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Summary: What would happen if instead of becoming whole again or being brought back by Young Xehanort the Organization was reincarnated in the Harry Potter world and given a second chance? Starts in 3rd year. Harry is Luxord.

AN: Below is a list of whose who. I would appreciate suggestions for the members whom have question marks by their names.






Zexion-Hermione Granger


Axel-Fred Weasley


Luxord-Harry Potter

Marluxia-Draco Malfoy


Roxas-George Weasley


"The Darkness of men's hearts-drawn to these cursed medallions, and this Heartless-a veritable maelstrom of avarice: I wonder, are they worthy to serve Organization XIII?" A man in a black hood said from his position upon a ship with a chest full of cursed coins next to him and a giant creature with a pendulum like blade floating above him. "Let's find out shall we?" with that the creature began battle with a kid with a key like sword, a talking duck that wore clothes and used magic, a talking dog that used a shield as a weapon, and a pirate captain. The creature was beaten without to much trouble on the four's part. The man in the hood seemed unfazed by this as the creature sunk into the ocean.

"A few souvenirs." The man said as he threw three of the coins into the air. The coins were caught by white creatures that then vanished. The group that beat the creature tried to attack the man only for the creature to show up although it looked vastly different it swung it's weapon and launched the quartet onto the other ship. "FIRE!" he shouted as the canons of the ship sunk the other ship stranding its passengers.

The same man watched as the quartet returned the three coins to the chest and fought the creature. He watched as they struggled to keep it from removing the coins from the chest so that they could damage it. When they finally managed to beat the creature he mockingly congratulated them before vanishing.

He stood on an inclined balcony off of a white castle as the boy with the key came with his allies. He cut the boy off from his friends with the use of his cards making the other four vanish for the time being. "You." The boy said looking at the blonde cloaked man. "I'd rather we just skip the formalities." The man said before starting the battle.

After a long battle the man pulled up cards to surround himself and protect him from the boys attack. However this attempt was in vain as the boy cut through the cards and broke through his guard. "How could you Roxas?" the man asked with a hurt look in his eyes before vanishing into the nothingness.

Harry sat up in his bed in the Gryffindor third year boys' dormitory. Since coming back to Hogwarts this year he had been having strange dreams. This one though had finally been the last of them. It also seemed that this last dream caused him to realize what the dreams really were. "Not dreams but memories of my past life. Interesting if I've been reborn in a such a state I wonder how many of my fallen comrades have been given the same chance?" He muttered rubbing his chin as if rubbing the beard he'd had in his former life.

He began to think about how all the people he knew in this life acted and how his fellow nobodies had acted in his past life and started cross-referencing personalities. Though he figured most of them wouldn't match perfectly as his personality as Harry Potter did not match his personality as Luxord. The Gambler of Fate had always treated life as a game to be won whereas Harry Potter did not. Not only that Luxord usually won at any game he played where as Harry Potter was horrible at chess. Even though he didn't think everyone would match perfectly he still had a feeling that at least one or two of them would.

With that thought it dawned on him who one of the other reincarnated Nobodies could be. She was quiet, a recluse at first, exceptionally intelligent, and a bookworm. While she wasn't one for manipulating people using illusions she did fit every other aspect of the Cloaked Schemer's personality. "So Hermione is Zexion. Now that is interesting. This game is already becoming quite enjoyable. I wonder if I'll be able to piece together who the others were reborn as before the end of this year." Luxord, as Harry planned to go by his old name, mused already thinking of figuring out who everyone was as a game.

Unfortunately he couldn't think of who any of the other's might be. There were just to many people in the castle that he did not know and to man possibilities for him to ponder for the time being. But he had all the time in the world. There was no rush the school year was only a week in a half in. For now he would watch and wait. First though since he still had five hours till he had to be up for breakfast he figured he'd get some more shuteye without his memories waking him up. One good thing about his element having been time is that he always knew what time it was. He would never have to worry about being late again.

Luxord woke up five hours later to see all of his dorm mates were still sound asleep. He quickly gathered his robes and other necessities and went to take a shower before getting ready for the day. As he stepped out of the shower he looked at himself in the mirror. He noticed strands of blonde hair mixing in with the black hair he had as Harry. He also saw Harry's green speckled with the blue that he had as Luxord. 'So we'll revert to how we looked before though most likely at the same age as our reincarnated selves. That will help me figure out who everyone was reincarnated as.' He mused, as he got dressed. He went downstairs to the common room since no one in his dorm was up yet and pulled out a deck of playing cards and began shuffling them as he sat in his usual armchair.

He looked up from his cards as he heard footsteps coming down from the girl's dorm. He smiled as he saw a head of brown wavy hair with streaks of blue coming down the stairs. Her nose buried in a book, which was not a surprise in either life. "Would you care for a game?" Luxord asked as Hermione reached the bottom of the stairs.

Hermione looked up from book to glance at him a look of shock passing over her face before she walked to her own armchair and resumed reading her book. "Even if you are the Gambler of Fate gambling is still against school rules." She said causing Luxord to laugh.

"No one said anything about the game being poker. Even if it does happen to be my game of choice." He said with a fond smile though he knew that his friend couldn't see it since her nose was buried in her book. "So how long have you remembered? Also I'm thinking about going by Luxord now that I remember so should I continue to call you Hermione or should I call you Zexion?" He asked.

"I started remembering at the beginning of the year. Though it was mostly just fragmented dreams at first. Whichever you prefer is fine with me. How long have you remembered Luxord?" She asked looking at him briefly, noticing that he was absent-mindedly shuffling his cards, before going back to her book.

"Same as you Zexion. I figured out who you were reborn as the moment I figured out my dreams were actually memories. Your probably the only one with so many traits in common with your past self. Although you don't perfectly match personality wise, or gender wise for that matter though that's beside the point. If you did match perfectly personality wise you would have been a Slytherin." Luxord said as he stopped shuffling his cards and placed them in the pocket of his robes. "What do you say we head down to breakfast? I'm sure that everyone else shall be waking up shortly. We'll only be ahead of some of the crowd." He stated as he stood up and headed for the portrait hole.

Hermione closed her book and stowed it in her bag as she stood up and followed Luxord to the portrait hole. "That sounds like a plan to me. Although if your curious about who the others were reborn as I can tell you that two of them are Gryffindors like ourselves. Though these two are currently two years above us." She said before they both stepped out into the hall and began making their way down to the great hall.

"Oh whose scents are they then?" He asked, as they got closer to the great hall eager to figure out who two more of his comrades are. From the way she talked whoever they were got reborn as the Weasley twins.

"Axel and Roxas. I doubt I need to tell you who they were reborn as." She stated growling slightly when she mentioned Axel's name. Luxord had an idea of why the former number VI would be spiteful of Axel. After all from the rumors he had heard Axel had a hand in Zexion's death at Castle Oblivion even if he didn't actual kill the schemer himself.

"I see. Well it's fitting that they were reborn as twins with how close they were. Try not to kill the hot head alright?" He stated half jokingly. He knew that even if Zexion was angry about Axel's actions she would never take direct action. Make his life hell with illusions most definitely but out right kill him not likely.

As they passed the Slytherin table Zexion's hand went to her mouth and Luxord looked to the table and immediately realized why. His enemy for the past three years Draco Malfoy had strands of pink in his sleeked back blonde hair. Draco's eyes caught his and they nodded to each other understandingly. Thankfully there weren't enough Slytherins at the table to notice as Luxord stepped closer to the blonde while Zexion continued to the Gryffindor table.

"Well now you being a Slytherin doesn't really surprise me Marly. But what does surprise me is whom you were reborn as. I would have never guessed Draco Malfoy was who you got reincarnated as." Luxord said.

Marluxia smiled in a non-threatening manner. "Well it's not like you really share all that many traits with Potter either Luxord. But the facts are right in front of us. Granger being Zexion's reincarnation is not all that surprising. Tell me do you know who any of the other members are?" He stated genuinely curious.

"The Weasley twins are Axel and Roxas though Zexion didn't elaborate on which twin was which member. Other then that I have the faintest idea who the others could be. I believe that we'll just have to wait and see." Luxord said receiving a nod from Marluxia before the other boy turned back to his plate. Taking that as a dismissal he walked over to his own table and sat down to eat. With reincarnated members of the Organization regaining their memories and dementors running loose on the grounds this was looking to be an interesting year indeed. On the plus side it didn't seem like Malfoy was going to be causing any problems for him this year since he was one of the reincarnated Organization. Luxord was sure that all five of the known members knew that this was a second chance. A second chance to do the right thing and to work together as an actual order. There would be no backstabbing or lies between them this time regardless of what houses they belonged to. For Luxord was sure that there was at least one member in all four houses. He already knew that there was four in Gryffindor and one for sure in Slytherin. All that was left now was to wait and see who the rest were.

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