Chapter 24: Reunions with Jiraiya & Kakashi

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Chapter 24: Reunions with Jiraiya & Kakashi

Danzo stood there with a smirk as he saw Kakashi's surprised face. "I never thought I would be able to stand here and take this position I so rightfully deserve." Danzo said happily. Jiraiya only scoffed while Kakashi stood silent.

"As you both now, I am the Hokage of this village now. I will do what I can to make sure this village is protected." Danzo said.

"Alright, so does that mean we can leave?" Jiraiya said as he crossed his arms. Danzo merely smirked.

"There was actually another reason why you were both summoned here." Danzo said. Both had raised an eyebrow as to what more he wanted. "As first orders of being the Hokage, I assign both of you to start teaching Sasuke Uchiha all of your techniques." Danzo said as the two elders behind him smirked.

"You've gotten to be kidding me" Jiraiya said with a shocked expression.

"Yes, tomorrow morning I expect you to start teaching him all of your moves. I am grooming him to lead this village as he is our only hope to establish power again. I will admit my old age wont let me do that to the fullest, but I can stand back and orchestrate." Danzo said.

"And who not better to teach young Sasuke the Kakashi of the Sharingan and Jiraiya the Toad Sannin" Danzo ended.

"So you're planning to use Sasuke to live out your plans. What if we refuse?" Kakashi asked. Danzo snapped his fingers as dozen of root members filled the room.

"Oh, you will teach him." Danzo said with a devious smile. Kakashi glared at him and saw he was serious about this. He contemplated whether or not he should argue a case or not. But seeing this, Jiraiya put a hand on his shoulder and bowed.

"Of course Hokage-sama. We will begin to teach him first thing in the morning" Jiraiya said obediently. Kakashi for a moment froze, but immediately caught on and bowed his head. For a moment Danzo for a moment was stunned. But Danzo recovered and nodded.

"Good. I will inform Sasuke about tomorrow. As of now we are under marital law. My root will be patrolling the streets, so don't think about doing anything stupid as my word is absolute now." Danzo said. Jiraiya and Kakashi rose their head and began to walk out of the council chambers. Once leaving Danzo turned to his left, facing a few of his agents.

"I want you to follow them. I have a feeling they are up to something." He told two of his root members.

"Hai Danzo-sama" They said as the shunshin'ed away.

"Do you think they might disobey you?" Homura asked behind him. Danzo turned around to look at them.

"Jiraiya, yeah. But Kakashi, I'm not sure. Regardless my agents will be everywhere. This village will be on lock down." Danzo said with an evil smile, a smile both of the elders returned.

With Kakashi & Jiraiya

As Kakashi and Jiraiya left the Hokage tower, they were walking as there was silence between them. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Jiraiya asked as he kept his eyes forward. Kakashi nodded.

"I am. Where do we meet?" He asked.

"At the village gates tonight." Jiraiya said as he walked a different direction. Kakashi then felt only one source of chakra following him.

"Good, so they did split up." Kakashi thought as he walked back to his house already knowing root members were following him.

Later That Night

Kakashi finally came out of his house with a bag slung over his shoulder and one hand in his pocket as he began to walk down a path casually. The root member who was watching from a perch up above a tree tensed.

"So he is going to leave even though Danzo-sama said not too." He muttered to himself as he disappeared from his spot. Kakashi continued to walk until he felt an energy source behind him.

Looking back lazily he eye smiled. "What can I do for you?" He said as he now came face to face with the root agent.

"Kakashi Hatake. By orders of the Hokage you are forbidden to leave." The root agent said. Kakashi only raised his eyebrows.

"I was just out going for a walk" He said. The root agent said nothing as Kakashi could only chuckle.

"I guess you caught me. So what do we do from here?" Kakashi asked. The root member pulled out a kunai.

"We will be doing nothing. Head back inside now. We are under martial law." He said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that" Kakashi said as he itched his head. "But I really cant do that. So I must leave." Kakashi said as he turned his back and began to walk. The root agent immediately lunged forward intent on stabbing him. As he reached him, the Kakashi poof'ed.

"Shadow clone?" The root agent said.

"Ugh!" He grunted as he felt something pierce his back. Eventually life left the man as he slumped to the ground. Kakashi who was behind him, sighed as he continued to make his way forward.

At The Gate

Kakashi arrived at the front gates to see Jiraiya leaning against a pole with his arms crossed. "I see you had no problems?" Kakashi asked as he neared him. Jiraiya smirked as he tilted his head in a certain direction. Kakashi looked to see a root member on the ground near them.

"So where are we exactly going?" Kakashi asked as he and Jiraiya began to walk out the village.

"There is a certain place I have to look for first, then maybe we can get some answers." Jiraiya said. Kakashi nodded as the two began to run into the forest. Unbeknownst to them, a few eyes were watching.

"Are you guys ready?" A male voice said.

"Hai!" Two voices responded back.

The Next Morning

Jiraiya and Kakashi had been moving nonstop, not even bothering to take a rest as their minds were to restless. There were many things that plagued both of them and their minds.

For Jiraiya he still couldn't get the the image of his godson's dead body out of his head. Even though it had been a couple weeks, it still ate him up. But what was troubling him even more was every good ninja in the village was killed and the most well known figures in Konoha had disappeared. He also thought back to his teammate Tsunade. It wasn't in her personality to just up and leave especially when she held such a high position. Knowing her for so long only made Jiraiya more suspicious as to what had been going on.

Kakashi who was in his own thoughts as well felt more curious then sad unlike Jiraiya. He was still mourning over the loss of sensei's son. He may have not have been close to Naruto but he promised himself he was going to try and get to know him after these exams. But what was preoccupying his mind was the fact that someone had been able to get his old Anbu sword. He hadn't touch that sword for years. It had been sitting in his house tucked away in storage since he quit Anbu. It was obvious some of had to break in. But to able to break in without leaving any incriminating evidence without him noticing required someone of high caliber. He know he was being framed, but who had done it to him?

After a few minutes of contemplating on both of their parts, Jiraiya had finally came to a spot and found what he was looking for.

"Over there" Jiraiya said getting Kakashi's attention. Kakashi foward to see a clearing ahead. It looked like a beach with a view of what looked like to be never ending water. Jiraiya and Kakashi walked and stopped once they reached the shore.

"Is that.."

"A village?" Jiraiya finished for him as they both couldn't take their eyes off the silhouette of something huge across the water.

"So my sources were right." Jiraiya said to himself. Kakashi looked at him wanting him to explain. Jiraiya sighed.

"A few days ago, one of my sources came to a bar on Konoha to meet me. I have been maintaining an eye on a certain group of people. As I got my information, he informed of another rumor that was going around."

"He had told me that there was a rumor that a new village had sprouted up. Many people from Kirigakure and Wave have migrated over there. He also tells me there leader is very strong." Jiraiya ended as he looked out to sea.

"A new village? Without us even knowing? Did you know how long this village has been up or who the leader is?" Kakashi asked Jiraiya very interested.

Jiraiya only shook his head, "My source had only told me a few weeks ago. But he said it is one that will become big. So on a hunch I decided to check it out. I had a feeling something was not right. And who knows, they even might be related in what has been happening in Konoha. Whats even more amazing is that is where Uzushiogakure used to be." Jiraiya said as he looked out water. Kakashi was taken back at the new information.

"Impossible" He said. Jiraiya pointed to a tree near them. Following to where he pointed, he saw the old symbol of Uzushiogakure that was still today in Konoha.

"Amazing. But your theory, it certainly is a possibility. But the ninjas who had to carry that out the killings must have had to be very skilled. They must have been no errors made." Kakashi said. Jiraiya nodded.

"Yes, do you remember your student Sakura saying that Kin was the one who visited her and killed her mother?" Jiraiya asked as Kakashi nodded.

"She was within the group that had Naruto's girlfriends in. Is it not strange that they had left the night before?" Jiraiya asked.

"You think it was Naruto's girlfriends that did this?" Kakashi asked with wide eyes.

"Think about. She easily could have killed Sakura but left her unharmed. Yet Sakura identified her. She must have not been alone ether as I doubt she could handle the load of killing top Jonin's and Anbu by herself." Jiraiya said.

"But if she did have accomplices, why were they not seen and Kin was?" Jiraiya asked.

"Because she wanted to be seen" Kakashi said answering the question he came to a e revelation.

Jiraiya nodded. "Exactly. But the question is why?"

"That would be so you two would end up here. And surely enough you two did" A voice said. Jiraiya and Kakashi turned their attention towards the water. They both had seen a sight they had never thought they would ever see.

It was Naruto! Alive and casually walking on the water with his hands in his pockets

"N-Naruto?" Jiraiya stuttered out as he wiped his eyes vigorously to make sure this wasn't a dream. Kakashi wasn't better off. His eyes were wide as well not believing what he saw seeing. He shakily rose his forehead protector and revealed his Sharingan to see this wasn't a genjustu. To add on to his shock, it wasn't.

"Naruto. You're alive!" Kakashi yelled. Naruto stopped a few inches from them and smirked.

"No.." Jiraiya muttered making them both look at him. "I saw your body myself. I held you. You're dead. Their is no way" Jiraiya said as he held his hand up forming a single hand sign.

"Kai" He said. Jiraiya waited for Naruto's image to go away. But it didn't. "Kai!" He yelled this time. But yet to no avail. Naruto merely stood there enjoying the look on his face. He turned to Kakashi.

"Kakashi." Jiraiya said harshly wanting to make sure he wasn't caught in anything..

"I think this is the real deal Jiraiya. This isn't a genjustu. My Sharingan doesn't see anything of that nature." Kakashi said being the first to slowly reign in his surprise.

"That's impossible! I saw your body! I even had Tsunade and the other nurses examine it!" Jiraiya yelled at him.

"You did now? Well, Tsunade-chan did her part well then. But then again the nurses wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. Tsunade-chan, maybe if she wasn't in on it." Naruto said.

"T-Tsunade-chan?" Jiraiya asked surprised at the affectionate.

"Yes Tsunade-chan. Your former Hokage" He said. Jiraiya and Kakashi's gazes tightened on him.

"How did you know she is the former Hokage?" Kakashi asked. Naruto turned his attention to Kakashi who smirked.

"Better question is why did you stab me with your own old Anbu sword Kakashi?" He said with a smirk. Kakashi froze. Their was no way he could have known that unless..

Naruto smirk turned into a full blown grin as he saw Kakashi widened his eyes coming to the realization he had wanted them to come too.

"You.. You were alive this whole time. You really weren't dead. But how?" Kakashi drawled out as Jiraiya's eyes widened.

"Very good Kakashi. I can see why you are one of the treasured Jonin in Konoha. You are correct." Naruto said as he gave a small round of applause.

"Tell me how is Konoha? I would think that they aren't doing so well." Naruto said. Jiraiya glared at him.

"What happened!? I know you know what happened! Why are the clans along with the women you knew gone? And why did Kin kill Sakura's mom? Why did half of our Jonin and Anbu killed? Why?! Answer me!" Jiraiya yelled as he started to get angry.

Kakashi was seeing this. Jiraiya was losing his cool and if anything they might have to fight Naruto. Something he wasn't sure they might survive. Kakashi hopped over to Jiraiya and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Jiraiya, calm down. We need to find out.."

"Get off me!" Jiraiya yelled as he pulled his shoulder away from Kakashi. He formed a Rasengan in his hands.

"Tell me now! Where are they?!" Jiraiya yelled. Naruto said nothing as he only looked at him with his infamous smirk. This only served to make Jiraiya angrier.

"I'm gonna wipe that smirk off your little face!" He yelled as he began to move forward and was about to jump. Naruto merely rose his hand and snapped. Instantly, a blur made was seen as it stood in between them.

"Susanoo (Tempestuous God of Valour)!" A voice yelled. Jiraiya's Rasengan was immediately stopped. Looking up he see another surprising figure engulfed in what looked like to be ribs with a red color coating over it. Jiraiya jumped backed slightly surprised.

"Itachi Uchiha" Jiraiya muttered out. In front of him was no other then famous Uchiha with his Sharingan blazing.

"Very good Itachi." Naruto praised. It was then Naruto focused his vision over Kakashi and Jiraiya's shoulder.

"You three who have been hiding their presence. It would be wise to come out." Naruto said outloud.

"Yosh! Kakashi!" A certain eccentric voice yelled behind them. Both looked back to see a familiar figure jumping from the trees.

"Gai?" Kakashi asked very surprised for the first time. Gai landed in a crouched pose and then began to stand up straight.

"Kakashi my eternal rival. Its good to finally catch up to you!" Gai yelled with a smile,.

"Seriously Gai what are you doing here?" Kakashi asked seriously. Gai's expression turned serious as he looked at Itachi's emotionless expression.

"My team was originally looking for Neji, but we couldn't find him anywhere. But as we were searching, I spotted you take out a root member then proceeding to leave the village with Jiraiya-sama" Gai said to him.

"So you followed us. You are aware of what Konoha is going to do to you when they find out you're gone?" Kakashi said. Gai nodded with a smile.

"I am my eternal rival! But to be honest, I'm not happy how things are turning out in Konoha. I attended a meeting with Danzo and the remaining Jonin. Everything in that village is on lock down. Martial law was stated and he wanted all of the Jonin's to prepare for war. Something that is unnecessary. A war I will not partake in" Gai said with a sigh.

"Wait you said your team? Does that mean.." Kakashi didn't get to finish as Gai nodded.

"Lee, Tenten you can come out!" Gai yelled as two familiar figures came out of the forest and landed beside him. One was seemed to dressed exactly like Gai, fuzzy eyebrows and all. The other was a female that had a Chinese type apparel and buns in her hair.

"Looks like we cant hide anymore can we?" Tenten said sheepishly. Gai looked at Kakashi.

"They are also aware of what could happen. I have faith as their sensei they can fend for themselves. But that isn't the bigger issue right now." Gai said as he looked at Itachi then Naruto. "So he really is alive. Not only that but it seems Itachi is protecting him" Gai said.

"Yosh! Naruto-kun I am glad to know that you really aren't dead!" Lee yelled as he smiled at Naruto. Naruto merely smirked and focused back on Jiraiya who was still glaring at him.

"You still look angry Kyoufu. I thought you would be happy to see me." He said.

"How about this. I will answer your previous questions you asked me right before you rudely attacked me seeing how this is looking to be to much for you. Such a shame, I expected more from you Jiraiya. You could have easily gotten killed if I had commanded." Naruto said.

Jiraiya still kept his glare on Naruto but looked at Itachi who was still looking at him, ready to defend. It still was surprising to see him here. How did he get here? And why is he defending Naruto? That's just another question he hoped Naruto would answer.

"Firstly, you asked where did all the clan heads and people you know went. That's simple. They are over there. In my village, Uzushiogakure." Naruto said turning around pointing to the huge shadow across the water.

Both of their eyes widened. "So the rumors were. Uzushiogakure exists. You said your village. Does that..."

"Its interesting to see how fast rumors spread. But of course Jiraiya, it is my village. I am an S rank shinobi capable of out beating Ji-ji. Despite his old age he was still stronger then everyone in that village. Including both of you." Naruto said

"For your second question, Kin killed Sakura's mom because I ordered her too" Naruto said simply.

"You ordered her? Then that means" Jiraiya said as he eyes widened.

"Yes Jiraiya. I also ordered the assassinations of all those Anbu and Jonin." Jiraiya, Kakashi and Gai who was listening could only step back in fear. They now knew he was the one responsible for what has happened in Konoha!

"Y-You monster! How could you do that? The village you grew up in!?" Jiraiya yelled.

"The village I grew up in? You must mean the village that alienated me, abused me and ultimately tried to end my existence everyday. You speak as if I should have loved that village." Naruto said to him. Jiraiya and Kakashi could only hold there heads down in shame. It was true what he said. But Jiraiya rose his head back up to retort.

"What about the innocent ones who didn't hurt you? There must have been ones that you killed that didn't even participate in those activities the other ninjas did. What about them? They must have had families. You killed them." Jiraiya said angrily. Naruto merely ran a hand through his hair.

"It must truly be a shame to you. The innocent having to fall to the ignorance of the others. Does it make you angry Jiraiya? Do you feel mad that they had to suffer? Did you wish I was remorseful?" Naruto asked. Jiraiya could not believe what he was hearing. This was not the Naruto he had talk to before. This was a totally different person. He felt.. deceived.

"Why.. Why did you do this?" Jiraiya whispered not believing this.

"That is a good question. Revenge would be too simplistic of an answer. I believe it would have to boil down to sovereignty" Naruto said as he thought about Aizen and his promise to him. Jiraiya could only look at him incredulously.

"You killed people out of supremacy? Supremacy for what? Within other villages?" Jiraiya yelled. Naruto smirked.

"Exactly. I knew a great man who cut off all ties and beliefs in search for supreme power. In a way, this is my memento to him. To have other villages and people fear me as they should. It seems to be working wouldn't you say Jiraiya?" Naruto said as he looked at him with that smirk. Jiraiya could only look in shock unable to speak.

He then turned his gaze to Kakashi."You don't seem that surprised Kakashi. Could you inform me as to why?" He asked. Kakashi focused a hard gaze on him.

"I will admit I am still surprised as to how are you still alive, but I'm more curious then surprised at this point. You revealed that you ordered those killings, but you have yet to tell us how you are still alive. You also mentioned me stabbing you with my sword, a sword I haven't touched in a long time. I want to know how you're alive and how did you know about the sword?" Kakashi asked as Naruto merely smirked.

"Interesting, I applaud you for handling this better then Jiraiya. So I will speak to you then. You have managed to figure out everything up to this point. Tell me, do you remember any abilities I displayed within the village? Think back to the Chunin Exams." Naruto says.

Kakashi begins to think about back to the exams. Thinking about it now, he did remember where he saw it. It was against the fight against Kiba. He remembered because he looked completely unharmed. It then hit him. He was able to make qaglass copy of himself while the other always remained unharmed.

"Y-You used that that ability of yours that makes you shatter like glass, where you come out unharmed! I didn't know you can use it to that ability." Kakashi said figuring it out. Naruto merely applauded him for at least getting it half right. But they didn't need to know anymore about his abilities.

"And as for solving that I will tell you how I got a hold of your sword." Naruto said.


Konohagakure Gates

Five minutes later Naruto and Akane had arrived at the main gate. Naruto looked at Akane. "Aka-chan, regroup with the girls." Naruto said. Akane nodded as she sped off. Naruto began to walk towards the front. He had finally walked half way reaching the Hokage tower unaware of the person behind him.

"You are very interesting Naruto-kun. But unfortunately you will have to die. This is for Orochimaru." Said a lone figure with glasses. The figure pulled out a sword that he had kept at his hip.

"These Anbu swords are pretty lightweight. Its usually not my style. But I will make an exception today." He said with a glare

Naruto took that time to look at the Hokage tower. He was going to shunpo at the top to get a better look at the state of the village, but before he left the ground, he felt someone behind him.

"Now you die!" A voice yelled behind him. Naruto slowly turned his head to see a man lunging at him with a sword. Naruto merely turned around completely and caught the sword with his hand.

"Kabuto-san, how nice of you join me in the failed plans of your an invasion." Naruto said with a smirk. Kabuto was momentarily shocked at how easy he was able to catch his blade. It was then he suddenly felt someone slice him on the side. He immediately backed up away from Naruto and spotted another figure with purple hair.

"I missed" The figure said. Naruto slightly chuckled.

"You should be careful Kabuto-san. Yugao-chan wont miss the second time" Naruto said as the bow identified Yugao adjusted her stance to fully face him. Kabuto backed up away from them and touched his now bleeding wound.

"Naruto-kun." Yugao said to him, asking if she wanted her to fight him and end it. Naruto ran a hand through his hair.

"It's alright Yugao-chan. If I'm correct, they should be finishing up by now. We don't have time for such." Naruto said. Yugao slightly relaxed and jumped back as she took to his side. Kabuto merely smirked as he looked at them and saw his wound wasn't as serious.

"You talk as if I wouldn't put up a challenge. I was not Orochimaru's right hand man for nothing." Kabuto says as he began to run through hand signs. As he finished his hands were encompassed in blue chakra. Naruto merely raised an eyebrow at the technique Kabuto was using. Kabuto said nothing as he charged at Naruto. For a moment, Naruto saw the energy form a point on his hands.

"Interesting. It looks like he intends to cut me with that. It seems he is using his chakra." Naruto thought as he watched Kabuto near him. Kabuto jumped forward and lunged his right hand forward towards his neck. Naruto slightly turned his body as he dodges it. Sensing this, Kabuto instantly changed the direction of his attack in mid attack swiping his hand across. Naruto quickly leaned back as he immediately hopped backwards to gain space. He put his hands in his pockets.

"Right hand man you say? Orochimaru's skills were comparable to an ant. An ant, I so easily crushed. Should I assume you are weaker then based on his abilities? Very well Kabuto-san." Naruto said as he put his hand on the hilt of his sword and quickly shunpo'ed forward. Kabuto's eyes widened as he only disappeared from his sight for a second as he heard a voice next to him.

"I was right. How pathetic. Goodbye Kabuto-san." Naruto said as he was beside Kabuto. Kabuto began to turn his head but it was too late.

Naruto had already unsheathed his sword and swung at his head.

Effectively decapitating him.

Blood spluttered out from the top of his head, as the head itself hit the ground and began to roll foward. His body stood still as it eventually fell to the ground with a thud. Naruto flicked the blood off his blade and sheathed his sword. He then turned to Yugao who was in awe at what she saw.

"Yugao-chan, can you dispose of the body?" Naruto said. Yugao looked at him and nodded. With a quick fire justu, Kabuto's body was reduced to ashes. He looked at Yugao.

"Yugao-chan, do you have it?" Naruto asked. Yugao nodded as she pulled out a sword wrapped in sheathe. It looked like the one she currently had herself. Yugao handed it over as Naruto took it from her.

"I still don't see why you specifically chose Kakashi for this or his sword." She said. Naruto took his own sword out and held it in front of him. The sword began to materialize into an exact replica of Naruto. "You should know this by now Yugao-chan. He is the perfect candidate to frame. I also need him to become one of my ninja." Naruto said as he looked at the exact clone of himself and set it down.

"Do you have the scroll Yugao-chan?" He asked. Yugao nodded as she threw him the scroll. Naruto opened it and looked at it, his eyes darting around.

"There it is" Naruto says. As he began to run through hand signs.

"Naruto-kun, are you sure you can do this? I mean it took Kakashi a while to get this technique down himself?" Yugao asked. Naruto didn't look at her as he was still forming the hand signs.

"It doesn't have to be perfect Yugao-chan. An incomplete version of the technique should be sufficient. In plus, Aka-chan also trained me in Chakra control, making sure it was near perfect." He said as he finished the last hand sign.

"Chidori" He whispered.

He held his hand out as lightening slowly began to engulf his it. "Wow. I didn't know you had a lightening affinity." Yugao said very surprised he was able to pull of the justu on the first try, even if it wasn't a good one. Naruto only looked at her.

"Well Ji-ji gave me a few scrolls with most of the common affinities in Konoha before I trained for four years. It also helps when Aka-chan knows how to train you in most of them." Naruto said he looked down and picked up the body.

"Still, its amazing to think you can even recreate that technique. Even if it is not as good as Kakashi's" Yugao said. He smirked as he eyed a good spot on the right side and immediately moved his hand to thrust through it. As his hand appeared on the other side, the justu ended as Naruto pulled his hand out and examined the mark.

"Perfect." Naruto said as he smirked looking at the burn marks. He then shunpo'ed up towards the Hokage tower.

Finding a good place in the middle of the tower, he put the body he made up against the wall and stabbed it with the sword. The sword was imbedded in him as it stick to the wall with blood slowly beginning to pour down. Naruto shunpo'ed down next to Yugao. He moved his arms forward and wrapped it around her waist bringing her closer to him.

Yugao was surprised as she came quikcly into contact with his toned chest. Slightly blushing, Yugao only laid her head on his chest with a smile at it his spontaneity. He moved his hand towards her chin and tilted it up, both of their visions locking on to one another. He smiled as he leaned down and claimed her lips. He was happy she didn't have her Anbu mask on at this time as that would have only provided as an irritation to him. She wrapped her arms around him and began to deepen the kiss.

Yugao could only blush as she was still not use to this. She remember she was bold enough to kiss him in that alley but that took a lot to do. She then felt his hand reach down and grip her ass, as if it was his property. Of course she had no problem with this, and she kind of liked it when he did that type of action. After a few minutes of intimate kissing, they both broke apart, Yugao blushing and Naruto smirking. He slightly laughed as he saw her cute red face. He gently brought her face to his chest as he put his chin on top of her head.

"I thought you said you didn't have time since everyone was already finishing up?" Yugao playfully said. Naruto smiled as he began to gently stroke her soft and beautiful purple hair.

"I did say that didn't I? But when it comes to my girls, time is never a factor." Naruto said as he gently played with her hair. Yugao could only smile as she nodded.

"Although I am surprised at your quick thinking when it came to helping me on how we were going to frame Kakashi. How do you know he still kept his sword?" Naruto asked. Yugao only sighed.

"It's just something all Anbu keep. Even when you leave the Anbu, you still cant help but reminisce." Yugao said solemnly. Naruto pulled back to look at her.

"I know you're a strong kunoichi Yugao-chan, but when we get to the new village, you aren't going to be taking such high risk missions anymore. I cant afford to lose any of you girls. I don't know what I would do." Naruto said softly in a rare moment of weakness. Yugao could only look in surprise. Now this was a side she had never seen. Yugao blushed at what she heard from him though. She knew all the girls meant a lot to him, but to actually hear it from him was endearing. Yugao looked up and cupped his check.

"Alright Naruto-kun if you say so." She said softly. Naruto smiled as he kissed her nose.

"I love you Yugao-chan" He said to which Yugao only gasped. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"Y-You love me?" Yugao asked very surprised. Naruto chuckled. "Of course I do. I love you and all the girls. I love each and everyone of you. You all have different quirks and personalities that I adore. You're no different" He said. Yugao said nothing as she lunged her face forward and kissed him hard.

Naruto returned it as he picked her up and twirled her around, to which she retracted from the kiss and began to giggle. He then put her down as his face turned serious.

"Yugao-chan, its time. Ryujin has dispelled. I will see you in a few weeks okay?" He said. Yugao turned serious as well as laid one more peck on his lips.

"Okay Naruto-kun. Be careful" She said. Naruto merely smirked as he shunpo'ed away. Yugao smiled as she watched Naruto leave. "Alright here we go." She muttered as she took a deep breath.

"Ahhhhh! Nooo! Kami no!" Yugao screamed at the top of her lungs.

End Of Flashback

Kakashi and Jiraiya were merely silent as Naruto ended his explanation to them on how he found Kakashi's sword.

"Why? Why frame me?" Kakashi asked. Naruto turned his attention to Jiraiya who was looking at him as well as if he was saddened at what he heard.

"Because I knew you were the perfect candidate. I figured Jiraiya would be smart enough to link everything together. And he did exceptionally well. He brought Tsunade-chan back to inspect my body and linked my murder to you. The sword and technique were merely the linking pieces. This also came with the question as to who really killed me. I could assume you were weary of the council as well." Naruto said as he looked at Kakashi. Kakashi's eyes widened as a memory triggered in his brain.

"Yes, that was who I first thought killed you as I over heard Danzo saying how he sent his root after you." Kakashi said remembering the scene. Naruto nodded. "That was true. But, they had met an unfortunate end nonetheless" Naruto said.

"So this was your whole plan then. What about your girls?" Kakashi asked him remembering how him and Jiraiya couldn't find a trace of them.

"Surely after hearing everything just now, you cant figure out the part my beautiful wives played?" Naruto said with a smirk.

"They were acting the whole time" Jiraiya said speaking up for the first time since he attacked. Naruto looked at him.

"Yes and quite well if I might add." Naruto said. Gai and his team were standing by silently listening to what they were saying. Everything to Gai was now making sense as well. He did speculate what happened to Naruto as it was very weird seeing how an S rank ninja was easily killed.

"All of this was a big lie then. This was just a big web of deception. You single handily had everyone fooled." Gai said as Kakashi and Jiraiya turned back to look at him. Jiraiya turned back around to his godson.

"Then how do you account for the missing clans, the old man and Tsunade-hime?" Jiraiya asked.

"They too were part of the act. Hokage-jiji had already known what I was planning to do and agreed to play his part when the time came. That is why he retired as Hokage. As for the clans, Mikoto-chan convinced them seeing how there was already a state distrust within the other ninjas. And as for Tsunade-chan, I met her in Tanzaku Town and eventually made her one of my women" Naruto said.

Jiraiya's face fell hard. "Aw come on! Is there no limit! Tsunade-hime too? My life is over!" Jiraiya yelled as he began to cry anime tears.

Kakashi could only look at him and eye smile as he itched his head. "Well he's back to normal" He said as he looked back at Naruto.

"You said you wanted us here? Why?" Kakashi asked. Naruto walked forward with his hands in his pockets as he eventually stepped foot on dry land.

"Simple. I want you both to be in my village as ninja" He said. Jiraiya snapped out of musings and glared at him. "You faked your death so we would join your village?!" Jiraiya yelled.

"More or less. You should have been listening Kyoufu as I already mentioned my reasoning. You both were added benefits." Naruto said as stood next to Itachi.

"Well his plan was pretty good I will admit. This isn't something you see from only a Genin" Kakashi admitted as he sighed. "So what do you say? Will you join?" Naruto asked. Jiraiya got in a slightly defensive position as did Kakashi.

"What makes you think we will join after you did all of this to both of us?" Jiraiya asked. Naruto smirked. "I was expecting for you to say that. Its fine to feel hurt, but how do you think I felt all these years within that village Kyoufu? Now I have a chance to live in peace and comfort and your opposed to that? If anything, what I did to you was something you had coming." Naruto said truthfully.

Jiraiya could only hold his head down in shame. He laughed inwardly a little bit as he thought back to the Chunin Exams. He did get off a little too easy which he couldn't believe. Maybe he did deserve this after all the years he left Naruto in this village.

Kakashi on the other hand was sort of feeling the same as Jiraiya. He didn't even know he was his sensei's son until he announced it when Naruto came back and fought Sarutobi. If he would have known, he would have tried has damnedest to make sure Naruto didn't get hurt on a daily basis. But alas, everything was already done and they were here at this moment. Both Kakashi's and Jiraiya's shoulder slumped as they had accepted defeat. Gai who was still watching silently saw this.

"Kakashi, Jiriaya-sama! You cant possibly think of joining? What about Konoha?" Gai asked. Kakashi looked at him.

"I could say the same for you Gai" Kakashi said lazily as he was out here as well.

"Oh my eternal rival you are right!" Gai yelled as he held his head down comically. Tenten who had been silent this whole time sighed seeing her sensei acting like this in a serious situation. While Lee could only nod vigorously in agreement. Naruto who saw there body language change smirked as he saw he had won.

"Well, why don't we head to the village of Uzushiogakure then" Naruto said as he snapped his fingers.

Instantly Kakashi felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and came face to face with Itachi and his Sharingan.

Jiraiya also felt something pointed at his neck. He looked to see a women holding a kunai and a few needles.

Gai had then felt someone next to him as well. Looking he saw his old student. "Neji?" Gai said in surprise while Tenten and Lee could only look in surprise as well since they too where looking for him.

"Neji what are you doing here?" Gai asked. Neji said nothing as he activated his Byakugan confusing Gai even more.

"Neji why are you doing this?" Tenten asked.

"Because Naruto-sama has ordered it." Neji says.

"Neji how unyouthful! I thought we were teammates!" Lee yelled at him with a frown. Neji only stared at him as he said nothing.

"All will be explained in the village as you we shall see where all of your loyalties lie. Itachi, Kin, Neji lets go." Naruto said as he looked at them and turned around.

"Whats going to happen if we don't want to join?" Kakashi asked as he was being forced to move forward by Itachi. Naruto looked back and assumed he was speaking for everyone. He could see it in their eyes. They all held a tiny ounce of fear.

"Then you all will die by my blade. It simple as that. Would you to try?" Naruto said which made them all stiffen. There shoulders slumped in defeat as they accepted what was happening.

"It cant be all that bad?" They all thought similarly. Naruto did want them in the village in the first place.

"Ryujin" Naruto spoke. A few seconds later the towering water dragon appeared in front of Naruto from the ocean. The dragon roared as water began to cascade down its scales.

"Yeah what do you want?" Ryujin said with a glare. Naruto smirked.

"My, you seem awfully grumpy Ryujin and here I thought I would be excited for you too see me." Ryujin's expression changed as he smiled.

"Of course I am! What can I do for you?" He said his emotions instantly changing.

"I need you take them to the village. Can you do that?" He asked. Ryujin nodded but glared at him again.

"You know, I'm starting to think your only using me as transportation." He said. Naruto waved him off with a smile.

"Me? Of course not" He said. The dragon huffed and then sighed in defeat as he turned to them.

"Alright get on before I eat you all" Ryujin said as Naruto disappeared.

A Few Minutes Later

Uzu Council Chambers

As they arrived, Naruto's guards dispersed as Kakashi, Jiraiya and Gai along with his team had finally arrived in Uzushiogakure and they were surprised to see how well developed the village was already becoming. To them it looked so much more lively then Konoha. Their were already shops set up and villagers walking around. One thing that caught there eyes were the defense in the village. Everything was tightly knit as they were layers of wall protecting each section.

After a few moments they finally arrived at the end of the village and walked towards the Uzukage tower. They had then made their way to the council chambers which looked different then the one form Konoha. The first thing they noticed was the huge chair in the middle that looked to be made of marble. They assumed that is where Naruto would be sitting.

They were correct as in it, was Naruto who was sitting very relaxed with both of his arms on the arm rests. They also spotted all of the clan heads that used be in Konoha seated in a U shape table which only made them believe Naruto even more. Their was also one figure that caught both of their eyes. He was sitting towards the end on of the sides of the table smoking a pipe.


"Sarutobi-sama?" Both Jiraiya and Kakashi drawled out.

Seeing them finally arrive, Naruto smirked. "Very good. We shall begin. I brought you all here to determine whether are not it would be good to let Kakashi and Jiraiya in the village. Personally, I believe they would be useful. But that is why I have a council and an adviser as you all aide in my decisions." Naruto said to the clan heads in the room. Naruto was about to speak again until someone appeared before him bowed.

"Naruto-sama" The monotone voice said.

"Yes Itachi" Naruto said to his loyal guard. Itachi got up and leaned into his ear.

"We have found someone near our borders. They looked to be scouting this village before we caught them." Itachi said in his ear. "I see. Do you know who it is?" Naruto asked.

"It is Yugito Nii, the jinchuriki of Kumo" Itachi said.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "And you are sure?" Naruto asked. Itachi nodded.

"Yes, she was on our list to catch while I was in the Akatsuki." Itachi said.

"Is she in containment?" Naruto asked now interested. "Hai Naruto-sama." Itachi replied. Naruto got up and made a kage bunshin. Everyone in the room looked at him in confusion. Seeing it, he began to address it.

"It seems I have important matters to attend too. If I should finish and the kage bunshin doesn't expel, then I will be coming back." Naruto said as he and Itachi began to walk out.

"The pretty blonde girl from the Chunin Exams huh? Lets see how this goes" Naruto said with a smirk as he ran his hand through his hair.


Right so let me address some things. You must be wondering about his affinity. Up until now we have seen Naruto only perform fire justu's. So yes I did give him a lightening affinity now. It states that shinobi are not limited to how much they can have, but I can only imagine how hard it would be to learn and master just one. May he have more? Maybe? I mean I'm not going to have have him learn all of them.

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