"What the hell?" Wario gawked as he looked around. "This room is pitch black!"

Daisy wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Well, I guess it's expected, I mean, it is a shack in the middle of nowhere..."

Suddenly, the door behind them locked, spooking Daisy and Wario as they turned around. Then they both felt a strong, cool chill, screaming as they held onto each other, trembling with fright.

"What's happening?" Daisy asked as she looked at Wario, who was hugging Daisy as tightly as she was.

Suddenly, several red eyes popped up, all of them glaring at Wario and Daisy. Wario let out a muffled poot, with Daisy farting louder immediately afterwards as they piped, sweating nervously as they felt frightened. Several more evil looking eyes popped up, though they were yellow colored instead.

"Wah... this is too much for me!" Wario exclaimed as he shook his head, trying to shoulder bash the enemies, but only bumping into a brick wall that he couldn't see. "Yeow! D'oh I Missed!"

Daisy tried catching Wario, but he fell on his feet, causing Daisy to scream in pain as she was unable to jump. Wario got up, only to hit several pitchforks as one went right into his big pink nose, yelping in pain as he started bouncing about. Wario then collided into Daisy, knocking her back as she caused a lever to be pushed down, with caused sprinkles to be turned on as water sprayed within the building. Daisy and Wario both exclaimed in horror as they tried pounding the door, neither of the two strong enough to bust it down.

From a pair of bushes east of the house were Master Hand and Pikachu, who chuckled as they looked at each other, nodding their heads in unison. Their clever plan was actually a trick: a lesson that needed to be taught to Wario.

Too bad for Princess Daisy, though. She got involved in a prank meant for Wario, and didn't even realize it. At least, not for the moment, as she and Wario began to drown inside the shack, the water filling up towards the ceiling.

To Be Continued... in another fanfic.