Prompts used: Dangerous, Beginning Confident Substitute Jump Written. Like a drug.

Challenges written for: Pairing Diversity Boot Camp. Slash/Femmeslash Boot Camp Character Trait Boot Camp Cross-Gen Boot Camp Organization Boot Camp. Character Diversity Boot Camp The Harry Potter Femmeslash Project Challenge

Warnings: Cross-Gen. Femmeslash. Kinkiness. Non canon pairing.

Her eyes darted furtively around the darkened Motel room in distaste. She knew that she shouldn't be here; if her husband knew he would have a stroke and if her sister knew she would torture and then kill her. But she couldn't bring herself to stay away; the girl was like a drug; she just couldn't get enough of her.

She couldn't help but sneeze as dirt filled her nose; she drew her emerald cloak towards her tighter as she shivered in the cold and damp bedroom.

She stepped forward the dirty bed and looked around. Not much was in the room but then again not much was needed for tonight. She wondered how long they could keep it up until one of them got caught or killed; but she knew that until that happened they would continue to play this dangerous game.

"I was beginning to wonder when you would show up." A familiar voice said; startling Narcissa Malfoy enough to jump and whirl around with surprise clearly written on her face.

There she stood, the girl that she couldn't get enough of; the girl who she dreamt about and dare she say it; thought about while making love to her husband.

Lily's red hair was hung back by a loose braid; her green eyes shone with want and need, she was holding what Narcissa knew to be as a Invisibility Cloak. She wore Muggle clothes with a blue cloak over them.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." Narcissa said. And it was true; she wouldn't.

Lily grinned and began to walk towards her. confidence was shown in every stride and suddenly Lily jumped on her. Narcissa stumbled backwards with Lily in her arms; Lily's arms were around her neck and Lily was attacking her mouth.

Narcissa pulled back with a gasp and walked with great care to the bed. She fell down on the bed and Lily began to attack her mouth once again.

The younger girl began to move her hands across Narcissa's hips and across her chest; even though Lily wasn't nearly as experienced as she was Narcissa was beginning to become undone by her handiwork.

Lily's tongue was soon inside her mouth and they fought for dominance; their tongues twirling and dancing together and apart; exploring each others mouths as though this was their first kiss; which they both knew it wasn't.

Finally though Narcissa allowed her to win the role of dominance. They only pulled back when they had to breathe and then they would begin again.

Yes; Narcissa didn't know how much longer they could keep their relationship hidden but she was going to enjoy every single minute of it.