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Here's my Jimmy Neutron story, as promised!

Time and space. That's not exactly the perfect way to describe where the beginning of the end had been taking place this entire time. In fact, the teen genius didn't know what to call it. The war of the worlds. The universes. Realities bended and broke, and he could feel his body expand and constrict as he takes new forms in alternate universes. It sure is something to see your normal three dimensional form flatten, let alone feel it happening, but it does. And after a couple thousand times, you get used to it. Plot twist?

They were so young to be fighting so many.

Yet he or his ally have been used to near death experiences; the main thing they had in common was blaming themselves for the hell they've caused. He had secrets. And so did his friend. They both knew that, and respected the other for not telling. The two were fighting for two separate reasons, but somehow their situations tied together into one. And here they were, sixteen year old boys, watching each other's backs since they were eleven.

One had a bigger head-obviously, all his life he was known for his big head and lack of height, but he was the genius, not them. In fact, he was actually pretty well built for a 'dork'; he was a lot taller, giving no one the right to call him short anymore, with some muscle. He wasn't hard-muscled like Nick Dean or huge like Butch Pakovski-hell, who was? (and he was pretty sure they haven't changed since he had last seen them)-but he wasn't just average either. He even had a four pack. Nowadays he wore his hair similar to Gloomy Jimmy, his moping clone, where his reddish-brown hair is combed down; the difference is that his bangs had a windswept look, making it look messy and untidy, however extremely attractive.

The other, who was younger than him by almost a year, could almost be his brother from their similarities; he too had brown hair, his bangs shaggier in the front, and blue eyes. Unlike his ally, he had buck teeth-still, after all those years-and it was his signature thing. Even though he had gotten a lot taller too, the two fight like brothers by competing for who's taller. As for his physique, he was long and lanky, toughened up from training, and looked paler to his counterpart when they were in his three dimensional domain.

Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner, former frenemies-turned-friends and now practically best friends and battle partners, were standing back to back, attacking each robot coming in their reach. It was hard to tell where they were, but it looked like space with a floor. The sky looked broken, revealing each universe; humans, mutants, ghosts, and other mythical creatures could be seen fleeing their worlds. Screams pierced ears. Blood was spilt.

Jimmy wore a black suite with red transparent protective plates on his shoulder blades, lower arms, abdomen, knees, hips, and ankles. His mask was a dark shade of red, metallic, and had a dark-tinted layer of glass covering his eyes, nose, and mouth; his hair was the only thing exposed, now sticking out in all directions, and the protective sheet of glass can slide open and close on his command.

As for Timmy, he was wearing the same white cloak he wore when he battled Crocker-a crazy teacher who has been after him ever since, like, forever-the one that made his entire face disappear in blackness, and only narrow yellow orbs could be seen; weapons slung in an X formation across his front, on top of a pink tank top. He also wore dark jeans and sneakers, and black fingerless gloves.

Up above, the following event changed Timmy's Turner's life upside down right then. Above their heads, his fairy godparents and godbrother were being chased out of Fairy World by a dark cloaked figure-possibly an anti-fairy. Timmy couldn't be sure. The portal to Fairy World started to close, cracking like lightning, and the sky went from its usual pink to a bloody red.

"Cosmo! Wanda! Poof!" His voice, now deeper, was swallowed in the uproar. But Wanda looked in Timmy's direction, and Cosmo did too. Wanda mouthed, We love you, and Cosmo waved frantically with a smile; his eyes spoke a different story-he knew what was coming. And Poof, little baby Poof, had tears in his eyes. "No!"

But it was too late, for the cloaked figure drew a wand-it was as black as night, and plain-and a whip extended from it. Its goal was clear, and Timmy knew he couldn't make it in time. It would've been less painful to just rip Timmy's heart out.

Cosmo was the first to go, the fiery hot wire wrapping around his throat and squeezed until his body burst. Wanda was next, meeting the same end as her husband, leaving Poof for last.

The last thing Jimmy saw was Timmy's cry of despair and excruciating pain and a floating baby scream in volumes, face red and angry tears running down his chubby face.

There was an explosion of light. Evil laughter. Jimmy wasn't sure what to do, because he was already unconscious, his mind in a blank state.

And then everything was gone.

"Jimmy! Sweetheart, time to wake up! We're here!"

Jimmy jolted up, his head raising off of the car window as he wiped the slobber off his mouth. He looked out the window just in time to the sign: Welcome to Retroville. His heart began to warm up, his nerves back in bundles. The last time he was in his hometown was when he was eleven and left without saying goodbye to his friends. It was one of the most painful experiences he had to go through, but it was for their safety, and that's why he and his family "moved across the country". He hadn't messaged anyone. He couldn't.

The sixteen year old was scared. Would his friends forgive him? Had they changed?...Had he changed, besides the growth spurt and hairdo? Jimmy had no idea.

Before he knew it, they were pulling up to the Neutron household, still the same since he had left. As the three Neutrons-plus Goddard of course-got out of the car, Jimmy's gaze flickered to the pink house across the street.

His heartbeat skyrocketed. That house was the home of his longtime frenemy and rival, not to mention crush, Cindy Vortex. His feelings for her were still there, possibly even grown during their years apart. He wondered what she looked like now. How she's doing. If she has a boyfriend...

"Oooohhh it feelings good to be back!" Hugh cheered. "Let's hurry and unpack the pie!" He raced to the trunk of the car.

Judy sighed. "Oh, Hugh..." She shook her head, her gaze falling on her son. "Jimmy? Is everything alright?"

"Hmm?" Jimmy turned back to his mother, hands in his pockets. "Oh, yes. I'm fine." He was too nervous to go see her now; he wasn't ready, despite his eagerness. "Would it be okay if I saw Carl?"

"Oh! Go ahead! I'll put your bags in your room."

"Thanks, Mom!"

Jimmy walked down the sidewalk then made a turn, approaching the Wheezer doorstep. With a gulp, he knocked three times and waited.

The door opened.

Standing there with his hand on the doorknob was a young teen Jimmy didn't expect. He was slim, his red hair extending to the back of his neck and shaggy while curling at the ends and around his bangs; his glasses were black and rectangular, his hazel eyes widening when he took in the person standing opposite him. The only thing that hadn't changed was his freckles, and his geeky attire.


Carl stammered out, "Y-Yes?" His voice was just an octave lower.

"It's me!" Jimmy gestured towards himself. "It's Jimmy!"

"Jimmy?" Carl stared at Jimmy long and hard for almost a minute when his whole face brightened. "JIMMY!"

The two old friends embraced brotherly, Carl fighting back tears, and Jimmy ruffling Carl's hair.

"I never thought I'd see you again!" Carl pulled back, beaming at Jimmy.

"It's good to see ya, buddy! How've you been?" Jimmy said.

"Oh, same old, same old! What're you doing here?"

"Convinced my parents to move back!" That was a partial lie. "Now I get to start Junior year with you guys!"

"That's great!"

"I know! Say, do you know where the others are today? I was hoping we could all be together and-"

"GREAT IDEA!" Carl stepped out of his house, closing the door behind him, and took out his cell phone. "I'm texting Sheen right now! We can meet the girls at the Candy Bar!"

"Perfect!" Jimmy fell into step with a practically skipping Carl. For the next ten minutes, Jimmy asked Carl a bunch of questions-being careful when he mentioned Cindy and Libby. When Carl began asking in return, Jimmy looked uneasy. This confused the ginger and voiced his concern, but Jimmy assured him that he'd tell him once everyone was together.

Sheen wasn't difficult to spot. Not just because Carl was flailing his arms around and shouting Sheen's name and-well, yeah. Sheen wasn't difficult to spot at all. The Latino turned around.

"WHAT NOW?" Sheen started, but then his eyes landed on Jimmy, who smiled at the Ultra Lord t-shirt wearing teen. The only thing that really changed about Sheen, besides his height and deeper voice, was that his bangs swept up in the front while the rest of his locks were cropped neatly-in a Sheen sorta way. His hair didn't stick up anymore. "Oh, who's your friend? Hiiii, Carl's new friend! Are you another Jimmy replacement?"

"It's me, you idiot!" Jimmy snapped playfully, his tone heartfelt. "I am Jimmy!"

Sheen gasped, pointing and looking from Carl-who was nodding in excitement-and then back at Jimmy, who was giving him a lopsided grin. After several attempts to say something, Sheen fell backwards and fainted.

His two best friend leaned over him.

"Well, that wasn't unexpected," Jimmy commented, and Carl chuckled.

"Oh don't worry, Jim. I'll just give him mouth to mouth resuscitation!" Carl inhaled deeply, mouth opened as he leaned over Sheen and-

"I'M UP!" Sheen bolted upright, causing the two to bump heads.




Jimmy burst out into laughter, feeling true happiness that he hadn't felt in a long time. This happiness was nothing compared to what happened when he looked up, his gaze falling on the entrance of the Candy Bar.

And that was when he saw her.

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I'm not labeling this as a crossover just yet, because I'm thinking and brainstorming as I go-this story is mostly centered around the Jimmy Neutron universe in the beginning.

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