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Prompts used: Room of Requirements

Challenges written for: HeadCanon Boot Camp.

Warnings: Brief mention of somebody who is dead.

Neville had seen and spoken with Hannah during Hogwarts but he had never really known her until after Hogwarts and after the war. Hannah had a sprained ankle from kicking a Death Eater who had been trying to attack one of the younger students who was trying to escape Hogwarts.

Neville along with Dean helped Hannah into the Hospital Wing despite the fact that Hannah repeatedly said that she was fine, and that it wasn't that bad.

Neville remembered seeing Hannah in the Room of Requirement when Harry had created Dumbledore's Army though he had never really spoken with her during Dumbledore's Army. It was only after the Dumbledore's Army meetings that he spoke with her.

After the war Neville went back to Hogwarts to help rebuild the parts that had been damaged. He saw Hannah and remembered her from the battle and school; obviously she had remembered him as being one of the people who had helped her as well because she had smiled at him, a nice shy smile that lit up her entire face.

Neville had blushed furiously and had managed to smile in turn though because he had blushed it had more than likely looked like a grimace than a real smile but at the time he didn't care.

He knew that her mum had been killed during the war and while he couldn't sympathize completely he could understand about losing a parent.

Neville quickly became friends with Hannah, helping her and the others fix Hogwarts and even Hogsmeade. It was slow and tiring work but it was worth it from the very start. Hogwarts was like a second home to him and he knew that plenty of other people had felt the exact same way as well. He wanted future generations to think of Hogwarts as a second or even first home as well.

Neville became close friends with Hannah over the next few months of fixing Hogwarts, and he loved it. She was an interesting person to talk to, perhaps taking things a little too seriously at times but then again he had been like that as well and even now he was still like that sometimes.

He realized somewhere in their friendship that he was starting to really like Hannah, in a romantic way and that made him nervous. He didn't have that many friends and he didn't want to lose any of the ones he did have now but he couldn't help how he felt about her.

They had been friends for about five months now and Neville still wasn't sure what he should do about his feelings for Hannah, he hoped for some kind of sign to tell him what to do or how to do it.

He wished that he could go to his parents for advice but he couldn't, he couldn't even go to his grandmother for help because he knew that she would make a bigger deal out of this than it really was, or at least he didn't think it was a big deal.

Though if the truth be told he never had been in a romantic relationship before, he had never had a first kiss before either. Which he thought was kind of sad, but really it wasn't his fault, or completely his fault anyway.

He was just so confused on what to do about Hannah. He wished that he could just say, "I really like you, I mean truly, I do, I'd like it if we could become boyfriend and girlfriend?" Neville didn't know what Hannah would say, if she would laugh or scoff or say yes or what. He didn't know; and in a way he was happy not to find out and in another way he wanted to, badly.