A man, stranded in all space and time

Another,standing by his side.

They join together, against all odds

To do anything, against all laws.

They know the perils but continue their task.

There is no time to sit and bask.

There is danger no matter where at every turn

to avoid or attack is what you should learn.

The enemies have arrived, and happy they are not.

It would not be wise to upset this lot.

The battle has been tough, and the TARDIS begins to burn.

The man is weak, and his odds begin to turn.

He tells his companion to leave, to save their own lifes

For the man's life is doomed, and there is no safety of any type.

The companion agrees, and says his farewell.

The man says his farewell back, and faces his terror.

The TARDIS mends as it goes through the vortex.

The man must continue his adventurous treks.

The man dies, but gone he is not.

He forms into another, death he has fought.

He continues his journey, in a new form.

Believe it or not, this is the norm.

Evil has many ways, and is hard as a locker.

Their doom is not fate, it is The Doctor.