A/N: Welcome back to Chapter Three! I know the plot seems to be moving slowly, but I'm letting out a bit at a time, so that you may question more and more! Also, I hope nobody minds all the sexual content. True vampires are very sensual, I believe, and honestly . . . They're supposed to be creatures of Hell. Vampires are dark, lustful, sexual, blood drinkers. Anyway . . . Enjoy this chapter!

WARNINGS: Some MATURE, SEXUAL content at the end of the chapter. Other than that, standard warnings apply.



Kairi woke to chattering teeth, aching bones, and an insistent throbbing in her lower body. She groaned and rolled onto her back, realizing that she had fallen asleep on the cold, rock floor without any blankets or pillows. She gritted her teeth and sat up, her spine and hip bones cracking, and she peered around the room. To her surprise, it was no longer surrounded in pitch black. She could see clearly now that she was in a prison cell that was small and made completely of grey stone, and there was—again—no windows or lights. She frowned, wondering how it was possible for her to be able to view everything with such clarity, but brushed it from her mind when she remembered where she was and what had happened to her the night before.

The red head shivered and pulled her knees to her chest gingerly. She was completely naked, and she was in terrible pain. She had no other thoughts besides that of her home, and she wished that she had wings. Kairi had often found herself waking up from restless slumber with the intense desire to sprout beautiful white wings that spanned the skies and took her far, far away. It wasn't that she didn't want to be a Hunter like her parents . . . It was just that it was hard, living your life knowing exactly where you were going. Where was the joy of discovery?

Well, now that she was lying curled up on the floor of one of the Dragon Prince's dungeon cells, she certainly had gotten the element of "surprise" back into her life, hadn't she?

Kairi wasn't sure she wanted it this way.

"Wake up, Princess," a voice purred into her ear so suddenly that she had to clamp her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream of shock. She immediately tried to crawl away to the other side of the empty room when a clawed hand lying gently on her hip told her that perhaps it wasn't so empty after all. The hand dragged backward, forcing her to lie flat on the floor and pinned her by her waist. The concrete dug into her bruises, as it had all night, and she found herself staring up into the devilishly handsome face of her captor.

Vanitas dipped his head down to her shoulder and pressed a kiss there that was the complete opposite of how his kisses had been the night before. It was almost as though he were acting more like his counterpart, Sora, and she was reminded of that fact as he trailed his lips softly up to the curve of her earlobe. She felt the chills running down her spine like they did when Sora touched her, and she clenched her fists by her sides. It was no use fighting, anyway—it might make him angry.

"Hmm?" he breathed. "No fight left? Perhaps I succeeded in breaking you . . . ?"

Kairi squeezed her eyes shut as his tongue traced a circle around her pulse point, and she accidentally let out a short breath. Vanitas paused and lifted his head enough to peer down at her incredulously.

"You like that, don't you?" he chuckled darkly, and his hand swiftly moved down the front of her abdomen. "It's because of Sora, isn't it? He's always so gentle with you, and it's only been a day."

Kairi bit down hard on her lower lip when his fingers slowly massaged her sacred area, causing her thighs to tremble. She felt sick to her stomach at the feelings he was awakening inside of her; sick that a monster was so easily able to reduce her to ashes. She was supposed to be strong—Hunters weren't supposed to fall for vampire tricks.

And a trick it was, because the second she arched her back in pleasure, his touch turned rough and invasive, and his fangs sunk violently into her throat. All traces of desire left her body and she screamed in agony, trying desperately to push him away. She had forgotten that this wasn't Sora, and even if she hated Sora, too, he didn't hurt her like Vanitas did. She could feel his saliva burning her skin, his hot tongue drinking her blood greedily, and she wanted to faint.

When he was done, he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up to her feet. She kept her gaze lowered, feeling simultaneously ashamed and despondent. Kairi could barely stand upright, as everything felt as though it was going to tear apart at the seams if she made any sudden movements, but Vanitas didn't wait for her to regain her composure. He held out a hand, a dark aura shooting outward from his palm and blasting the cell door open. He strolled forward with purpose, dragging her along behind him just as he had the night before, only this time she could see everything.

The East Wing was just as sparsely-decorated as Sora's side of the castle, except for the velvet rug that traveled down the length of the dim hall. There were twists and turns, stairwells and doors made of stone, and he whisked her along so quickly that she could hardly register what she was seeing, let alone remember it. Again, she realized that she could see clearly, but there were no lights or windows, just like in the West Wing. It was an unsettling reminder of the power of vampires as well as their ultimate weakness: sunlight.

More than anything, it made her feel completely and utterly trapped.

"Little Sora's not gonna be happy when he sees you," someone snidely remarked, and Kairi found herself pushed onto her knees in the middle of the carpeted floor. She briefly glanced around and saw that they were in a room with no furniture save for a mirror and an elegantly-carved budoir. It was open, and she could see piles of fabric hanging within it. Then, she looked up and was shocked to see a raven-haired girl that was just as hauntingly beautiful as Vanitas, with eyes as blue as the sea and fangs as fearsome as knives.

"Master, you never waste any time, do you?" the girl said, kneeling down before Kairi and studying the wounds on her naked body closely. Kairi hunched over, attempting to wrap her arms around her chest to hide herself. The girl's eyes flashed and her hand lashed out. Kairi felt splitting, searing pain as claws laid open the flesh of her forearm, and she quickly unveiled her body, lowering her gaze in fear.

"Of course not," Vanitas laughed, and Kairi felt his hand slip out of her hair. "How severe are her wounds, Xion?"

Xion tsked. "You really did a number on her. Are you sure you want me to heal them? It's always so much more fun when they're weaker . . ."

Kairi held back a whimper at the thought of a female vampire healing her. If Sora was pleasure and Vanitas was pain, then what would Xion be?

"No," Vanitas sighed boredly, "Sora will want to have those honors. And besides . . . It'll be a delicious treat to see his reaction. He's always been so protective over her."

"Mmyes," Xion said thoughtfully, slowly standing. She was wearing a simple yet beautiful dress made of black velvet that fell to the floor in many sweeping skirts. It had long sleeves that ended in points over the backs of her hands and a neckline that draped off of her shoulders and exposed not only her collarbones, but the angry-looking puncture wounds that littered her porcelain flesh. Kairi couldn't help but stare at her dark beauty—was this girl to Vanitas what Namine was to Sora?

Xion drifted over to the budoir and began to pick through the fabric and cloth that lay within, saying, "He made you wait for so long, Master . . . Isn't there more you can do to teach him a lesson?"

Vanitas had started stalking up to her from behind. "Possibly," he teased lightly, his hands coming to rest upon her shoulders. He was wearing nothing but a pair of black pants, much like Sora seemed to prefer, and Kairi could clearly see the twin wounds on his back where wings probably sprouted from time to time—wings she so yearned to have.

Kairi watched with wide eyes as Xion's head fell back against Vanitas's chest and he began to feed upon her noisily. Xion was obviously enjoying it to the utmost degree, as her hands were tangled in his hair and she was moaning so loud that it echoed around the large room. Kairi closed her eyes and turned her face away, as if the horrific sight of a vampire feeding off of a vampire could be erased from her mind. She hugged her knees to her chest and waited for it to end.

"Master," Xion huffed breathlessly, "Have you not completely broken her yet?"

"No," he said, stepping away from her to turn and gaze down curiously at Kairi. "I can see it in her eyes—her resilience is fierce. She won't be broken so easily."

Kairi cried out when he suddenly appeared in front of her and slammed her against the far wall. Pain lanced through her like a shot rocket, leaving her dazed and bewildered. Vanitas's glowing amber eyes bored into hers, refusing to allow her to look away.

"Tell me, Princess," he murmured. "What will it take to break you?"

And then, as if bubbling forth from some unknown spring of strength, Kairi spat, "More than what you can do to me."

Vanitas's eyebrows shot up into his ink black hair and he threw his head back in laughter. "So she still has some fight left in her? Girl, you're lucky I'm due to bring you back to Sora . . . Otherwise, I'd show you just what I could do to you."

Kairi felt fear creeping up into her senses again, but she forced her face to remain determined. Because Vanitas had been correct: she wasn't broken yet, and it wouldn't be easy for him to do so. He had destroyed her home and her people, ripped her best friend into two pieces, beaten her black-and-blue, and raped her. He'd already done everything he possibly could, and still she had resolve. She didn't know what for, because it was looking like there wasn't going to be any sort of escape anytime soon, but it gave her warmth for the cold night, and that's all that mattered to her.

Vanitas would not win.

"She can wear this," Xion suddenly announced, holding up a dark emerald-green dress made of silk for Vanitas and Kairi to see. It laced up the front with gold thread and had short sleeves. The skirts were long and full, just as Xion's were, and in the back, there was a gold bow with long tails. The dress was pretty enough, but Kairi couldn't see the point in it. She didn't want anything that marked her as Vanitas's property.

Nonetheless, she wasn't powerful enough to stop Vanitas from forcing her into it and lacing her up tightly. His hands cupped her breasts viciously after he had finished and he grinned leerily down at her when she winced.

"Don't get too comfortable over there tonight," he growled. "Because before you know it, it'll be my turn to have you spend the night."

Kairi glared up at him and said nothing, so he grabbed her by the long, long hair again and started dragging her out the door. Xion gave one last little wicked laugh, and then they were off down the hall again. Eventually, they came to the double doors that led to the Center, and then Kairi's eyes were stinging with the brighter appearance of the area compared to Vanitas's darkness.

"Looks like he isn't here yet," Vanitas sighed. "Late, as usual."

Kairi yelped when she found herself pinned to the marble floor yet again by her shoulders, hidden by the large golden throne to their right. She pressed her palms flat against his chest in a futile attempt to keep Vanitas's searching fangs away from her flesh, but it was no use. Her body hurt in way too many places to fight him off.

"Just one more little taste, shall we?" he whispered before he bit down on the expanse of creamy skin that swelled above the bodice of her silk dress. She immediately shrieked and arched her back as stars exploded behind her closed eyelids. This hurt worse than the other bites, and Kairi wanted nothing more than for it to stop. When was Sora coming again? Her fingers clawed at his face and throat, but it only seemed to egg him on. Her eyes went wide as wings unfurled from his back, curving around their bodies to hide them from view. One of his hands covered her mouth to keep her quiet and she writhed desperately beneath him as the pain threatened to swallow her whole.

Just then, Vanitas was ripped violently away from her, leaving her gasping for air and clutching the bleeding wound above her breast with her hands. She sat up, her hair a tousled mess around her body, and stared in shock as Sora and Vanitas went crashing against the nearby wall. Vanitas's wings spewed feathers about haphazardly as their claws tore into one another and they swiftly morphed into their Dragon forms, scales sliding against one another as they battled. Ruby met sapphire in an explosion of fire as their serpent tails lashed at one another, and up into the air they went, a deadly blur of sharp teeth and wings. When they came back down to the ground, they were in their humanoid forms. Both of them had horrific wounds to their bodies that no human would have been able to survive, and Kairi felt as though someone had just taken her brain and thrown it into a whirlpool. Everything had happened much faster than the eye could follow, and she still wasn't sure she knew what had exactly happened.

"What the fuck did you do to her?!" Sora roared, his golden aura exploding outwards from his body in waves of power and electricity. Kairi screamed as an unseen wind whipped her head over heels backward, and she tumbled into the wall. She looked over at the two brothers, and was shocked to see that though Sora looked as if he wanted to murder him, Vanitas was laughing heartily.

"You stupid bastard!" Vanitas exclaimed. "I told you I would break her . . . Didn't believe me? Well, take a good look!" His wings beat downward once, lifting him into the air, and he zoomed into Sora's face, holding his withering gaze.

"Vanitas," Sora hissed, baring his fangs animalistically. "What. Did. You. Do. To. Her?"

Vanitas giggled madly and kissed his brother languidly on the cheek. "I fucked her," he said simply before he spun around and flew up into the rafters of the high ceilings. He hooked his legs around one beam and hung upside down from it, his spiky black hair falling away from his forehead. "Jealous, much?"

Sora looked over at Kairi, and if she wasn't already pressed against the wall, she would have taken a step back. The look in his eyes . . . It was like someone very near and dear to him had died by his own hand, and he'd had to watch the life leave their eyes. How could he feel that way over her if they'd never spoken before he'd kidnapped her? She felt her blood turn to ice in her veins, and then there was a flash of light so bright that she had to close her eyes against the pain of it.

Then, she heard Vanitas gasp in outrage. "You . . . ! How did you . . . ?! Fine, brother! If you want to play it that way! Grrrrraaaah!"

There was the loud clanging of metal upon metal, and when Kairi opened her eyes, she was astonished to see that somehow, they both had drawn weapons out of thin air. Vanitas's blade was black as night and shaped like a lightning bolt, all sharp edges and spiked surfaces. Sora's blade strangely looked like a giant key, silver blade and golden hilt, but as odd as it looked, it struck true with every swing.

Sora leapt forward with deadly speed, his blade biting deep into Vanitas's shoulder and arm. He pulled it back, blood spraying outward and jumped back. When he leapt forward this time, Vanitas parried his blow, nearly knocking Sora flat, but the vampire was lithe enough to land on one knee. He growled, one hand on the hilt and one on the bloody teeth of the key, glaring up into Vanitas's face as he hit the silver again and again.

"How did you get that?" Vanitas snarled. "How?"

Sora ignored him, using the momentum from him leaping onto his feet to shove Vanitas back. The raven-haired vampire stumbled on his feet and then tossed aside his black blade. It disappeared in a gush of dark shadows, and then the purple-black aura that Kairi had seen him use earlier began to hover above his body, flowing toward his hands. His wings beat, lifting him up into the air as an invisible wind whipped his long hair about his face. The way his eyes were glowing sunset through the black strands was enough to fill Kairi with terror . . . His hands all over her body, ripping her apart as he thrust with wild abandon and drank her blood . . . She began to scream, covering her eyes and shaking her head. Was he . . . Was he putting these images into her mind?

"Vanitas!" Sora bellowed. "Knock it off! Leave her alone!"

Vanitas laughed maniacally and raised his arms above his head. The aura continued to grow, spheres of darkness swirling around and around. He sent one forward, and it crashed into the ground at Sora's feet, the brunette barely managing to nimbly tuck and roll away. He landed in a low crouch, still brandishing his key-shaped weapon as he eyed Vanitas warily.

But Vanitas did not stop there. He created more balls of darkness, each one becoming bigger and more powerful than the last, narrowly missing Sora as he tired himself out. He was leaping about and using his wings to get himself out of the way of each one, cursing angrily when Vanitas turned his attention to Kairi. He brought his hands together, fusing two of the spheres into one ball of crackling energy that Kairi knew would cook her alive. She trembled with terror, knowing that there was no way she had the energy or the skills to dodge that thing.

Sora was in front of her, the breeze from his wings blowing her hair back as he deflected the sphere with the flat of the overlarge key. It went screaming across the room, tearing apart a gaping hole in the stone that was yards deep. Vanitas's amused expression intensified and he continued to aim his onslaught at Sora, who was putting up a valiant effort in his attempt to shield himself and Kairi.

Kairi could only cower there in fear and awe, wondering why Sora was trying so hard to protect her. She could see that even with his expert speed and abilities, he was still being singed by the electrically-charged spheres—his blood was pooling on the marble below them, slowly spreading out toward her feet.

"Enough of this!" Sora suddenly roared. He held onto the hilt of his blade with both hands and, just as one of Vanitas's spheres nearly collided with his chest, he swung. It went flying back toward Vanitas with lightning speed, crashing into his stomach and sending him plummeting down to the ground. He alighted on his feet, an ugly burn marring his flat abs, and shot Sora a glare so full of white-hot fury that Kairi had to look away. He started running toward Sora, both of his hands glowing purple.

But Sora wasn't done with him yet.

Before Vanitas could reach him, Sora moved forward, holding his blade low at his side with both clawed hands. His face was twisted into a look of determination as he swung the silver, feeling the cold metal slicing into Vanitas's flesh. Blood spurted out across Sora's path, causing him to twist to the right to avoid the warm liquid. Kairi rolled to the side to avoid it as well, and she was startled to see steam rising from it where it landed. She quickly turned to look at the fight again, and was shocked when Vanitas opened his mouth and roared so loudly that it pierced Kairi's eardrums. Sora went flying across the room, twisting around like a feline and landing in a crouched position with narrowed eyes.

Vanitas whirled around and headed straight for Kairi, surprising both the brunette and the redhead. Kairi screamed and threw her hands up to protect herself, but it was futile. She felt him slamming his palm against her stomach, and then the electricity sinking into her body and exploding from the inside out. She felt her muscles convulsing as a terrible, ferocious agony rippled along each and every nerve in her body. She arched her back and her mouth fell open in a bloodcurdling scream. She said the only thing she could think of to say.

"Sora, h-help!"

Sora let out a scream of rage and disappeared. He rematerialized directly beside Vanitas, and Kairi could swear his cobalt eyes were on fire. He stood sideways, head lowered as he struggled to contain his temper. His arm was outstretched, the tip of his key aimed straight for the side of Vanitas's ribcage. Kairi could see his chest heaving, his fangs glinting, and blood pouring out of numerous wounds on both of their bodies. She couldn't even move, the pain lingering in her body in the aftermath of Vanitas's attack being so overwhelming that tears were filling her eyes.

"Get away from her," Sora shouted hoarsely, the golden aura around his thin, toned body growing brighter with the strength of his anger. "NOW!"

Vanitas turned before anyone could blink and summoned his lightning bolt blade. It clanged loudly against Sora's key, and then they were fighting again, meeting each other strike for strike and blow for blow. They came together and jumped apart, and Kairi could swear that all she could see was blood. Why was Sora doing this for her sake? Why was he dragging this out?

Vanitas fended off one of Sora's thrusts with ease and then brought his fist slamming into Sora's gut. He sent the brunette vampire backward about ten yards, but Sora was prepared for an attack such as that. He pivoted on his right foot, twisted his upper body around, and let his silver blade fly out of his fingers. The sound of it thrumming through the air, end over end in a deadly spiraling arc, was audible as it opened up a horizontal gash in Vanitas's stomach. He fell to his knees, de-summoning his blade, and Sora caught his own as it came soaring back into his waiting grip. He appeared directly in front of Vanitas, pointing the blade directly at his throat.

"Are you done, brother?" Vanitas said, coughing weakly as he clutched his stomach. Kairi could see blood leaking out from between his fingers.

"I should kill you right now," Sora spat angrily, and Kairi saw his aura pulsate brightly for a moment before it dimmed down again. "But you're my brother."

Vanitas shook his head. "What, do you want me to thank you? Fuck you, Sora!"

"Just leave, Vani," Sora hissed.

Vanitas turned and was in front of the door to the East Wing within moments. He placed his palm flat against the door and glanced at Sora over his shoulder as the door was unlocking. Sora was standing there, covered in wounds and blood and sweat, chest heaving with exertion. His blade hung loosely in his hand at his side, and his wings drooped tiredly. Despite all of this though, a fierce light continued to burn in Sora's eyes and at the sight of it, Vanitas smirked.

"Don't play with your food, Sora," Vanitas murmured with a small smirk. "Isn't that what Daddy used to tell us?"

He disappeared through the door, and as soon as he was gone, Kairi let out a breath that she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Her adrenaline faded and she slumped forward on the ground, having lost the energy to hold her head up. Sora wasn't the only one who was wounded . . .

"Namine!" Sora shouted, and the blonde girl came from nowhere. Kairi briefly wondered if she'd been watching the battle the whole time, but soon forgot everything when her vision was full of Sora's concerned cobalt blue eyes and Namine's shocked baby blue ones.

"Master . . ." Namine whimpered. "Did he . . . ?"

Sora nodded tersely. "Her blood must be extracted in two ways, Namine—two ways that become one. He is Darkness and I am Light. What were you expecting?"

"Then you knew he would have her?" she whispered, and Kairi's gaze shifted from one to the other in confusion. Light? Dark? Her blood needed to be extracted in 'two ways that become one'? What did all of this mean?

Sora closed his eyes. "I hoped he wouldn't, Namine. I knew . . . But I hoped he wouldn't."

Namine turned her gaze back to Kairi and smoothed her red hair back from her face. Kairi flinched but was shocked when her skin was cool and not blistering hot. Her eyes widened—but she had fangs! How could she be cold like a human, but have fangs like a vampire? She didn't get a chance to mull it over, though, before Sora slipped his arms around her body and lifted her bridal style. Kairi immediately gasped as his skin burned her, but she was too weak to move away. Tears coursed down her cheeks. How much more pain could she stand?

She just wanted to go. Home.

Kairi drifted in and out of consciousness as the two vampires rushed her back to her cell in the top tower of the West Wing. Her waking dreams were nightmarish and hazy, and she saw blood and fangs and claws. There were feathers, so many feathers . . . Ebony and ivory, combining in an avian dance. Then there was Sora's cobalt blue eyes, hovering over her, illuminated by the moonlight. She smelled white lilies, and then . . .

"You belong to me . . . Kairi . . ."


Kairi awoke to the sound of screaming, and it took her a few moments to realize that it was coming out of her own mouth. At first, she thought she might still be in the East Wing, with Vanitas on top of her, and she started to kick and plead. But then she heard Namine's voice, and she knew she was safe.

Or, as safe as one could be in the castle of the Dragon Princes.

Panting, Kairi relaxed against the blankets of the bed and gazed over at Namine. She was smearing some sort of poultice over her wounds, and it stung something terrible. The blonde had a guilty, tender look in her eyes, and she ceased her actions as if waiting for Kairi's permission to continue.

"What are you doing?" Kairi asked, her voice sounding as though it were coming from a million miles away. She was buck naked again, and her dress was lying in a crumpled heap on the floor beside the bed.

"I bathed you, and then we brought you here so I could tend to your wounds," Namine replied quietly. "May I continue?"

Kairi nodded, seeing as over half of her body was already covered in bandages, and she hissed as the cold poultice touched a burn. She lay there as Namine worked diligently, her eyes peering around the otherwise empty white room. She could remember every detail of her nightmarish night with Vanitas, and was dreading her night with Sora. Because he would need to feed, even if she was wounded and traumatized, wouldn't he? Yes, it was true that Vanitas hadn't managed to break her spirit, but all the same . . . Sora still had the ability to do so in other ways than that of pain.

"He's not here," Namine said as she pulled a roll of bandages out of the bag that she had in her lap. She shot Kairi a look. "He won't be coming tonight."

For some reason, Kairi felt a little disappointed. "Wh-Why?" she stammered, cursing herself for feeling anything other than hatred for the vampire.

"He'd kill me if I told you," Namine teased, a small smile playing about her lips.

Kairi's brow furrowed. Vampires were so confusing. Her parents had told her all there was to know about them, yet now that she was in their vicinity, she could see so many flaws in her parent's knowledge. She started to sit up, but Namine pressed her back down with a single look.

"Why am I here?" Kairi whined. "I just want to go home!"

Namine didn't answer her, choosing instead to finish her wrapping and dressing of Kairi's wounds. An hour or so went by, and soon, Kairi was all patched up, save for one more place. Namine looked troubled and stood up, putting her hands on her hips.

"Well, this just won't do," she muttered, beginning to pace back and forth across the room. "Master isn't going to like this . . ."

"Isn't going to like what?" Kairi asked worriedly. "What just won't do?"

Namine paused with her back to Kairi, her shoulders slumping in defeat. "I'll have to go get him . . ."

"Wait!" Kairi cried, her heart beating with fear at the prospect of seeing Sora. She had no idea what kind of state he'd be in after his ferocious battle with Vanitas, and she didn't know if he would want to hurt her. She didn't think she could take it.

And yet . . . Sora would be a welcome reprieve from Vanitas's darkness. Even if it was just to have him sleeping beside her in the bed. Because even if she hadn't consciously known that he'd been coming to her room for months every night, her unconscious mind was at peace when he was near. She sucked in her breath, and then looked at Namine pleadingly.

"Why won't he come?" she asked meekly.

Namine looked thrilled for a moment. "You mean . . . You want him to come?"

Kairi frowned, ignoring her question. "Tell me what it is that he isn't going to like. Please . . ."

Namine looked into Kairi's cerulean eyes for a long moment, an inner struggle waging war on her heart as she visibly made decisions. She sighed and stomped her foot, crossing her arms. It was then that Kairi realized she was wearing the exact same dress that Xion had been wearing, only this one was pure white in color. It made Namine look pale and even more beautiful, and Kairi became even more bemused. So Namine was a vampire who didn't burn, huh?

"Kairi," she said, and the redhead's name sounded foreign on her tongue. "You have an . . . Internal wound . . . That won't heal quickly enough for when you return to Vanitas tomorrow night." She looked uncomfortable, and she bit her lower lip worriedly. "Sora's going to have to heal it, or Vanitas might make it worse."

Kairi felt her cheeks flush red and her stomach twist with nausea. Not only was Namine saying that she was surely going to return to Vanitas and there was no doubt that he'd rape her again, but she was also saying that Sora was going to have to heal the wound that Vanitas had caused when he'd raped her. She had already been violated once, and she was going to have no choice but to be violated again. Her body started to shake and she clutched the blankets beneath her tightly to stave off the terror.

"That's why he won't come," Namine said sadly. "He doesn't want to hurt you."

"He already has," Kairi snapped, her voice cracking. "And what does it matter? I'm going to die here anyway . . ."

"No," Namine whispered, coming swiftly to Kairi's side. She sat down on the edge of the bed, tentatively took Kairi's hand in her own, and fixed her with a fierce stare. "Sora would himself die before he saw you take your last breath. I promise you that."

Kairi felt her stomach flip. "Why? He doesn't even know me . . ."

Namine shook her head. "No, Kairi, he's known you for longer than you know. When you were a child, he—"


Sora's voice sent chills of fear down Kairi's spine, rolling over her skin like dark smoke, and she glanced over in the corner. Sora had appeared there, materializing out of the very air Kairi breathed, and was glowering at Namine with fury. He came toward her and wrapped his hand around her throat, lifting her off the bed and onto her tip-toes.

"You dare to disobey me?" he growled, and Namine whimpered in response.

"P-Please, Master, I . . . I'm s-sorry," she gagged, wriggling her toes as she struggled for air.

Kairi panicked, not wanting to see Sora kill her, vampire or not. Namine had shown her kindness—the first person to do so since being kidnapped—and Kairi didn't want her to die.

"Sora, please," she begged, looking up at him desperately. "Let her go!"

Sora tore his enraged eyes away from Namine and stared at Kairi. He was tall and imposing, and his spiky brown hair seemed longer than it had been the day before. It fell into his eyes, casting shadows across his heart-shaped, handsome face. He slowly lowered Namine until she was flat on her feet, and the blonde immediately prostrated herself in a bow before him, apologizing profusely. Sora didn't spare her a second glance though, his eyes still trained upon Kairi's shaking form.

"Leave us, Namine," he said softly, his tone full of quiet danger. "I know what needs to be done."

"Yes, Master," Namine said, rushing out of the cell.

Kairi stared off after her for a moment, feeling dread forming in the pit of her stomach. If Sora knew what had to be done, then did that mean . . . ? She did everything she could to keep the tears at bay, and started to scoot across the bed, away from him. The mattress shifted as he placed his hands upon it, followed by his knee, leaning over her with determined lightness. Kairi shook her head, whimpering.

"Please don't," she wailed quietly. "I don't . . . I can't . . ."

"Your wound will only grow worse if I don't, Kairi," he said, and something in his voice told her to look up at him. So she did, and when she did, she regretted it. Because there was that look again—that look of grief, as though she were dying in his arms. She was astounded. He didn't want to have to heal her this way; that was why he had originally intended not to come. But then how did he know to come to the room at exactly the right moment, before Namine revealed some of his secrets?

"Tell me the truth," she whispered when his lips brushed her throat softly. She stopped backing away, because she knew it was no use. "Tell me what you wouldn't let Namine say."

"Hush," he soothed, one of his hands coming up to her knee to part her legs. Kairi immediately saw Vanitas's eyes in her thoughts and panic blossomed like fireworks in her chest.

"Nonononononono," she whimpered in a rush as she tried to push him away. His chest was like steel beneath her hands, but it was hot as lava. "Sora, please. I can't!"

He froze and pulled his hand away. He sat back on his haunches and peered down at her with concern in his eyes. Kairi had to look away; she just couldn't get used to the sight of emotions in a vampire's eyes, and whenever she looked at him, she saw his brother. She knew she needed to be healed, but she just couldn't. It hurt something fierce in her nether regions, but she just . . . She couldn't.

"Please tell me," she begged, sitting up. She barely registered that she was naked save for the bandages that were wrapped in numerous places on her body, finding her eyes drawn to Sora's expression. He wasn't looking back at her, though, because his eyes were zeroed in on her neck. His hand shook when he reached up to brush his fingers along her broken collarbone.

"Let me heal this," was all he said in response to her.

Kairi stared at him for a moment. She didn't want him to heal her—she wanted answers, dammit! He had taken her away from all that she knew and loved, and if he really had feelings for her, as Vanitas had said, then didn't she deserve to know why she was there?

"Sora," she said harshly, a note of authority in her voice that she knew probably would have no effect on him.

It did.

He dragged his eyes away from her supple skin and caught her gaze. She faltered, his eyes seeming so deep and so endless, but regained her composure swiftly.

"I need to know," she said slowly, each word measured and careful. Then, she hesitated before she said the unthinkable. "If you really have . . . Feelings for me, then . . . You'll do me this one honor."

He looked taken aback and speechless as realization dawned in his eyes. Kairi regretted her words as he balled his hands into fists on his knees and bared his teeth in a snarl. She shrunk back against the headboard and wondered if her accusation was wrong. Perhaps Vanitas had lied to her?

"Damn it, Vanitas," he breathed angrily. When he looked at her again, she knew she was in trouble.

"I'm sorry," she immediately blurted out, not wanting him to hurt her. "I didn't mean—I was just—Vanitas—"

Suddenly, he had her wrists pinned to the bed, by her head, and his eyes were blazing heatedly into her own. Kairi began shaking her head, feeling the pressure of his hips against hers, and she feared. Oh, she feared. What was to stop Sora from doing to her what Vanitas had done?

"What honor do I owe you?" he spat, breathing heavily. His face loomed closer, passing her until his lips were right beside her ear. "You, who hates and kills my kind . . . ?"

"I've n-never killed a vampire," she stammered.

Sora chuckled. "Oh, but you have, Princess."

Hearing him call her by that name nearly tipped her over the edge of insanity, and she fought against Sora's vicelike hold. Vanitas hadn't stopped calling her Princess, and Sora never had. So why was he saying it now? Was he going to take her, too?

"I'm sorry," she said fearfully. "I don't know what I did or who I killed, or even how I killed them, but I'm sorry." Her voice rose in pitch as his tongue traced the shell of her ear and her heart beat faster. "I'm sorry! I am, please, Sora, please!"

Sora suddenly stopped, burying his face in the pillows next to her head. Kairi let out a shuddering, petrified breath, clenching her fists where they were being held down. She had been terrified when Vanitas had hurt her, but something about the thought of Sora raping her was even more horrifying than that. She blinked back tears as his bare torso hovered mere inches away from hers. God, she didn't want to be in pain anymore.

"Why do you want to know?" he asked quietly. "Why can't you just accept what has to be?"

"Because!" she wailed. "I don't know what has to be! You won't tell me what has to be. You . . . You won't tell me anything!"

He let go of her wrists and rolled off of her, sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet flat on the floor. Kairi brought her knees to her chest and pulled the blankets up over her, as if they could protect her if Sora snapped again. She massaged her slightly burned wrists tenderly and eyed his back warily.

"I . . . Can't," he finally said after a long, drawn out silence. He hung his head sorrowfully. "I'm sorry."

"Why?" she said. "You guys have taken everything from me. Everything! I have nothing left . . ." Kairi's eyes spilled over and she dissolved into gut-wrenching sobs, unable to hold them back any longer. Sora's shoulders tensed and he turned to look at her, watching her cry.

Kairi went on to yell, "If you're gonna kill me, the least you could do is tell me why!"

Sora shot back, "Don't you understand?! I can't. I literally cannot tell you!"

"Why not!" she screamed.

"Because it would destroy you," he whispered, and he stormed across the room. He placed his hands on the wall and lowered his head. "It would . . . Destroy you."

Kairi's tears ceased to fall and she gazed at Sora in shock. Destroy her? The truth would . . . Destroy her? What did he mean? She tossed aside the blankets angrily and got out of the bed. Dashing at his back, she balled her fists and prepared to swing. She was tired of this. She'd been raped, damn it, and she deserved some fucking answers! She leapt the last couple of feet, letting out something similar to a battle cry.

Sora whirled around at the last second and thrust his hand upward. He caught her just underneath the ribcage, causing all of the breath to leave her lungs in a whoosh. She crumpled to the ground, one hand placed over her stomach as she tried to get her oxygen back. In one fluid motion, before Kairi could do anything else, Sora had his fingers tangled in her hair and his knees on either side of her hips. She cried out in pain and implored for mercy with her eyes.

"You want to play it the hard way?" he hissed menacingly, his eyes glinting. "Fine. Then we'll play it the hard way, Kai-ri." Without a word of notice, he brandished his fangs and sunk them into her bared throat. He used none of his powers, and the pain was excruciating. Her bare feet scrabbled and slipped on the marble as her screams echoed throughout the room, bouncing off the walls and reminding her that Sora was a monster, not a human like her. He may have had emotions, but he was an animal and that's what was in his nature.

He ripped his fangs out of her flesh, spraying her crimson red blood down the front of her chest and his chin. He stood up, grabbing her viciously by the arms and throwing her bodily away from him. She landed on the bed, bouncing up once. Terror gripped her as she realized what he was about to do, so she rolled onto her stomach and tried to scramble away. Just as with Vanitas, he grabbed her ankle and dragged her back, digging his claws into her waist until she went slack beneath him.

"Please don't," she sobbed. She couldn't take this. She didn't want this to happen to her again. Not with Sora. He was supposed to be Light, wasn't he? Wasn't he?

"You want to know the truth, Kai-ri?" he purred into her ear from behind. "Then I'll tell you the truth. Truth is . . . Vanitas was right. I shouldn't play with my food, hm?"

Kairi squeezed her eyes shut and prepared for the worst, but gasped in astonishment when instead of pain, she felt his lips kissing the junction where her shoulder joined with her neck. She shivered as his hot skin moved against hers, the slight pain being assuaged by his kisses. He kissed a line over to the back of her neck, moving her long hair aside as he did so, and she dug her fingers into the blankets.

But then he bit her, right on the back of her shoulder, and she nearly passed out. His fangs scraped the bone painfully, and she had to press her lips tightly together to keep from screaming again. Sora fed voraciously, and while that part was painful, his hands were doing very different things. They slid between her stomach and blanket and traveled upward. Her body unconsciously did as it was silently being told, and she bent her spine so that he could palm her breasts lightly. She tried not to sink back downward, knowing that if she did, she would be burned. She could feel his vampire saliva getting to work, making blissful sparks shoot down to her stomach, where desire was gathering rapidly. At first, she wanted to feel repulsed—wanted to fight against him and beg him to stop. But then the pads of his fingers were sweeping across the peaks of her breasts, and all she could think to do was moan. Her cheeks flushed, and as visions of Vanitas hurting her danced around her head, she began to cry.

"Shh," Sora said after he stopped feeding and rolled her onto her back. Straddling her hips, his hands went back to her breasts and he hunched over her, his lips teasing her jawline. "What did Vanitas do to you?"

"He hurt me," she sobbed, placing her hands over his in an attempt to stop him. It felt so good, but she didn't want it. She couldn't stop seeing Vanitas, and frankly, Sora scared her.

"Where?" Sora's voice was breathless as he continued to ignite a fire on her chest, and he was looking at her in a way that she couldn't understand. It wasn't with lust for her blood. It was something else entirely . . . Could it be true? Could he really have feelings for her? He hadn't exactly denied it, but then he hadn't exactly admitted it either . . .

"He . . ." She couldn't find words anymore, because she knew what he was going to do if she told him.

"Tell me where he hurt you," he insisted, kissing her pulse tenderly. "I'll make it go away. I promise."

"No," she whispered. "You're lying."

"I'm not. I promise you, I'll make you better . . ." At the end of his words, something in his voice made Kairi shiver involuntarily, and he began to kiss her neck with zeal. This was much different than the type of kissing he performed upon her throat when he wanted her blood. This was kissing of another kind—the kind that aimed to make the receiver melt into a puddle of ecstasy. Kairi lost herself in it, not really being able to discern whether or not he was using his vampire powers on her or not. She could feel a strange wetness between her legs that wasn't blood, like it had been with Vanitas, and when Sora started to touch her bare breasts again, she cried out at how sensitive they now felt.

'What . . . What is this . . . ?' she thought, looking up at the stark white ceiling with fear in her eyes. 'Why is he doing this to me? Why does it feel so . . . Good?'

When his tongue laved her collarbone, the healing attributes to his saliva making quick work of mending it, Kairi saw stars. His fingers were dancing along her thighs, slowly making their way toward the core of her body, and she couldn't think straight. What was he doing to her?

"S-Sora," she breathed, groaning from the depths of her chest. "Stop . . . You have to . . . To st-stop . . ."

"I'm sorry," he suddenly said, lifting his head to look her in the eyes. "I wish there had been another way . . . That you hadn't had to go to Vanitas . . . I wish there was a way for me to protect you."

Kairi opened her mouth to speak, a little frightened by the amount of emotion he had in his voice, but all coherent thought flew the coop when he touched her wetness, his hot fingers ghosting against her flesh. Her toes curled into the sheets and her eyes rolled up into her head. This . . . Was nothing like what Vanitas had done to her.

It terrified her.

"Stop!" she cried out when he started to stroke her. "Please! I'm begging you!"

He did, but he didn't take his hand away. His hand on the bed by her head curled into the sheets and his eyes were guilt-ridden.

"Wh-What are you doing?" she demanded, her body trembling. With the way his hand was positioned between her legs, any sudden movement caused her to brush against his fingers, sending a jolt through her body.

"I'm erasing Vanitas's darkness," he said simply, his eyes shining brightly against the setting of his pale skin. "Don't you want to be free?"

"I want to go home!" she wailed.

"You can't," he murmured. "We need you."

Kairi sighed, surprising him by sitting up. He removed his hand from her and used it to stop himself from tumbling off of the bed at her sudden movement. He stared at her, and she glared right back at him.

"What do you need me for?" she hissed. "Tell me now."

Sora shot forward, but she rolled out of the way and onto the floor just in time. He smirked at her and raised himself up on his hands and knees on the bed. She hopped to her feet and started to back away.

"I won't let you feed off of me anymore if you don't tell me," Kairi warned, edging around the room. She knew she was being stupid—he would feed off of her blood whether she liked it or not—but she just couldn't handle it anymore. She had to know.

"I'll make you a deal," he said, and Kairi halted.

"What?" she asked suspiciously.

"I will tell you what you need to know . . . If you let me heal you."

"Heal me?" She frowned. "You already healed my collarbone! What else . . . Oh." A bright red blush stained her cheeks as she remembered the original reason why Sora had come to her cell. She began to shake her head vigorously back and forth.

"Aw, come on, Kai-ri," he teased. "Don't you want to get some answers?"

"Not anymore," she lied.

Sora slowly got off of the bed and started toward her, his steps slow and measured. Kairi pressed her back against the wall, his eyes never leaving hers as he inched closer and closer to her. Shaking violently, she started to sink to the floor.

"The more you resist, the harder this will be," he said quietly. "Just let me heal you, or else when you go back to Vanitas, it will be very, very bad for you."

"I can't," she whispered, still shaking her head, her eyes wide. "Sora, I can't."

Sora was suddenly there, pulling her up by the elbows.

"I'm not Vanitas," he said harshly. "I won't hurt you."

As his lips came close to her throat, she suddenly cried, "Do you really have feelings for me?"

He froze, and she felt his hands moving from her elbows to her bony hips. She yelped as he pulled her lower body flush against his, and her blush deepened. He took one hand and placed it under her chin, tilting her face upward. Their eyes met, and Kairi felt her heart skip a beat. This was no ordinary boy—this was a vampire prince who had snuck into her room every night to sleep in her bed because he had some sort of abnormal fixation on her. She was asking him to admit something that she didn't even fully understand herself. He was so gorgeous that it hurt to look at him, but . . . He was a vampire. He couldn't live without drinking her blood. He hurt her, and he scared her. Did she really want him telling her that he liked her?

Did she really want to hear his answer?

Kairi moaned when he took her earlobe between his teeth and nibbled on it. Her knees went weak, and she placed her hands on the only place on his body that wouldn't burn her: intertwined with the soft brown spikes that fell in an unruly mess from his scalp.

"Heh," he chuckled darkly into her ear, his voice sending chills through her tiny frame. "Do you want me to have feelings for you?"

"I don't . . . I don't know . . ." she breathed.

"Do you want me to make you feel good?" Goosebumps pebbled her skin at the touch of his tongue.

This time, she didn't protest. Because she was in pain, and because she was terrified of what would happen to her when she went back to the East Wing. What would happen if Vanitas raped her again, and her wounds inside of her womanhood were still raw and sore and real? So she let Sora turn her around and start walking her toward the bed, kissing her neck sensually as he did so. Her mind spun and she forgot everything else but the whiteness of the room, the soft blankets against her skin, and the scorching hot press of Sora's lips.

When his tongue touched her core, everything fell apart and she started to cry. Because she felt disgusting and scared and sad and . . . She just wanted everything to go back to the way it was. She wasn't herself anymore, and Vanitas had taken away the last part of her that meant something. And even if Sora was being gentle now, she was still going to have to go back to Vanitas, and the worst part was that she didn't know why. Would she ever know why?

Sora hit a spot inside of her that she hadn't even known existed and she had to cover her mouth with her hands. She could feel parts of her knitting back together—parts that Vanitas's manhood had torn apart—and all the while, her body trembled in ecstasy. Sora wasn't just healing her body, he was pleasuring her, trying to make good on his promise to make her feel good. She could feel the pool of longing inside of her stomach beginning to twist and turn, growing and growing as she neared the precipice of a sinfully dark abyss. His hands weren't needed to keep her thighs apart, nor were they needed to press her hips closer to his mouth. She had long since been healed, so why didn't he cease his actions?

"Sora," she moaned. "Sora, please, I . . ."

He paused briefly and looked up at her, the tip of his tongue lashing out against the pearl that lay hidden at the top of her womanhood. She saw his fangs flash devilishly, and she knew that he wasn't going to stop until he was good and ready. He repeated his movement, causing her body to jerk sharply and her back to arch up off the mattress. There was a split second where he let her catch her breath before he set into her again, this time with more enthusiasm than before. His lips, his tongue, his breath . . . That's all she knew, and it sent her careening wildly into space faster than she could count in her head.

"Sora," she choked out his name, terrified at the way he was making her feel. It was different from Vanitas, but she couldn't tell if it was a positive different. Her chest heaved and her breath came in sporadically, and Sora placed his hands on her hips, pinning her to keep her from moving too much. She cried out when he chuckled, the vibrations of his voice rippling through her body lightning fast.

Kairi's eyelids flew open as her first orgasm rocked her, filling her mind with stars and galaxies and sending her heart into the sky. She moaned loudly and dug her fingers into the mattress, her thoughts compiling a beautiful caricature of Sora as her muscles convulsed violently. Dazed and confused, Kairi was so out of it that she began to weep again, not exactly knowing why, trying to catch her breath.

Sora crawled up the length of her body and, while she was still riding the waves of pleasure, he gently sunk his fangs into her throat. She moaned and writhed against him, squeezing her eyes shut at the intensity of the bliss Sora had filled her body with. His lips molded to her skin as his tongue lapped up the blood that spilled out of the puncture wounds, and the way that he suckled at her flesh made her feel like fainting. Her hands threaded through his hair, eliciting a feral growl from his throat. She gasped when he ground his hips against her wetness, his claws tearing at the mattress.

'What's . . . What's going on?' Kairi thought in bewilderment. Her mind felt foggy—like she was wading through a sea of greyness that was too thick to breathe in. She was panting wildly, and she had never before felt so on edge. She wanted something, but she had no idea what it was.

Apparently, Sora wanted it, too.

He dragged his lips up to her ear and groaned deeply into it. "Fuck," he cursed, his body shuddering. "Vanitas was right . . . I want you. I want you so fucking badly."

Kairi's heart hammered in her chest and she felt her whole body flush at his lewd words. She felt a slight pang of fear—would he rape her, too?

Sora suddenly rolled off of her, passing the back of his hand across his mouth to clear it of remaining traces of blood.

"Are you going to leave?" Kairi asked softly, her voice sounding muted. She didn't know why, but the thought of him not sleeping next to her was more terrifying than anything else.

He ran his hands through his sweat-dampened hair and shook his head.

"No," he said quietly. "I can't sleep when I'm not next to you, so . . . No."

"Stay?" Kairi realized that she was tired, so incredibly tired and weakened . . .

"I'll stay."

He pulled the blankets aside and slipped beneath them, covering both him and Kairi with their warmth. Kairi's teeth knocked together at the heat of his body seeping into the mattress and over her, and she turned to face him. She didn't care about anything else but sleep, precious sleep. Tomorrow, she would go to Vanitas, but tonight . . . She would sleep.

Sora's hand inched through her hair, his fingers soothing her scalp. It was tender and raw from how many times the crimson strands had been yanked on recently, and she mewled contentedly at the massaging feeling of his touch. Her eyelids felt so heavy . . .

"Kairi?" Sora murmured, his eyes blue in the darkness that had suddenly seemed to settle over the room. Kairi knew there weren't any lights in there, so how . . . ? But she couldn't be bothered—she was much too tired. Exhausted, really . . . Just how much blood did Sora take?

"Hm?" she responded, eyelids fluttering.

"I do have feelings for you," he whispered. "I always have."

But she was already asleep, her dreams full of white lilies and Sora's cobalt blue eyes.


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