Chapter 4: The Return

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Chapter 4: The Return

4 Years Later

After finally meeting his zanpakuto spirit, Naruto began training his skills nonstop to try and reach attainable levels no human can possibly go. Naruto perfected his kata's to a tee. Every strike he can deliver are instant kills. He perfected his swings to such a degree one he can cleave off any body part with ease.

His zanjustu skills have defiantly surpassed Aizen's by a mile. Naruto's kido and bakudo exceptionally grew also. He is able to cast level 90 bakudo's and hado's and above without an incantation. His flash step has also increased, he is faster than Aizen now, to the point he is untraceable to the human eye.

Him and Kyoka Suigestu trained with each other constantly. She explained to him about her shikai's effect. She mentioned that when ever anyone takes at least one glance at the sword they will be in complete hypnosis, being able to control a persons five senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.

He began to train with her extensively and with that the relationship between Kyoka and Naruto deepened making the tactics for the use of the shikai incredible. They started to bond so much Naruto would come in the mindscape every night to cuddle or talk with her. After training his shinigami skills, Akane began to teach Naruto about chakra.

Akane first helped him by unlocking his chakra. He naturally had an enormous pool of it combined with his reiastu. He then began to work on basic chakra control and with this he would be able to perform justu's without wasting extra energy. He knew that his shinigami skills would be the skills he will be using the most of the time but he thought it would be good to have some variety.

So for a couple months he worked his chakra control to a least mid Jounin-ANBU level. He also mastered the scroll's that his ji-ji gave him to a high degree. In the scrolls were wind techniques which Akane believes he has a strong affinity for, water which he is decent at and fire which he was not good at along with the three academy justu's he will need to know. Just like Kyoka, Akane and Naruto also got to spend a lot of time together in his mindscape.

They both grew close to each other, almost like lovers. It was hard for Akane not tell him she was in love with him. She was afraid of what Naruto might say so she kept hidden to try and find the right time to tell him.

So far Naruto's skills were above and beyond he could have hoped for. So where do we find our blonde hero now?

Here we find him walking on a dirt road back to the village. His appearance has dramatically changed. Standing at 6'4 with a lean frame. Hair that flows even more then before. With his hand laying on the hilt of Kyoka sitting snugly on his left side. He no longer sports his civilian clothing anymore. He wears the exact replica of Aizens outfit. All white, high collard with black trimmings with a purple like waist band. He decided to wear this in honor of Aizen and for what he has taught Naruto.

Naruto and Aizen grew very close within the years, moving past the sensei and student relationship. To almost a degree of father and son. For Naruto he had no problem calling him tou-san especially for all the things he taught him. To be manipulating cunning in battle, sharp, and prepared. To know your opponents moves making a plan so your 3 steps ahead of them. Thinking about it now. He lost the only person he could have called close to being a father.


"Shatter: Kyoka Suigestu"

Naruto says, his body shattering like glass. With long slash to his Aizen's back. Aizen knowing he can't keep up, he shakily walks forward with a smile and slumps down before speaking

"You have done well these past years Naruto. You have surpassed me in many ways. You have excelled at everything I have taught you. All there is left to do know is go back to your village and show them who you have become." Naruto turns around and bows.

"Thank you Aizen-sensei. If it weren't for you or the Hogokyu I would not be here in the first place. I owe all my skills and training to you." Aizen smiles, stands up and looks at his hand slowly withering away.

Naruto yells "Aizen-sensei your disappearing!"

"It seems so Naruto. I believe my purpose here has been fulfilled. I guess this is good bye Naruto" Aizen says with a slight smile. Naruto on the inside wanted to cry and hug his sensei, but on the outside he know he shouldn't. In memory of Aizen's training he told himself he will remain calm and collect as ever. Naruto walks up to him eye to eye

"Aizen-sensei. We have been together through out these years. You have taught me many things. You showed me what its like to have someone care for you. I know this might sound weird and I know I have a real father, but I've always considered you one tou-san" Naruto says smiling.

Aizen goes wide eyed at his confession. But then just smiles a true smile for the last time.

"I know you have Naruto, and I am honored to think you gave me a title that means so much. You know whats funny? A couple hundred years ago I would have never involved myself with such trivial things such as emotions. In my mind I believed it slowed me down in my conquest of power. Isn't ironic that now thinking about the things I've done in my past life and training you for years, I just couldn't help but grow fond of you Naruto-kun." Aizen continued.

"Close your eyes Naruto I want to give you something" Naruto closes his eyes.

Aizen then materializes the same clothing he has on."Okay Naruto open your eyes."

Naruto then open's his eyes and see's the same outfit Aizen is wearing in his hands "I thought you would need some new clothes on your way back. Just a little something you can remember me by"

Naruto takes it in his hand threatening to shed tears. He goes behind a tree to change. He comes out looking like an exact replica of Aizen.

"Well you look pretty good Naruto" Aizen says.

"Thank you Aizen-sene... no thank you tou-san." Naruto says bowing.

Aizen's arm then his body began to fade. "Well looks like I'm being absorbed now. Never stray from your goals Naruto. Make me proud. Show them a true power of a god" Aizen then vanishes. Closing his eyes with a lone tear falling out whispers

"I will Aizen-sensei. I promise" With that he begins to walk out of the forest.

Back to Naruto

As Naruto was reminiscing he hears a couple men from the tree's and bushes and a women screaming far ahead. Naruto being curious, sets out to find where the noise is coming from. Hopping from tree to tree he spots where the noise is coming from. He sees what it looks to be like ninja's but not from the village of Konoha.

But what grabs his attention is this women on the ground with multiple cuts, bruises and some torn clothes. His attention turned to her beautiful ruby red eyes, they resembled Itachi's but more beautiful and majestic. He can tell she was a kunoichi from the hitai-ate she was wearing and the pouch for weapons. But what they started to do made his blood boil.

All three of the ninja's were going to try to pin her down and rape her. One man, which he determined was the leader began to rip her clothes off and started to pull his dick out ready to rape her. Naruto shunpo'ed at the blink of an eye.

Kurenai's P.O.V.

Kurenai just got back from a mission to Suna. A simply C rank delivery mission to the Kazekage and back. But half way into her getting home she encountered three ninja's from Kumo of all ninja's. She determined they all looked at least to be mid chunnin to jounin. She put up a good fight until one of the ninja's hit her from her blind spot.

"Well well you put up a good fight bitch." One of the ninja's said.

"Hey you wanna have fun while the bitch is down?" said the other Kumo ninja.

Kurenai eyes widened when she heard the word "fun" She know what they wanted to do. "Alright we can have some fun. Both of you pin her down. I'm going to have a go at her first" said the supposed leader of the group. Both of the Kumo ninjas restrain both her arms down so she couldn't use justu.

The man that wanted to go first decided to rip some of her bandaged dress off. Exposing some of her bra and well endowed chest. Kurenai was now starting to panic. She began to cry and scream and told them to stop. The man didn't listen to him but just sat there continuing to rip her bottom part of the dress grinning like a madman.

He saw her panties exposed and rip them off viciously, he then pulled out his penis ready to enter her. "You have such beautiful eyes. I want you to watch with those eyes what I'm about to do."

Kurenai was now crying and began to think "This is it. Just a simple delivery mission. Now im going to get defiled by these sick men. Here I thought my first time was going to be special. God please anyone, someone help me!"

She closed her eyes accepting the inevitable. Seconds passed and she didn't feel anything. She opened her eyes to see the man that was about to rape her without a head. She turned her eyes to see a tall blonde man with an all white attire with a sword in his right hand. With a single long strain of blond hair floating in the wind. She looked at her handsome blonde savior in awe.

Normal P.O.V.

Naruto reached him in a second and drew his sword to cut his head off. His head rolling away from his body. Both of the ninja's that had Kurenai pinned down jumped back with her in there grasp.

"Hey who the hell are you and why the fuck did you just do that for!" one of the ninja's said. Naruto stood there voice less.

Qucikly he shunpo'ed in between the two ninja's and grabbed Kurenai and went back to his same spot. The two ninja's couldn't believe what the saw in terms of speed. They didn't see him move and they were looking at him the whole time.

Naruto with Kurenai who still had tears flowing from her eyes looked at her, took off his coat and put it around her and smiled. The feeling of his coat around her made her feel safe. This made Kurenai feel a little warm inside by the gesture and his smile.

"Don't worry now. I will handle it from here. You just rest now" Naruto said as he laid her by a tree turning his gaze back to the ninja's.

"You know you three were about to do an action I deem acceptable in terms of death. I am sure you can guess what it was" Flicking the blood off his sword Naruto continued.

"Now that one of your own is dead that leaves just you two. Tell me were you planning on taking part of your leaders actions?"

The two Kumo ninja looked at him as if they had seen a ghost. Both were having a hard time trying to utter a word until one spoke up.

"No man we didn't want to do anything. He forced us both." Said one of the man shakily knowing that this man can end his life with just a swing of his sword. Naruto looking at him said.

"You believe I am naive enough to not know that you guys suggested it in the first place. Obviously you do not take me seriously. Allow me to show you how serious I am" Knowing he was going to attack the two ninja decided to attack first. Both throwing many shruiken's and kunai's at Naruto.

Naruto only closed his eyes until he was both behind them in a flash sheathing his sword. Walking back to Kurenai the two ninjas can only stare at his back as both of their heads rolled off their body. Kurenai watched in complete shock at how easily he handled the three ninja. Snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Excuse me miss are you okay? Naruto said softly smiling.

Kurenai thought "His smile is beautiful" Before responding

"I am. I-I was so scared I thought I was going to die and they were going to.." before she can finish another word she felt two muscular arms around her. Naruto whispered.

"Its okay. Let it out. They are not here anymore. They cant hurt you." Kurenai instantly hugged him tighter knocking him on his butt and sobbed out loud. A few minutes pass and her crying began to die down. Noticing this Naruto speaks up "Miss..."

"Kurenai. Kurenai Yuhi" she says with a smile. Naruto smiles back which makes Kureani feel warm again and says

"Well Kurenai-chan I suppose you are a kunoichi from Konoha?" She only nods sort of liking the affectionate way he used her name.

Naruto continues "Well that's good. I am on my way there too. We can both go together"

Standing up he offers Kurenai a hand. She begins to get up until she almost falls due to her injuries, Naruto catches her and helps her back up.

"You can't move on your own. I will carry you back to the village." Naruto says leaving no room for debate. He picks her up bridal style and begins to hop from tree to tree to the village.

"I never got a chance to thank you. What is your name by the way?" Kurenai asks.

Naruto looks back down and say "My name is Naruto Aizen Namikaze. Glad to have your quittance Kurenai-chan."

Kurenai eyes widen at his last name. But while she was in his arms she turned her gaze slightly up to look at this blond man. "Namikaze? Is he related to the fourth? Just exactly who exactly is he? I might have to ask Hokage-sama.

Further inspecting him, she feels his body against hers."His arms are so muscular tho. Not only that but his chest is rock hard. And his coat smells so good. How come I've never seen this man in Konoha before? He doesn't seem like a pervert even in the state I'm in. His skills are amazing too. His swordsman ship skills I think can rival Yugao-chan as well. Well since he's going back to the village I might be able to get to know him more"

She thought before unconsciously inhaling his scent of his jacket followed by snuggling into his chest. Sensing this Naruto can only help but smile

Konoha Gates

Spotting two guards ones stops him. "Halt who are you and why is a Konoha kunoichi in your arms?"

Naruto responds "She was attacked by multiple enemy ninja's. She has many cuts and bruises and possibly broken bones. She could not walk by herself so I carried her here"

The guard looking at explanation nodded his head

"Very well bring her to the hospital" the man said. Naruto nodded and shunpo'ed inside.

Both guards a little wide eyed at the technique. "Hey what kind of technique was that?" one guard said. "I don't know but it was so fast" said the other guard.

Inside Konoha

Looking for the hospital Naruto finally spots it and enters. He runs up to the front desk and tells the one of the nurses what happens and she began to take her from her arms. Before she is about to be taken by the nurse he stops and looks at her, not before kissing her forehead and whispering

"I hope we can meet again sometime Kurenai-chan. You can keep my jacket until the next time we meet"

A mild blush could be found on her cheeks. He then begins to walk away. While one thought was on Kurenai's mind "Oh we will meet again Naruto. I can promise you that. And I'm glad I get to keep your jacket. It gives me a reason to see you"

At The Hokage Tower

Sarutobi was doing paperwork as always. Taking a break for a little bit, his thoughts began to drift off back to Naruto. Its almost been 4 years like he said. He wasn't sure if he was coming back but he surely hoped so. He hears a knock on his door, "Come in" he says. He spots Mikoto Uchiha enter.

Its been almost 4 years since the incident with the clan. It seem she has partly recovered but she was still having trouble at times. It seems Itachi was right about Sauske. Every since he recovered from the incident he began to train nonstop to try and get revenge for what his brother did.

Mikoto tried her best to try and steer him away from getting revenge but it didn't work. He even began to turn a cold shoulder to his mother berating her on how she is no help to him.

"How are you Mikoto-chan? How is Sasuke?"

Mikoto could only sigh. "Well I am okay. Just trying to get by. Sasuke is still the same as ever. Nothing I do works. He is too caught up being the avenger for the clan." Sarutobi only nods

"Well I can only hope that he does stray and find's a different path." Sarutobi was about to continue until he hears another knock. "Come in"

As soon as the door opened both Saruboi and Mikoto spots a tall blonde young man with an all white attire and with a sword snugly strapped to his side. But what caught his eyes were his whisker marks and blue eyes. He stares before he sputters out.


Naruto can only smile. "It is me ji-ji. I have missed you" Sarutobi only stared at him. Quickly got his bearing back and beings to speak

"My boy its been 4 years, you surely have matured. How have you been Naruto-kun?"

While Sarutobi and Naruto were having their conversation. Mikoto can only look at awe and shock. Standing before her was not the handsome man she saw 4 years ago. If it was possible he got even more handsome. His aura seemed to feel more fierce. It could tell you that he was not someone you would want to mess with.

"N-N-Naruto-kun?" Mikoto utters.

Breaking from their conversation Naruto looks at Mikoto only for him to inspect her. She looked even better then she did before. He was glad the incident didn't affect her that much.

He smiles "Hello Mikoto-chan. I told you I would come back." Mikoto leaps from where she standing into Naruto's arms hugging him tightly she begins to sob a little. Naruto only soothes her and whispers.

"I missed you Mikoto-chan" Mikoto felt her heart skip a little. "He.. He missed me?" She thought. After a few minutes Sarutobi speaks up "Well now that your acquainted with each other, what can you say about your skills?"

"I can say now with the training I have that my skills are untouchable to anyone here" Naruto says.

"Oh you don't say my boy? Well still up for that sparring match that I said we would have?" Sarutobi says smirking. Naruto only chuckles slightly

"Yes I am ji-ji. Know that I will not take it easy on you" Sarutobi only smiles.

"Wouldn't have it any other way Naruto-kun. Now that your here I have to tell you something." Naruto intently listening.

"I believe you will want to take up the last name of your father I assume? Well I will be inviting all the jounin's and higher ups to watch our sparring match. If you can beat me I will announce your name and give you the inheritance your mom and dad would have wanted you to have and I also have a certain law that I believe you should be aware of since your taking your fathers name." Sarutobi says.

Naruto responds "Very well. What will my inheritance include and what is the law? And I also have one request for our spar."

Sarutobi responds "Well that will include your money from your fathers bank account and not only that but his house that he used to live in. This law is called the C.R.A, or the clan restoration act. It is for people who are the last of there clan. Being that you are the last Uzumaki and Namikaze you will have to marry a certain number of girls before your 18. I'm just letting you know before the council tries to implore it on you. Also what would that request be my boy?"

Naruto looked a little shock at the words he said." Wow never thought I would have to marry multiple girls. Well I accept and know that I will not take any shit from the council and know that I will deal with what ever they have to say in a couple days. As for my request I would like to have your best swordsman here to test my sword skills" Naruto says.

"Are you sure about me getting our strongest swordsman Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi says. Naruto only nods. "Very well it will be done. Tomorrow at noon at the Chunnin exams stadium. So tell me how did your training go?" He says.

With the two began to catch up about what happened these past years. Mikoto on the other hand had different thoughts "He will be in the C.R.A. Huh? Well this might be good. I will just have to play my cards right and see where this takes us." What Naruto didn't know was that Mikoto developed a crush on him a few years after she was saved by him.

After talking with Sarutobi, he follows the direction he gave him to find his house. Many people were looking at him weirdly as if the have never seen him before. While many of the women were looking at him with blushes and mild lust. "Well at least they aren't calling me demon brat now. But we will see how long that lasts" Naruto thought.

"Aka-chan, Kyoka-chan you guys there?" Naruto says.

"Yes I am Naruto-kun how does it feel to be back in this village?" Akane says with disgust.

"Its alright. But we will see how they all react tomorrow at the news of who I am. And how they spat on there hokage's last wish" Naruto says.

Kyoka speaks up 'Don't worry about it Naruto-kun I cant wait to see there faces tomorrow when you showcase your skills' Naruto only nods

"I'm glad I have you beautiful girls in my life. I also want to tell you guys something tonight. But know we will show the people in Konoha that I have no equal. And those who oppose will only fall to my blade." Both girls lightly blushed at the affection of words he said while they can only nod wondering what he wanted to talk about.

Looking up he sees the address. He spots a gate with some seal on it. Remembering what his ji-ji said about putting his hand on his seal as it will only open if it recognized the chakra signature, he puts his hand on the seal and begins to channel chakra. A couple minutes later the gate opened leading him to a mansion type house.

Upon entering he spots a huge living room with a big kitchen with many portraits and books. Looking around even more he spots some type of basement and sees that there is a seal on it. Channeling his chakra on it again it opens and what he discovers is a library full of justu's from at least every element.

Closing it back up he heads back up and heads towards the stairs and finds at least 6 to 7 rooms. Entering the main bedroom he spots a picture of his dad and mom holding him as a baby.

Walking up to it he trails his hand on it and whispers "Tou-san, Kaa-san. I will make you proud."

Walking out of the room and back down the stairs he spots a garden outback. He spots some flowers still in perfect condition and on the other side of garden is what looks like to be a training field. Very impressed with his house he returns back upstairs to catch some sleep. Changing into just his boxers he lays down in the main bedroom and enters his mindscape.

Akane & Kyoka's Mindscpe

Opening his eyes Naruto walks up to the Japanese like mansion. Opening the door he see's Kyoka and Akane chatting.

"Hello my lovely ladies" Naruto said.

"Hi Naruto-kun!" They both said in happy unison. Smiling Naruto then talks

"Come on girls, lets go up stairs and rest. I'm tired" Kyoka and Akane happily get up and wrap their arms around him walking up the beds.

This was a common occurrence throughout the years of Naruto's training. Bonding with them he became closer with each of them. Sleeping every night with them, kissing them or and just talking with them.

Upon reaching the bed he flops down while Akane and Kyoka take one of his sides and snuggle up into him. Seeing this Naruto give Akane a kiss on the lips and then turns his head to give Kyoka a kiss on her lips. Both girls letting out a dreamy sigh.

Silence was there for about five minutes til Naruto spoke up "Girls I have an important question to ask you, and before you speak let me finish." With a nod from both girl's Naruto continued.

"As you know now that I am the last of my clan. Being in this village I will have to be in some called a clan restoration act. This means I will have to have multiple wives. My question is if your okay with it and if you are I would like to take both you as my first wives."

Akane and Kyoka went wide eyed.

"I know these past 4 years I have gotten close to you both and I can honestly say I have deep feelings for both of you. I find everything about you guys wonderful. I feel peaceful when I'm with you two, you guys keep me sane. So will you please be my wives? I promise that I will give you a ring but not now?" Naruto said.

Kyoka and Akane were crying now, Naruto mistaking for something he did wrong asked "Hey hey Aka-chan, Kyoka-chan you okay?" They both jumped on him and smothered him with kisses for five minutes which turned out to be a make out session for the three. Finally stop Akane spoke up first.

"Yes Naruto-kun I would love to be your wife! I have always had deep feelings for you ever since you accepted me! I love you!" Naruto was shocked at her saying she loves him. He smiles and goes to plant a kiss on her. He then turns to Kyoka.

"I would love to be your wife as well Naruto-kun. I have cared for you as soon as you started training with Aizen. I have fallen for you as well. I was just afraid to tell you. But it would make me happy to be your wife." Kyoka says with her head down.

Naruto with a bright smile picks it up and kisses her as well.

"Also Naruto-kun since you have to marry multiple wives make sure that we approve first. We don't want weak girls with you. We both wont tolerate it." Naruto nods and says

"I will promise you two things. One I will love both of you or any other girl that comes our way equally. And two, I will get you girls out of this mindscape so we can be together on the outside."

Akane and Kyoka can see the determined look in his eyes and only smiled. A smile that was reserved for him. Naruto then kiss them both and whispers something again into their ear that made that heart almost come out of their chests

" I love you both. Aka-chan and Kyoka-chan" Naruto said before falling asleep. Both Akane and Kyoka both looked at each other in surprise and smiled at there new husbands confession. Both snuggling up very close to him that night.

The Next Day

Naruto awoke the next day close to noon in the main room of house. Washing his face and putting on his white attire and strapping on Kyoka on his side, he couldn't help but think what he told Kyoka and Akane last night. "I really do care for them. They mean everything to me. They have been there from the start. I will learn to love them"

Walking out of his house and locking it began to walk down the road to the chunnin stadium where he will be tested. He spots many ninja entering in the stadium talking about who is going to fight. Seeing the entrance he enters.

The Chunnin Stadium

As everyone was taking there seats. A purple haired kunoichi with a trench coat and fishnet clothing leaving nothing to the imagination walks up to a ruby eyed genjustu mistress who already has token her seat.

"Hey Kure-chan! Anko says. Turning her gaze to Anko she replies

"Hello there Anko-chan" A couple minutes later all the jounin's who knew each other sat together.

A man named with gray gravity defying hair was spotted with them also reading his little orange book making the women around him a little peeved at first.

Also a man with a cigarette in his mouth and a scruffy full on beard was there taking his seat right next to Kurenai much to her dismay.

A man with a bowl shaped hair cut and green spandex also sat near them yelling something about the spring time of youth.

These were Kakashi Hatake, Asuma Sarutobi and Might Gai. Anko then speaks up. "So who do you think the guy is that's going to sparring with the old man?" Everyone wondered about this also.

"I'm not sure Anko-chan, although he must be good to have hokage-sama invite everyone here to watch let alone spar with hi." Kakashi said.

While Gai shouted "His skills must be so youthful to have has come here! Right Kakashi my greatest rival?"

Kakashi flipped another page before saying "Hmm? You say something Gai?" Gai face faults "Curse you and your youthfulness!"

Meanwhile Asuma was attempting to talk to Kurenai "So Kurenai-chan, I was wondering if after this you would like to go on a date tonight" Kurenai then responds

"Sorry Asuma, I can't. I'm having a girls night out" Asuma a little downed just says

"Yeah sure okay maybe next time" While Asuma was back to thinking of a way to get her to say yes to a date,

While Kurenai was thinking about a certain blonde man "Hmm maybe I should try and find him after this. I didn't even get a chance to thank him properly. Plus is still have his jacket" Shaking her out of her thoughts, she heard the hokage-sama speak up.

Upon hearing his speech the mystery man entered. Looking closer Kurenai spots the man she was thinking about. Blonde hair, slim figure and all. Without consciously thinking she yells "Hey Naruto-kun!" Having everyone in the stadium look at her.

Shinobi Council Side

Mikoto was on the other side of the stadium with all the whole shinobi council present. All that were present were the heads of each respective clans. Starting with the Hyuga's, the Nara's the Akimichi's, the Yamanaka, the Inuzuka's, the Aburame and the Uchiha clan. Each clean represented by their heads there.

The Hyuga's well known for the clan eyes, the Byakugan and their clan style taijustu known as the Gentle Fist that targets special points in your body shutting down your chakra. Hiashi Hyuga known as the head of the clan. Having long black hair and wearing loose traditional robes accompanied with pupil less white eyes.

Shikaku Nara, with two scars on the right side of his face. He had dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee. The Nara clan known for the impressive IQ and laziness. They are master's at using the shadow to their advantage by trapping opponents and killing them.

Next was Choza Akimichi. A large man with long red hair, with purple markings on his cheeks and samurai like outfit. The Akimichi's are known for the consumption of food turning it into energy. Their clan's technique is known for there body part expansion's.

Sitting next to Choza was a man with long blonde hair reaching his back with spikes in the front with blue green eyes. His name was Inoichi Yamanaka, head of the Yamanaka clan. Their clan being known for the flower shop and using their skills for interrogation and espionage. Their techniques they are known for are transferring consciousness, reading minds and communicating telepathically.

Tsume Inuzuka the head of the Inuzuka clan. She had long, spiky, untamed brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. On her face were fang like markings known for there clan. A clan that are known for there dog companions. And being able to use collaboration techniques with their companions.

Next were the Aburame clan. The head, being Shibi Aburame being very stoic and silent. He wears dark glasses with very spiky short black hair and a mustache. He typically wears a high collared outfit, while carrying a gourd on his back that is used for holding more kikaichu. Their clan are known for using their bugs to drain opponents chakra.

And lastly Mikoto Uchiha, head of the Uchiha clan. Luckily for her she began to train after she was saved by Naruto. Although she tried training with her son, he would out right refuse telling her she was worthless and doesn't deserve being called the head. sadden by his choice. Mikoto, every since she became a house wife she started to slack a little on her Kunoichi skills. Luckily for her she was able to train her Sharingan making her worthy of the clan head title.

Being that she was the head of the Uchiha clan now she had to show up. Although she didn't mind knowing that her Naruto was about to fight today. Well trying to make him hers. But she always was curious about how his skills have grown. And now she will get to find out. Sarutobi finishing his speech has Naruto enter.

Walking in, Mikoto seeing him couldn't help but marvel at how handsome he is. It was then she heard a women yell

"Hey Naruto-kun!"

Instantly flashing her Sharingan at the women who said his name like that. "Who the hell is she and how the hell does she know Naruto-kun?"

"Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. I'm glad you all can come here today. Today I have a very special treat for you. It will be a sparing match against me and our top swordsman one of my ANBU. Her name is Neko. Many of you think this man would be crazy to challenge an ANBU and the hokage of all things but I believe you will be very surprised at what he is able to do. Lets start this. Let him in" Sarutobi announced.

Naruto opened the door and began to walk towards the field. Hands in his pocket, hair flowing in the wind. Taking small steps to analyze who are in the stadium. He saw that many of the kunoichi were blushing and drooling over him. Go figure. Upon analyzing the crowd he hears a girl shout

"Hey Naruto-kun!" Turning his gaze to who shouted he spotted Kurenai. Smiling Naruto responds "Hello Kurenai-chan nice to see you again"

In The Stands

Kurenai can only stare at his beautiful face until she heard Anko yell

"Your that gaki in the forest I saw a couple years ago!"Snapping her out of her thoughts she says

"You know him Anko-chan?" Kurenai says. Anko looks at her and responds.

"I don't know him but I saw him train at the forest of death with another man. His skills at the time looked at least mid jounin level." Anko grinning continues

"Enough about me Kure-chan, how do you know this blond hunk?" Kurenai blushes a little.

"Well I was attacked by three kumo ninja's, they were going to do something I would not like to speak of but he came out of nowhere and killed them. He saved me and then carried me to the hospital" Kurenai said although thinking about his smile, his scent and kiss to her forehead.

"Well this is going to be good then. He must have improved dramatically. He must also be fighting Yugao-chan then since she is the only one who knows how to wield a sword properly." Anko said.

Back To Naruto

He continues walking and spots Mikoto on the other side she smiles at him. Naruto seeing this smiles at her brightly making Mikoto and some of the girls melt at his smile. Finally reaching the middle he see's a woman in a cat mask with her ANBU attire. They both hear Sarutobi speak

"For the first match, it will be a spar in only swords. Here today to test this man is Neko. At my signal you can begin"

As soon Neko looked up she was instantly surprise of this blonde man she had met 4 years ago. Sarutobi looks at both of them and says "Hajime!"

Neko jumps back and draws his sword. While Naruto sat there lazily with his hand loosely at the hilt. For a couple minutes no one moved.

Neko sat there examining him "So this is the Naruto that fought Itachi-sempai. I can't tell much from his stance. Although he fought and beat Itachi-sempai so I better not underestimate him. He looks very relaxed in his lazy stance. So it seems he will be ready for any attack. Well here we go."

Neko tired of waiting lunges to deliver a few test slashes on him to test his reflex. Surprisingly it was on point. She decided to step her speed to maximum trying to deliver a few slashes. To her surprise he was dodging her strikes with ease at her full speed. After Neko not being able to reach her jumps back to seperate. Naruto then speaks to her.

"Very good Neko-san. Your swordsmanship skills are above average at best. But it seems you cannot hit me. If your trying to hit me stop putting distance between us." Neko immediately shoots off to slash at him again. As expected by Naruto he is dodging flawlessly again. Putting her fingers in cross she makes three clones. All three of leap to him forming him in triangle before lunging forward to slice him saying "Mikazuki no Mai (Dance of The Crescent Moon)"

Soon three Neko's went to slice him. It seemed that all three of there blades hit him. Only for her to find out the image of Naruto began to vanish. Hearing a voice behind her.

"Well Neko-san it seems you have missed yet again. You have to try much harder than that to stab someone like me" Neko sits there in shock of what just happened.

"What the hell! That attack was spot on. They point of this move was to capitalize on the blind spot. This move is usually flush!" Naruto seeing her in thought talks

"Yes you believe by cornering me there would be no way for me to block an attack since you attacked from all of my blind spots. Very clever move Neko-san. But what you didn't account for is one thing." Naruto continues.

"My speed cannot be equaled. That move I just used is called Utsusemi. It is a technique where I move so fast I leave an afterimage" Naruto said. Neko was shocked at his confession.

In The Stands

Many people in the stands were stunned by what this man is doing and how he is holding up with the purple haired ANBU. Neko is known though ANBU as a master at a sword.

Gai voiced his opinion in unusual serious tone.

"His speed is amazing. To think he is fast enough to leave an in afterimage of himself. I would say he is faster than me with my weights off and a couple gates open" Many people in the audience that were around the jounins were very shocked at Gai's confession. Kurenai was the first one to break the silence.

"Are you sure about that Gai? Don't you think you over exaggerating just a little bit. You are the fastest jounin here?" Gai shook his head.

"No I am absolutely sure. I've heard about the afterimage technique. You must contain an enormous amount of speed. Speed I have yet attained." Gai then broke it in a nice guy pose.

"His speed is so youthful tho! If I cannot get to his speed in a week I will do push ups with only my teeth!" Everyone around him face faulted at his actions.

"Well that was nice while it lasted" Anko said.

Kakashi puts his book down and pulls up his Sharingan eye to watch this fight closely very curious to who this guy is. "Well this will only get interesting from here." Kakashi said. Kurenai and Anko were both thinking "You just get more and more interesting"

Mikoto on the other hand was shocked at how Naruto was handling an ANBU operative. It seemed no matter what how much ANBU kunoichi tried she couldn't touch him at all. Many discussions began on the shinobi council.

"My his speed his incredible. And to think he will be sparring with Hokage-sama next" Inoichi said.

"Well based on his performance now I believe he should be evenly matched with Hokage-sama" Shikaku said. Tsume and Mikoto were wide eyed

"You really don't think that do you Shikaku-san?" Tsume asked.

Shikaku was going to respond until Shibi interrupted "I believe Shikaku is right. Based on his speed alone he is able to counter everyone of Neko's strikes. Neko is our best swordsman within the ANBU. What's more troubling is he has yet to display any of his skills with his sword or justu's"

Everyone can only take the information in. While the noble Hyuga was in thought with Byakugan active. "I can't seem to follow his movements with eyes. Even when I'm straining, who is this man?"

Back To Naruto

"Knowing that my speed cannot be equaled by anyone in this village what will you do? Will you continue your fruitless attempts to slice me or will you forfeit?" Neko then speaks up for the first time during the match

"I will not lose! I will prove to you that I am worthy of the title of Konoha's sword mistress" Neko then lounges at Naruto with full strength and speed. As she approached, Naruto only stood there with his hands in his pocket with a stoic expression.

As soon as the sword was about to come down on his head, Naruto raises his left arm catching the sword with one finger, surprising the hell out of Neko and everyone in the audience. Neko then notices he is gone, but only for her to find him behind her breathing in her ear

"This is useless Neko-san. Please forfeit." Naruto said slightly sniffing her hair making her shiver.

"My Neko-chan, your hair smells amazing." He began to touch it with his fingers, then eventually slide down his arm to rub her bare arms softly then put his head on top of her shoulder and began talking.

The operative "Neko" was blushing at his intimate actions especially in battle. She then felt his head on top of her shoulder and his arm encircle her waist. She heard him whisper she couldn't help but blush even more

"Please Neko-chan. Please give up. You are very good with a sword. You no doubt have my respect. Lets end this." With a sigh she could only nod and said in a whisper.

"Very well I believe we should" Naruto only smirked and said "Can I have your name by any chance Neko-chan?"

Neko only stuttered out "I-its Yugao, Yugao Uzuki."

"Well, moon flower huh? A very beautiful name. I wish I can get to see what you look like under that mask. I assume you must look like an angel." Yugao only blushed again.

"Well maybe if you stick around you might be able to find out" She teasingly said.

Naruto only smiled. "Well after this match is over, why don't you say we go and get to know each other better?" Yugao could only nod. He steps back and nods to Sarutobi giving him the signal for his win.

"The winner Naruto Namikaze!" Sarutobi said with a smirk

In The Stands

Everyone in the stands were silent for two facts. One he easily overpowered Yugao's sword with one finger and he easily overpowered her. And the second they just head their Hokage-sama announce the boys whole name.

Knowing he is the demon boy they all knew and that he has the last name of their fourth hokage only seemed to make them clean their ears and disbelieve what they heard.

The girls in the stadium were thinking about other things. The way he brought her defenses down, oh boy how they wished it was them in her place with such an intimate position. Mikoto and Kuranai can only glare at Yugao for getting such an action out of him. They both wished it was their shoulder his chin was on.

After a moment of pure silence many people began to shout out of outrage for their hokage said. Many shouts can be heard.

"The demon brat is back!" one civilian shouted.

"No way that piece of scum is related to the Yondaime!" Shouted a jounin. Cries that were heard from the audience was enough the Sandaime raised his killing intent silencing them.

"Naruto is in fact the our Yondaime's son. I have the birth certificate and blood sample to prove it. And to think you all disrespected his last wish by treating his son like crap. I am very disappointed in you all" He says pulling out a document and passing it to the shinobi council who held their heads down to what their hokage said.

Some jounin's in the audience were ashamed as well. "The reason for this sparring match is because if he wins against me then I know he will be able to take his last father's name."

Many of the ninja's began to whisper "There is no way he will win against Hokage-sama." One jounin said. "Yeah the demon brat must have won this match by luck"

While the whisper were going on all the jounin's except Mikoto and Kurenai were surprised at the news of his last name.

"He was m-my sensei's son? W-why? H-how? Why didn't Hokage-sama tell me? Kakashi thought.

"So this little gaki is related to the Yondaime huh? Oh I defiantly want to get to know him now" Thought Anko. Yugao was too very surprised at the news as well. Everyone was interrupted from their thoughts and whispers when Sarutobi speaks up

"Now this match will begin. With me the Hokage vs Naruto"

A proctor with a sickly cough with senbon needle in his mouth steps in the middle signaling the start of the match. Looking at the Hokage and Naruto puts his hands down and says "Hajime!"

Sarutobi took his Hokage robes off showing he is in his battle uniform. Naruto sits there lazily again with his his hand rubbing his hilt. 'Naruto-kun please stopping rubbing me' Kyoka says with a blush.

"I am sorry Kyoka-chan. Your hilt is so beautiful I can't help but marvel at it" Naruto said. Sarutobi then pulls out a shuriken and puts his hands together and says "Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique!" The one shuriken turned into hundreds flying at Naruto. Naruto only looked at it passively.

Only before masking his arm with his purple reiastu batting away the shuriken. Sarutobi looked a little surprised before forming more hand signs and saying "Doton: Doryūdan (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet)" A dragon like head of mud shoot out of the ground at fast speeds towards Naruto. Only for Naruto to shunpo out of the way.

"Your techniques are to slow Hokage-jiji. You cant touch me with any of your justu's" Naruto says. Sarutobi studies him before moving,

"Well my boy it seems you are good. But let me show you why I am the hokage" Making his hand into a cross sign says "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)" Three exact replica's of Sarutobi appeared.

Both lunged at Naruto engaging him in hand to hand combat while the real Sarutobi and a clone started making different hand signs before both shouted different justu's ""Doton: Doryūdan (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet)" The other clone shouted "Katon: Karyūdan (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet)" The two justu's combined with each other shooting towards Naruto

Naruto was analyzing the situation at hand. "Well this is impressive. Using three clones of himself. Two to attack and distract me while ji-ji and the other clone do a collaboration justu. By the looks of the justu it seems like it has increased and speed and power, if I don't react soon I might get caught with it considering he poured somewhat a lot of chakra into these clones to hold me still." Naruto instantly switched to defending with one arm with both of the clones which surprised a lot of people.

Shifting his angle so his side was facing the the justu, it almost hit him until Naruto says 'El Escudo (The Shield)' With one hand a green like shield appeared blocking the powerful justu with ease. Sarutobi stood there surprised at how easily it was blocked. Naruto taking control of the shocked Sarutobi shunpo'ed behind the two clones giving two chops to the back of there head instantly poofing out of existence while Sarutobi dispels the other clone.

In The Stands

Many of the people in the audience were stunned that this boy was holding his own with the hokage. Not a lot of people could hold their own against the Sandaime regardless of his age.

"I can't believe he is fairing against hokage-sama. To think this is a sparring match for them. It's incredible. And that shield Naruto pulled up. He didn't even used hand signs. To block such an attack with two affinity's combined isn't any easy thing to do" Kakashi said.

"Oh my, his power is so sexy!." Anko said grinning. Kurenai only looked annoyed at what she said. While both Gai and Asuma were just watching with their jaws hanging.

Many of the heads of the shinobi council were as shocked as well.

"What the hell" was all Tsume and Mikoto could say with their mouths hanging.

"Well it seems my theory of Naruto is correct" Shikaku says. All the heads of the council turned to him intently listening, even Hiashi was leaning towards the conversation.

"And what did you analyze about Naruto, Shikaku-san?" Tsume said very curious as the rest of the council were.

Sighing Shikaku began "Look at the way he has been moving against Hokage-sama. The speed at which he moves tells me he moves at least kage level and above. His speed rivals the Hirashin if not above it." Many of the mouths dropped at the thought of moving faster the Hirashin, the one move that ended a war and that made Minato a double S class ninja.

Shikaku continuing "Not only that but one of his techniques didn't require hand signs. This man has been single handily toying with Hokage-sama. He has yet to perform any of his moves or pull his sword out. This tells me that his hidden moves must be stronger then they really are as well and he wants to hold some kind of trump card over him. When he starts to use his techniques I believe Hokage-sama wont be able to keep up."

All were silent at his revelation.

"Shikaku are you sure? I mean Hokage-sama is still very strong despite his old age. Right?" Mikoto speaking for the first time in the conversation Shikaku only sighs "Watch and see then"

Back to The Fight

Naruto then pointed his index finger out and said "Lets begin the real match ji-ji. Know that I will not pull punches. It is my turn" Naruto gathering reiastu says 'Hado No.4: Byakurai!' A fast, concentrated thunder bolt shot into Sarutobi's left arm pushing him back.

Blood started to drip out of his shoulder. "I didn't even see it hit me. It also required no hand seals." Sarutobi thought.

Naruto shunpo'ed and held his blade to Sarutobi's throat.

"Give it up ji-ji. I don't want to hurt you any further then I have too." Sarutobi could only chuckle with slight pain

"You have grown so much Naruto-kun. You even have surpassed me and I believe you surpassed your mom and dad. They would both be so proud of you. I am proud of you as well"

Naruto only smiles and walks up to Sarutobi and gives him a hug on the battlefield while Sarutobi slightly winces

"Arigatou Ji-ji, that means a lot to me. I will hold the will of fire that you believe in so much. But I also have something very important to discuss when your patched up."

Sarutobi only nods before saying "Winner Naruto Namikaze!"

The crowd were deathly silent. No one spoke at what they just witnessed. Shikaku sighs "I told you. He didn't even pull his sword out ether. Well it seems we have a above kage level shinobi on our hands"

No one spoke for several minutes. Before they heard a clap on the shinobi council side, surprisingly Hiashi initialing it. More claps being to join in before the whole audience roared.

Mikoto and Kurenai screamed "Go Naruto-kun!"

The jounin's around Kurenai looked at her with weird looks before she turned her face away with a tint of pink on her cheeks at what she just said. While the heads of the shinobi council looked at Mikoto as well with weird looks before she turned away blushing as well.

Naruto could only look at everyone at the crowd with a passive face but if you saw closely a slight smirk. Before Sarutobi speaks "Well you all saw it here. I deem Naruto worthy to carry his last name. He will receive his inheritance as well. Also he will have to be enacted in the C.R.A."

At this many girls blushed and already had one thought on their mind.

"That concludes it for today. Thank you" Sarutobi shunshin's making his way to the hospital. While Naruto began to walk away from the stadium, he soon encountered the whole shinobi council and some jounins in front of him. Naruto stop and placed his hand on his hilt.

Shikaku seeing this spoke up first "Ah don't be alarmed Namikaze-san, we are only her to congratulate you on your match today with Hokage-sama." Many of the other heads nodded. Eying them curiously Naruto says

"Yes thank you. Who are you all by the way if I may ask." They begin to explain how they were the heads of the noble clans of Konoha.

Shikaku then speaks up again "Namikaze-san" Quickly interrupted by Naruto.

"Just call me Naruto." He said flashing his smile at which the girls present could only blush a little at how handsome he looked.

"Naruto, why didn't you try to end the battle quickly instead of toying with him? Naruto with an eyebrow raised says

"Well it seems you noticed huh? Very observant of you. Well I simply was trying to see what ji-ji was capable of. I'm sorry to say but ji-ji can never hope to defeat me with his current skills which is why i ended it. If i perceived him as a threat it would have lasted longer"

Shikaku only nods confirming his theory of the boy. Looking at Mikoto he smiles and says

"Hello there Mikoto-chan you look lovely today" Mikoto blushes.

"Why thank you Naruto-kun. You did very good with your match today" Mikoto said still red faced. Naruto walks up to Mikoto gently stroking her cheek, surprising many of the head clan members says

"Ah thank you Mikoto-chan. Hopefully we can catch up later" Naruto says walking away leaving Mikoto to blush a little more. She notices the clan heads looking at her.

"What?" She says in a slight daze before she walked away.

Walking out of the stadium and to the Hoakge tower, many people were starring and whispering things about him being the Yondaime's son and many things like that. Walking he heard Akane and Kyoka speak for the first time since the beginning of the battle.

"Hey Naruto-kun" they both said.

"Hey girls, why didn't you speak to me while I was fighting?" Naruto said

Kyoka spoke first 'We didn't want you to lose any focus Naruto-kun so we just stayed quiet'

Naruto only nods. "So how did you think I did?" Akane responds.

"You did great Naruto-kun. All the training has paid off. You are possibly the strongest shinobi yet"

Naruto smiles "Thank you Aka-chan, Kyoka-chan. I miss you girls" Both of them blushed before yelling.

"If you miss us so much then you better be here tonight to cuddle with us!"

Naruto slightly chuckles "Of course I will. Who would miss out on a chance to cuddle with two lovely goddesses" Reaching his destination he walks through the entrance.

Hokage Tower

Reaching the front desk he reaches a lady stationed their. Wanting to meet his his ji-ji the lady directs him upstairs. Naruto knocked and heard "Enter" Before him stood his ji-ji and what it looked like to be many high level ninja's among them arguing until all their eyes met his.

Before Naruto's Arrival To The Office

Sarutobi was holding his migraine in right now. After he got patched up and went back to do work in his office he was bombarded with all the jounin's asking question about Naruto. It wasn't until one got his attention.

"Sarutobi, why didn't you tell me Naruto was my sensei's son!" Kakashi said loudly. At the moment everyone stopped chattering to look at the two. Sarutobi remained silent. This scene seemed to remind him of when he told Naruto about his parents. Hoping it wasn't a replay of that, Sarutobi spoke up.

"Kakashi, you took the death's of your teammates and Minato's very hard. I doubt you could have done anything even if I told you. What did you do after it Kakashi? You drowned yourself in ANBU missions trying to forget the pain of losing everyone near you. You simply weren't fit to take care of him" Kakashi instantly lunges and takes Sarutobi by the collar and pins him to the wall.

At that moment the ANBU hidden that were hidden in place had their kunai's ready to stab the ex ANBU captain.

"Kakashi-sempai, stop this." One ANBU said.

Not loosening his grip Kakashi yelled, "I could have at least provided him a home, something to eat. I know I wouldn't be there for him as much but at least it would be something!" Sarutobi only sighs.

"Yes it would have been something but like I said before you were in no position to take care of someone else when you couldn't take care of yourself. Be mad at me Kakashi, but I did what was best" Sarutobi says.

Loosening his grip on the Hokage he lets go. Then they all hear a knock. "Enter" Sarutobi says. In comes the topic of their discussion

Back to Naruto

Examining everyone in front of him he could tell some jounin's were there still uncomfortable with him being in that room from their looks of their body language. Looking around he spots a purple haired woman with a trench coat with a beautiful body eyeing him from head to toe. Doing the same he could tell she was very beautiful despite her provocative wear.

When there eyes meet, he pierced his gaze into her. Like he was examining her soul. Anko being captivated by his strong gaze couldn't look away. After a few moments he smiles at her making her smile mischievously.

Turning his gaze to a woman beside her she spots Kurenai. Naruto smiling says "Hi Kurenai-chan. Your looking very lovely today if I do say so myself" Kurenai lightly blushes

"Well thank you Naruto-kun. You don't look to bad yourself. That was an amazing match you had today. I'm surprised at how strong you are" Kurenai said still lightly blushing.

Seeing this Naruto egged it on more "Yes thank you Kurenai-chan, but you know I'm glad to have someone as beautiful as you cheering me on when I was there. And for that I thank you"

Walking up to Kurenai he grabs one of her hands and plants two light kisses on her knuckles. Full blown blushing now, Kurenai couldn't help but stifle a little giggle.

Many jounin's in the room were simply amazed at how he handled Kurenai. Did he not know that this was Kurenai Yuhi, one of "Konoha's Ice Queens" To always shut a guy down and castrate anyone who made those types of advances on her. Asuma was narrowing his eyes on Naruto now. Hearing a cough he gazes towards Sarutobi

"Hey ji-ji how is your shoulder?" Before Sarutobi could respond some dumb jounin yelled.

"How dare you familiarize yourself with the hokage! He should be respected! You are nothing but a demon" Naruto looking at him very stoic like started walking towards him, the first step he took he flexed his spiritual pressure bringing everyone on his side to one knee.

Continuing to take more steps he flexed it more and more till everyone was on the ground. It was worse for the man who spoke out considering it was aimed at him. Reaching the man who yelled he looks down.

"Would you like to repeat that" All he could hear was gurgle for the man was choking. "Ji-ji or for you guys, Hokage-sama is someone I hold dear. If you have any problem please, be kind and speak up. I am fair when it comes to opinions"

Raising his spiritual pressure just a little more the man was flat on his stomach. "No opinions? Well good. We can continue then"

Letting go of his spiritual pressure, everyone was silently relieved that he stopped. They all felt helpless. Like being paralyzed by death itself. Others trying to get back to there feet. Naruto turns to Sarutobi and apologizes,

"I am very sorry for the outburst Hokage-jiji" He said looking at anyone to test his authority again. Thankfully everyone were silent.

"No problem Naruto-kun, just don't kill anyone and give me any more paperwork alright?" Sarutobi says. Naruto nods. Still seeing the purple haired kunoichi on the ground along with Kurenai trying to regain themselves he walks up to both and sticks his hand out for Kurenai to grab.

Looking up she gently places her hand in his and helps her up. Naruto takes hold of both of her shoulders and looks into her eyes

"I am very sorry you had to witness such an unpleasant feeling Kurenai-chan. Please forgive me" Naruto said kissing forehead like when they first met. Kurenai now blushing can only nod her head.

Sticking his hand out to the purple headed kunoichi that was almost up Naruto says "I am very sorry for that outburst as well. Would you mind telling me your name?"

Anko grins and says " I am the very sexy, single Anko Mitarashi" Throwing one arm in the air. Everyone only shook their heads at her antics while Naruto slightly chuckled.

"Very cute Anko-san, very cute. Very surprising you are single though" Anko hearing the complement decides to tease him a little. Walking up to him pressing her breast against his rock hard chest, puts her arms around his neck and says

"Oh you think I'm cute Naruto-kun? Just how cute am i Naruto-kunnn" Anko said drawing out his name seductively.

Seeing the teasing, Naurto knows exactly what to do and decided he would return it back tent imes better. Putting his mouth to her ear.

"Oh I think you are very cute Anko-chan. So cute I can't help but feel drawn to you. What would you do if I kissed you Anko-chan? Would you reject me or would you let me touch your lips? I feel you won't be single for long now that I'm here." Anko now scarlet red blushing at the sincere and words he was saying.

She never felt like this before. Not only that but she was being severely out teased by this man. Anko then feels lips on her neck, they feel like their moving up and up.

Naruto began to drift sweet kisses on to her neck slowly up to her jaw then to her cheek. Naruto brushes his lips against her and catches eyes with her. They look at each other leaning in closer and closer until they were centimeters away. Anko was about to close her eyes and prepare for a kiss, she hears Naruto speak in her ear.

"Gotcha Anko-hime. Know that I will always have you wanting more" Naruto retreated his head back and smiled at her dream like state. Everyone in the room were feeling two things.

Amazed and a little turned on. All the men and even the hokage was amazed at how Naruto was able to not only charm some of the "Konoha's Ice Queens" but he was able to out tease the best one out of them all. Some of the jounin women there were awed and turned on by such the sensual display.

It looked like something out of a book. Kurenai though was glaring at Anko. "God I'm so glad he didn't kiss Anko-chan.. Wait why I am glad? I barely know him! I wish he was doing that to me. Wait why am I wishing I was in Anko-chan's position. God! I am falling for Naruto?" Kurenai thought.

Asuma picked up on the glare Kurenai was giving Anko. Signaling to Asuma that he might needs to really keep on eye on this Naruto guy.


Akane and Kyoka were silently giggling in his mind. "Their he goes again acting like Casanova" Akane says.

'Oh be quiet Aka-chan. You love when he sweet talks you also.' Akane blushes and retorts

"Yeah well I don't see you fairing any better when ever he pulls the mirror flower complement on you"

Kyoka only blushes 'Yeah what happens to you when he gives you the "My crimson queen?" complement huh?' Akane blushes at that. Both could only blush thinking at how Naruto always sweet talks them.

It makes them even happier knowing that he means it and not just trying to get into there pants. Which they have yet to do but secretly wished they could.

Back To Naruto

Sarutobi coughing hoping to interrupt there little scene so he can get back to business, although inside he was very interested at what he saw between the two women.

"Well Naruto before I was interrupted I was about to say my shoulder is fine. Also now that your here I don't have to go out and find you so I can tell you that here are you academy papers."

Every jounin in the room shouted

"Academy Papers!" Sarutobi cringed at there shouts.

"Yes, Naruto wanted to become enrolled into the ninja system for reasons I don't know. Now everyone get out. I need to talk to Naruto alone" Everyone starts to file out of the office with many of the jounin's hoping to get him on their team.

Before Anko and Kurenai file it he instantly grabs both of there hands and says

"I do hope we can meet again" Both Anko and Kurenai blush before Anko speaks up.

"You bet your fine handsome blonde ass we will Naruto-kun." While Kuernai speaks up after.

"Oh yes Naruto-kun we should go get something out to eat together some time. I still have to give you your jacket" Naruto only nods then chuckles, while they give him a wink and shut the door.

Naruto looks back at Sarutobi and turns serious.

"We have to talk Hokage-sama" Sarutobi looking at him seriously knowing they way he addressed him meant business and says

"Alright my boy. What about?" He says.

"It has has to do with plans of me leaving this village"



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