A/N: So apparently there was a Gajeel/Levy week on tumblr and I didn't even know about it, but I've discovered they're doing another one right now, like it just started today. And so I'm going to try to write a ficlet for every day because I love this ship a lot but I never do anything for it.

I literally wrote this little thing in like 30 minutes so it's short and sweet and not very shippy, but whatever.

Gajeel was covered from head to foot in scars, some old and some new. Over the months they'd been together Levy had learned the placement of every scar, and the story behind them. She'd learned that he got the scar on his shoulder from an angry wild cat he'd subdued, and he got the scar on his thigh from the sword of a knight.

Levy had her own scars, although none of the stories were as outrageous as his. She had a scar on her hand that she got when she was young from her uncle's dog, and a scar on her back from a toppled bookshelf.

When Levy first showed him her scars, he traced them with calloused and rough fingers that felt softer than silk when they brushed her skin, and he pressed his lips against them in feather light kisses. He drew her between his legs and kissed his way to her mouth. He devoured her insecurities with his lips and smoothed her scars with his hands. He promised that she would never get another scar again as long as he was with her.

Although he ended up breaking the promise four months later when Levy got a scar on her wrist trying to protect him, she didn't mind though.

It was a scar she could be proud of.