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Xander groaned awake Saturday morning with his head feeling like a troll took a hammer to it."This must be Excedrin headache #15 - 'Getting out of bed' - Why didn't they just shoot me?" Taking 2 pain killers dry he pads into the bathroom to get ready for school. I really need to keep a supply of those things on me when I'm out." He glances at the mirror. "What the hell!" Instead of his normally dark hair he finds he has shoulder length blonde hair. Staring into the mirror trying to get his brain in gear the memories slowly come back.
/flashback Xander smiles as he finds the last piece he needs to finish his costume for tonight. He had borrowed Buffy's cheerleader outfit, well, 'borrowed', is debatable as he didn't ask to borrow it. He went to Ethan's to find a blonde wig to go with it otherwise this wouldn't work. The others don't know what he is planning, so it will be a big surprise.

Answering the door, Joyce finds a tall blonde standing there. "Hi mom I'm home," she hears from the newcomer.

Joyce raises her eyebrow at this. "Oh really? And who might you be?"

"Don't you recognize me mom? It's Buffy," she says with a grin.

Joyce smiles at him "Nice try Xander, I know its you." She steps back and leaves a space for Xander to enter.

Buffy moves regally down the stairs to find her mother and the waiting blonde Xander, who is dressed in a cheerleader uniform from Hemery High. "So that's where that my cheerleader uniform went." smirks Buffy. "Wow Xan, you look like you can join the squad. You better not have stretched it out."

"No worries Buff it will be returned as good as I borrowed it. Where's Willow?"

"Shes upstairs getting her boo on. No amount of convincing would change her mind about wearing it.

Buffy shook her head to rid herself of the dizzy spell *what the hell was that?* Looking around to get her bearings she sees that she isn't where she is supposed to be and finds herself surrounded by a small group of demons getting ready to attack. Kicking out she sends one flying back into a car where it is knocked unconscious followed by a punch to another that sends it running away. The others, seeing this, decide to find easier prey.

"I really need to find the others." She heads towards Mrs. Henderson's house where she had been with the kids. Willow approaches after a couple blocks

"Thereyouare.I' ,thekidsandIturnedintoourcost umesandnowehaveabunchoftinyd emonsrunningaroundandnowI'maghostweneedtofindBuffy"

"Willow, slow down, breathe. What do you mean we've gotta find me? You're talking to Buffy!"

As this is her first time speaking since she woke up, she notices that her voice sounds different, deeper more masculine. This realization hits her at the same time Willow responds.

"Xander, quit playing around. We need to find Buffy she will know what to do."

*oh shit!*

"Uh, Willow I'm NOT joking, I'm not Xander, I'm Buffy.

"Eeep! Xander must have turned into his costume Remember he dressed up as you for a joke?"

"Oh god! You mean that I'm in his body?! If I'm here, who's driving mine around?"

Willow looks worried as she remembers the 18th century noblewoman's dress Buffy picked to wear for Angel. It was a beautiful dress, and she could understand why it was picked. But the womon waking up to this mayhem is gonna be freaked.

"We gotta find her!" Willow says as she runs in the direction that she last saw her. Following quickly behind Buffy hopes her body is okay.

"Whoever is responsible for this, I'm so gonna kick their ass!" seethed Buffy.

"Don't forget to hit whoever it was for me too, Buffy."

"Willow!" Buffy exclaims with a smirk.

Willow looks at her. "Well, whoever did this did kinda ruined our Halloween."

"Demon! Elizabeth cries out as a car approaches. Hearing the scream Buffy and Willow find the woman hiding in some bushes huddlng in fear.

"Who are you and why are you screaming?" Buffy asks.

The woman grabs onto Buffy. "My name is Elizabeth and it was a demon! It was going to eat me!"

Rolling her eyes, Buffy tells her, "It's all right you're safe now, we have you."

"Well, my father will reward you for protecting me from the demons. I really must get home. Can you help me?"

"We can protect you until you can get home"

"We should go to your house, Buffy, it would be safer than here," Willow says.

"Only my dad is allowed to call me Buffy, harlot.

Willow glares at Elizabeth. "I'm not a harlot!"

"Let's get to my house, it should be safer." Buffy says as she heads towards her house, bringing Elizabeth with her. Arriving at her house minutes later after dealing with a few minis along the way, Buffy takes them all inside. "Good thing mom isn't home tonight."
Buffy barricades the doors while Willow keeps an eye out, hoping things get back to normal soon.

Deciding that Giles needs to know about this, Buffy calls the library. "Hey, Giles, it's Buffy."

"Xander, why are you impersonating Buffy? I know it's Halloween but it's not funny."

"I'm not kidding. People that dressed up are turning into their costumes. I'm looking at my body standing on the other side of the room while I talk to you!"

"Good Lord!" Buffy can hear him cleaning his glasses."Where are you?"

"We made it to my house and barricaded ourselves in."

"Don't go anywhere, I will be right over."

A loud noise from the kitchen has Buffy running to stop whatever is trying to come in. A bunch of small demons have kicked in the door and have entered the kitchen followed by Angel, who is fighting them.

Buffy joins the fight and they finish knocking out the minis.

"Angel!" Buffy runs to him and hugs him tightly.

Pushing him away, Angel says,"Xander! What are you doing? Get away from me!"

Buffy looks slightly hurt before she remembers. "Oh yeah, I'm in Xander. People became their costumes and Xander dressed up as me for a joke and now I'm wearing his body.

Angel stands there with a surprised look on his face. "Buffy?"

Driving as fast as his ancient car can go, willing it to move faster, Giles hopes everyone will be alright when he gets to Buffy's. Avoiding mini demons and various other nightlife that seem to be coming out, he manages to make it there without killing anything. It wouldn't do to accidentally kill a child.

Buffy hears his car pull up goes out to meet him "He's here," she says on the way out.

"Giles, help me!" Cordelia screams as she runs up to his car."Jojo the dog-faced boy is trying to hump my leg or something!"

Buffy uppercuts the thing that looks like a sasquatch, knocking it back a dozen yards. It looks at her in fear and runs away as fast as possible.

"Dweeb boy, why are you fighting like Buffy!?"

"Cordelia, that's because I am Buffy. We went to Ethan's and bought stuff, and because of this I need a shave and have a hankering for a Twinkie. I really don't want to have to shave! This is so not happening."

"Well I guess I should be glad I went to Party Town."

Giles interjects, Did you say, 'Ethan's'?"

Buffy nods.

"Bollocks!" Giles growls out. "I really need to have a chat with that prat."

Willow looks at Giles, "Do you know him, or something?"

"Never mind that now, we need to get to Ethan's costume shop."

Elizabeth screams, "No! Demon! I'm not going to let it eat me!", running away as Angel escorts her to the car.

"Great!" Buffy says. "Just what we need. Giles, go to Ethan's and deal with this mess, we need to find her."

"I'm coming with you Xander. I'm not gonna ride in that sorry excuse for a car."

Giles sputters "I'll have you know..."

"Not now, Giles, we can talk about what a fine automobile the Rust Master is after we get back to normal," says Buffy.

The three of them run after Elizabeth.

Giles approaches the front of the store."I am really going to enjoy this," cracking his knuckles in anticipation of what's to come. Sneaking into the backroom where Ethan is sitting Giles sucker punches him in the kidney, knocking him off his stool.

"Hello Ripper, long time no see," Ethan manages to gasp out.

"Too soon for my liking you ponce. How do we stop the spell?!"

"Oh, I'm not going to tell until you say pretty please," smirks Ethan.

"Brilliant." Kicking him in the side, Giles works him over, letting Ripper come out.

"HOW do you end the spell," he asks again, kicking Ethan in the stomach.

"The bust, break the bust!" Ethan cries out, defeated.

Over on the table is a large bust of the Roman God, Janus. Giles picks it up and throws it across the room shattering it. The shockwave knocks him out, when awakes he finds Ethan has gone.

Angel, Cordelia, and Buffy search for Elizabeth. "I can't believe she ran off like that," Buffy gripes.

"Well, you did say your body was possessed by an 18th century noblewoman, so I think that her freaking out over cars is to be expected," snarks Cordelia

"I know, it just makes me look bad."

"Don't worry Buffy, we'll find her," replies Angel

"What do we have here? Slayer!" Spike says as he steps out of the shadows, grabbing Elizabeth, who is cowering in the bushes.

"Don't hurt me!" Elizabeth screams, trying to get away from Spike's grip on her arm.

"Don't worry pet, I wont hurt you. Much," he tells her, getting snickers out of the minis and couple of other vampires that he managed to talk into coming out with him.

"My father will pay well for my safe return. What is a slayer?"

Spike laughs "I think I'm gonna have fun, first, I'm gonna turn you, then I'm gonna let you eat your friends."

"Did you hear that, Buffy? It sounded like a scream, that way," Angel says, running towards the scream followed by Buffy and Cordelia.

"Shit, Spike has her! We need to stop him!" Picking up a rock off the ground Buffy throws it at Spike, nailing him in the forehead and getting his attention."Hey, overbite, why don't you pick on someone your own size"

"Oh, droopy, you mean like you?"

Angel smiles.

"You are so gonna get your ass kicked, Spike," Cordelia says.

"What? By him? Sniffing in Buffy's girly stuff? I don't think so."
Buffy pulls out a stake and runs it thru Spike's chest before he realizes what is happening. Spike dusts with a look of shock on his face. Growling,the mini demons run away, leaving 3 vampires that look like they are bout to piss themselves. Buffy quickly stakes them and they collect Elizabeth.

Just then the shockwave hits Buffy and she's knocked out.

/end flashback

Splashing his face with cold water, Xander says,"Gotta be a dream. Gotta be." Looking again he sees that he still has blonde hair. Quickly getting dressed, not noticing that his clothes seem a bit bigger on him than they were before, he rushes to the library. "Giles will know what to do."

Xander enters the library, "G-man are you here?"

"Yes, I am and I really wish you wouldn't call me that dreadful name, Xander. You seem to be upset, what is going on?"

"Well, you know how last night when everyone was turned into their costumes, and Buffy became Lady Useless and I became Buffy?!"

"Yes, I do seem to remember something about that," Giles snarked back.

"I remember everything."

Giles nearly drops his teacup. "What!? What do you mean, everything?"

"I remember Buffy meeting Willow, finding Elizabeth, twice, and dusting Spike. Oh I also remember Buffy's last 10 birthdays as well as sordid details of her life and real opinions of everyone around her. In other words, I remember everything about Buffy. But that's not all." He gets the crowbar in the book cage and twists it into a pretzel.

"Good Lord!" Giles exclaims as he passes out.