Alright I'm doing it again. I know another story but I can't help it, I'm just in that writing mood! And heads up, this literally has no plot. In the description this is seriously just funny fluff involving all the memories of planning Tamaki and Haruhi's wedding. No one trying to stop them, no other lovers or such getting in the way. No break up and then getting back together at the wedding. Seriously just the story of them wanting to get married.

Summary: They say weddings make memories, when really it's the things we do for a wedding that we remember. All the steps leading up to the big day for Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka. Follow the times they share leading up to their wedding, and just go along with the ride, hosted by the one and only Host Club.

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"I can't do this. I can't do this." Tamaki huffed, pacing back and forth with his hands clutching his head.

"I honestly care little about what happens in your personal relationship." Kyoya sighed, signing some documents. "But could you kindly go have second thoughts elsewhere?"

The two were sitting up in Kyoya's office, which he gained through fulfilling his lifelong goal in over powering his father.

"But Kyoya! You're my best friend! You're supposed to help me in these sort of problems."

"Well helping in your personal life isn't really my specialty. Though I could recommend a therapist."

"But what if she refuses?" Tamaki sniffled. He dug in his pocket and pulled out a ring box. He brushed his hand over the velvet material to blow off any dust or lent that might have been left from the cleaners.

"Unfortunate then for you."

"KYOYA THAT'S TOO CRUEL! What if she laughs me out the door? What if…NO! What is tonight just before I propose she say she loves another man…ONE WITH A MUSTACHE!

"Leave it to you to think something like that up, and what's so worse about a man with a mustache."

"You can't trust people with a mustache Kyoya!" Tamaki hissed in a whisper as if someone was listening in. "They usually are planning something scandalous."

"You're worry too much, and quite frankly it's irritating me more than usual." Kyoya sighed rubbing his temple.

"How can I not worry? I'm asking for matrimony. And what if…she doesn't want to marry me?"

"Well that's for her to decide." Kyoya trailed off and then got up. "I have a lunch to get to now. So if you would kindly leave. Besides," He said looking back at his friend who was sitting on the floor like a child. It was hard to believe that this man was twenty-five, a successful business man, and someone Kyoya at times took seriously and learned from. Still he smirked knowingly at him. "What if she says yes?"

"Alright, I can do this." Tamaki stated in his determination, walking up the stairs to Haruhi's apartment. He ran a hand through his hair out of a nervous habit, pausing outside the door of his love's. Inside, the T.V was going, though it was doubtful that someone was actually viewing it, considering Haruhi would only listen to news.

Hesitantly, he raised his hand and tapped lightly on the door. Waiting what seemed an eternity, the door opened.

Haruhi looked up at him, with just a calm expression, when he desperately wanted to see her be as excited to see him as he her. She seemed to have been working on her hair by the way one part was neatly pinned back a bit while the other half still needed to be combed.

"Come on in Tamaki, I have to run a quick comb through my hair." She excused. Leaving the door for him to close, she walked back to her back bedroom. Tamaki's eyes trailed after her, appreciating the sky blue dress she wore that flowed down to her knees. With her every step it swished around her, and the pin heels she wore made a small little click on the wood floor; the only shoes she wore on special occasions.

He let out his breath and looked around the apartment he often spent his weekends at. The times they spent snuggled on the couch watching movies, times when he visited on work nights and she would come home and rest her head on his lap.

On one of the side tables he smiled down on the pictures of them all back in high school. It was a time after they started to date, and after Haruhi's gender was revealed. It was a group trip in the summer where they all went out camping, and by camping they all stayed in ventilated cabins. All seven of them were in front of the mountain that they would attempt to hike all in usual poses.

Hunny perched on Mori's shoulders, the twins smirking and were about to unfold a devious plan, Kyoya was in the back showing no sign of amusement other than the smallest curve in his lip, and then there was him and Haruhi. His arm was draped over her shoulder while the other waved to the camera; while she just had that one cute smile that showed during moments as those she was truly happy with the Host Club.

"Tamaki?" She asked, snapping him out of his reminisce.

"Sorry just daydreaming." He smiled, trying to cover the nervous feeling that bubbled in the pit of his stomach. "Ready then my princess?"

"You idiot." She blushed. Tamaki held it in him to not admit how cute she always looked when her face became heated with embarrassment, but instead pulled open the door.

"Then shall we?" Haruhi walked out first, and locked the door after Tamaki. "The restaurant isn't far from here, should we walk it?"

Haruhi blinked her large chocolate brown eyes at him in a confused manner at his suggestion. "Sure… I guess."

The two strolled down the side walk, their hands intertwined as they chatted. Listening in on each other's day, though Tamaki did his best to not give any of his plans of the night away, so Haruhi chatted about the case she won previously in the afternoon.

With the wind blowing by of early March, she shivered, regretting not bringing a sweater of sorts.

"Would you like my jacket?" He offered, beginning to take it off for her.

"N- You don't have to." Tamaki refused to listen to her protests and draped it around her shoulders.

"What if I want to? Can't have you getting sick."

"Right, my job is not one that I can afford to be out much on." Haruhi muttered, her face heating up at all the people who saw them pass by. It wasn't the stairs but just the awkward comments of others calling the pair cute. "So where exactly are we going?"

"Oh! A nice little bistro that I've wanted to try." Tamaki smiled, opening the door for her. The two were soon seated and began making chit chat mostly involving an order disagreement.

"There's no way I'm drinking that, it's downright ridiculous." Haruhi said flatly, her eyes holding no expression of her changing her mind.

"But Haruhi! It says that it's the perfect drink for 'those who share true love'." Tamaki argued pointing at the picture on the menu.

"It looks too…flamboyant." She blew off looking back at her menu. It was discussed months ago that 'stupid' was too harsh a word and was only used as a warning signal word.

"Fine, but don't think I'm letting up on this! We'll just come back again sometime to try it!" Tamaki smiled cheekily, his nerves tensed and he could feel his palms become clammy.

"I believe he's talking about the 'True Love's Elixir'." Someone whispered from over in the booth.

"He would want to have something like that." Another voice chipped in. Tamaki froze in a cold sweat and a clump began to form in his throat. Slowly his neck to crane a look around Haruhi and towards the back booth and felt his soul escape his body.

Hikaru and Kaoru were both lounging on one end of the booth, both wearing the same troublesome smiles they kept no matter how old they were. Hunny and Mori were across from them, actually being quiet with Hunny rambling about wanting to sample many of the menu's selections of cake. Then there was Kyoya, calmly sitting in the middle sipping from a cup of tea.

Tamaki spun back to face forward in his seat, trying his best to remain calm. Proposing to Haruhi was one thing, but having an audience that knew him and would hold any epic mistake over him was another. Worst of all the twins… glancing over he could see the same smirks they held. They're going to do something to mess up this night. He thought with a heavy gulp.

"Well, anything with in your interests tonight?" He asked in a shaky voice. Haruhi looked up at him oddly and back at the menu.

"I don't really see something…eye catching." She muttered. "I don't even think I'm that hungry."

"How about an appetizer?" Tamkai squeaked, glancing over at the five. The twins were doing their best to hide their snickers although Haruhi heard and almost turned her head back.

"I… don't know entirely. Just a feel a little bit in the spotlight. Like I'm…." She leaned over to get a gaze into Tamaki's eyes. "Tamaki."

"What?!" He said jumping in his seat giving her his full attention.

"You seem really spacey, are you sure you're not the one sick?"

"No…I just got…distracted! Yes distracted! I thought I saw a delicious dish and was wondering if I should ask the waiter for that. I….never mind. Do you mind repeating what you were saying?" He glanced back over to the booth; all of them were giving him skeptical looks.

"I just feel like we're being watched…"Haruhi trailed off following his gaze behind her. Tamaki's heart stopped, as five menus shot up to hide their faces.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki shouted grabbing her hand in order to receive her attention as well as receiving the attention of everyone else.

"Tamaki, you realize we're inside right. You don't need to shout." Haruhi muttered, turning back to face forward in her chair. "What is it?"

"Should we…order cocktails?" There was a bunch of giggling from the other table, causing Haruhi to almost glance around again. "I mean, you've been working all week, I'm sure something nice to drink would be a little…reliever!"

"I guess…" She said eyeing him oddly. "I'm just going to go to the restroom for a moment."

Pushing herself out from the table, Tamaki was thankfully the restrooms were back behind him as he was able to let out his breath of ease.

"What are you guys doing here?!" He hissed over to them. The five lowered their menus at last and relaxed themselves again for the moment.

"Well when Kyoya said you were going to propose tonight, naturally we wanted to see." Hikaru teased, moving around the ice in his water.

"Kyoya!" Tamaki whimpered, his eyes beginning to flow little streams of tears.

"I thought you would be more relaxed knowing you had some support."

"You know that's the exact opposite of what I would want!"

"My mistake then," Kyoya said not even sounding a bit of remorse. "Should we go then?"

"No way," The twins said in unison.

"I mean this is a once in a lifetime chance." Kaoru said.

"Besides it's going so well."

"Only to you two!" Tamaki hissed, his eyes glaring.

"Yeah whatever," Hikaru waved off. "What kind of ring did you get?"

"Why does that matter to you?"

"Just want to know."

"Well know after I actually get engaged."

"That won't be announced probably until next week." Kaoru pointed out.

"Way too long for us."

"Too bad."

"Come on Tama-chan! I want to see it too!" Hunny pitched in.

"I have to say no to you two Hunny, this is something that-"

"Whatever, it's just in your pocket." The two twins said in unison both digging their hand into his pockets and one came out with the ring box.

"You two give that back!" Tamaki whispered, not wanting to raise his voice, although everyone was looking at the adult men fighting over a simple ring box.

"Just let us peek."


"Come on." Kaoru argued, as the three soon were in a tangled mess. Finally when Tamaki was able to get a hold of the box, he was pulled to the ground in actually clumsiness on the twins account. The box slipped out of his hand and landed on the floor in front of a pair of heels that he recognized. His eyes followed slowly up the legs and looked up at Haruhi's annoyed expression.

"What are you guys doing? And why are you all here" She asked skeptically. Clearly she wasn't in a pleasant mode and immediately the twins leapt off him.

"We just all wanted to go out for dinner." Hikaru said nervously.

"It's all a weird coincidence we all happened to come here." Kaoru added.

"Nothing that ever happens with you six is common coincidence." Haruhi muttered. And glanced down at her feet. "What's this?" She bent down and picked it up, her eyes looking at it curiously.

"No!" Tamaki shouted, jumping up and snatching it from her hand. "You weren't supposed to see that yet."

"Tamaki, what's going on?" She asked with her serious 'tell me now' look.

"This really wasn't how I was expecting this night to go." He muttered, running a hand through his hair. "I was meaning to propose to you…but it's a failure."

"How can it be a failure if you haven't done it yet?" He looked over at her and couldn't help but feel a relaxed smile spread over his lips, knowing that as usual, she was right. Bending down on one knee he opened the box to reveal the silk interior where nestled was a simple ring. Nothing fancy probably under five karat so she wouldn't say how pointless it was to spend so much on, but something that seemed to suit her natural personality.

"Haruhi Fujioka, you're an amazing woman and a reasonable one. Someone I never thought I would be with. You're able to put up with me and complete me. Even though you don't like it when I call you princess, I still want to remain loyal to you…my princess. So will you be my wife?"

"You and big pretty speeches," She muttered with a smile. "I will."

Everyone in the place clapped in congratulations to the happy couple while Tamaki slipped the ring on her finger. His hand gently caressed her cheek, and he leaned down to place a feather light kiss on her lips.

"I'm glad." He murmured. "But now I ask you to permit me to do one stupid thing."

"What would that be?" She asked, her mood turning back to annoyed.

"You let me carry you off bridal style like they do all the time in those movies! That's something I've always wanted to do!" He said ecstatically, though already he picked her up. Haruhi felt her face heat up, knowing that she would refuse to come back here ever again, though wouldn't dream of destroying her fiancés happy mood.

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