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Vexen-Severus Snape


Zexion-Hermione Granger


Axel-Fred Weasley

Demyx-Ron Weasley

Luxord-Harry Potter

Marluxia-Draco Malfoy


Roxas-George Weasley

Xion-Luna Lovegood

When Luxord woke up the next morning he noticed that one of his dorm mates and his other best friend for the last three years had awakened his memories as a nobody as well. He smiled when he saw the dirty blonde hair and the sparkling blue eyes. He knew that Ron was Demyx. He also knew that the Melodious Nocturne would be elated to see Zexion again. The musician had been quite upset when he learned that Zexion had died.

"I see you've awakened Demyx. That makes six of us for sure who have regained our memories. That only leaves seven of us." Luxord said before starting to head down the stairs to the common room.

"Lux who else came back? You said I'm the sixth so who are the others?" Demyx asked as he followed the gambler to the common room.

"Well the twins are Axel and Roxas, Draco is Marluxia, and then Hermione is Zexion." Luxord said as he turned to face Demyx for his response to the last one. He smiled as he watched Demyx stumble on the stairs before a goofy grin spread across his face. He smiled as number IX ran past him into the common room.

He heard a yelp as Demyx picked up Zexion. "D-demyx what are you doing? Put me down right now." He heard Zexion say though there was no anger in her voice. Luxord came down the stairs smiling seeing Demyx still holding Zexion but with the schemer's feet on the ground now. She returned the hug. "I missed you too Demy now can you let go before more people get up and see?" Zexion asked causing Demyx to blush and let go.

"S-sorry about that. It's just I was so happy to hear that one of my best friends of the last three years was you Zex." He said with a smile.

"Ah man now we have to deal with listening to him practice his music during the holidays. This is gonna be horrible. Got it memorized?" Axel said as he and Roxas came down from their own dorm.

"Axel be nice. Demyx's playing isn't that bad. Besides he kind of has you beat element wise so I wouldn't torment our baby bro to much if I were you." Roxas said smiling.

"Oh that's right. Demyx focus on your weapon and try summoning it to you." Zexion said. Demyx held out his right had and water formed the shape of a Sitar as he grabbed the neck of it in his right hand. It was just his simple grey Basic Model. Zexion nodded as Demyx allowed the Sitar to disappear. "Just as expected." She stated with another nod.

Before heading down to breakfast the others explained everything they had discovered so far to Demyx. This however caused Demyx to sigh at having to do more work in order to get back his previous abilities. Zexion looked like she wanted to berate Demyx for his laziness even though they all knew that it wouldn't do any good.

After arriving at breakfast they all noticed another one of their members had awakened at the staff table. Severus Snape had blond streaks mixed in with his normally oily black hair. He was also looking at each of the reincarnated Nobodies with that same calculating look he used on his experiments. A look that often times infuriated the other members.

"My life in his class is about to become hell I just know it." Demyx moaned and banged his head on the table making Zexion roll her eyes.

"It won't be bad if you actually do the work." She scolded getting a look from Demyx that was easily interpreted as 'Are you serious?' she sighed and shook her head in resignation. "Don't come whining to me for help then Demy." She said.

Luxord noticed a Ravenclaw, who looked to be in Ginny's year, coming towards their table. She had mostly blond hair though there were streaks of black showing up. He also noticed that she had dark blue eyes. She made her way over to Axel and Roxas.

"Axel, Roxas it's good to see you two again." The girl said getting confused looks from the twin. "Oh don't worry I didn't expect you to remember after all you all forgot of my existence after Roxas defeated me. But that's the way things had to happen at that time." She said. Now all the members, minus Vexen whom had already been looking at her oddly, were confused and staring at her.

"While it's obvious you know who we all are but we don't know you. Rather from your words we are incapable of remembering. Would you mind clarifying who you are?" Luxord asked getting a pleased nod from the girl.

"My name as a member of the Organization was Xion. It's Luna Lovegood in this world but since I'm sure everyone else is using their old names I would prefer to as well. I was number fourteen though I wasn't an actual member of the organization. I was more of a fail safe if you will. But it seems whoever decided to bring all of you back gave me a second chance as well." Xion explained.

Luxord nodded to this it made sense in a way. Since she mentioned that she was a safety measure he correctly assumed she was a Keybearer and was created for if Sora and Roxas were useless to them. "I'm assuming from how excited you were to see Axel and Roxas that you three became quite close before whatever events that caused your elimination occurred?" He asked the currently only other female member.

"That's right the three of us became quite close before those unfortunate events occurred." Xion said nodding. "I'd like to talk more but maybe we should wait till after classes since more students will be coming down for breakfast shortly. I'd suggest meeting in Vexen's office if he will allow it." She said before moving back towards the Ravenclaw table.

Luxord figured that since they had potions later today he should check with Vexen to see if they could meet in his office after classes were over. With that thought in mind he began eating his breakfast as the rest of the students entered the hall. Once he, Zexion and Demyx were finished they made their way to their double potions with the Slytherins. If it weren't for the fact that Marluxia was on their side having potions with the snakes would annoy the gambler.

The class for once went smoothly with Vexen taking absolutely no nonsense and deducting points from anyone that tried to cause mayhem or did not do as they were supposed to. After class ended Luxord stayed behind to get permission from Vexen for everyone to meet in his office. After all he highly doubted that Marluxia would live if he asked since he was the one to order Axel to kill Vexen in the first place.

"Professor I was wondering if we could talk in your office once classes are finished. By we I mean all of us from the Organization that have been reincarnated." Luxord said using Vexen's title in this life incase anyone happened to be ease dropping.

"I see no problem with that. However it will be your job to inform everyone do I make myself clear?" Vexen asked forgoing any names or titles.

"Yes I'll be sure to let everyone know by lunch that you have agreed to us coming to your office after classes." Luxord said before heading off to his next class, which would be divination. Even though they hadn't done much more then reading tea leaves and his death being predicted every class he was hoping his luck would bring about a change today.

Thankfully it appeared as if Lady Luck was on his side as they started reading cards in Divination. An art that Luxord was actually good at. Hell most of his decks were named after the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. As he read his fortune he couldn't help but raise his eyebrow. Apparently he was going to learn a hidden truth and right a terrible wrong. The question was, what truth and who was the wrong committed against? Luxord decided to put this off till later however. He was glad for once that Trelawney couldn't somehow predict his death. The first week of that was bad enough.

During lunch Luxord managed to get everyone informed of the meeting in Vexen's office after classes ended. He noticed that Dumbledore and some of the other teachers, aside from Vexen, were starting to notice the changes although it had only been two days. He knew that eventually they would have to explain everything to Dumbledore and possibly everyone else. However though that could wait until after the last few members were found.

The rest of the classes that day seemed to fly by and everyone managed to inconspicuously make their way down to Vexen's office, Marluxia having the easiest time since Vexen was his head of house. "What have you all managed to learn so far?" Vexen asked after a brief explanation of who Xion was.

"Well we can all only summon our most basic of weapons as if were all just gaining our powers again. We only have wand-based magic besides the control over our own elements. Also it seems as if we'll have to use panels like we used to use for missions. We'll definitely need Gear Panels though magic and ability panels would be a good idea as well as item panels. Axel believes he can get the Organization coats with the panel slots." Luxord relayed getting a nod from Axel at the end as Vexen rubbed his chin in thought.

"If you are able to get a hold of the coats let me know Axel. I'll hold onto them until we can find panels or the materials to make them and a moogle willing to help us out. It would also be wise to try opening a corridor of darkness though I think we should wait until the weekend to try that. Less prying eyes if we wait." Vexen stated getting nods from everyone. "Now all of you should hurry off to your dorms. I won't be able to help you if you're caught out after curfew." With that everyone returned to his or her respective common rooms and dorms.

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