Don't . . . Don't touch me there . . ."

"Are you sure?" he asked before he stroked her once, languidly and carefully. Her legs shook and she felt a pleasurable jolt in her loins. It was like nothing she'd ever felt, and her hips jerked backward against his. She didn't want him to touch her there, let alone "heal her wounds" in that place. The thought of his tongue laving that area was terrifying and morbidly thrilling.

"Sora," she gasped, imploring him to stop with her voice.

He turned his face toward her throat, and she could feel his heartbeat quicken against her back. His nose touched her neck, inhaling deeply of her scent and he shivered, filling Kairi with a sickening fear that did nothing to override the strange sensations that were shooting through her body from his gently-caressing fingers. He placed a lingering kiss to her pulse.

"Here?" he whispered, and Kairi knew that she had better answer, else he make a decision on his own.

"Yes," she whimpered. "There."

Without further ado, he hissed and buried his fangs in her flesh, piercing the skin and tasting of the blood that came spilling out. If it weren't for his strong body holding her against the wall, she would have collapsed from the multiple feelings assaulting her body at that particular moment. The pace of his fingers against the center of her panties quickened when his tongue tasted her sweet blood and her breathing grew ragged, her hips moving against his hand. He drank and drank and drank, all the while listening to the mewling noises that she was making, and then he let her go. He stepped completely away from her, watching her crumple onto the floor, leaving her with a nauseating unsatisfied feeling. She huddled over to hide her chest from his sight, a few drops of her blood dripping onto the floor, and looked up at him when his boots came into her line of sight.

"Let me go," she whispered, her body shaking. "Please . . . Just let me go."

"I can't," he replied in a gentle tone. "I'm sorry."

"Then just go," she said. "Leave me alone."

He looked as though he wanted to speak, but then thought better of it, and turned to go. Kairi watched him, her eyes trained upon the gaping wounds on his back that marked where his wings came out. He really was undeniably handsome—a malevolent aphrodisiac of the darkness.

Kairi curled up into a ball on the floor, body racked with sobs as she cried herself into the land of slumber.


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