Chapter 1: The New Naruto

Authors Note:

Hey guys! This is the TheeYellowFlash and this is my first fanfic. I am going to say now that this will be a Godlike fanfic. I know your wondering why am I doing this since this is my first story, but I have read many godlike fanfic, and while some are really good, I really wanted to write my own with everything I would want in a fanfic so I am now doing it myself.

I have always wanted to post my first story as a godlike fic because I feel I can write a decent one. As for pairings this will be a Harem. Lord knows Naruto deserves all the love from a lot of girls since he had none in his childhood except for the Third Hokage, Teuchi and Ayame.

Also know that this is a crossover with Bleach, he will become Aizen by merging with Naruto, but he will not have the manipulating or heartless personality as Aizen has. Aizen will also not be as cold and he will be understanding as he talks to Naruto.

Naruto will keep his happy personality but he will be more mature, calm and meticulous in battle, and a lot more smooth with girls (which is what I would imagine Aizen would be like if things were different) He will also have Aizen's sword, and the Hogyoku in him.

PLEASE READ BEFORE READING STORY: It has come to my attention that people believe i am discrediting Naruto and Aizen pointed out to me that i am discrediting in this story. Let me say before you read that everyone that's watched or read Bleach should know Aizen was very manipulative, cunning, and would dispose of subordinates with no shred of emotion. He believed morals and ethics will only burden his potential of being a transcendent being. And he literally shit's on everyone abilities in the soul society.

I am very aware of what Aizen's personality is. That is the main reason he my favorite character in Bleach. Not because of what he is, but because of what he does to achieve power. To do what ever it takes no matter what. You could say that it is a little dark for him. Although he is a villain i respect that in way.

So in writing Aizen, I tried to do as much reading up on him as i can.But I did not want to write him having the exact personality as he did in bleach. Why?

Because there are many stories like that out there anyways, and i just thought i would do a spin on him being different from how he is originally portrayed. I understand those traits is makes Aizen, well Aizen.

Isn't that what fanfiction is for though? Exploring new ideas and the what if's? And making things into your own? Rest assured that if you continue to read he will keep most of Aizen's mannerism's. Making small talk with an enemy to infuriate them, flexing spiritual pressure, strong abilities with his sword and kido. It will all be there.

As for Naruto many believe that he should become more hateful because of his past. I understand that but why does he have to be? He is going to have people start caring for him and love him? I understand his hate towards the village. But that is why he is going to leave Konoha. So they're really is no need.

Keep in mind Aizen will have a complete different personality. He will be nice and caring towards Naruto.

So when you read this chapter and you decide to get into it further know Naruto will have two sides to his personality.

Naruto in terms of talking with people he cares about, Aizen, Sarutobi, The many women he loves, he will be a big flirt but also compassionate in terms of him showing his feelings. He will somewhat retain the idea of protecting his precious people that the old cannon Naruto had.

But, when he gets to fighting opponents he does not know, or talking to people that a pose threat, he will become colder, he will taunt them and he will not be afraid to showcase his power to instill fear.

Please keep in mind, as the story progress, his personality will start to develop more into Aizen's, And believe me when I say, I will try my best to mimic some of the key personalities Aizen has. But do remember this is my first time and I am learning along the way as I progress further.

As for the Harem: I definitely want older women, Anko, Kurenai are definite, (you have to admit they are probably the hottest girls in the anime aside from others) Tsunade, and Mei. Kyubi and maybe Kyoka Suigestu and Kushina herself. So yes that is implied incest. Well somewhat. Because Naruto isn't going to be related to her DNA wise.

I like the Naruto/Kushina pairing because it's like a forbidden taboo. A forbidden fruit you can't touch you could say. I feel it makes stories much more juicer.

So yes he will be smothered by goddesses. And as for the younger girls, it will be Ino and Hinata since I think they both would have potential. If you have any suggestions of girl I should put feel free to review and tell me. He will also treat them with the utmost respect but will be a god in bed.

Warning: Like I said this a godlike fic, and I mean godlike, he will have no equal in terms of power or skill. He will have good fights but he will not lose. This will be rated M it will also contain lemons, but he will get to know them and love them before. Violence, language and sexual themes. Sasuke, Sakura, and council bashing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach, that right goes to Kishimoto Masashi and Tite Kubo

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"Demon Thoughts or Jutsu Names"

'Summon Or Aizen's Thought Through Mindscape'

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Chapter 1: The New Naruto

My Name is Naruto Aizen Namikaze. I am the son of the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze formerly known as the "Yellow Flash of Konoha" and Kushina Uzumaki also known as the "Red Hot Blooded Habanero." I also hold the Kyubi No Yoko, the strongest demon out of the eight other biju. My life was not been that great, especially when I was kid.

Being called "Demon Brat" for some strange reason accompanied with glares and whispers, scourging through garbage's just to fill my stomach just so I don't succumb to death due to starvation. I can also remember being beat to death on many occasions. As I said, my life was not as glamorous as it is now.

I am now the Uzukage of the village of Uzushiogakure, a village that was once destroyed to b left in ruins. This was a village that I built by myself to topple any of the other village and to be more so supreme than Konoha.

Not only that but I have many beautiful wives that kept me sane within the village, women I fell in love with and share equal love with. I couldn't ask for anything better in my life. That's all I have really ever wanted, to be love and recognized.

But none of this would have ever happened if I wouldn't have meet my beautiful sword along with this mysterious orb known as the Hogyoku, along with a man I felt like I could call my father at the time.

Sosuke Aizen, a man that was once a Shinigami for a place called the Soul Society, but decided to betray them all for his lust of being a god. He was eventually defeated and was sealed and then put in a prison. But being in prison gave him time to think about his actions, this also theoretically sealed the Hogyoku within him, silently waiting for its successor.

His sword or Zanpakuto, which he gave to me is named Kyoka Suigestu (Mirror Flower, Water Moon) An ordinary blade with an ordinary appearance yet in terms of its skill is nothing short of beautiful.

Complete hypnosis over a person's five senses by just a glance of the blade. Flawles. Truly remarkable.

Life is good now, I am also the most powerful shinobi in all of the elemental nations given the first triple S rank, which states to flee upon recognizing me, like they have a chance to flee anyways.

This is my story of how I started from the bottom, then made it to the top.

Come, and I will share this journey that I have been through with you.

Here is my story...

Love and Recognition

Two words I have been striving attain for in my whole existence.

But yet, these two words have always been denied to me


I'm not completely sure. But I do hear people calling me "Demon Brat" and glaring and whispering dirty things about me.

Here I am again, in a alley looking for food.

"God this stinks, I'm so hungry, please let there be something in here, ahah! An unfinished stick of dango! This should do for now." I rejoiced. As I went to take a bite into the dango, I hear steps and low chatter approach me.

"Shit!" I thought already knowing what is going to happen.

A man with a Jonin flask jacket and some Chunin along with civilians corner me within the alley. The Jonin steps out.

"Now you are done for demon! We will finally get rid of you! You caused this village many deaths many years ago, so now we will put an end to you and avenge our loved ones!"

Fight or flight, this is what was my mind was signaling me. My mind is telling me to run, and get away from these people. And so I did, but where do I go. Running I come across something."Is that a small space leading out of the alley, screw it, its my only way out"

I dash towards the space soon after they started charging with kunai's and shuriken's in hand. My heart palpitating, I'm almost there.


"Aaahhhhhhhh" I screamed.

"Dammit I got hit, I don't even know where I'm going, wait is that a forest? Maybe I can lose them in there, worth a shot." I jumped over the fence and started to run without a destination, deeper into the forest.

All the Jonin's, Chunin's and civilians stopped. "Hey whats the matter lets go get the demon!" yelled a civilian to the Jonin.

The Jonin spoke up, "You must be crazy, this is the Forest of Death, most ANBU think twice before entering here. In plus he's injured since I'm pretty sure I nailed him, so if he doesn't die of bleeding out, the forest will finish him off. Lets go."

What they didn't know is the "demon child" was about to rock the village of Konoha.

Hokage's Office

The Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. Nicknamed the "God of Shinobi" A man who had survived two wars and mastered at least 1000 justu's was now sitting on his butt going signing through paper work, customary to his position.

"Damn, my life has been consumed by these damn papers. Who the hell thought it would be good idea to make paper in the first place. Damn you paperwork!"

He stopped and sat up and looked at the picture on his wall in front of him. It showed three figures he used to talk to a lot. It showed a tall blonde man beside a women with red hair and another tall man with long white hair holding a baby. That baby was none other then Naruto. The Sandaime always looked at Naruto as his adopted grandson growing up. He felt sad since he hasn't been able to visit him in awhile. "Maybe I should take him out to eat tomorrow" He thought.

Suddenly an ANBU appears in front of the Sandaime bowed, a dog mask on his face, with grey gravity defying hair.

"Hokage-sama, I over heard a few civilians in the bar talking about Naruto and how they cornered him in the alley and chased him into the Forest of Death for him to bleed out and die there!" As soon as those words left Kakashi's mouth, an insane amount of killing intent was being felt in the office and throughout the village to where all the ANBU present in the shadows in the office fell to there knees by the large amount being exhibited by the God of Shinobi.

"Kakashi! I want you to take one unit and capture all the ones responsible and send them to Ibiki, the others here will come with me and we will find him. Move!" Immediately all ANBU shunshin'ed out of his office.

"The amount of killing intent was insane, may god help those who did this to Naruto" Kakashi thought as he went to go gather a unit.

With Naruto

Naruto found himself slowing down now. Blood was on the ground, and he was holding his shoulder. "Looks like I lost them, good. Not to find a place to res..OMFPH!"

"Oww my head" Naruto moaned as he felt is back on the ground. He slowly stands up and see's he is in some kind of underground cavern. Looking up he see's the hole he fell into.

He all of sudden feels a pull, like some type of force is pulling him to walk towards a specific direction. He continues on forward, barely being able to see anything in the caverns until he touches finds a rusty door. He looks at it closely and begins to rub it with his fingers.

"Wow this door looks really old, I wonder whats inside, well I'm not going to know until I push it." He said

As soon as he places his hand on the rusted door, he gets shocked and faints, but before he could fully close his eyes and sleep, he notices a faint power coursing through him.


"Oww my head hurts twice as much now, where the hell am I now!" He stands up and looks around and finds himself in place that just occupied nothingness, except the color white which was everywhere.

"Am I heaven?" Naruto thought out loud.

"No you are not young one." A voice says.

He spins around almost breaking his neck and see's this man with brown hair, his hair slicked back with one long strand gently resting in the front. He stood at 6'3 wearing white clothes with a white like cape reaching his feet. He had hands in his pocket and to Naruto had an alarmingly calm and dangerous aura about him.

"Wh- Who are you!" Naruto shouts.

The man's mouth took a slight smile and says

"I am Sosuke Aizen my child" Naruto just looks at him, takes a deep breath and says

"Ok Aizen-san, what the hell am I doing here! Why the hell are you here! What the hell is this place! What the hell was that door I touched! And what the hell just shocked me before I fainted!" Shouted Naruto in pure hysteria. Aizen looks at him, and the first time in awhile an amused smirk graced his face.

"Ah yes, let me answer those first three questions. You are here because you touched the door that I was sealed in, That door you touched was my prison and what shocked you was the seal's energy. It's interesting as it seemed it allowed to meet in your mind scape." Aizen said. Naruto scratched his head, relived he got some information.

"Okay, that answers that, but why am I here? And what are you? From the looks of the door it looks to be at least one hundred years old, so in that case you should be dead." Naruto said. Aizen slightly went wide eyed at his intelligent response, and composed himself and spoke

"How very astute of you Naruto-kun, to answer your question, I am a ex Shinigami" As soon as he said that Aizen was not able to continued as Naruto freaked out and yelled.

"Oh my god am I dead! Kami-sama has come to take my soul!" He yelled hysterically.

"Naruto-kun" Aizen said in a calm yet stern eerie voice that got him to stop.

"Before I was interrupted by your unnecessary outburst, I was about explain. Like I said this is your mind scape. It's a surprise your even able to see me. As for me, I am past 100 years of age and no I am not Kami. Shinigami are the ones that hold order of spirits when they die and go to the Soul Society" Aizen went on to explaining the basics of what Shinigami are, and told him about his time being one.

He also told Naruto his eventual demise by a man named Kurosaki Ichigo and how he was sealed and thrown in prison and how he recently became one with Hogyoku more of a soul though. It was then Naruto asked a question.

"So this is your prison then?" Naruto asked to which Aizen nodded.

"But how were you able to escape soul Society? I thought your prison would be up there not Konoha" Naruto asked curiously. Aizen smiled as he seemed to be enjoying the well thought questions he was asking. For a kid anyways. "I will tell you in a bit. Let me continue my story."

Aizen then explained his motive and how he was young and naive and wanted to gain power and be known as a god through out the heavens and earth.

As he finished, Aizen's calm aura suddenly disappeared into a sad and remorseful one since he was reminiscing about the story. Naruto noticed this and decided even though he committed evil in his time, he saw the way he looked, and thought that his imprisonment really did change him. Not only that, but he he had to admit he was impressed with his ability to take on these so called captains without any problems. Naruto broke the silence.

"Aizen-san, although I don't approve of what you did with your past it seems you really thought about your mistakes and feel regretful. I do not hold the past against you for it is what we do with our future that determines what type of character we are in the end." Aizen for the second time today became slightly wide eyed and spoke.

"Naruto-kun, such a mature thought for someone your age and to only think you are still this small. Why is that Naruto-kun?" Naruto's face took a slight frown and looked at Aizen's eyes with his own that showed Aizen eyes of someone who has seen pain and death constantly. Naruto took a big deep breath and huffed.

"Aizan-san, the way my life has been, forced me to grow up and mature faster. Sometimes I wish that I was still naive to world like all the kids around my age" Naruto said. Aizen frowned though upon hearing this.

"Naruto-kun, come here real quick I want to see something" Aizen said. Naruto complied and slowly walked over to Aizen. Aizen had then put his hand over his forehead, with the power of the Hogyoku, he read Naruto's mind of his whole life up til now. He saw everything, being kicked out the orphanage, not being treated fairly, being almost beaten to death on a daily basis.

To say Aizen was mad was an understatement, he may used to be a cruel and sadistic bastard that used people to his advantage, but a kid nonetheless had to go through things that would make most people break, maybe even himself. Although he smiled at this man Naruto called his Ji-ji and was happy he could find some type of love but nonetheless his respect of the boy immediately increased. Aizen took his hand off his head and knelt down to his level and looked at Naruto's face.

"You asked me how I was able to end up here when I was imprisoned in Soul Society correct?" Aizen asked while Naruto nodded. Aizen lift his palm facing upwards as a small purple came from his body and began to float above it.

"This little ball is the Hogyoku. It's power is unimaginable as it was an additional source to my own power. You will learn later on about what this does. But one thing the Hogyoku does, is it grants the owners deepest desire. I didn't want to be in Soul Society anymore so I'm assuming it took me here." Aizen said as the ball disappeared.

Naruto was shocked to say the least. This tiny little ball was the source of this mans power who fought other shinigami's? It must have been something else. Aizen saw the shocked looked on his face and smiled as he asked him a question.

"Naruto-kun, if you were to have power, and you were capable of being the strongest shinobi on this planet what would you do with that power?" Naruto looked up and spoke without hesitation.

"I would protect those who aim to harm me and anyone close to me like Hokage-jiji, you Aizen-san and any future friends. Anyone that would oppose me I will destroy. I will also build a village of my own so I could live in peace" Aizen smiled. A true smile knowing him and this boy will become real friends.

He pulls out the familiar purple looking orb in his hand and said.

"Naruto-kun, if you want to be free of all the beatings and mistreatment and want to become strong and protect those who mean the most to you then take this orb."

Naruto looks at it in awe and says" Aizen-san, what would this orb give me?" Naruto spoke slightly hesitant.

"This orb will give you an extreme increase in speed and strength not only that but you will have my famed Zanpakuto and lastly I will merge with you since I am part of the Hogyoku" Aizen spoke. Naruto looked at him and said.

"So when we merge will I be able to come here and talk to you again?

"Yes Naruto-kun, but only until you have gotten a hold of my past skills especially with and without my Zanpakuto. But after that my spirit will fade and will be absorbed into the Hogyoku due to you being the new owner." Aizen spoke. With a slight frown which turned into a slight smile, Naruto said with much vigor

"Well I will make you proud Aizan-san, with the abilities you will give me, I will change the world. Come high or come low I will be the greatest shinobi to your testament, and Hokage-jiji!" Once again Aizen smiled a true smile and said.

"Well Naruto-kun we have a long way ahead of us. So once you absorb the Hogyoku we will merge and you will get my skills but we will have to work on them to make them perfect."

"Absorbing this will hurt and you will feel pain like never before. After, you will wake up and it should be in time for when your Hokage-jiji gets to you since this should alert him. Are you sure you want this Naruto-kun?" Aizen finished. Naruto without hesitation said

"Lets do this Datte'bayo!" Naruto took the orb from his hands and the orb slowly floated up then smashed towards his chest. Naruto looks over himself.

"Ah Aizen-san, I thought you said I was supposed to experience pain I've never felt before?" Aizen smirks and at an instant Naruto was screaming for dear life. As Naruto is moving around in pain on the floor the mind scape starts to diminish and with that, Aizen began to think about his experience of meeting Naruto.

"This boy, he will become someone great. I know it. I can see the potential and if I train him right he should be able to surpass me. This boy is very interesting indeed. No matter, I will turn him into something Shinobi's and Shinigami's fear alike."

Moments later Naruto woke up in the same forest he was in before he fell in the hole. "Ow my god damn head, why is it always me head? Why can it be any other body part!" As soon as he stood up he immediately noticed the difference within his power and himself.

"Is this what it feels like to absorb the Hogyoku, hmm interesting. I feel like I can move mountains. I also feel taller. Way taller." He thought to himself.

His focus shifted towards a specific are as he felt a familiar energy source accompanied by four other people. As on cue, Sarutobi arrives.

"Naruto-kun!" Sarutobi yelled. Sarutobi lands and looks at Naruto in shock. Standing before him was not the short 4 inch kid that looked skinny as he remembered.

Before him now is a man standing at 5'6, clothes torn clearly showing the amount of muscle on him. Even breathing or moving any body part slightly, Sarutobi and the other four ninja were able to see every muscle move under very little strain.

Even some of the women that accompanied the Hokage as ANBU couldn't help but blush red and have a slight nose bleed. He did look a lot older. Especially a purple haired shinobi. Sarutobi was snapped out of his stupor when he heard

"Ohayo Ji-ji!" Sarutobi cracks a slight smile hearing the grandfatherly term being used as he knew only person called him that.

"Naruto-kun, what happened to you? Why do you like like your a young adult?" Sarutobi said.

"Ah yes Ji-ji, matters on this issue shall be discussed in your office away from prying ears." Naruto said referring to the Anbu.

Sarutobi looked at him in mild shock yet again, where was the little hyperactive blond that shouts and is impatient and yelling "datte'bayo?" The person talking to him here seemed very calm, cool and very collected. Snapping out of thought yet again, Sarutobi looked at him.

"Uh okay Naruto-kun lets head back to my office." And with that they left.

Sarutobi's Office

Over the course an hour and a half Naruto explained to him that he was first looking for food. Then up to where he got cornered and attacked. As he finished, everyone in room knew Sarutobi was mad if the rise of his killing intent indicated anything. After he calmed down, Naruto told him how he fell in a ditch and met Aizen after touching a rusted door and lead on to explaining Aizen's past and the Hogyoku merging with him explaining his appearance.

Sarutobi pinches the bridge of his nose, eyes closed feeling a migraine come on."Kami, first paperwork, and now this story of Naruto's. Although from what he told me, he might be able to surpass his father and me if trained right. Should I tell him? Hmm I want to inquire on his new found abilities and I'll see if he could be capable enough of defending himself when he learns the secret." Sarutobi snaps his eyes open and asks

"Naruto-kun what type of abilities or powers have you obtained since the merge?" Naruto tries to remember what Aizen said but was interrupted in mid thought when he hears his voice.



'Yes it is me. Tell your ji-ji that you well have an exceptional boost in power and speed, not only that you have somewhat retained my intellect so learning things and mastering them will be easy like the justu's you guys use.' Aizen continues.

'Also you will be able to access reiastu which is the spiritual part of chakra making your moves in the Shinigami art way more powerful than any justu. And lastly my sword, although it has a name you have to be able to hear it through training and meditation to use it. But what the sword's special ability is complete hypnosis over an opponent. You will be able to control all 5 senses of a person. You can practically attack and kill without them knowing they are in a illusion. You get that Naruto-kun?'



Little did Aizen know Naruto was sitting there wide eyed and his jaw almost hitting the floor. After being explained everything he can have in terms of ability by Aizen, Naruto was practically drooling at the thought at how powerful he can become. After a while Naruto picked up his jaw and asked Aizen

"Aizen-san" Aizen quickly interrupted.

'Naruto-kun, you shall refer to me as Aizen-sensei from now on since I will be training you tomorrow'

Naruto responded "Ah okay Aizen-sensei should I tell him everything you told me?" Aizen thought about it.

'Yes tell him everything except the ability of your sword, that will be your trump card but knowing since we merged you will eventual use it to show who's more dominant' Aizen finished with a smirk.

Cutting the connection momentarily, Naruto fixed his eyes on Sarutobi and told him everything he acquired. Sarutobi for the moment looked like his jaw was about to snap off any second as he was hearing this godlike power Naruto had acquired.

"Well at least I can tell him about Kyubi, and his heritage now. Please forgive me Naruto-kun for being an old fool." He thought.

The Sandaime cleared his throat to get Naruto's attention. "Naruto-kun, I think its about time I told you about your parents and Kyubi"



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