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Haruhi left the office feeling the relief that it was the end of the work week. Though it left plenty of work to do over the weekend, not to mention all of the wedding planning that was thrust upon her. She inwardly sighed at the thought. Within the past few weeks when it came to a decision, she really didn't know what to say.

She pressed the down button in the elevator and waited patiently while she watched the numbers go up. Wedding planning wasn't exactly something she always thought of when she was younger, she never really expected it in her original plan. Once safely inside the abandoned elevator she casted a glance down to the ring on her left hand.

It was odd thinking she was engaged to Tamaki Suoh. Her former senpai from Ouran Academy and large business owner that really acted like a big baby. Wedding planning for them was actually downplayed, since it was about week four after their engagement. The dress was something the twins wanted to do immediately, the venue was already set. There had been a few tidbits here and there with other details such as food. The only thing she did have an idea of what she wanted.

It wasn't really that hectic, though didn't feel at all special either. Oddly enough, it didn't feel like what crazy ideas she had expected to see from Tamaki and the previous Host Club. Kings of over the top celebrations. The drive home from work wasn't long and in her opinion a total waste.

As she climbed the steps, her feet were hurting so badly she didn't care bout the oddity of the casual wedding planning and only cared to get out of her clothes. Arriving at her door, she dug in her purse in hopes to find her keys.

"Dammit," She huffed feeling nothing. Her purse was hardly cluttered other than her wallet and a tissue pack. And she regretted never getting around attaching her two key rings together. She huffed in defeat when she couldn't find it, and pulled out her cellphone instead. Meaning she would have to instead spend an evening relaxing, would probably spend it with the holder of her spare making wedding plans.

"Hello my beautiful darling sweet caring devoted honest heartwarming lovely cute precious fiancée." A familiar voice greeted all in one breath.

"Yeeeah." She stated slowly. "Look I know it may be a bother, but could you bring me my spare key? Mine must have been misplaced on my desk." Though she didn't recall searching through her purse earlier and involved taking her key out.

"W...why of course dear. Though why don't you come to get it? Dinner was being made, and it has been a while since...our last sleepover." He said in a seductive voice.

"TAMAKI!" Haruhi shouted loudly into the phone, receiving a questioning glare from a neighbor who walked past her.

"I can't even get to a fresh pair of clothes." She whispered into the receiver.

"No worries Princess." He chuckled. "I have a few items that would be splendid for you to use. See you in a bit!" The line went dead and Haruhi glared at the phone before flipping it shut. Knowing that what her fiancée wanted her to wear and what she liked to wear were totally different things.

I wonder if it would always be this way. She thought to herself. Thinking about how in her future she could be fighting with her future husband about clothing in the future. The thought just shook through her. The drive home from work was a short one, and one that didn't involve her being in a car for too long. The one from her apartment to the Suoh's mansion was as long as she could imagine it to be.

By the time she got to the gate, she actually wanted to stretch her legs on her sore feet. She pulled up off to the side of the house, and got out of the car. First she raised her arms over her head in a stretch as she approached the front door, knocking a few times and waited for an answer.

It was a few minutes until the door was pulled open ajar for her to enter. She huffed out a sigh before swinging it wide open in hopes that if it was Tamaki, which it probably was just trying to tease her, it would smash him against the wall like a bug. I guess Dad's rubbing off on me. She thought with a small giggle when she saw the large foyer of the mansion decorated and filled with many people.

"Congratulations!" Everyone shouted with laughter filling the room. Haruhi only stood there blinking her large brown eyes in confusion and looked around for an explanation.

"Haruhi!" A voice whined before she was pulled in a tight hug. One she was used to feeling all the time.

"Dad….I want to breath." She muttered though he only squeezed her tighter.

"Oh the thought of my little girl getting married. I always dreamed for this day!" He sighed. Haruhi slowly wiggled out from under his hold until she stumbled across the floor to be caught into another pair of arms. When she looked up her brown eyes met slightly confused purple eyes before she bolted up to see her fiancée.

"Ok, so what's going on here?!" She demanded, her hands clenching up.

"Isn't it obvious?" Hikaru sighed from amongst the crowd, shaking his head in annoyance. "We threw you an engagement party."

Haruhi slumped over, realizing the irony about how she had said that it was odd that they hadn't done something as such earlier. And here they were, throwing a surprise engagement party.

"Thank you everyone!" Tamaki cheered with a bright smile growing across his features, while with one arm he wrapped around her shoulders to hold her close to him. "We're both really grateful."

"Wait you didn't know about this?!" She asked looking up to him.

"I knew about it as much as you did." He smiled down upon her. "Once I got home and saw all this, of course I had to become a part of being the one to surprise you."

"So that's why you insisted on me coming." He nodded.

"So you were kidding about it the whole time." A teasing smile played across his lips as he cupped his hand around her ear.

"Who said I was? I might have added that for after the party." He teased, sending her a few feet away to calm down her embarrassed blush.

"Haru-chan, are you happy we threw you a party?" Hunny whimpered, approaching her. "It was my idea…I'm sorry."

Haruhi's eyes twitched seeing tears form in his eyes. "No senpai, its fine. Really enjoyable. I am happy that you and everyone came I'm just surprised."

"Well it is a surprise party." Hikaru snickered.

"Really Haru-chan!?" Hunny exclaimed, fully eager again. "I even got a special cake for you."

"Thanks….but you can have my piece senpai." She sighed, her hand ruffling through her hair. Music began while the other guests either danced or talked with another. Tamaki stood alongside her and watched everyone from the side.

"It was nice of them to arrange all of this Haruhi."

"I know, though they could have left it to us if we wanted an engagement party."

"Well no offense darling, but that might not exactly be your field in planning."

"You have a point." She grumbled. "I just don't like surprise parties."

"It must be true in what they say…." He smirked. "Opposites attract."

She glanced up at him to see him looking down with a warm smile.

"Kiss!" A voice shouted across the room with the clinking of a glass. Haruhi's eyes narrowed as she stared over at the twins who were across the room with two identical smirks while only sipping on their drinks.

"Yes we should see a kiss from the couple." Someone else chimed in.


"Don't kiss!" Ranka shouted amongst the crowd but was drowned out by everyone else cheering for them to do so.

Tamaki's smile turned into a grin while Haruhi only began to blush.

"We should give the audience what they want." He whispered before cupping her face and hunching over to kiss her on the lips. She stood there stunned for a minute before melting into his hold, while her hands gripped onto his shirt.

"Oh…now let's not get to racy!" Hikaru shouted while everyone began to chuckle in amusement. Haruhi's annoyed look turned into one of range as she was ready to lunge across the room. Tamaki seeing her look of terror took the bold risk and held her back to prevent her from running across the room to strangle their friends.

"Now Haruhi they were only joking…joking!" He tried to calm when she glared back at him annoyingly. As her fiancée scampered into his corner of woe, she calmed herself down again and replaced her scowl with a smile. No matter what would happen…an unexpected surprise would come from the host club.

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By the time the last of the guests left, it was nearly eleven o'clock. Haruhi lay lounging on a sofa, with the back of her hand placed over her eyes.

"Why did they have to do that right after work?" She groaned rolling over. The energy used at the party finally getting to her.

"They thought to make it on a day where we wouldn't be too busy doing wedding planning." Tamaki sighed, walking by and leaning over the back of the sofa to place a kiss on her forehead. "May I sit with you Princess?"

She rolled her eyes at his flattery but sat up as he moved around the couch, before placing her head back down this time in the warmth of his lap.

"Well they wore me out, all I want is sleep and I still need to go home."

"I told you that you were welcome to stay here." He whispered, taking up her hand to place it close against his cheek.

Haruhi's face heated up in a deep blush as she sat up and thought to scoot away. It wasn't that she didn't like being close to him. She casted a glance under her bangs to see him watching her expectantly with a smirk playing across his lips. It's just the way he's acting! She shuddered.

"Haruhi what's wrong?!" He shouted seeing her tremble before placing his jacket over her. "Are you cold?"

"No I'm fine." She muttered. "I just should we be doing that?"


"Sleeping under the same roof? I mean don't normal couples wait until the honey moon?"

"But I don't wanna wait!" He wailed. "I want to snuggle with you. Besides I don't want you to drive home alone in the dark it could be dangerous."

"Tamaki, I've driven in the dark before." She muttered, about to stand up.

"What if I wanted you to stay?"

She paused a moment and turned back to him, his eyes not meeting hers. "We don't really get a whole lot of alone time…or snuggle time together. I just want to lie down with you…even if it's just that. I don't think I could wait until the honeymoon for time alone with you, I'm selfish aren't I?" He chuckled to himself.

Haruhi's large eyes blinked, taking in what he said before letting out a sigh. Walking back over she plopped onto the seat next to him and leaned over to place a gentle kiss on his lips. His amethyst eyes widened in shock as his own face heated up in a deep red tomato blush.

"Ha…ha….ha….ha…." He could hardly stutter as she pulled away, an amused look on her face. "You…you've…never…."

Sighing she took his hand and pulled him along upstairs to rest for the night.

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